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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 52-Why Are You Even With Her?

Cristiano groaned as he opened his eyes. He let out another groan when he saw the time. He rubbed his eyes and slowly sat up in the bed letting out a yawn. “Morning” Irina smiled placing a kiss on his cheek. “Mana” he mumbled sleepily. “How about we start the day off right” she smiled kissing his neck and shoulder.

“I have training” he said leaning away from her. “So. You’re the star of the team. They need you more than you need them. You can be late. Their crap without you anyway” she said. “No their not. I need to get dressed” he said flinging the blankets off him. “Urgh well you better find time for me tomorrow since it’s my birthday. Remember” she said. “Like I could forget” he mumbled. “And you’ve done nothing but let me down so you better not tomorrow” she said as he placed his feet on the floor. “I said I was sorry for leaving Dubai Irina but I had to be with my son” he said resting his elbows on his knees. “That doesn’t mean you have to be with her” she snapped.

“Molly is his mother. And we are friends” Cristiano said. “She just wants the baby. Oh and your money” Irina said. “If you actually tried to get to know her you’d know that’s not true. So maybe stop being such a bitch and you’ll see” he said standing. “What did you just call me? Did you just call me a bitch? Are you forgetting that I’m your girlfriend? Who you lied to for months. Who you embarrassed. All because of that slut and brat” she yelled.

“Don’t” he roared as she sat up in the bed. “Don’t ever call my son a brat again. The only brat around here is you” he yelled and headed to his ensuite shutting the door in time before one of the beside lamps crashed against the door. Cristiano stared at himself in the mirror.

His head hurt, he was tired and now he had just pissed off his girlfriend. “Great fucking start to the day” he muttered before throwing water on his face. He brushed his fingers over the stubble on his face and shrugged. He hadn’t the energy to shave he thought.

“Wow wow wow” Nuno said coming into the living room and towards the kitchen. “Do I even want to know?” Molly asked as she sat at the kitchen table trying to feed Junior who was sat in his highchair. “Oh you should have heard what I just heard coming from Cris’s room just now” Nuno said taking a seat at the table. “Nuno I’m trying to feed my son his breakfast and I don’t need to throw up my own” Molly said as Junior refused to eat from the spoon which Molly held in front of him.

“Oh trust me it’s not what you are thinking. And FYI the noises were way way way louder when you and Cris were baby making” Nuno winked and Molly’s looked at him open mouthed as he face brighten. Nuno laughed as Molly struggled to think of a come back. “What has you in such a good mood this morning Nuno?” Dolores asked as she entered the room. “Oh I was just-

“Nuno” Molly warned finally finding her voice and he held his hands up in surrender. “I was just telling Mols here that I’m pretty sure someone threw something in Cris’s room just before I came down” Nuno told the ladies. “He probably knocked something” Molly said as Dolores placed a kiss on her grandson’s head. “Oh no I heard shouting too and then it went quiet. Wait you don’t think he killed her do you?” Nuno asked.

“Wouldn’t be that lucky” Dolores mumbled. “Dolores” Molly said in shock. “You both were thinking it” the older woman said. “No I wasn’t” Molly said and Nuno looked at her. “Not exactly anyway” she said. “You so were” Nuno said. “Now I know where Katia gets it from” Molly said looking at Dolores who shrugged. “Ya but seriously what do you think?” Nuno asked. “If he did then I’m not cleaning up the mess” Molly said and looked up as Cristiano entered the room.

“Why don’t you ask him yourself” Molly said nodding towards Cristiano. “Mana” Nuno said to Cristiano as the footballer gave a wave and disappeared into the pantry. “Someone is in a great mood this morning” Molly muttered as she tried once more to feed Junior. “Mana Cris” Dolores said as her son took a seat on a stool. “Mana” he said before taking a long drink of his protein shake.

“Anything you’d like to get off your chest?” Nuno asked. “What the fuck are you talking about?” Cristiano asked. “Ronaldo” Molly and Dolores said. “Sorry” he muttered. “No curses would be better than sorrys” Dolores said. “I need to get to training” he said grabbing his car keys and stood from the stool. “What about your breakfast?” Dolores asked. “I’m fine” he said. “Guess he won’t be going to jail anytime soon Nuno” Molly said. “Huh” Nuno said as Irina brushed into the room.

“I thought you were in a hurry for training” the model sniped. “I’m going” he snapped. “Ah Ronaldo” Molly said. “What?” he asked and she looked at him sternly. “Yes Molly” he said. “Are you going to say hello to you son?” she asked and he looked at Junior. “Of course” he said and walked towards his little boy. “I thought you were in a rush” Irina said. “Not for my son” he snapped before placing a kiss on his son’s head. “Be good for mama” he whispered to his son and gave Molly a slight smile.

“See you later” he said before heading down the hallway. “Is he ok?” Nuno asked Irina. “Of course he is. He has his precious training. He’s just being a brat” the model said storming out of the room. “He’s being the brat. Coming from her. Is she for her?” Nuno asked. “Can you try feeding him please? I’ll be back in a sec” Molly said handing Nuno the spoon and quickly stood from the table and picked up Cristiano’s phone and rushed after the footballer.

“Ronaldo” Molly called out. “Ronaldo” she called out as she reached him by his car. “Hey” she said placing a hand on his elbow and he jumped in surprise. “I was calling you” she told him. “Were you? Sorry” he said. “You left this behind” she said handing him his phone. “Oh right thanks” he said taking the phone from her. “You ok?” she asked. “Ya” he replied as he moved to open the car door. Molly pushed the door close.

“You nearly forgot to say hello to your son. That’s not like you” she said. “Well sorry I’m such a shit father” he yelled. “Hey I never said that. What you just said couldn’t be further from the truth” she said as he paced in front of her. “You really think that?” he asked coming to a stop. “Yes of course I do. Now what the hell is wrong with you this morning?” she asked.

“I’m fine” he sighed. “Ya try again” she said standing with her arms crossed as she leaned against the car door. “I’m just tired. I’m sorry I should have snapped at you. My head hurts and I have to get to training. And Irina is….being Irina” he sighed putting his hands in his pockets as he came to stand beside her. “You should tell the team doctor about your head” she told him. “I just need a good nights sleep” he said.

“Whatever you say. I should head back in. I left Nuno trying to feed Junior. Apparenlty you’re not the only Cristiano who is in a grumpy mood this morning” she said pushing away from the car. “He’ll eat. He is your son after all” he said. “True. Anyway Nuno is just happy you not about to be going to prison” Molly said. “Prison?” Cristiano asked confused.

“He heard something crash in your room. He thought you were after committing murder. By the way I’m not doing the cleaning up if you do” she told him with a smile. “She threw a lamp at me” he said and Molly’s eyes went wide. “What? Are you ok?” she asked moving to check for any injuries. “She threw it at the door” he said. “Oh right” she said stepping back from him. “Not going to ask why?” he asked.

“None of my business” she replied. “I’ll clean up the broken pieces when I get home” he told her. “Well we both know she’s not going to” Molly said. “I think I’d die with the shock if she did” he said. “You and me both. Anyway I should go back in and you have to get to training. Have a fun day. I’ll see the guys later” she said. “Later?” he asked. “Clarice is having everyone over remember. Although I’m not sure I should go. Junior has his doctor’s appointment tomorrow” she said. “He’ll be fine Mols” he told her. “Ya yay a. Anyway go or I’ll get you into trouble for being later.

“Thanks” he said. “For what?” she asked. “The phone” he said. “Oh ya that. Well you wouldn’t want you girlfriend not being able to reach you now would you” she said. “Maybe you should take it back then” he mumbled and she frowned. “You sure she didn’t get you with the lamp?” she asked. “I’m sure” he replied. “Well at least something good came from the mess you have to clean up” she said. “And what’s that?” he asked. “You’ll have to get new beside lamps now. See now you are finally rid of those disgusting ones that you hated that she brought” she smiled.

“How did you know I hated them?” he asked. “Please I know you did so don’t even bother to deny it. Now you go. And don’t forget to talk to the doctor” she told him as she disappeared back into the house. He watched her go and rubbed his eyes before opening the car door.

“Ronnie” Marcelo smiled as Cristiano stepped into the dressing room. “Good to be back. Isn’t it?” the Brazilian asked. “Ya” Cristiano replied as the room got nosier with activity. “Did you lose you voice over Christmas Ronnie?” Fabio joked. “It was nice” Cristiano said with a yawn. “You’re very quiet Ronnie” Marcelo said. “You were quiet yesterday too” Sergio said. “I’m fine” Cristiano said. “You saw him yesterday?” Marcelo asked Sergio.

“Of course he did. He went to see Molly sure” Iker smirked coming to stand by Sergio. “I was passing” Sergio mumbled. “Sure you were” Iker nudged Sergio. “I’m fine” Cristiano said and everyone looked at him. “Ok. So Maderia was fun? Junior look happy in the pics Mols sent” Pepe said. “He did. We all did. It was nice” Cristiano said taking a seat as everyone busied off to get ready.

“You know I’m pretty sure you’re meant to be rested not tired after a break” Pepe said as Cristiano let out a yawn. “Sorry. I didn’t sleep much. Then had a shit morning” Cristiano said. “What happened?” Pepe asked. “Got into a fight with Irina. She just opened her mouth and I wasn’t in the mood” Cristiano said. “But everything else is good? Like Junior and Molly” Pepe asked.

“Ya. Their fine” he sighed. “What?” Pepe asked. “Sometimes I wish it was still Christmas” Cristiano said. “You made a good choice when you joined them all in Maderia. Junior wasn’t the only one who looked happy in the pics. You did look pretty happy in the paps pics too” Pepe said.

“Urgh bastards they were so annoying” Cristiano said. “Well their going nowhere anywhere soon. They want to see Junior and Molly” Pepe said. “They need to buzz off and leave my family alone” Cristiano said. “Not going to happen anytime soon. So how bad was the fight then?” Pepe asked. “I’m pretty sure I called her a bitch and I know she threw a lamp. But I don’t give a shit. Urgh I just want a simple life” Cristiano said.

“Ok I’m asking this as a friend so don’t get touchy, but do you know why you are even with Irina?” Pepe asked and Cristiano leaned against the wall and looked at Pepe. “I’m beginning to wonder why” Cristiano mumbled before Iker yelled for everyone to get outside.

Cristiano was great by Marcosa when he entered his house after training. “Hey buddy” he said patting the dog as he headed towards the living room. “Ah there you are” Ana said once she saw him. “Hello Ana” Cristiano surprised at how happy Ana was to see him. “Can you please do me a favour and do your reassuring thing and work your magic on Molly to get her to come with us to Clarice’s” Ana asked him.

“Ana will you leave him alone. I’ve told you I’m not going” Molly said. “It’s a team gathering. And everyone wants to see you. Tell her Cris” Ana told him. “You should go Mols. He’s fine. We both know he is” he said. “Oh fine but only cos she won’t shut up nagging me if I don’t” Molly said nodding at Ana. “Good. Finally that’s decided. Jezz I’ve being trying to convince her for ages and then you come in and she agrees” Ana said to Cristiano. “You wore her down” Cristiano shrugged.

“What are you doing back so late? Pepe was back ages ago” Ana said. “I stayed back for free kick practice” he said. “You should be taking it easy” Molly told him. “Where is everyone?” Cristiano asked changing the subject. “Dolores is gone to a pottery class. I know pottery like what the hell but it’s a new year so new activates” Molly said. “Nuno’s already at Marcelo’s” Ana said. “And Irina is having a nap” Molly told him. “Apparently she wants to look relaxed and refreshed for tomorrow. It’s her birthday apparently” Ana said rolling her eyes. “Like she’d let us forget” Cristiano said.

“Right let’s get going” Ana said. “But I’m not staying for long Ana. Junior has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow” Molly said. “Let’s go” Cristiano said. “You sure you want to come?” Molly asked him. “Let’s go” he said taking Junior from her. “You not going to get Irina?” Molly asked. “Let her sleep” he said walking out ahead of Molly. “No one wants her there anyway” Ana muttered and Molly tapped her friend on the shoulder.

“I thought you’d be a little bit more cheery after returning to training” Molly said as she took at seat next to Cristiano on the bench on the patio of Marcelo’s house. The afternoon had been lovely and Molly had enjoyed catching up with everyone. Cristiano had chatted a little with people but spent most of the time sitting by himself. “Huh” he said looking up from his glass.

“OK grumpy. Talk” she said settling Junior onto her lap. “I’m fine Mols” he said. “Yet I don’t believe you” she replied. “That’s up to you not me” he shrugged. “What is Nuno up to?” she asked. “What do you mean?” he asked. “Well I was only here for a while when he came up and said oh Mols you’re not at the house. Like hello I was standing in front of him. It was kind of obvious I wasn’t back at your house” Molly said. “He’s an odd guy” Cristiano shrugged.

“How’s your head?” she asked. “Fine” he lied. “Cristiano” Molly said. “Hey Mols” Sergio said coming towards him with Fabio. “Hey guys. We were just heading back” Molly said standing. “We were?” Cristiano said. “You were?” Sergio asked. “Ya we’ve got a busy day tomorrow and I want to settle Junior. He’s being a bit grumpy today” Molly said looking at Cristiano.

“But it’s still early” Sergio said. “I know but like I said he’s being a bit grumpy today. Let’s get him back Cristiano” Molly said. “Ya we should” Cristiano said standing. “Oh well I guess we’ll see you soon then for a proper catch up” Sergio said. “Ya of course. I want to hear all about your Christmas. And to find out if you kissed any girls under the mistletoe” Molly joked. “Let’s get back so Mols” Cristiano said.

“So now that we are out of there are you going to tell me what is wrong?” Molly asked as they walked back towards Cristiano’s house. “I’m fine Mols” he said. “Urgh. You know just once I wish you’d stop being so stubborn” Molly said and walked off in front of him. “Molly” he called out as he carried Junior. “Look I just have a lot on my mind” he said catching up with her.

“A problem shared is a problem halved. That’s what people say” she said. “Maybe” he shrugged. “Come on let’s get this one ready for his bath” she said.

“Where were you?” Irina came shouting when Cristiano came into her view. “You were asleep” he said. “So you went out with her” Irina sniped looking at Molly. “I’ll go get Junior ready for his bath” Molly said taking Junior from Cristiano. “I’ll follow you up” Cristiano told her. “Hello are you just going to ignore me?” Irina asked and he turned to look at her. “I was at a team thing at Marcelo’s house. You were asleep” he told her. “And you took her” Irina yelled. “Molly was invited” he said walking away. “Where are you going?” she yelled after him. “To bathe my son” he yelled not bothering to turn around.

“What’s going on?” Cristiano asked as he met Molly and Nuno half way up the stairs. “This annoying man won’t leave me through” Molly said. “I was waiting for you Cris” Nuno said. “Why?” Molly asked. “It’s ready then?” Cristiano asked. “Ya I didn’t want her to well you know” Nuno said. “Know what? What is ready?” Molly asked confused. “Nuno can you take Junior please?” Cristiano asked taking Junior from Molly and handing him to his cousin. “Will someone tell me what is going on please?” Molly asked. “Come with me” Cristiano said taking her by the hand and started to climb the stairs. “Cristiano” Molly said worried.

“There’s no rush ok. But when the time is right. I thought the room….I thought a change was needed” he said once the reached Junior’s nursey. “Cristiano” Molly said as he opened the door. “Molly” he said and she stepped into the room. “Cristiano” she said her mouth open wide.

“There’s no rush Mols I just thought……I just thought get rid of the bad memories. Like I know different furniture won’t change what happened but…Molly can you say something please” he said as he watched her take in the room. “I can change it back to the old one Mols” he quickly said. “I love it” she said. “You do?” he asked. “Yes” she smiled and for the first time that day Cristiano smiled completely at ease.
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