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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 48-Happy New Year

“Have you thought of an outfit for tomorrow night Molly?” Dolores asked as she took a seat across the table from Molly. “Not yet. Anyway it’s your birthday. It doesn’t matter what I end up wearing” Molly smiled at the older woman. “Another year older” Dolores sighed. “And you’ve got all your family around you” Cristiano said as he pulled the seat next to Molly out. “Plus you’ve got a brand new outfit in your wardrobe and is going to be the center of attention. What’s not great about that?” Molly smiled.

“Says the woman who just loved being the center of attention” Cristiano smiled at Molly. “Ya well you like it enough for the pair of us” she replied looking over her shoulder as she held a spoon in front of Junior who was sat in his high chair. “Are you sure you want to have the party here though Maé?” Cristiano asked as he poured juice into a glass. “It’s not a party. It’s a gathering of friends. And yes I want to be here” Dolores said as Cristiano placed the glass in front of Molly’s plate. “Katia has everything under control apparently” Molly told Cristiano as she wiped Junior’s mouth. “That’s what scares me” Cristiano muttered. “Don’t worry your house won’t get trashed” Molly said as she took a slice of toast from the plate in the middle of the table.

“Not unless you annoy us” Molly smirked at Cristiano who rolled his eyes as he moved to pick up the local newspaper. It was the day before New Year’s Eve and they only had a couple of more days left on the Island before they had to get back to Madrid and back to normal.

The past few days had been quite and drama free. Cristiano had enjoyed spending time with his nephews and nieces. And most importantly his son. He had organised a boat trip the previous day and the entire family never stopped smiling or laughing the entire day. Even Molly who had not hidden her dread at been out in the middle of the ocean on a boat. Not that she was afraid of boats or water. But he had known she was worried about taking Junior so far out from sea. But he had persuaded her to go and she had loved every minute of it. He smiled as his eyes scanned the paper. He remembered how quickly she had jumped from her seat when he had told her there was a dolphin swimming beside the boat. She was as giggly as Alicia and Eleanor.

“The fireworks will be amazing” Dolores said. “There’s fireworks?” Molly asked looking up at Dolores. “It’s New Year’s Eve” Dolores smiled. “Oh goody” Molly smiled and Cristiano laughed. “What’s so funny?” Dolores asked her son. “Why is it when I act like a giddy child I get called an idiot but when Molly acts like a giddy child she gets called cute?” Cristiano asked peaking over his newspaper. “She never called me cute” Molly said. “Though you are” Dolores smiled at her. “Of course she is. I’m just saying…” he said. “When you act like a giddy child we’ll call you cute. Happy?” Molly asked and he rolled his eyes. Dolores smiled at them as Molly spread some butter on the toast and handed it to Cristiano. “And your usually an idiot cos of the childish stupid things you do not cos you act like a giddy child” Molly said as she took another slice of toast for herself. “Whatever” he said sticking his tongue out at her.

“Ronaldo” Dolores scorned as Molly shook her head at the toast on his tongue. “Now you’re acting like a silly child” Molly pointed out. “Am I a silly child Junior?” Cristiano said looking at Junior. “Yes you are” Molly said. “How silly?” he asked as he moved his hands to her waist and began to tickle her. “Stop. Stop” she laughed as Hugo entered the kitchen. “I see Junior is the grown up again” Hugo said as he took a seat next to his mother. “Good morning Hugo” Molly smiled. “Good morning Molly. Looking forward to the big party tomorrow night?” Hugo asked as he beat Cristiano to the last slice of toast. “It’s not a party” Dolores, Cristiano and Molly said together. “Ok” Hugo said looking at them oddly.

“Katia is doing my head in” Hugo said. “Nothing new there then” Cristiano said as he returned his attention onto the paper before Molly held out half of her toast towards him. He smiled a thanks before taking it from her hand as he continued to read the paper. “Looking to see if they took a picture of your bad side?” Hugo asked his brother. “I don’t have a bad side” Cristiano smirked. “Well with the amount of photos in that this morning you can totally see for yourself” Hugo said and Molly groaned. “Stupid assholes” Cristiano glared as his eyes reached an article about their day trip yesterday.

“Language Ronaldo” Dolores said. “We should really start washing his mouth out with soap and water Dolores” Molly smirked. “And I should really make the house free of chocolate” he smirked. “You know the other day Dolores when we went to visit the church your son” Molly was abruptly cut off by Cristiano’s hand covering her mouth. “You know I’m trying to remember the last time I had a normal breakfast” Dolores said to Hugo. “I don’t know how you live with those two in Madrid” Hugo said as Molly giggled at Cristiano.

“So have you heard from Irina Cris?” Hugo asked. “And that is my queue to go prepare for the day. I’ll leave the clean up to my sons” Dolores said standing from the table. “Nice one Hugo” Cristiano glared at his brother. “He only asked you a question. It’s not his fault your girlfriend hasn’t exactly done anything to make your mother warm towards her” Molly said as she lifted Junior from his high chair. “Mols” Cristiano said. “Look your relationship is none of mine or anyone else’s business” Molly said looking at Hugo. “But if a Russian storm is going to arrive and ruin your mothers perfect Christmas then you should really sort it before that occurs” she said.

“She wasn’t exactly happy that I left” he said. “I can understand that” she said. “You can?” he asked. “Ya I can. Though I would have thought you being happy with your son was more important” she said looking at him. “It is more important. Urgh I don’t know Mols. I just want to enjoy this time with my family” he said.

“And we are all enjoying that time too” she said and he smiled. “Now I’m going to get this little one dressed and you boys can do the clean up” Molly smiled at the men before walking out of the kitchen. “Look at those pictures Ronaldo. People will see different things whilst looking at them. And your girlfriend will think certain things that won’t make her happy given her dislike of Molly” Hugo said. “Irina doesn’t dislike Molly” Cristiano said. “She does. And you know it even if you can’t admit it. But then again you can’t admit a lot of things that are standing right in front of you” Hugo said. “What do you mean?” Cristiano asked confused. “Come on let’s clean this lot up” Hugo said knowing there was no point in continuing any discussion.

“Enjoying the gathering?” Cristiano asked Molly as he came up by her side. “Your mother looks happy” Molly mused taking the glass he was holding out towards her from his hand. “Just don’t remind her how old she is getting” he joked. “Jezz only for Rodrigo saving Zé I thought she was going to kill him this morning” Molly laughed as she placed the baby monitor that she had in her left hand down onto a nearby table. “He’s perfectly fine Mols” he said. “I know. And you do two. Since you’ve checked on him and the rest of the kids like twenty times tonight already” he said.

“It’s more like ten actually. And you should really be keeping an eye on your girlfriend and not me. Some women wouldn’t like that” Molly said as she looked across the room to find Irina glaring at her. The model had arrived yesterday evening. No one had been more surprised than Cristiano but Irina smiled and pulled him into her arms. Why wouldn’t she come? It was the plan all along she had said. Molly had thankful avoided her since she had arrived and Molly was hoping it would stay that way.

“Mols” he said. “Babe” Irina pouted as she stood in front of them. “Katia is looking for you” the model said. “What does she want now?” he sighed. “It’s time for cake” Molly said. “And” he said. “Go find her before she comes looking for you. I don’t need to pull you two apart this evening. It was enough to do it this morning” Molly said. “Hey that was not my fault” Cristiano said. “We’ll save that debate for another day. Now go” Molly said and he looked between the two women. “And I’ll take a glass of champagne too” Irina said.

“I should go check on Junior” Molly said picking up the baby monitor as they watched Cristiano leave. “I hoped you enjoyed playing family cos it’s over now” Irina told her. “Excuse me?” Molly asked. “I saw all the photos. You liked rubbing it in my face. That Cris came here and left me in Dubai” Irina said. “What the hell are you talking about?” Molly asked. “Don’t play innocent with me. You have the brat. Leave my man alone” Irina snapped. “I’ve told you already that I don’t want him. And don’t called my son a brat” Molly warned. “Ladies it’s time for cake. It will be midnight soon” Zé said coming in between the two women. “A new year. I can’t wait” Irina smiled at Molly before walking away.

“Fighting isn’t a good way to end a year” Zé told Molly. “She called Junior a brat” Molly snapped. “Ok ok I know Katia wants to smack her too but not tonight Mols” Zé said. “That woman” Molly groaned. “Wants what you have” Zé said. Molly laughed. “Please she can’t stand Junior” Molly said. “She wants her boyfriend to enjoy being with her as much as he does with you” Zé said. “Well maybe she should try being less of a bitch then” Molly said. “Doubt that would help. Come on let’s go sing and get some cake” he said linking their arms. “Cake sounds good” Molly mumbled. “Of course you would think so” he smirked.

“The party is downstairs you know” Cristiano said and Molly jumped at his voice. She turned her head slighting to find him standing at the door. “It’s not a party. And shouldn’t you be downstairs” she said turning her head back to look over the railings and out into the black sky. “What are you doing up here all by yourself?” he asked stepping through the door.

“I was checking on Junior” she replied. “You’ve being up here for nearly an hour” he told her. “Being watching me again Ronaldo? You’d want to be careful. That could get you into trouble” she muttered. “Mols” he sighed. “I just came for some peace” she said. “I know you’re nervous. Scared even” he said. “About what?” she asked still with her back to him. “The last time there was a gathering and Junior was in bed” he said. “Don’t” she said lifting her hand off the railing. “He’s fine Mols” he told her. “I know that” she replied. “Then come back downstairs” he said. “I’m happy up here” she replied.

“It’s almost midnight” he told her. “Then you should go back downstairs and find Irina. Count in the New Year with her” Molly said. “You’ll be sad to leave this place. Won’t you?” he asked and she knew he was standing directly behind her. “It’s really beautiful here” she said. “And you’ve had fun here” he said. “The different scene was nice” she said. “I had fun here too” he told her as he placed his hands on the railings at either side of her body.

“So you have no regrets about coming here then?” she asked. “I knew I had made the correct choice when I was on the plane from Dubai” he told her. “I wouldn’t tell Irina that. She wouldn’t be happy to hear how happy you were to leave her” Molly said.

"You ready for the fireworks?" he asked her and she nodded. "Did you get a piece of the cake?" he asked. "A little" she replied. "Mols" he said as she could feel his breathe at the base of her ear. "Go downstairs Ronaldo" she said. "It's nearly midnight" he told her. "So go downstairs" she said. "I don't want to" he said. "Just go" she said. "But I don't want to" he said resting his forehead on the back of her head. "Cristiano" she said leaning back against him.

"You look beautiful tonight" he whispered against the back oh her head. It was the truth. The minute he had seen her in the green skater style skirt dress he had smiled.

"You should go back downstairs" she whispered. "I know" he said. He lifted his hands from the railings and her breath hitched as he rested them on her hips. "But" he said. "But what?" she asked softly. "Turn around" he whispered. "Cristiano" she said. "Please" he said and she took a deep breath and slowly began to turn around.But she was moving quick enough so he gripped her hips and ushered around so she stood inches from him.

"I've had the best Christmas" he smiled lifting his hands off her and moving them back to the railings essential locking her in. "Me too" she smiled truthfully. "I know. I can tell. You've never stopped smiling" he said lifting his right hand off the railings and up to her chin.

He stroked het chin as his left hand moved to her lower back. "It's almost a new year" she said nervously and he smiled. "A year to forget" he said and she frowned. "Not all of it" she said. "Not the bits with Junior. And you" he whispered and she looked up at him.

"Nothing is bad when you are around" he said and his lips brushed a kiss on her forehead. He wrapped both arms around her quickly and she let out a small yelp as he pulled her closer too him. He rested his head against hers. He nudged their noses against each others making Molly giggle.

"I love that sound" he smiled moving his head back to look at her. The sound of a bang made them both jump and soon the dark sky was filled with bright flashes as the fireworks spread through the sky. Molly turned her head to look and she smiled as her hazel eyes watched the sky light up.

"Happy New Year Molly" he whispered and she turned het attention back to him. "Happy New Year Cristiano" she said as his fingers stroked her back. He could hear people downstairs singing and the fireworks in the air but he could only see her in his arms. He leaned closer and Molly closed her eyes as she waited. But instead of feeling his lips against hers it was his forehead resting against hers that made her eyes open.

"Irina" he whispered and Molly shoved him away. Of course he was imaging the Russian model. There was no way he could.... she shook her head as she walked around him. "Molly wait" he said rushing after het as she went back into the bedroom. He found het staring into the cot where Junior laid.

"Molly I didn't" he began to say when she held her hand up to tell him to stop. "I'd like you to leave now" she said. "Molly please just let me" he said as she moved to the door. "Get out now Ronaldo" she snapped. "Molly" he pleaded. "Your girlfriend will be looking for you" she told him as she opened the door.

"Mols" he said. "Don't make me ask again" she said biting the inside of her cheek. "Atre you coming back down?" he asked. "I'm going to spend time with my son" she said. He took a step out the door and turned. "Molly" he said. "Go back to your girlfriend Ronaldo" she said before she shut the door.

She shut the door and rested her head against the door before she slowly moved down the door until she was sitting on the floor. She could hear the fireworks and people as she brought her hand up to her mouth. "Happy bloody New Year to me" she mumbled as she brushed the tears from her cheeks.
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