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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 46- From My Family To Yours

Cristiano moved his leg slightly as Junior squirmed on his chest. Cristiano let out a yawn as he opened his eyes. He turned his head and smiled at the sight of Molly with her head on his shoulder. He hand covering his own hand which was placed on Junior’s back. He knew he had made the right choice the moment he has stepped into the house. But seeing Molly’s reaction to his present. Seeing Junior after he had been away from him.

He knew it did the right thing in leaving Dubai. He’d deal with the consequences later he thought. Junior let out a screech and Cristiano tapped his back soflty. “Ssh little man. You’ll wake your mama” Cristiano whispered.

“Mama is awake” Molly muttered with her eyes still closed. “Mana” he said. Molly lifted her hand from his and brought it to her eye. “What time is it?” she asked through a yawn. “Not sure” he replied and he frowned when she lifted her head and looked at the clock. “It’s just gone 8. Everyone will be here soon” she said. “They might not want me here” he sighed and she looked back at him.

“Hey Junior do you think papa can give the I’m feeling sorry for myself mopping a rest for the today” Molly said to her son as she took him from Cristiano’s arms. “You’re right. I’m sorry. Not today. Today is about family” he smiled. “Exactly. Now let’s get up” Molly said and he groaned. “How about we stay here all day?” he asked and she laughed. “I’m pretty sure your nephew will come looking for me. Apparently Zé told him that I would make waffles on Christmas morning” Molly said and Cristiano laughed.

“I could take some waffles if you’re making them” he smiled. “And everyone thinks I like my food” Molly said rolling her eyes. “You love food. Not that you can tell by your body” he said. “Flattery won’t get you an extra waffle mister” she joked. “Mmm what could I do to get an extra one” he winked and she laughed as the door flew open.

“Molllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Rodrigo roared running towards the bed. “See now you should be thanking me for waking you the way I did earlier. I could have been like him” Cristiano muttered. “Ssh” Molly smiled at him. “Merry Christmas Rodrigo” Molly smiled as the little boy climbed onto the bed. “Tío Cris” Rodrigo said jumping on top of his uncle. “Wow” Cristiano said falling back onto the bed. “Hello buddy” Cristiano said rubbing his head.

“You came you came you came” Rodrigo said. “Yes I did” Cristiano smiled. “Best Christmas ever” Rodrigo exclaimed. “Wow you should be honoured. He hasn’t even opened his presents yet” Molly told Cristiano. “Presents presents presents” Rodrigo clapped. “Yes very soon. Come on lets go find the others” Molly said getting out of the bed.

“Tío Cris come on” Rodrigo said pulling at his uncle’s arm. “I’m coming” Cristiano laughed as he followed Molly off the bed. “Rodrigo” Molly called out as young boy left the room. “He’s going to spoil the surprise” Molly said. “What surprise?” Cristiano asked as she grabbed cardigan to cover her tank top. “You been here” Molly said. “I’m sure it won’t make any difference” Cristiano said as he placed his hand on her lower back as they walked towards the living room. “Looks like we are the last down” Molly said as the voices got louder the nearer they got. “Super” Cristiano muttered slightly worried about the reaction that was awaiting him.

“Sorry Molly he just went ahead. Dinis was crying and Rodrigo just ran off” Katia said as Molly came into the room. “It’s fine. I was awake already. Had an early wake up call” Molly said as she watched everyone slowly turn around to look at her. “Tío Cris” Alicia and Eleanor both screamed and rushed towards their uncle. Katia smiled as she watched her brother scoop his nieces into his arms.

“Merry Christmas everyone” he smiled. “Well it is now. Glad to see you found a brain in Dubai” Elma said coming to hug her brother. “Just try and use it a bit better from now on bro” Katia said hugging him. “Ah you guys anyone would think I was missed” Cristiano joked. “You wouldn’t have been missed if you were here all along” Dolores said from the couch. “Maé” Hugo said. “It’s ok” Cristiano muttered to his brother.

“So who’s for some breakfast?” Katia asked. “Presents” Alicia and Rodrigo said together and they all laughed. “Why don’t the kids open theirs while we get breakfast ready” Dolores said standing from the couch. “While I would normally say for the men to make us breakfast while we relax, in this case I’m not” Molly said. “And why is that?” Zé asked. “I don’t want to get food poison on Christmas morning” Molly smirked. “Ha ha very funny” Zé said moving towards the tree. “You go supervise” Molly told Cristiano handing Junior to his father. “The kids or Zé?” Cristiano asked and Molly laughed. “I think you know the answer to that question” she smiled. “Zé” the both said in unison.

“Go help build Rodrigo’s toy Cris. If Zé does it, then there won’t be a toy” Katia said ushering her brother away. “I’m going” he said. “Elma I just want to make breakfast in peace” Molly heard Dolores say as she reached the kitchen with Katia. “What’s going on?” Katia asked. “ Cris and Maé” Elma said. “Dolores just look over by the tree” Molly said and all the woman looked at the kids smiling with the men as they opened their presents. “Does it really matter when he came here if the end result is still the same?” Molly asked.

“And why did he suddenly come now? He finally grew up” Dolores scoffed. “I don’t know. But he wants to spend time with his family. Can you just enjoy it?” Molly asked. “And what about the wicked witch of the East?” Dolores asked and Elma and Katia laughed. “Ya did he say anything about Irina?” Katia asked. “No. But let’s just have a nice Christmas please. No fighting” Molly said.

“She’ll get over it eventually” Hugo told his brother from the couch as Cristiano sat on the floor with Junior on his lap as the young children opened their presents. “Ya maybe” Cristiano sighed. “So not that I’m happy to see you and all but why are you here?” Hugo asked. Cristiano looked back into the kitchen at Molly who was laughing with his sisters, then down at a smiling Junior in his lap. “I wanted to be with my family” Cristiano said.

“What about Irina?” Hugo asked. “She isn’t happy” Cristiano muttered. “You did tell that you were leaving Dubai?” Hugo asked. “Of course I did” Cristiano said. “Hey you can’t blame me for asking. It is you we are talking about” Hugo said. “I did tell her and she wasn’t happy” Cristiano said. “So what happened?” Hugo asked.


Cristiano sighed as he shut the door behind him. “Finished your walk?” he heard a voice ask and as he stepped further into the suit he found Irina sitting on the couch with a glass of red wine in her hand. “I thought you would be in bed” he replied. “My sister just left. She was keeping me company since my boyfriend abandon me for the evening” Irina said. “I needed a walk” he said. “Why?” she asked. “I needed to think” he said.

“About what? Clearly not me anyway” she snapped downing the wine. “I don’t want to fight” he said. “And I don’t want a boyfriend who doesn’t appreciate me” she yelled. “I’m glad you are awake. I didn’t want to wake you” he said. “Why would you wake me? If you want to have make up sex then you’ll be waiting” she said. “I don’t want to have sex” he told her. “Then what?” she asked. “I’m going to Madeira” he told her. “Excuse me?” she asked. “My flight leaves soon” he said moving to find his suitcase. “You are leaving me here alone” she yelled. “You’re not alone. You have your family” he told her. “I’m not going with you?” she asked him.

“I’m not asking you to come with me” he told her. “What the hell are you doing?” she asked. “I’m going to be with my family. While you spend time with yours” he said. “We planned all of this” she told him. “I need to be with my family. I nearly lost my son a few weeks ago” he said. “But he’s fine. You said that you would spend time with me” she yelled. “But surely you can see why I need to be with my son” he said. “And I’m your girlfriend. I should come first” she yelled. Junior will always come first” he told her.

“Do I even make the top five? I better come before your slut” she yelled. “Molly isn’t my slut. Molly isn’t a slut” he said. “Funny how you knew who I was talking about” she said. “Irina I’m sorry but I need to be with my son” he said. “She only wants her son. She doesn’t want you. She hates you after you hide the truth about her” Irina yelled. “This isn’t about Molly” he said. “You’ve embarrassed me over and over again” she yelled. “I need to be with my son and I hope you can understand that. I have a flight to catch” he said.

“Then fucking go” she yelled. “I’ll call you when I land” he told her. “If you even remember me” she scoffed. “Irina” he said. “Just go” she yelled. “I hope you enjoy Christmas with your family” he told her. “And I hope your plane crashes” she snapped.

**********End of Flashback***********

“Ouch” Hugo said once Cristiano finished his story. “And I understand why she is angry but I needed to be here” he told his brother. “And what if she can’t see that? Maybe then she isn’t the right girl for you” Hugo said. “I don’t know what she is” Cristiano sighed. “Oh I’m pretty sure there are plenty of people who could tell you what she is but it’s you that needs to figure it out” Hugo told him. “Molly” Rodrigo yelled.

“Rodrigo not so loud” Zé told his son. “Did you open all of your presents?” Molly asked as she came towards him. “Look what Tío Cris got me” Rodrigo holding up the box his new race track was in. “Oh that’s cool” Molly said as she took a seat next to Alicia on the ground. “And what do you say to him” Katia asked. “I’ve only just opened it” Rodrigo wined. “But now he’s going to open Molly’s present first” Cristiano said. “He needs to thank you first” Katia said. “Let him open mine first” Molly said. “Cool” Rodrigo grinned as he saw the toy cars that Molly had got him. “Mama look at my dolly” Alicia called out. “And Tío Cris got me a doll house” Eleanor told Elma.

“Oh that’s beautiful honey” Elma smiled at her daughter. “And Molly got me a doll for it” Eleanor said. “Thank you Molly” Rodrigo said rushing to her. “Your welcome. You can’t have a race track without cars” Molly smiled at him. “Thank you Tío Cris” the kids hugged Cristiano. “Nice coordinating with presents” Katia smiled. “Yes Cristiano sure made use of getting Molly to buy his presents” Dolores said taking a seat on the couch. “Actually he thought of the doll house and getting them something they could play with both our presents” Molly told her.

“Thinking for once” Dolores muttered. “Rodrigo can you get me the red one under the tree please” Cristiano asked his nephew. “Who is that for?” Elma asked. “It says it’s for Molly” Rodrigo said. “For me?” Molly asked. “It’s from Junior” Cristiano told her. “And did you remember to get her something?” Dolores asked. “He did and it was the best present ever” Molly smiled at Cristiano. “What did he get you?” Katia asked. “I’ll show you later. Now let’s see if my son is good a buying his mama presents” Molly joked as she pulled open the red wrapping.

“Aww Cristiano” Molly said once all the wrapping was off. “It was all Junior” he smiled. “It’s lovely” she told him. “Let me see” Katia said and Molly turned the frame to show everyone. The frame held a picture of Junior in the centre with hand his hand prints on the top and both of Molly’s and Cristiano’s hand prints on either side of picture. “Aww that’s so cute” Elma said. “How did you do that?” Katia asked. “Well Molly already had made imprints of hers and Junior so I just cut them out and did mine” Cristiano said. “Thank you Cristiano” Molly smiled at him. “I didn’t do anything. It was all Junior” he replied.

“Well hand him over so I can thank him then” she said. “You want to go to mama Junior?” Cristiano asked and the baby squealed. “I think that’s a yes” Molly smiled and Cristiano placed Junior on ground. “Come and get him” Cristiano smirked and Molly rolled her eyes and was about to scoot over towards them when Junior started to crawl towards her. “Oh my God” Molly exclaimed. “He’s crawling” she cried. “Go to mama Junior” Cristiano said. “Come on sweetie” Molly said holding her arms out to her son. “Aww he’s getting so big” Elma said. Cristiano smiled as his son crawled towards Molly. “Junior crawling for the first time and you here. Now it really is a merry Christmas” Dolores said to Cristiano and he smiled at his mother.

“Who’s a smart boy” Molly said as she took Junior in her arms. “Of course he is smart” Katia said. “He’s Molly’s son ya ya we know” Cristiano joked and Molly smiled. “And I even managed to get it on camera” Andare” said. “Thank you” Molly said wiping a tear from her cheek. “Molly” Cristiano said. “Happy tears” she smiled at him.

“That was a lovely gift that Junior gave Molly” Katia said to Cristiano a few hours later. “He’s a very smart boy” Cristiano smiled as he looked at his phone in his hand. “Irina?” Katia asked. “No. I was just posting a picture on twitter. Wishing fans a happy Christmas” he told her. “Show me” she said and he held the phone out to her. “Aww” Katia said. “Ya it’s a great picture” Cristiano said smiling at the phone. At the picture of Junior crawling towards Molly and the happy smiles on both Cristiano and Molly’s faces. Under the picture read the caption

“Six months I got the best present in the World. Now he’s crawling to his Mama. Merry Christmas to you all from my family to yours” he read.
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