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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 43- Just Stay Safe

“What are you doing?” Cristiano asked and Molly jumped at the sudden sound of his voice. “Sorry I thought you heard me leave my room” he said as he neared her. “Finishing the packing for the trip” she replied as she stared into Junior’s nursery. “Doesn’t packing usually involve actually packing stuff?” he asked as her eyes remained on the room which laid beyond the open door. “I need things for Junior” she replied. “And?” he asked.

“I haven’t….not since…I haven’t being….” she stuttered and he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her into his side. “You haven’t being in there since that night” he said and she nodded her head. “I know it’s silly” she said. “Hey look at me” he said and she lifted her head. “It’s not silly. You saw…what you saw that night….you shouldn’t have….” he stuttered. “I get it” she said.

“No you don’t. Urgh I know what I want to say it’s just I can’t form the words. God Molly that night was something no person especially a mother should ever have to go through. It’s not silly to be upset about stepping into the room” he told her. “I just feel stupid every time I ask Dolores or whoever to get me some of his stuff in this room. It’s just a room” she said. “I’ll go in with you. If you want to try?” he asked.

“I know I can’t avoid it forever. Like you said he’s not going to be sleeping in my room for the rest of his life” she said. “There’s no rush to put him in a room on his own Mols. Whenever you think is best” he told her. “He’s your son. You have a say in things too” she told him. “Somethings are probably best decided by you. After all Mama knows best” he smiled. “Yet mama can’t bring herself to take two steps forward and into a silly bedroom” she mumbled. “I can carry you in if you would like?” he asked and she started to laugh. “Muppet” she giggled.

“What do you say? Ladies first or follow me in?” he asked. “Ladies first” she said. “I’m a gentleman so of course” he smiled. “Plus you might have to push me in” she said and she prepared herself to step forward. He lifted his arm off her shoulder and took her hand in his and gave it a squeeze. “I’m right here” he whispered and she stepped forward. And took another step and another until they were both in the nursery.

Molly stared at the cot in the room and a shiver ran down her back. “It’s ok. He’s ok Mols” Cristiano whispered. “I know. I just…” she paused. “Let’s just get what you need and stay away from the cot” he said and she nodded. “Ya you’re right. I should have done this earlier but I had a million other things to do. Your mother won’t be happy if I delay us getting to the airport” she said as she moved to open the drawers. “I’m sure you won’t. “You looking forward to going?” he asked as she handed him clothes. “It will be nice to get away from here I guess after everything. Say goodbye to this year and hope for a good one in the next” she said.

“I’ll be in Madeira for New Year’s I promise” he told her. “It’s up to you what you do Cristiano” she shrugged. “Molly…” he said. “I think that’s everything” she said shutting the drawers closed. “Molly” Andrade called out and arrived at the door. “Hey there you are” he said. “Just finishing packing” she told him. “Sergio is downstairs. He wanted to say goodbye before he left for Seville” Andrade told her and Cristiano rolled his eyes. “Oh good I can give him his cookies. I hope he doesn’t eat them all before he leaves the house like Pepe did last night. Ana was not happy” she laughed. Ana and Pepe had stopped by before they had gotten a flight back to Portugal for the holidays.

Cristiano had watched as Molly laughed and joked with Ana, all while trying to make sure Irina didn’t say anything she shouldn’t. “Well they were delicious” Andrade grinned. “And I’ll make you plenty more in Madeira” Molly smiled. “At least you have nothing to tempt you in Dubai Cris” Andrade joked. “Huh?” Cristiano asked. “Molly’s baking. She can’t tempt you with the cakes” Andrade said. “Oh ya right” Cristiano said. “Can you leave these on my bed while we go see Sergio please Andrade?” Molly asked. “No problem” he said taking the clothes from Molly. “You coming?” she asked Cristiano. “Yup” he replied as she left the room. “Not that he’s here to see me” Cristiano muttered.

“She’s lovely person. People will always want to spend time around her. She might even like it too if others have a problem with their eyes” Andrade said. “What?” Cristiano asked confused. “Just go say goodbye to your teammate” Andrade said shaking his head as he left the room. Cristiano found Molly giggling with Sergio in the living room when he went downstairs. “What’s so funny?” Cristiano asked. “I was just telling him about the tail of the dog and shoe” Molly giggled. “You weren’t the one who had to listen about the damn shoe” Cristiano. “Sounds like it was very funny” Sergio smiled. “It was” Molly replied and Cristiano glared at her.

“Oh come on you laughed as much as I did. More in fact. Anyway there’ll be plenty of shops in Dubai for you to buy her a new pair of shoes” Molly said. “When are you heading to Madeira Mols?” Sergio asked. “In a few hours. I must finishing packing” Molly sighed. “I better head to the airport. Thank you for the cookies Mols” he said hugging her. “Your welcome. Have a good Christmas Sergio” she told him. “I will. Family can be annoying but its Christmas. Couldn’t imagine not being with them” Sergio said. “I’ll see you back at training in the New Year” Cristiano said and Sergio broke away from his hug with Molly.

“Have a good trip Ronnie” Sergio said. “Molly” Dolores yelled from upstairs. “I better go. She was watching Junior. He’s probably stopping her from packing. See you when you get back Sergio” Molly said kissing his cheek. “Just the cheek? No Christmas kiss?” he smirked and Cristiano glared at his teammate. “Ah you should have brought the mistletoe” she giggled tapping his cheek before walking out of the room. “Don’t you have a flight to catch?” Cristiano asked Sergio. Sergio smiled. “See you in the New Year Cris” Sergio said turning to walk out of the room.

“Ramos” Cristiano called out and the Spaniard turned around. “Thanks” Cristiano said. “For what?” Sergio asked confused. “For being a good friend to Molly and I these past few weeks and months. I know Molly hates that she lied to you for so long” Cristiano said. “No thanks needed. She’s pretty great. And Junior’s illness kind of put any anger into perspective. See you in a few weeks” Sergio said and Cristiano watched him leave.

“Molly didn’t you say that you had another bag?” Andrade asked as he came into the kitchen. “I just have to put a couple more things into it” Molly said finishing her apple. “I thought you were gone” Irina said as she came into the living room from the gym. “Don’t worry you will have your boyfriend all to yourself shortly” Molly replied. “Not soon enough” Irina mumbled. “Oh shut up. You’re getting what you want. Him spending Christmas with you and not his family. Just give your moaning a rest until we are out of the house” Molly said as Dolores came into the room.

“My son has done a disappearing act. I can’t find him anywhere” Dolores told Molly. “Well he has Junior so he hasn’t left the house. Cos he knows I’ll kill him. I’ll get my last bag. Dolores have some lunch and we can leave soon” Molly told her. “It’s bad enough that he’s not coming. Now he won’t even let me say goodbye to him” Dolores said. “Jezz he’s a grown up” Irina said. “Have some lunch. Trust me. He’s probably just having some alone time with Junior. Or getting a little peace from certain people” Molly said and Dolores laughed.

“You’ve gotten so big these past six months. It only feels like yesterday that I was holding you for the first time” Cristiano said as he held Junior in his arms. “This year has being crazy. But you’re the best thing to happen. To happen to me. And grandma. And your aunts and uncle. And to your mama” he told Junior who giggled. “Definitely to you mama” he said and Junior giggled again. “You like that don’t you Junior? Mama” Cristiano said stroking his son’s cheek.

“Cos she is your mama. She always has being. And I’m sorry she wasn’t your mama from the start” he said as he sat in the rocking chair in Molly’s bedroom. “I’m going to miss you like crazy. Don’t forget that ok. But you’ll be having so much fun with your cousins and everyone else to miss me. And I’m going to spoil you when I see you before New Years” Cristiano said. “You’re not really listening to me. Are you?” he asked his son who was in his own little world in his father’s lap. “Not that I blame you. I’m probably the last person you should listen to. I’ve made a mess of everything” Cristiano sighed.

“You’re doing a pretty good job as a father” a voice said and Cristiano’s head flipped up to look towards the door where Molly was leaning against the door. “You know it’s rude to listen into people’s conversations” Cristiano smirked. “You would know more than others” she replied. “I was just- “Getting some peace with your son. Your mother thinks you have disappeared” Molly said walking further into the room as she pushed the door closed behind her. “I’m sure she wouldn’t care if I did” Cristiano sighed.

“Ok one this self pity party you have going on needs to stop Ronaldo. Dolores is upset with because of a decision which you are responsible for making not her so quit feeling sorry for yourself about that” she told him as she took a seat on the edge of her bed. She waited for him to say something but he didn’t. Cristiano knew she was right and there was no point in disagreeing with her.

“And the second thing?” he eventually asked. “She still wants to say goodbye to her son before going back to Madeira. Cos even though you’re a big pain in the ass she loves you” Molly smiled. “You know out of the three people in this room, you’re the bigger pain in the ass” he smirked. “Ah but I have a nice ass so who cares” she retorted and he laughed. “Ah he laughs” she said. “Especially with you” he smiled. “It’s kind of funny. Isn’t it?” she asked. “What is?” he asked. “That you and I make each other angrier than anyone else yet probably make each other laugh better than anyone else also” she said. “After everything I’ve put you through, I’m surprised you can even be in the same room as me” Cristiano said.

“You should really get off the feeling sorry for yourself train before you go to Dubai or your girlfriend won’t be too happy” Molly said. “She probably won’t even notice” Cristiano replied and Molly rolled her eyes at him. “Yet she’s your girlfriend” Molly said. “She has her good points” Cristiano said. “As Elma would yuck I don’t want to know about your sex life thank you very much” Molly said. “I wasn’t talking about that. I just meant that she’s not always….

“A bitch” Molly interrupted. “Molly” he said. “What she is. Ask anyone? Anyway it’s your relationship so do what you like as long as it doesn’t affect our son” Molly told him. “Who would have thought we would have being using that word?” he asked. “What word?” she asked confused. “Our son” he said and she smiled. “Ya things haven’t exactly gone as planned” she said. “Luckily” he said. “You sound so sure” she said. “I am. Like I said it shouldn’t have taken Junior’s illness to make us well me realise that you needed to be in his life” Cristiano told her.

“Well I am now, so lets leave it there. Right I better finish my packing. We need to be at the airport soon” she said standing from the bed and he sighed. “You’ll be with him again before you know Cristiano” she told him as she lift her bag onto the bed. “I’m just going to miss him. Miss everybody” he said. “You’ll see them all at New Years” she reminded him. “And I will. I promise Molly. I won’t miss it” he told her. “Ya well things have a way of changing things” she shrugged. “Do you think I’m making a mistake?” he asked and she paused her packing. “It doesn’t matter what I think. People make their own decisions” she told him and there was a knock on the door.

“Come in” Molly called out. “See some people don’t just let themselves into other people’s bedrooms” she smirked at him as Dolores came into view. “So this is where you slopped off to” Dolores said to her son. “He was just spending time with his son” Molly said zipping up the bag. “He would have plenty of time to do that if he came to Madeira” Dolores said. “Ok ok ok. It’s Christmas you two. It’s the time of peace and joy so just but any annoyance aside please” Molly asked. “Why would he be annoyed with me?” Dolores asked and Cristiano sighed. “It’s ok Mols. There’s no point” he said standing from the rocking chair. “We need to be leaving Molly” Dolores told her. “All ready. Lead the way Dolores” Molly smiled and Dolores left the room.

“She’ll forget how annoyed she is once she’s around her grandchildren” she told Cristiano. “Ya maybe. “Want me to take the bag?” he asked her. “Nah I can manage. But you can put Junior in is car seat for me” she said. “I’d like that” he told her. “So everyone has everything?” Andrade asked as they all stood outside by the car that was taking them to the airport. “Passports are the only things that are important. We can buy clothes over there” Molly joked as Cristiano placed Junior into his car seat. “Have a pleasant Christmas Irina” Andrade said to the model who had followed everyone outside. “I will” she replied. “Let’s get out of here already” Dolores said and Molly grabbed her elbow gently.

“He’s your son and you’ve forgiven him for much worse” she told Dolores. “Maybe if I hadn’t forgiven him all the others times he wouldn’t be making a decision he will regret” Dolores said. “That’s up to him to know if he’ll regret it or not but for now can you just please say goodbye to your son” Molly asked.

"I'll see you soon kiddo. I love you" Cristiano whispered as he strapped Junior into his car seat. "Have a safe trip to Duabi" Dolores said and when Cristiano stood at the car door. "Have a great Christmas Maé. Maybe you could answer one or two of my phone calls during your trip?" he asked. "Maybe" she said and gave him a quick hug before ducking around to the other side of the car.

"Who needs a Christmas miracle when Molly is around huh" Cristiano smiled as Molly walked to where he stood. "I'm pretty sure she's still upset with you. She's just putting it on a break" Molly said. "We're going to be late" Dolores called from the car. "She's forgotten the whole its a private plane taking her" he said. "She just wants us to leave. She's not the only one" Molly said nodding to Irina who was tapping her foot waiting for Cristiano.

"Have a great Christmas Cristiano" Molly said and moved past him to take her seat in the car. "I'll speak to you soon" he told her as she buckled her seatbelt. "He'll be perfectly ok Cristiano" Molly said and he looked at his son who sat between his mother and grandmother. "I'll phone you" he told her. "And you can Skype him. Go have a nice trip. Our son will be fine" she told him and he looked at her. "Of course he will be. He's got you" he smiled. "Babe let them go or they'll miss their flight" Irina said appearing at Cristiano's side. "We really do need to go" Dolores said. "Have a safe flight" he said and step back and closed the door.

"Finally just the two of us" Irina said wrapping her arms around his neck as Cristiano's eyes followed the car as it began to drive off. "Wait" he called out and shook Irina's arms off him and started to run after the car. "Wait" he said banging his hand of the side of the car as it stopped. "What the hell are you doing?" Molly asked as she opened the door and he stuck his head into the car.

"Ronaldo" Molly yelled and he looked at her and then to Junior. "I never wished you a merry Christmas" he said and she began to laugh. "You are such a big muppet" she laughed. "I know he is safe but Mols please be careful" he begged her. "I won't let anything happen to him" she told him. "I was taking about you. Just don't out on your own. And.." he paused when his mother started to laugh. "And don't talk to strangers" Dolores joked and Molly laughed even more.

"We'll be fine Cristiano. We'll see you soon" Molly told him. And he smiled at her before he leaned in a placed a kiss on her forehead. He then placed his forehead against hers. "Just stay safe" he whispered and then lifted his head back and placed another quick kiss on her cheek before he leaned over and stroked Junior's cheek before shutting the door closed.

"What was that?" Irina asked as the car drove down the driveway. "That is my family leaving" he yelled before he turned around and stormed back into the house.
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