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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 50- Quite A Pickle

“What?” Irina asked in surprise as she gazed up at her boyfriend from her seat at the kitchen table. “Take the picture down please” Cristiano said. “To hell with the please. Take the picture down right now or I’ll show you another use for the phone you used to post the picture” Molly warned Irina.

“Are you going to stand there while she threatens me?” Irina asked standing from the table to stand beside Cristiano. “I’ll show you threatening” Molly said stepping forward. “Mols I’ll deal with it. Just go back upstairs” Cristiano said placing his hand on her shoulder. “She has no right to post pictures of my son” Molly snapped at him as she shrugged off his hand. “I’m dating Cristiano” Irina said. “Oh I’m well aware you’re his girlfriend Irina” Molly said glaring at Cristiano. “But Junior is my son” Molly said adjusting the baby boy in her arms. “I don’t care if you have a problem with that fact but it’s not changing. You do not used my son for your own gain” Molly warned the model.

“Babe” Irina pouted. “I’ll sort it” Cristiano said looking at Molly. “Cos you’re so good at sorting things” Molly snapped. “Don’t yell at my boyfriend” Irina yelled at Molly. “I’ll yell at whomever I like especially messing a backbone” Molly yelled at Irina. “Ok ok Molly you go back upstairs with Ana. Irina you delete the picture and then I’ll finish making breakfast” Nuno said tugging Molly back. “Irina just take down the photo please” Cristiano asked Irina. “I can’t believe you are actually saying please” Molly snapped turning to look at Cristiano.

“It’s just a picture. See what is so bad about it” Irina said holding out her hone for Molly and Cristiano to see. Cristiano stared at the photo of Irina smiling at the camera whilst Junior looked over her shoulder. You couldn’t see his face but he was still in the picture. “Take it down” Cristiano said. “There. Happy” Irina said deleting all trace of the picture from her Facebook. “Happy” Molly yelled moving around Nuno.

“Molly I told you to go upstairs” Cristiano yelled and Molly stopped dead in her tracks at his voice. She gripped the little boy in her arms and tucked away the anger that was bursting to explode as Irina stood smirking beside her boyfriend. “She doesn’t get to post photos of my son” Molly said. “Of our son” he reminded her as the stared at each other. “It was just a picture” Irina said. “With the child of your boyfriend who you refer to as a brat” Molly said. “No I don’t” Irina said looking at Cristiano.

“Oh please” Molly said scoffing. “Molly” Cristiano said. “I don’t want her taking pictures of my son. I don’t want her taking pictures of him, near him or even in the same room as him Ronaldo” Molly yelled. “Molly let’s go back upstairs” Ana said as she turned Molly around and they both walked out of the room.

“What the hell were you thinking posting the picture?” Cristiano asked shrugging off the hand which Irina had placed on his upper arm as he moved away from her. “It was just a picture it’s no big deal” Irina said. “If we wanted a picture posted then myself and Molly would post it of him. We’re his parents” Cristiano said.

“You just let that money grabbing slut boss you around and you’re yelling at me” Irina yelled at him. “Don’t call her that” Cristiano yelled. “How could you have being so stupid to knock her up. She was just looking for a meal ticket and you fell for it. One five minute bunk up and she’s rolling in it” Irina yelled and Cristiano shook his head and moved to walk out of the room. “Where are you going?” she yelled. “Anywhere but here” he muttered quietly. “Cristiano” she said.

“The gym” he yelled and left the room. Irina’s gaze moved from him to Nuno who had been standing watching everything. “Well are you going to make breakfast or what?” she asked him. “Help yourself” Nuno said nodding to the kitchen before grabbing his keys and heading towards the front door.

Ana watched as Molly marched up the stairs with such anger. She followed her down the hall to her bedroom. She watched Molly place Junior into his cot. “You ok?” Ana asked from the door. “That bloody woman” Molly said as her hands gripped the side of the cot.

“Where in that stupid tiny brain of hers did she think I would be ok with her of all people posting a picture of my son” Molly said as she moved away from the cot and picked up a suitcase from the floor. “Molly I know you’re mad but there’s…” Ana said when she saw Molly picking the suitcase. “Urgh” Molly said as she took clothes from the suitcase instead of placing them into like Ana had thought was going to happen.

“It’s done now” Ana said. “But it should never have been posted in the first place. I don’t care if you couldn’t see his face. She was using him” Molly said. “He got her to take it down Molly” Ana said. “Oh goody for Ronaldo. He asked her to. He actually used the word please” Molly snapped and threw the book he had gotten her for Christmas onto the bed. “The he tells me to go upstairs” Molly said turning around to look at Ana.

“He was trying to prevent a row” Ana said. “He was trying to make sure I didn’t open my mouth” Molly muttered and Ana shut the door and moved towards the bed. “Ok start talking” Ana said. “She thinks because she’s his girlfriend she can do what she wants” Molly said. “Ok firstly he did agree with you about taking the photo down the minute you told him about it. That isn’t him letting her get away with it” Ana said.

“Wow first time ever then” Molly said. “Secondly when I said talk I was talking about what happened downstairs. I was talking about why you would think Cris didn’t want you opening you mouth” Ana said. “It’s nothing” Molly said. “You and Cristiano” Ana said. “What about us?” Molly asked. “Why are the pair of you suddenly acting like you can’t be around each other?” Ana asked. “No we aren’t” Molly said moving towards her dresser.

“I’m your friend Molly and you can talk to me about anything” Ana said. “There’s nothing to talk about Ana” Molly said looking at her friend through the mirror. “Did something happen between you and Cris in Madeira? And I’m not talking about a fight” Ana said. “No” Molly said as she busied herself with clothes in her dresser.

“Did something nearly happen?” Ana asked and Molly looked up from the dresser and into the mirror. Molly nodded her head slighltly and dropped her eyes. “Oh Mols” Ana said. “Don’t oh Mols me please” Molly begged turning around. “What happened?” Ana asked. “New Years” Molly shrugged. “Molly” Ana said. “I was on the balcony in my room. He left the party to come check on Junior. We were talking and he conreerd my against the railings” she said wrapping her arms around her body.

“And you kissed?” Ana asked. Molly shook her head. “He held me in his arms and kissed my forehead. Then he called me Irina ok” Molly snapped. “Oh shit” Ana said. “Don’t curse infront of Junior” Molly said and Ana rolled her eyes. “So you two didn’t kiss?” Ana asked. “No of course not. It was just a moment” Molly said. “And how many moments have there being exactly?” Ana asked. “It doesn’t matter Ana. He was just lonely and wanted to talk” Molly said. “His girlfriend was in the same house. How could he be lonely?” Ana asked.

“It doesn’t matter. He was thinking about her anyway. Come on like he’d opt for his baby carrier when he has a super model" Molly said. "Molly you're ten times more beautiful than she is" Ana said. "No I'm not Ana. I'm just the chick who gave him what he wanted. Gave him the child he wanted. Irina is his perfect woman and he knows that" Molly said. "Mols" Ana said. "Enough Ana" Molly said.

"What's the book?" Ana asked. "Huh" Molly replied. "That on the bed" Ana nodded. "It was a present" Molly said. "From who?" Ana asked. "Cristiano" Molly muttered. "May I?" Ana asked and Molly nodded.

"Oh Molly" Ana said as her eyes gazed at the picture on the front of the book. At the picture of Molly holding Junior in her arms as Cristiano smiled looking down at them. "You all look so happy" Ana smiled as she opened the pages. "Your bump. Oh you were tiny" Ana grinned as she turned each page. "He thought I should have something to remember my pregnancy" Molly mumbled.

"It's lovely. All the pictures. Oh this one of the three of you on the couch is gorgeous" Ana said turning the book to show Molly. "Ya it is" Molly sighed. "Mols you aren't just his baby carrier" Ana said. "Ana I filled my use ok. Enough I don't want to talk about it anymore. I need to get Junior dressed and wash clothes" Molly said. "I should be getting back too. I'll talk to you later" Ana said. "Ya" Molly nodded.

"Mols" Ana said as she stood at the door. "Ya" Molly replied. "Did you want him to kiss you?" Ana asked and Molly's eyes went wide. "What kind of ridiculous question is that" she replied. "Its not an answer Molly" Ana said as Junior began yo cry. "I need to get Junior ready" Molly said."Ok" Ana nodded as she left the room.

Ana found the living room empty when she reached it and shook her head. She tried the office but it was empty before deciding to check the gym. "This is where you are hiding then" Ana said when she opened the door to find Cristiano punching the boxing bag. "I'm not in the mood Ana" Cristiano snapped and punched the bag hard. "Not in the mood for some home truths or just no in the mood for admitting that you are stupid?" Ana asked. "Enough Ana" Cristiano snapped.

"How many moments have there being?" Ana asked and Cristiano's hand paused in the air. "Excuse me?" he asked confused. "How many moments has there being between you and Molly?" Ana asked. "I have no idea what you are talking about" he said. "So you didn't almost kiss her in Madeira then" Ana said. "Damn it Molly" he muttered. "Don't blame her I managed to get it out of her. Well not everything. What she did tell me is that nothing happened" Ana said walking further into the gym.

"She's telling the truth" Cristiano replied. "Nothing happened because you only had Irina on your mind. Because why would you want plain Molly when you can have Irina" Ana said. "Molly isn't plain" Cristiano said. "Why would you ever think of kissing her. After all she's just your baby carrier. And she's served her use" Ana said.

"Don't speak about her like that" Cristiano snapped coming to stand infront of Ana. "Why not? It's the truth" Ana said. "No it's not.None of it is" he said. "Molly thinks so. Why would you opt for the baby carrier when you could have the super model. Those were her words. Molly's in case you weren't sure who I was referring to" Ana said.

"I know who you are talking about" he scoffed. "Sorry it's just hard to know if you know since you struggle to remember which lady is your girlfriend or not. Though remembering your girlfriend before kissing another girl and calling said girl by the girlfriends name might not have being smart" Ana said.

"It was because I have a girlfriend that I have stopped myself" he said."So there has been more moments then" she said. "It doesn't matter" he said. "What were you thinking saying Irina's name you fool" Ana said."I have a girlfriend. You may think I'm alot of things Ana but I'm not a cheat. I couldn't do that to Molly" he said. " You mean Irina" she replied. "No I mean yes of course her too. But I couldn't I won't let Molly be cheapened by being the other woman. I don't cheat" he said.

"Wow" Ana said. "What's that supposed to mean?" he asked "It means you've gotten yourself into quite a pickle Cristiano and your really blind and stupid" Ana said as she turned to leave the gym. "Does she really think all what you said?I know she has said that she served her use but that's been in fights. Does she still think that really?" he asked. "You should be asking her that not me" Ana replied and he sighed.

"Did you want to kiss her ? " Ana asked. "What?" he asked in surprise at her question. "If you hadn't suddenly remembered that you don't want to be a cheat. Would you have kissed her?she asked. "I have a girlfriend" he replied. "And that's a problem which can easily be solved Ronaldo" Ana smirked at him as she left the gym. And left a confused Cristiano standing alone.
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