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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 47-As Long As You're There To Help

Cristiano pushed the door as he juggled the two glasses in his hand. He looked towards the bed and frowned. The blankets were pulled back and the bed was empty. He looked around the bed and there was no sign of anyone. He looked at the cot by the window and walked towards it. He smiled as he peaked in to find Junior fast asleep. “Sleep tight my little man” he whispered and looked around the room in wonder as to where Molly could have got to at this hour of the day.

It had just turned 7.30 and he hadn’t met her downstairs. He was about to go in search for her around the house when he noticed the drapes infront of the windows move. He walked closer and noticed them move once again. Using his leg he pushed the drapes to the side and he noticed Molly stretched out on a sun longer outside on the balcony. Using his elbow he pushed the sliding door back and stepped out onto the balcony.

“I thought you had snuck out” he said and Molly jumped up straight at the sound of his voice. She swung her legs to the right and pushed her hair off her face. “You do sure love sneaking up on me. Don’t you” she said shaking her head as she moved to stand. “No don’t. Stay please. I didn’t mean to disturb you” he said. “Junior” she said. “Is fast asleep. Molly just sit back down please” he said and she lowered herself back onto the lounger. “Juice?” he asked holding a glass out towards her. “Thanks” Molly said surprised he had brought some with him. “You’re awake early” he said taking a seat in the sun lounger at the right of Molly. “So are you” she said taking a sip of her juice.

“I brought breakfast” he said and he dropped the plastic bag that he had tucked under his arm onto beside him on the lounger. “Donuts” Molly said as he stood. “We are on holiday” he said handing her a jam donut. “I’m not sure your trainer would be happy. Not to mind for breakfast” she said. “One I’m having a plain one, two he never has to know” he winked. “And three I’m not giving you some of mine” he said taking a bite out of his. “I never asked for a bite” she replied. “When now that you now it’s a plain one, then of course you’re not” he smirked. “You’re so annoying” she said. “Right back at you” he grinned and swung his legs around to lay on the lounger.

“So did you sleep well?” he asked. “Yes I did” she replied. “I guess not having the rug rats in with you last night help” he smiled. Molly laughed at the memory of Christmas night when Eleanor, Rodrigo and Alicia all insisted on sleep in her bedroom. “They had fun. That’s all that’s important” she said. “I’m not sure Zé had fun when all the buckaroo pieces went flying yesterday” Cristiano laughed and Molly laughed too. “He still has some pieces to find too by the way” Molly said.

“Did you sleep ok?” she asked breaking the silence they had lapped into. “Yes I did” he replied staring into the sky. “You know I could have given you back your room” she told him. Since Cristiano wasn’t meant to be in Madeira in the first place, Molly and Junior had taken his bedroom for their stay. Molly had told him that she would move out but he had insisted that she and Junior stay put.

“It’s just a room Mols. As long as I have a bed I don’t care. Plus it would probably take you days to move all the stuff you brought with you” he joked. “Says the guy who travels with a large suitcase just for his beauty products” she retorted. “Hey” he wined. “You started it” she said. “I don’t have a large suitcase” he pouted. “Oh stop being a baby. You know it’s really beautiful here” she said. “I left when I was 15. Left my family, friends, everything I knew. I might not be here often but-

“It’s Madeira is always with you” she said and he turned his head to look at her. “Ya it is” he smiled. “I’m sure Junior will grow up to love this place as much as you do” she said. “As long as I have you’re help he will” he said.

“So I was thinking” Cristiano said still with his eyes closed. Molly turned her head to the right to look at him. “Those words don’t exactly fill me with glee” she said. “You know you could just be happy that I’m thinking” he muttered. “I suppose that’s true. Sorry. Please tell me what you had being thinking” she said. “Well” he said turning onto his side to face her. “Since you think this place is soon beautiful, why don’t I show you it” he said. “Cristiano” Molly said.

“Come one Mols, I don’t even have to ask Maé if you’ve gone further than the beach below cos I know you haven’t” he said. “Junior is only out of hospital” Molly told him. “And he is healthy. He is being taken care of like if Mother Teresa was caring for him. Our son is fine. Fresh air is important too” he told her. “But taking him out there” she pointed over the balcony. There’s more people. More staring. Photographers. Cristiano you don’t want to deal with any of that either” she said.

“Please Molly” he begged. “No” she said. “Mols there’s always going to be cameras in our faces. If I could do anything that would change that then I would but I can’t. And you, me and our son is no one else’s business. I don’t care what they say or write, I just want to show my son the Island I grew up on. Where we are going to call home” he said. “Do you promise me that if I want to come back to the house then you will bring us straight back?” she asked. “I promise” he smiled knowing she was about to agree. “Ok” she muttered.

“Yes” he clapped and rushed to her sun lounger. “Thank you” he said throwing his arms around her. “Careful” she said and he leaned back. “Great now I have orange juice all over me” she said. “Oops” he said. “I knew that donut came with a catch” she mumbled. “But you’ll have a great day. I promise” he smiled. “That or I’ll shove a camera down someone’s throat and you’ll have to bail me out of jail” she said. “Ya I wouldn’t recommend doing that. Though I would pay any bail if required” he said. “Oh my hero” she playful said and he laughed. “Well of course I would. Who else would make me brownies” he joked.

“I swear you think about food more than I do” she said. “Must be from all the time I spend with you then” he smiled. “Must be. Right you keep an ear out for Junior, I’m going for a shower. My legs are all sticky thanks to you” she said ushering him off her chair. He held out his hand and pulled her up. “You go shower. I’ll stay with Junior. And then we can head out” he said. “Fine” she groaned. “Jezz you’d swear I was sending you to the firing squad” he said.

“At least my suffering would be over in seconds if you were” she mumbled as she stepped back into the bedroom. He sighed and shook his head. He knew where Molly was coming from. There was still a lot of attention on them and he knew it wasn’t going to go away anytime soon. But he also knew it was important for Molly to get out of the house. He still didn’t know how he was going to approach the matter of Molly leaving Junior while she leaves the house for a couple of hours. Since Junior had been discharged from hospital, Molly hasn’t left him. If he’s upstairs, she will only leave to go downstairs if he’s with someone. He knew Junior’s healthy was improving but if he wasn’t careful then Molly’s could go in the opposite direction he thought.

“So” he smiled as Molly pushed the buggy into the church. “Oh wipe that smile of your face” she grumbled and he laughed. “Ok fine. It hasn’t been that bad been out and seeing the sights” she told him. “I told you that you would enjoy yourself” he said smugly. “Well apparently you aren’t a bad tour guide. Though I’m not giving you a tip” she smirked as they walked up the aisle of the church. Cristiano had spent the morning showing her the lighthouse, the pier and places where he loved to spend time at when he was a child.

They didn’t go unnoticed. A lot of fans had stopped them and though she hated the press taking her picture Molly was more than happy to take fans pictures with Cristiano. Though she couldn’t understand why they would even want a picture with his ugly mug she had joked. “It’s really peaceful in here” Molly whispered as they neared the alter. “I know some of my choices aren’t exactly church approved, but it’s still important to me” he whispered. “We all need someone to guide us” she told him. “I thought that was your job” he said and she looked up at him. “Or am I confusing guide with boss” he joked and she nudged him into his side.

“Hey hey. Not in front of our Lord” he said. “Come on and let’s light this candle” she told him as she pushed Junior’s buggy towards the candles. Cristiano had suggested it partly to get away from the growing number of paps that it had spotted. “Thanks for coming out today Mols” he said as she lit a candle. “Well you did get me a donut” she smiled. “If it only takes a donut to get you do what I want, then I need to get a weekly delivery to our house” he joked. “I wouldn’t do that unless you want me to get so fat that I can’t leave the house ever” she said.

“Might not be such a bad idea then” he mumbled. “Kind of defeats this whole tour of yours this morning then. I thought the point of today was to show me that I should be getting back to my life before Junior got sick” she said and Cristiano stared open mouthed at her. “Ya you didn’t exactly hide it well” she told him. “I should be even more surprised that you got what I was up to but then I remember it’s you so of course you knew what I was up to” he said.

“I will get back to normal life when I’m ready Cristiano” she said looking at a smiling Junior. “I know leaving him for any bit of time will be hard for you Mols. But like we’ve discussed before, I don’t think his future wife will want you sleeping in their bed” Cristiano said and Molly laughed. “Yes I know. But look I’m here seeing this beautiful island you call home so baby steps” she smiled. “I’m glad you liked this morning” he said. “Ya well I know it was important to you to show Junior all your old places” she said as they began to walk back down the aisle of the church.

“I wanted to show you too. You’ll be taking him to all of those places as he grows up” he said. "And I look forward to doing so. Now let's get this over with" she groaned. "Get what over with?" he asked. "All the paps who are outside" she said. "I didn't see any paps" he said. "How many hail Marys do you have to say if you lie in a church?" she asked. "Ok ok. Yes I saw them. Look just ignore them. We'll get to the car and then back home and maybe we can take all the kids down to the beach" he said. "If I don't get arrested first" she mumbled. "Try not to please. I kind of like having you around. Even if you can be a pain in my ass” he smirked.

“One I’m telling your mother you said A-S-S” she spelt out. “And two I have a nice ass who cares” she smirked walking out into the awaiting camera flashes. “Ronaldo” they shouted as they made their way towards the car. “Just ignore them” he mumbled to Molly as they shouted questions about Junior, Irina and Molly.

“Now this is fun” Cristiano smiled as he hit the bucket. “I swear you are happier at building sand castles then the kids are” Molly laughed as she readjusted Junior in her lap. After getting through the crowd of photographers, they eventually got back to the house and Cristiano had told the children to get dressed for the beach so quickly that it didn’t give Molly a chance to change her mind about going down to the beach. “He’s a big kid” Katia said from where she was sat next to Molly on the blanket. “I have noticed that at times” she smiled.

“So you had fun today?” Katia asked. “She had tones of fun” Cristiano said as he help Alicia fill a bucket with sand. “It was very enjoyable” Molly told Katia. “And she even avoided getting arrested” Cristiano winked at Molly. “Arrested?” Katia asked. “Ignore him. It was lovely to see the Island” Molly said shaking her head at Cristiano. “Well that’s brilliant” Katia said. “Mama” Rodrigo called out running towards Katia. “Come play” he said tugging at her hand. “Ok” she laughed and she went running after her son towards his father and Hugo.

“This is fun” Cristiano said taking a seat next to Molly as Alicia rushed to join her father and cousin. “You’ve been abandon for football. How funny” Molly said as she watched Rodrigo kick a football at his father. “I’ll have enough of that when I get back to Madrid” he said. “So I saw that Twit you sent” she said. “I know I should have asked you first before I posted it but I just got ahead of myself” he said. “It’s ok. It was a nice post” she smiled. “Well when you and Junior are in the picture how can it not be a nice picture” he smiled. “Very true” she smiled.

“So how did you persuade the club?” he asked. “Told them that you had the visit of to the hospital planned for months which was true. But they didn’t care. Like you were only missing some stupid luncheon thing with the President’s mates. It’s not important compared to sick children being happy” she said. “I agree. But I don’t know how you got Perez to back down” he told her. “I told him that I would make sure the press and every fan knew that Real Madrid more importantly its President insisted that the players spend time with the Club’s president’s mates instead of serious ill children” she smirked.

“You didn’t” he smiled. “Well I tried being reasonable but then he just pissed me off” she said. “Go Molly. Damn that was good. Remind me to send you to talk to him when he over steps with any of the players” he joked. “I didn’t say anything which wasn’t true. It’s not my fault he can’t afford any more bad press. Plus Jorge said I could do what I’d liked” Molly said. “He really said that?” Cristiano asked. “Maybe not in so many words but he implied it. I think. Well it doesn’t matter now” Molly smiled and Cristiano laughed.

After spending a bit longer at the beach, the group were heading back inside where Cristiano suddenly noticed Molly frowning. “What’s the matter?” he asked. “My necklace” she said as she moved her hand to where the necklace should be around her neck. “I’m sure it’s here somewhere” he said looking around the sand. “It has to be here” she cried. “Mols it’s ok” Cristiano said. “No it’s not” she said. “What’s the matter?” Katia asked coming back to them. “Molly’s necklace is missing” Cristiano told his sister. “I’m so sorry Katia” Molly said as a tear slide down her cheek. “Molly it’s ok. I’m sure we’ll find it” Katia told her. “I don’t even know if I lost it here. I’m going to bathe Junior to get all the sand off him. I’m sorry Katia” Molly said.

“Mols it’s ol. It was just a necklace” Katia said. “But I loved that necklace” Molly said sadly before she walked back towards the house. “The chances of finding it down here is slim” Katia said looking at the sand. “I know” he sighed. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get too upset Cris” Katia said as she followed Molly towards the house. Cristiano looked at the sand and sighed.

Molly awoke the following morning and turned her head towards the cot. After spending the evening searching the house and the sand where they had sat, she hadn’t been able to find the necklace. Molly pushed back the covers and moved to stand when she noticed something hanging from Junior’s cot. She rushed towards it and a huge grin appeared on her face as she took the necklace into her fingers. She took Junior into her arms and rushed towards the door and downstairs.

“Good morning Molly” Dolores beamed as she came into the kitchen. “Good morning” Molly smiled as she handed Junior to his grandmother. She rushed towards Cristiano who was standing by the table and jumped onto his back. “Woah” he said grabbing her legs to make sure she didn’t fall. “Thank you thank you” she said."Your welcome " he laughed.

"Oh ya he gets all the thanks yet it was me who he got to help search with metal detector at 1 in the morning" Ze said. "Thank you Ze" she said lowering herself down off Cristiano's back. "Thank you both so much"Molly said hugging Ze. "A metal dector?" Elma asked. "She loves that necklace" Cristiano shrugged.
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