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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 5- Not So Perfect Boyfriend

"I knew there was something untrusting about that guy. He was too perfect" Sergio said handing Katia a water bottle. "And Molly doesn't know yet" Katia said as Sergio took a seat next to her. "Oh shit" Sergio said. "Like she hasn't enough to deal with already" Ana said cursing herself for pushing that jackass at Molly.

"Does Ronnie know?" Sergio asked Katia. "Jorge told him a while ago. He didn't take it well" Katia said. "What's not taking it well?" Sergio asked. "Well the clock was in one piece before he was told and now it's in pieces in the bin, so I'm sure you can work out how he took it" Pepe said from beside his girlfriend. "Where is he now?" Sergio asked. "Gone to cool down" Pepe said. "Man the press are really talking about it. There's so many journalists and photographers outside" Sergio said. "Animals. Why can't they just get lost?" Katia asked. "It's a big story I guess" Pepe shrugged. "It's none of their business" Katia said.

"Easy for you to say when you weren't kept in the dark like everyone else. My sister has been left embarrassed because of your asshole of a brother" Irina sister Tatiana said. "I can't believe he lied to me" Irina said. Irina and her sister had arrived at the hospital to the awaiting press and the model was dressed the nines. Molly and Cristiano along with Katia, Nuno and Dolores had spent the night at the hospital each taking turns to be with Junior. Jorge and the others began arriving shortly after eight. Ana had rushed to the hospital the minute she had seen the newspapers.

"Where's Molly?" Sergio asked Katia. "Does anyone ask any other question but where is Molly? That's all I've been hearing since I got here" Irina said. "Well there’s the door if you’re tired of hearing it" Pepe said and Ana smiled at him. "What happened to keeping your cool?" she whispered. "Two Russians equals more of a headache" he whispered to her and she placed a kiss on his cheek. "Molly is with Junior. She stayed at his bedside all night. She should try to get some sleep" Katia said.

"I don't know why Cris stayed here when he wasn't even with Junior last night. He needs sleep too" Irina huffed. "He didn't stay with Junior?" Sergio asked confused. "He did" Pepe said. "When Molly left for a little bit" Ana said. "They had words" Katia said. "Again" Ana said. "At least she didn't hit him this time" Pepe said. "Wait Molly slapped Ronnie. When did that happen? What do you mean they had words?" Sergio asked.

"Junior's temperature rose last night and sent all the machines beeping. Molly got scared and he was trying to make her feel better" Katia said. "But instead pissed her off like he always does" Sergio said. "She just got upset and was blaming herself. He said Junior would be ok and then she yelled at him asking how didn’t he know that. They were both just tired and scared" Katia told Sergio. "So what they can't be in the same room together now?" Sergio asked. "Maybe he should have stayed out of the same room as her in the first place then none of us would be here" Tatiana snarled.

"They can" Katia said ignoring sisters jibe. "Dolores thought it was best if they didn't see Junior at the same time last night so no one would get more upset" Pepe said. "Who the hell does she think she is? It's his son" Irina said. "Dolores is Cristiano's mother and Molly is Junior mother. That's who they are" Ana snapped as the door opened.

"Just sit down Cris" Jorge said to his friend and client as the footballer took a seat next to his sister. "What happened?" Katia asked. "I knew that little shit couldn't be trusted" Cristiano snapped picking up the newspaper from the table and throwing it against the opposite wall. "A journalist got into the hospital and found us. But security have got rid of him" Jorge said. "He better hope I don't see him around or I'll knock his teeth out" Sergio said. "Get in line" Cristiano said. "Neither of you will be knocking anyone’s teeth out" Jorge warned.

"Katia says Junior is getting better. That’s good news Ronnie" Sergio said to his teammate. "Not quick enough though. Thanks for coming by Sergio" Cristiano said. "Fabio and Marcelo will be here later. Coach let me off if I do training this afternoon. He understands" Sergio said and Cristiano nodded.
"So is this all you do. Just sit around?" Tatiana asked. "Well we are hardly going to have a party now are we" Ana snapped. "Who is going to tell Molly about Luke?" Sergio asked.

"Tell me what about Luke?" Molly asked coming in through the open door. "It's nothing" Sergio said. "Who’s with Junior?" Cristiano asked. "Dolores is with him. I wouldn't leave him on his own when he is sick" she replied with an emphasis on the I. "Did you walk back here by yourself?" Jorge asked. "Nuno came with me. He's right" she said looking over her shoulder. "Right here" she said as the man in question came up behind her.

"Man Molly you can walk fast when you want to" Nuno said slightly out of breath. "Well the sooner Ronaldo goes to see Junior the sooner I can go back into him" Molly said stepping further into the room. "Now what was Sergio saying about Luke?" Molly asked Jorge. "Molly" Jorge said. "I'm not really in the whole mood for the back and forth Molly voice you do Jorge before Ronaldo snaps and tells me so can just spit it out" Molly said.

"Your perfect boyfriend isn't so perfect" Irina smirked and Molly frowned at the model. "You might want to remember that your boyfriend isn't so perfect before you start smirking at Molly" Ana snapped and Irina scolded at her. "I don't understand" Molly said confused. "Pick up the paper on the floor and you'll find out" Tatiana said. "Molly don't" Ana said when Molly moved to pick the newspaper off the floor.

"Nanny Mama for Ronaldo's kid" the headline read and she saw the name of the author. Luke Williams. "Now the world knows what a tramp you are" sister smirked. "Shut up" Cristiano snapped at her. "Don't you dare yell at my sister. And especially for your part time slut" Irina yelled at her boyfriend.

"Don't call her that" Sergio and Ana yelled. A whistle filled the room and everyone looked at Nuno who had a whistle in his mouth. "They will kick us all out if everyone keeps yelling" he said. "Are you ok Molly?" Katia asked as she stood and walked towards her. Molly was too focused on the words in the article to notice the yelling. She read how the woman who was acting as Ronaldo's nanny was really the child’s mother. "Molly" Katia said standing beside her.

"If you’re not going to Junior then I'll go back" Molly said to Cristiano as she placed the paper onto the table. "Ahm no. I'm going" he said surprised that firstly she was talking to him and secondly hadn't reacted to her boyfriend’s betrayal. "That's all you've got to say? Your perfect boyfriend just told the world your dirty little secret" Irina said. "What did I tell you" Ana snapped.

"I've just spent last night at Junior's beside. He's hooked up to machines and is on a ventilator. We don't know if he going to live or die. I have more important things to worry about then what you and the rest of the world think" Molly yelled at Irina. "He's not going to die Molly" Cristiano said standing. "Just go and see him" Molly snapped. "He's not" he said placing his hand on her upper arm. "Don't touch me" she snapped walking to take his place on the couch.

"Where did you get the whistle Nuno?" Pepe asked before a fight could break out. Irina didn't look happy and the other women in the room also didn't look happy. "It's Molly's. Thought it would come in useful. I got some change of clothes too for you Molly" Nuno said placing the pack bag that he was carrying by the door. "You went to my place?" she asked. "Thought you might like a change of clothes. And well I figured you wouldn't mind if I used your key to get in" he said. "Thanks Nuno. And no I don't mind you using my keys. Just you" Molly said. "I'll come get you when I get lunch" Jorge told Cristiano. "Try and get her to eat" Cristiano mumbled to Jorge as he left the room.

"If you're hungry, I can get you something Molly?" Sergio asked. "I'm not hungry Sergio. But thanks" she replied. "He's getting better Molly" Sergio said shifting near her. "So everyone keeps saying" she mumbled resting her head on his shoulder. She stared at the newspaper on the table. Everyone knew she thought. They all knew what she had done. That she had lied to everyone she thought. Of course she had being the one to tell her friends the other night. But now the press knew she knew things were going to be so much different.

At least they didn't know the entire truth. They didn't know that she gave up her baby. The story only told how Ronaldo had kept the baby's mother closer than everyone realised. The only real story Luke could tell was that Molly was in fact Junior's mother and not his nanny. Molly was surprised that he even got two pages out of the story. Of course the papers were going to rehash the events of Cristiano's surprised announcement of becoming a father. And they were going to try and find out more about Molly and her life. But Molly couldn't think about all of that. Not when Junior was so sick she thought.

"I feel awful that we were downstairs and he was sick upstairs" Sergio said. "It's best not to think about Sergio" Pepe said knowing it was a sore point. "I don't know how the doctor thinks he was crying" Molly said. "What do you mean?" Katia asked. "The doctor thought that Junior had being crying but everyone would have heard him. Ronaldo had the monitor with him. He did have it with him?" Molly asked Ana. "He did Molly. Really he did" Ana replied. "I should never have went to England" Molly said.

"You should have never went near my boyfriend" Irina mumbled. "You know it takes two to make a baby. Why don't you shut your mouth towards Molly and give Ronaldo all your attitude. This entire thing is his fault" Ana snapped. "She's the one who's being sniffing around him for months" Irina said and Ana rolled her eyes. "She can do better than your ass of a man" Ana said. "Hey how about we try not talking unless it's something that's relevant and not something that's going to start bickering" Nuno said.

"Your cousin has made my sister look like a fool" Tatiana said and Irina frowned at her sister which made Ana smile. "Ouch your sister is thinking what everyone else is thinking" Ana smirked. "Hey I wasn't the only one. They lied to all of you too. Too ashamed of their dirty secret" Irina said and Molly stood. "Mols" Sergio said. "I'm going to change" Molly said. "You should have stayed in England" Irina muttered as Molly moved passed her.

"And you should stop talking about something you know nothing about. And that goes for everyone" Molly said looking around the room. "Molly" Ana said. "Just stop then sniping" Molly said. "My sister has the right to be mad" Tatiana said. "Then let her take that up with Ronaldo. And leave me the hell out of it" Molly said opening the door. "Then stay away from Cris" Irina said. "And you stop being a bitch" Molly said and everyone's eyes went wide.

"Don't you speak to my sister like that" Tatiana said. "If you want to know why Ronaldo would rather hang around me then talk to you Irina, then maybe you should start by looking in a mirror and take a good long look at yourself before giving me any shit. And for the last time I don't want your boyfriend" Molly said before picking the bag up from the floor and leaving the room.
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