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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 49-Nothing Happened So There's Nothing To Talk About

Cristiano rested his head against the door. He couldn’t believe what had happened. He couldn’t believe things had gone so wrong. “Babe” he heard and turned his head to find Irina coming down the hall towards him. “You missed the countdown” she said. “Did I?” he asked. “What are you doing up here?” she asked glancing at the door. The door she knew who was sleeping behind it.

“Checking on Junior” he said moving away from the door. “And she is where?” she asked. “Molly is checking on the other kids” he said heading towards his room. “She is always here” Irina snapped following him. “She has a name. And she’s the mother of my son” he said. “Like I’m can forget when everyone reminds me. All the paps” she said. “I can’t change the fact that she’s his mother” he said opening his bedroom door. “You can tell her to live her own life and stay out of yours” Irina said. “I’m not in the mood for a fight Irina” he said.

“What are you doing?” she asked. “I’m going to bed” he replied unbuttoning his shirt. “But it’s still early” Irina said. “I have a headache” he replied. “So you’re just going to leave me. Again” she snapped. “Irina” he said. “You leave me downstairs with a bunch of strangers and don’t even wish me a happy New Year. Why did I come here again?” she asked. “I left you my family, happy new year and you chose to come here” he sighed. “We shouldn’t be sleeping in here. This isn’t the master bedroom. She should be in here” Irina said.

“I wasn’t meant to be here remember” he said. “Oh how could I forget the fact that you abandoned me in Dubai” she yelled. “Keep your voice down” he said. “Afraid your slut will come in” Irina said. “Irina I know you are angry with me for leaving Dubai but don’t speak about Molly like that” Cristiano said. “I need a drink” she said and stormed out of the room. Cristiano took a seat on the bed and laid out on his back. “Fuck” he said as he thought about what had happened in a room which was only a few steps away.

“Mana” Dolores smiled at her son as Cristiano took a seat at the kitchen table. “Hi” he mumbled as Irina took a seat next to him. “How is your head?” Dolores asked. “Huh?” he asked. “You sloped off early last night. Irina said you had a headache” Dolores said. “I did. It’s fine now” he said letting out a yawn. “Babe coffee” Irina wined. “Sure” he said standing and moving to make some coffee.

“Nana” Rodrigo screeched as Katia with Dinis in her arms and Zé entered the room. “Oh good everyone is up” Katia said. “And they didn’t even have you to pull them out of the bed” Zé groaned as he came around to where Cristiano stood. “You ok?” Zé asked Cristiano. “Why wouldn’t I be?” Cristiano asked. “Oh nothing. Just that you look like you’re a million miles away. Oh that and you just out gravy into the coffee pot” Zé said nodding to the gravy tin in Cristiano’s hand.

“Shit” Cristiano said. “What’s the matter?” Zé asked. “Nothing” Cristiano replied. “Irina and Molly didn’t come to blows did they?” Zé asked as he washed the coffee pot. “What no. Why would you think that?” Cristiano asked as he looked at the table to see his sister and mother talking and smiling as Irina focused on her phone. “Oh good I’d hate to have missed anything” Zé said. “Zé” Cristiano snapped. “Oh come on. Irina hates Molly. And Molly is going to snap soon. It’s only going to take something small to make her” Zé said and Cristiano thought back to last night.

“Tío Cris” Rodrigo said as he came to stand beside his uncle. “Mana” Cristiano smiled at his nephew. “Where’s Molly?” the little boy asked. “Ya where is Molly? She’s normally up now” Katia said from the table. “Maybe she’s packing” Dolores said. “Or maybe she disappeared” Irina muttered. “Maybe you should” Dolores snapped and Irina looked at Cristiano. “Did you just hear what your mother said to me?” Irina asked.

“Molly” Rodrigo screeched and ran towards her as she walked into the room with Junior in her arms. “Hello buddy” Molly smiled at him. “We were just wondering where you were” Katia said. “Well here I am” Molly said as Junior babbled in her arms. “Ah he’s wide awake” Dolores smiled as she stood from the table and took Junior from Molly. “Ya he is” Molly said yawning. “I swear from people who went to bed early last night, both you and Cris are more tired than all of us” Dolores joked and Molly looked at Cristiano.

“I was on the phone” Molly lied. She couldn’t tell her that the reason she was tired was because she couldn’t stop thinking about what had happened. What nearly had happened. What he had said when he had his arms around her. “Molly can we go to the beach please?” Rodrigo. “Maybe later sweetheart. I need to feed Junior first and you need to eat also” Molly said. “Cristiano coffee” Irina said and Katia and Molly rolled their eyes.

“Are you ok Molly?” Dolores asked and Molly turned her head away from the window and looked at the older woman who sat opposite her in the plane. “Yes I’m fine. Why wouldn’t I be?” Molly asked. “You’ve being very quiet” Dolores said. “Have I?” Molly asked as Junior played with his rattle in her lap. “We’ll be back in Madrid very soon” Dolores said as Irina giggled behind them. “I know you’ll mess Madeira” Molly smiled at her. “But I can’t wait to be back in Madrid with you and my grandson” Dolores smiled as Irina let out another giggle. “I thought we had seen the last of her” Dolores said. “Why did you think that?” Molly asked curiously. “He did leave her and come to his family. I thought she would have being too angry” Dolores said.

“She’s his girlfriend” Molly said. “And hopefully not for long” Dolores said. “That’s his choice. And he’s clearly made it” Molly said. “What has my son done this time?” Dolores asked. “What makes you think he has done something?” Molly asked. “You and him barely said two words to each other all day” Dolores said. “I was busy with Junior” Molly said. “Molly” Dolores said. “Dolores we were just both really busy preparing to come back to Madrid. There’s nothing wrong” Molly said.

“Hey” Cristiano said taking a seat in the seats next to them. “Hi” Molly replied. “So has she cried yet? I swear she gets teary every time she leaves Madeira” he joked. “She hates leaving her home” Molly told him. “But I’m going to my other home with my beautiful family” Dolores smiled at Cristiano and Molly. “And I’m glad you are coming with us” Molly said truthfully. She didn’t want to be alone with Cristiano and Irina during the flight. “I’m just going to pop to the ladies room before we prepare to land” Dolores said standing.

“Molly” Cristiano said taking the seat his mother had just vacated. “Can we not please” Molly said. “Last night” he said. “Nothing happened so there’s nothing to talk about. Go back to your girlfriend Ronaldo” she told him and he sighed and stood up.

"You're back" Nuno said as Molly came into the living room of Cristiano's house in Madrid. Molly rushed to him and threw her arms around him. "Woah nice to see you too" Nuno laughed as his eyes looked over her shoulder at Irina and Cristiano coming into the room. "Ya I'd be happy to see Satan if I had to spend a plane journey with her" Nuno whispered to Molly. "Not if you were on the plane with Satan"Molly muttered and Nuno laughed. "Oh I'm so happy sassy Molly is back" Nuno joked.

"Hey man" Cristiano said dropping his bag on the floor. "Hey guys welcome home. Happy New Year and all that. Oh give me my little man"Nuno said holding his arms out to Cristiano who had Junior in his arms. "Careful he's tired" Cristiano said. "And so loud"Irina groaned. "Because you woke him up" Molly told her. "So fun trip?"Nuno asked looking back and forth at the women.

"It was lovely" Cristiano replied. "Was a shame to leave Dubai since Madeira wasn't as hot" Irina said. "Christmas was lovely Nuno . Now why don't you come put Junior to bed and tell me all about yours" Molly said. "Sounds good. Oh welcome back Dolores" Nuno said as Dolores came into the room. "Hello Nuno.You take my grandson up to bed and we'll catch up when he's in bed"she said.

"Maybe over hot coca" Nuno smiled. "I'll see if I can manage it" she smiled."Yes so happy my favourite women are back" Nuno grinned. "Even happier that you get to cook for us in the morning" Molly smirked.

"You're up early" Nuno said the following morning when he walked into the kitchen and found Cristiano sitting at the kitchen table. "Couldn't sleep cos your excited to get back to training tomorrow huh" Nuno said as he searched for a frying pan. "Something like that" Cristiano shrugged. "So everyone is still in one peace" Nuno joked. "Why does everyone assume there's going to be a fight" Cristiano said banging his fist against the table.

"Wow easy there Cris. I was talking about your family's reaction to you not going to Maderia in the first place" Nuno said. "Oh right sorry. It was a great trip. Just New Years..." he sighed. "Want to talk about it? Nuno asked. "Nothing happened to talk about" Cristiano said remembering Molly's words. "I'll get the door" he said when the bell rang.

"Mana Nuno" Molly said as she strolled into the kitchen. "Someone is happy" he smiled. "I forgot how nice the bed was" she smiled. It also helped that she had managed not to think about Cristiano. Well nearly managed she thought. "Cris is answering the door" he told her. "Right" she said.

"Welcome back you guys" Ana grinned and Molly rushed to hug her friend. "Hey"Molly smiled. "I was out for a run and thought I'd stop by to say hello" !Ana said. "I'll get you some juice" Cristiano said and left the two women. "Why is he in such a grumpy mood? " Ana asked Molly. "He just offered to get you juice how is that grumpy"Molly said. "You should have seen him when he answered the door. Though if I had to sleep next to the wicked witch of the East I'd be grumpy too" Ana smirked. "Thankfully she's only here for a few days until after her birthday" Molly said. "Juice" Cristiano said holding a glass and placing it on the counter top. "Thanks. I only dropped in to say his. I didn't mean to interrupt breakfast" Ana said.

"You aren't. Come sit" Molly said linking arms with Molly. "Mols where's the pepper?" Nuno asked and Molly rolled her eyes. "Two secs" she told Ana. Ana watched as Molly moved towards the cooker and Cristiano walked to the fridge. They bumped into each other and both jumped back as if they had touched fire and tried to go around each other before Molly moved to the side and scuttled away which made Ana frown.

"Ana how wonderful to see you"Dolores said and Ana turned around to see Dolores entering the room with Junior in her arms and smiled before she frowned at the sight of Irina behind her. "Morning Dolores nice to see you. And Junior. He looked so happy in all the pictures you sent Mols. Even Pepe was saying it when Cristiano sent him ones" Ana said. "Well of course he was happy he had his mama and papa with him" Dolores said.

"Lucky Junior" Irina huffed as she went in search of some coffee. "Why don't you show Ana what Junior got you for Christmas Molly. while we wait for breakfast" Dolores suggested. "Oh I only popped in for a couple of minutes" Ana said. "Go on it won't take long. You two ladies can chat" Dolores said.

"Come on Ana she wants to give out to Nuno for using the wrong pan but doesn't want you to witness it" Molly joked before laughing when Nuno cursed when he noticed the pan he had used. "I'll watch Junior" Cristiano said and Molly gave a slight nod before heading for the stairs.

"Ok first things first. What is going on with you and Cris?" Ana asked Molly when they were climbing the stairs. "Absolutely nothing" Molly said."Molly start talking" Ana said. "Let me get the present" she said. "Molly you and him were getting on great over your break everyone said so. So why is it now that you two can't even bump into each other without jumping? Ana asked. Just leave it Ana" Molly said as Ana's phone started to ring. "Its probably Pepe looking to know where I am. Oh wait its Anderia" Ana said answering the phone.

"Really" Molly heard Ana say as she went to find the frame. "No actually I'm here with Mols now. I'll tell her. Ya ok I'll see you later. Bye" Ana said hanging up the phone. " You'll tell me what? "Molly asked."Ok so Anderia was on Facebook and well you know what people are like these days. I mean there were pics of you and Cris out woth Junior in like minutes after they were taken"Ana babbled. "Ana just spit it out"Molly said. "Irina posted a picture of her and Junior" Ana said quickly and Molly saw red. "She did what" Molly yelled before she stormed out of the room with Ana rushing after her.

"Take it down right now" Molly yelled as she stormed into the kitchen. "Molly" Cristiano said in surprise as she stormed over to him and took Junior from his arms before moving to stand in front of the table where Irina sat. "Take it down before I use that fork you have on your hand" Molly yelled at the model. "What is going on?" Cristiano asked.

"There's a picture on Facebook"Ana said."That she posted of my son" Molly snapped pointing at Irina. "Take it down now" Molly yelled. "Molly calm down" Cristiano said. " No don't you dare tell me to calm down. She does not call my son a brat and then post pictures to give the world the impression that she cares about him when it's only because she's jealous of all the pics of you and me with him" Molly said.

"That is ridiculous" Irina said. "Did you post a picture?" Cristiano asked his girlfriend. "Babe" she began to say when Molly turned on her heels and looked at Cristiano. "No Ronaldo she does not use our son. She does not worm herself out of this" she yelled at him. "You're overreacting"Irina said. "I'm not...

"Take the picture down now" Cristiano cut in.
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Is it back to Molly and Cristiano avoiding each other? Everyone noticed something is wrong but will they talk about it or has Cristiano and his mouth gotten him into trouble that he can't fix? Has Irina made her final mistake?

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