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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 51-Domestic God or Maybe Not?

Molly smiled at Junior who was playfully hitting the toys in front of his walker. After dressing him, Molly grabbed a bunch of laundry and headed to the laundry room. That was where she had been for the past couple of hours with Junior happily bouncing in his walker as she folded and sorted clothes. She smiled as she took a babygrow in her hands.

“It’s crazy how he’ll be too big for that soon” a voice said and Molly jumped at the voice and hit her knee of the worktop she was standing at.

“Crap” she muttered jumping on one knee. “Crap are you ok?” Cristiano asked stepping further into the room. “What is it with you and sneaking up on me?” she asked rubbing her knee. “Maybe I should wear a bell so you know I’m coming” he joked. “So I know to leave” she muttered as she turned her attention back on the clothes. “What are you doing?” he asked bending to say hi to Junior. “Well you see there’s this process that clothes have to go through so they can be worn again. Called laundry” she said and he rolled his eyes.

“Jezz and here I thought that you had discovered a new workout” he said. “Well carrying Junior and a basket of clothes up and down the stairs is nearly more of a workout then Zumba” Molly said lifting a basket into her hands. “Wait” he said standing up and reaching out for the basket. He looked around the room as he held the basket and she rolled her eyes. “You can leave it by the door” she told him as the ping of the washing machine went off. “You shouldn’t carry Junior and a basket up and down the stairs at the same time” he said.

“Why not?” she asked. “You could fall” he told her as she grabbed an empty basket and moved to open the washing machine door. “I’ve done it a million times” she said as she began to pull clothes from the machine. The dryer buzzed and she looked at him as he stood with his hands behind his back. “Since you’re just standing there, you could pick up that basket behind you and empty the dryer” she told him.

“Ahmm ya sure” he said quickly mobbing to pick up the basket and walking towards the dryer. He looked at the machine and frowned. “It won’t open by itself you know” she said as she placed the last shirt into her basket.

“I know” he muttered staring at the machine. Molly began to laugh as she watched him and he turned to look at her. “You don’t know how to open it. Do you?” she asked. “Of course I do” he replied. “Well open it then cos I want to put this basket full of clothes into it. It’s very overcast and there’s no drying outside” she said. “I hadn’t noticed” he mumbled looking back at the machine. “Well well well, so the super star can drive a lamborghini with more useless gadgets then is needed but he can’t open a dryer” she said walking towards him.

“I can too” he said. “Here’s a hint for you” she said leaning across him. “Press the button that says open” she said pressing the button and he let out a groan as she let out a laugh. “Stupid thing” he grumbled. “Now now now don’t talk about yourself like that. At least not in front of your son” she smirked.

“You’re hilarious Mols” he grumbled pulling the clothes from the machine and into the basket. “No what was hilarious was watching you looking all confused at how to open the door” she laughed. “It’s not exactly a machine that I’m used to” he said. “Maybe you should get more acquainted with this room more than” she said and he sighed.

“Swap” she said holding out her basket and the swapped baskets. “You want these in there then?” he asked nodding to the dryer. “If you think you could manage” she smirked. “Yes” she grumbled and she left him load the dryer.

“I’m kind of busy playing football you know” he said. “Huh” she said. “You said I should get more acquainted with this room. I am kind of busy with practice and I need rest and to recover” he said slamming the door shut. “Hey easy or you’ll break the door” she said. “I’ll just buy another one” he shrugged. “Or try not to break this one in the first place. You can’t just throw money at something” she said. “I know that” he sighed.

“And I do know that you are busy with training. And that you work hard to provide for all of this. I’m just saying that it wouldn’t kill you to step into this room once in a while. Like bringing you laundry down here instead of having your mother go up for it” she said. “I guess I could to that” he said. “Would be a good place to start. Now since you’ve filled it you might as well learn how to turn it on” Molly said.

“Go on then” he said. “See that red button. Just press it” she said. “But how do I know how long it it’s meant to be on for?” he asked. “It’s already set for the correct time. Maybe some other day I’ll show you how to set the time” she said. “Ya that sounds good” he replied as he pressed the button and then smiled at her as the machine started to make noise. “I swear you look more happier doing laundry than you did scoring a hat trick in your last match” she joked.

“Very funny. So since I mastered the dryer what about the washer?” he asked brushing past her. “Maybe another day. We don’t want to overload that brain of yours” she smirked and he picked up a sock and flung it at her head. “Hey” she said and he laughed. “Hey those are mine” he said pointing to the clothes in the basket she had. “I was doing laundry anyway” she shrugged. “You didn’t have to Mols” he said. “Like I said I was doing laundry anyway” she replied.

“Well thanks” he said and hopped onto the countertop. “I remember the first time I put one of these on him” he said lifting a babygrow into his hands. “Took ages. He wouldn’t stop moving” he smiled. “He still doesn’t now” Molly smiled over her shoulder at Junior who was happily playing. “Do you have much more of this to do?” he asked. “Just a little. Then some ironing” she replied and he nodded as he tapped his fingers on his knees as he watched her work. He opened his mouth to speak than closed it again. The opened it again but quickly shut it closed again.

“Spit it out” she said and looked at him. “You clearly want to say something so say it” she said. “I’m sorry about the picture. It should never have gotten posted” he said and she paused from folding a shirt. “Just make sure it never happens again. Or I won’t be held reasonable for my actions” he warned him and he nodded.

“What time is he’s doctor’s appointment in a couple of days?” he asked. “3” she sighed. “It will be fine Mols” he told her. “You don’t know that” she replied. “Well he looks pretty fine to me” he said looking at his giggling son. “I just hate that he has to go through this” she said.

“Have you eaten?” he asked. “I grabbed a banana” she replied. “I must grab a protein shake” he said. “You must shower. You stink” she said. “I was in the gym” he replied and she looked at the t-shirt he wore which was stuck to his skin as the sweat glistened on his arms. “I can see that. Actually I can smell it” she said. “You’re smelling a real man Mols” he said bending his arms into a pose and sending her into a fit of giggles. “What planet do you come for at all?” she asked shaking her head at his silliest. “A lucky one with you and our son” he replied.

“Well your son is probably bored of his mama now so why don’t you go shower than you and him can spend time together while I finish up things here” she said. “Sounds good” he said jumping off the countertop. “You might have a point. I do kind of stink” he said. “More than a little. You shouldn’t go too overboard. You have training in the morning” she said. “I guess I needed a distraction” he shrugged. “You need a shower. Go” she told him. He looked at the pile of clothes which were left to be washed and then at Junior.

“I won’t be long” he told her. “Leave the shirt” she called out and he paused at the door. “Might as well add it to pile” she said looking over her shoulder. “Thanks Mols” he smiled and pulled the shirt over his head and she quickly moved her eyes away from his abs. “Back in a bit” he said. “K” she called out as he left the room.

“Hey Mols” Nuno said when he found her lounging on the couch a few hours later. “Decided to stop hiding out” Molly joked as she sat up. “I don’t feel like being a witness during a murder trial” he smirked. “Funny” she said. “So where is everyone?” he asked taking a seat next to her. “Junior is having a late nap. Dolores is gone out. And your cousin and-

“The witch of the east” Nuno cut in and Molly laughed. “She dragged him out for lunch” Molly said. “At least you got some time to yourself” he said. “Yes I did. Though now you are back you can help me take down the Christmas decorations” she smiled and he groaned. “Is it too late for me to go out and pretend we didn’t have this conversation?” he joked. “Not a chance” she smiled as the front door slammed. "Oh goody they are back" Nuno said. "Like so much maple syrup" they could hear a voice say and Molly laughed.

"Some people like maple syrup on pancakes Sergio. You're mother isn't that odd" Molly called out as Sergio came into view with Irina and Cristiano. "But I told you she put so much on mine. Like hello I have a body to keep in shape" he said walking towards the couch. "Just me your body could take alot of pancakes and syrup and still look great" Molly said as she kneeled up on the couch. "You think my body looks great huh Mols" he said and she rolled her eyes at him as she held her arms out to him.

"Happy New Year Sergio" she said and squealed as he lifted her over the couch. "Good to see you Mols" he smiled putting her feet on the ground. "Where's Junior?" Cristiano asked glaring at Sergio. "He's having a late nap. Which I should go wake him up from or he won't sleep tonight" Molly said. "Jezz Mols I only just got here and you're trying to get away from me" Sergio joked.

"You can catch up with your teammate. Anyway I spoke to you loads over the holidays" she said. "Babe" Irina said. "Did you have a nice lunch?" Nuno asked. "Ya it was fine" Cristiano replied.

"We went shopping. I needed something nice to wear on my birthday in a couple of days" Irina smiled. "I'm going upstairs to try all of these on again" Irina smiled at her boyfriend and left the room. Cristiano let out a yawn and Sergio laughed. "Don't tell me Ronnie got tired of shopping" the Spanish man joked. "A little" Cristiano replied.

"Well I'll go to Junior while you two catch up. Nuno you can follow me up when you are ready" she said and he groaned. "What's up with you?" Cristiano asked. "He volunteered to help me take down the Christmas decorations" Molly smiled and Cristiano laughed. "So thoughtful of you Nuno" Cristiano smirked.

"Shame to take all of it down. You did a really nice job Mols" Sergio said. "Well I'm not sure if we can look at a Christmas tree in the living room by the time June comes. Plus the electricity bill would be huge if we left the lights on all the time" Molly said. "Ronnie can afford" Sergio said. "Doesn't mean it has to be spent though" Molly said.

"Mols" Cristiano said. "If you even think about asking me to help you chose a birthday present for Irina I won't be sticking that star on top of the tree back into it's box I'll be sticking it somewhere else" Molly warned.

"I was just going to tell you that I got you a muffin" he said holding up a white paper bag. "Oh well thanks" she said sheepishly. "Your welcome" he replied. "I'll eat it later. Talk to you to later Sergio" Molly said placing a kiss on his cheek. "We should do lunch during the week" he said.

"I might find some time to cook you lunch here" she said moving to walk out of the room."Just no syrup. It's like I don't know you. You've weird food likes" he told her and she laughed. "Ahm" she said turning around and Cristiano held out the bag as he stood with his back to her. "Might get peckish" she smiled as he laughed and she left the room.

"I know Molly " Cristiano smiled at his teammate.
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