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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 53-Maybe It's The Company

"Babe, babe" Irina said loudly as she shook Cristiano. "What?" he groaned not wanting to open his eyes. "Wake up" she said shaking him. He turned to face her and slowly opened his eyes. "What?" he asked. "It's my birthday" she smiled. "Happy birthday" he mumbled closing his eyes again. "Cristiano" she yelled and his eyes flew open. "What?" he asked. "Can you say something other than what?" she asked.

"What do you want me to say?" he asked slowly sitting up in the bed. He looked at the clock on his bedside table and groaned knowing he had to get up soon. "You could wish me happy birthday like you mean it" she pouted and he sighed. "I'm just not awake yet babe. I'm sorry. Happy birthday" he smiled leaning over to kiss her cheek. "Oh I can't wait for today and to enjoy it with you and my friends" she said. "I'm sure you'll enjoy our dinner tonight" he said. "You could meet Ali and Becca and I for lunch" she said.

"Junior has his doctor's appointment" he told her. "So. Molly is going. You don't have to be there" she said crossing her arms. "I want to be there. Look your agent and Becca are coming to Madrid to talk work and celebrate your birthday with you. I don't want to get in the way. Plus we will have tonight" he told her. "At the restaurant I wanted?" she asked. "At the restaurant you wanted. At the time you wanted. At the table you wanted and with the menu you wanted" he told her. "Perfect" she smiled. "Is should get up" he said. "What about my present?" she asked as he rubbed his head. "You did get me a present?" she asked. "Of course I did" he said standing. He walked over to one of his drawers and pulled out a black box and envelope. "Happy birthday" he said holding it out to her.

She snapped the box from his hands and opened it and squealed in delight. "Yes you got them" she beamed wrapping her arms around his neck. "You said enough times that you wanted them" he shrugged as she the earrings to her ears. "Open the envelope" he told her and she proceeded to open it. "What is it?" she asked confused as she held plane tickets in her hand.

"Your mother mentioned how she would like to visit Australia some day so I thought you and her could take a mother daughter trip" he told her. "A 24 hour flight with my mother are you trying to kill me? Babe she didn't mean that. It's just something she always says but never means" Irina said. "Well I just thought it would something nice for you and her to do" he sighed. "Maybe I can exchange the tickets" she said. "Ya maybe. I should go get dressed" he said and left her in the bedroom.

"Mana Cris" Nuno smiled as his cousin walked into the kitchen. "Hi" Cristiano said through a yawn. "Good night sleep?" Nuno asked. "Fine. Hola Junior" Cristiano said as he walked over to place a kiss on his son's head as he sat on Dolores's lap. "Morning Cris" Dolores smiled up at her son. "Mana Maé" Cristiano smiled taking a seat beside her.

"You look tired" she told him. "Jezz thanks. Good to know you think I look rough" he said. "Cristiano" she said. "Good morning" Irina said as she came into the room. "Good morning Irina. Coffee?" Nuno asked. "Oh yes please. And I think I'll treat myself to something nice for breakfast too" she said. "You might as well since it's your birthday" Cristiano told her. "Why don't I make you an omelet then Irina? Oh and happy birthday" Nuno said. "No mushrooms and just a little ham Nuno" she said. "Ahm sure" Nuno said.

"Where's Molly?" Cristiano asked as he took a drink of his protein shake. "Upstairs" Dolores said. "She's usually down by now" he said. "Jezz she doesn't have to be boring all the time and do the same thing ever day" Irina said as she took a seat across the table. "I think she has stuff on her mind" Dolores said ignoring Irina. Cristiano searched his pockets and groaned. "I left my phone in my room. I better get it" he said standing.

"Here you go Irina" Nuno said placing a plate in front of her. "Did you use organic eggs?" she asked. "Yes" he lied knowing she wasn't going to notice the difference as Cristiano left the room.
He headed towards Molly's room but stopped at the door to Junior's nursery. He leaned against the open doorway as he watched Molly stand by the cot. He knocked gently on the door but she didn't react.

"You know he doesn't have to move back in here anytime soon" Cristiano said from the door and Molly's head flipped up from the cot to the door. "I did knock" he said. “Did you?" she asked as she wiped her eyes with the sleeve of her sweatshirt. "Yes I did but you were on a different planet to hear. Are you ok?" he asked stepping further into the room. "I'm fine" she said.

"Well the tears tell me otherwise. Mols I didn't mean to bring everything up again by redecorating the room I just thought I don't know what I thought" he shrugged. "The room is lovely Cristiano really I love it. the cream walls are lovely and the tiger and giraffe paintings are gorgeous" she said. "You're not just saying that?" he asked standing beside her at the cot. "I mean it. I know it's not a complete gutting of the room but that would be a total waste-

"Of money" he finished and smiled at her. "That's what I figured you would think. Plus you did such a lovely job choosing the nursery on the first place that it felt a shame to change it" he said. "Elma was the one who did the nursery" she told him. With input from you. Look it's not much but the different cot and a few changes in the furniture and walls might make these room less frightening for both of us" Molly he said.

"It's perfect Cristiano really it is" she said. "Then what has your brain working over board?" he asked and she sighed. "Junior's appointment" she said. He wrapped an armed around her shoulder and pulled her close to him. "It will be fine Mols" he said. "You don't that" she told him. "We've got to believe it or the worry will drive us crazy" he told her.

"You are coming today aren't you?" she asked. "Yes I am" he said. "But you really are going to be there cos Cristiano if something is going to delay you or whatever then I need to know so I can ask Dolores to come with me or someone cos I really don't think I can go through it by myself" she said. "You won't have to go through it by yourself Molly I'll be with you. I promise I'll be there" he said.

"You mean that?" she asked. "I promise" he said and placed a kiss on the side of her head. "It will be alright. Won't it?" she asked. "He's being looking really well since he came home from the hospital Mols. You've taken such good care of him" he told her. "You have being so bad in taken care of him either" she told him. "Think it was some mama tlc that was most helpful" he said resting his head against hers.

"I should probably go get Juniors breakfast" she said pulling away from him. "Maé is looking after him. Relax" he told her and she crossed her arms. "Do you think it will ever get easier?" she asked. "What easier?" he asked. "Being in this room. Trying to forget about that night. This" she said pointing her fingers back and forth between them. "Us co-parenting. Not worrying about Junior. Everything" she said.

"Mols I don't know if we will ever truly set aside those bad memories from that night but talk to me. Talk to one of us ok" he told her and she nodded. "I'm just tired. I didn't sleep that well last night" she told him. "Well I'm sure you'll sleep really well when Junior is given the all clear" he said. "Ya hopefully. I should go. And you should head to training" she told him.

"Ya I'm going" he said and began to follow her out of the room when he suddenly felt dizzy and gripped the side of the cot. "Cristiano" Molly said quickly rushing to stand beside him. "Are you ok?" she asked.

"I'm fine I just turned too quickly" he told her. "Ronaldo" she said. "I'm fine Mols you go get some breakfast. Nino was making omelettes" he said. "Ronaldo" she said. "Really I'm fine" he said. "I don't want or need a fight today of all days so I'm going to leave it but you're not use to anyone if you’re not feeling well so talk to the doctor or it won't be me telling you it will be your mother" she warned him.

"Jezz threatening me with my mother Mols" he groaned. "I'll follow through with it too" she said. "I just need a good night's sleep" he said. "Less on your mind after today hopefully" she said. "Nothing to worry about today" he told her. "I'll see you at 2.30" she said. "I promise" he said. "Ok" she said nodding before leaving him alone in the room. He shook his head and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Just need sleep" he told himself.

"Are you ok?" Pepe asked Cristiano as he followed his friend out to the carpark. "Why does everyone keep asking me that?" Cristiano groaned. "Well you played shit in training for starters. Where's the fire?" Pepe asked as Cristiano walked quickly towards his car. "I need to get to Juniors appointment" Cristiano said coming to a stop beside his car.

The keys shook in his hand and a sudden pain rushed through his head and the keys fell to the floor. Pepe moved his hands out and stopped Cristiano from following suit. "Cris" Pepe said straightening the footballer up and turned his back so he was leaning against his car. "Cris are you ok? Talk to me" Pepe yelled. "Stop yelling" Cristiano said rubbing his eyes. "What the fuck just happened?" Pepe asked. "I'm fine. I just didn't eat much this morning. I need to go" he said.

"You need to eat and see the doctor. Why the he'll have you suddenly started skipping meals" Pepe asked. "I'm just tired. Junior's appointment, Molly , Irons..." he sighed. "Ok ok ya I get it. But mate you need rest" Pepe said. "I need to get to Junior's appointment" Cristiano said bending down to pick up the keys. "There's no way I'm letting you drive" Pepe said snapping the keys from his teammate hands. "I need to be there. Molly....She needs...I promised" Cristiano stammered.

"I'll drive you. Come on we'll take my car. I doubt you're tired enough to let me drive yours" Pepe joked. "Ok" Cristiano said and followed Pepe towards his car. He pulled out his phone as he walked. "Who are you texting?" Pepe asked. "Molly. I need to tell her I'm going to be a little late. I promised her I'll be there" Cristiano said. "And you will be "Pepe said opening his passenger's car door.

"On way. I will be there I promise" Molly read the text and sighed. "You think he means that Junior?" she asked the little boy who was sitting on her lap. Rocco had driven them to the hospital like Cristiano had insisted and Molly was waiting for the doctor to come see Junior. She tapped her foot as she waited. Maybe she should gave asked Dolores to come with her she thought. He did promise but it was Irina’s birthday. Maybe he was out with her and suddenly remembered about Junior she thought.

"Hola Molly My name is Rosa" a young blonde nurse said as she entered the doctor's office. "Hola" Molly said with a nervous smile love. "Doctor Luiz will be in shortly. I'm just going to ask you a few questions if that's alright" Rosa said and Molly asked. Rosa was just finishing up with her last question when the door opened and Dr. Luiz stepped in.

"Hola. Now doesn't this little man look happy" he smiled as Junior smuggled up to Molly. "He is. He seems really good and healthy" Molly said. "I'm sure he is. Now why don't you let Rosa take him and I promise we'll make the test quick" Dr. Luiz said. "Tests" Molly said in a panic as the door opened and Cristiano came in.

"I'm here I'm here" he said breathless. "They want to do tests" Molly told him and he looked at Dr. Luiz. "Its just routine tests. It's nothing major and I'll be quick" Dr. Luiz said. "Can I go with him?" Molly asked. "It's best if you both stay here. We won't be long" Dr. Luiz said and she looked at Cristiano.

"They just want to confirm that he has fully recovered Molly. He'll be ok" he told her. Molly placed a kiss on Junior's head and handed him to Rosa. "We won't be long " Rosa said and left the room with Dr. Luiz. Molly turned her back to the door and wrapped her arms around herself. "Just this visit Molly and no more doctors" Cristiano told her.

She took a seat and stared at the floor. "I'm sorry I was late. Pepe took the wrong left" he said taking a seat beside her. "Why was Pepe driving?" she asked confused. "It doesn't matter. I did text. I think" he mumbled. "I got it" she replied. "He'll be back soon" he told her. "Distract me" she said. "Ahm ok how though" he asked. "I don't know" she shrugged.

"Tell me about your day. What’s the weather like outside? What did you get Irina for her birthday?" she asked. "You really want to know" he said. "I'm trying not to think about what our son is going through right now so I don't give a crap what you want to talk about just talk about something" she snapped. "Ok" he sighed. "I'm sorry I'm just...." She muttered.

"It's fine I understand. I got her earrings she wanted" he told her. "That's nice. I only saw her briefly. I wasn't really in the mood for chatting to people this morning" Molly said. "I also got her plane tickets for her and her mother to Australia. Her mother mentioned that she'd love to go some day" Cristiano said. "That was really sweet of you" Molly said.

"Ya well Irina reckons her mother just says she wants to go but never actually wants to go" he shrugged. "Well it was still very sweet of you" Molly said. They sat in silence for a while until Molly looked at him and sighed. "Are you going to explain why Pepe drove you here today?" she asked. "Couldn't find my keys" he lied.

"Ok" she said not quite believing him. "It won't be much longer Mols" he said. "I know" she said. They hadn't spent this much time alone together since New Year's Eve he thought. "He'll be back soon " he said placing his hand on her bouncing knee. Her leg stilled at his touch and he moved to lift his hand when her right hand grabbed his left hand and held it tightly. He looked at her and saw worry in her eyes and saw a scared young mother.

"As soon as the doctor confirms that Junior is fit and well we are going home and making plans" he said leaning back in the chair her hand still gripped in his. "What plans?" she asked "Well for starters getting his mama out of the house and maybe even to a football game or two" Cristiano said and she laughed. "Maybe when you play Barca again. Wouldn't mind seeing Pique up close" she said and he growled making her laugh. "At least you're laughing" he said rolling his eyes.

“I just want to get out of here” she said resting her head on his shoulder. “Me too” he yawned resting his head on top of hers. “You should close your eyes while we wait. Get some sleep” she told him. “I’m not tired” he said as he struggled to keep his eyes open. She ran her thumb back and forth over the top of his hand. “Five minutes. Just close them for five minutes” she whispered. “Five minutes” he mumbled as his eyes closed firmly.

Less than an hour later and the door to the office opened and Rosa stepped in. Molly who had being looking at her phone looked up towards the door and sat up straighter in the chair. “Hola” Rosa said. “Where’s Junior?” Molly asked. “I’ll take you to him now. Dr. Luiz is with him” Rosa smiled. “Is everything ok?” Molly asked worried. “Yes it is. If you would like to wake him up and then I’ll take you both to your son” Rosa nodded towards a sleeping Cristiano. “Oh ya” Molly said and gently tapped Cristiano on his arm.

“Cristiano” Molly said and he groaned. “And he apparently wasn’t even tired” Molly said to Rosa before rolling her eyes at the footballer who was leaning against her. “Ronaldo” Molly said a bit more sternly and he jumped awake. He rubbed his eyes and looked between both women. “Hi” Molly smiled at him. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Rosa is going to take us to our son when you are awake” Molly smirked at him. “I’m awake I’m awake” he said standing. “Well let’s go then” Rosa smiled as she left the room. “Not tired my ass” Molly mumbled as she followed Rosa. Cristiano’s eyes went in the direction of Molly’s ass before he shook his head and followed her out of the room.

“Hello baby” Molly smiled as she stepped into the room Dr. Luiz was in with Junior. “Here he is back safe and sound and ready to go home” Dr. Luiz said handing the little boy to Molly. “The tests were good?” Cristiano asked the doctor as he stood behind Molly. “Just how we wanted them. All clear. He’ll need a check up in a couple of months but he’s over the virus. All his organs and general health is very good” Dr. Luiz said.

“Oh thank you God” Molly smiled placing kisses on Junior’s cheek. “You have my number and know where I am if you have any worries or questions. Please don’t hesitate to contact me” Dr. Luiz said. “Thank you for everything” Cristiano said shaking the man’s hand. “Thank you” Molly smiled at him. “You’re more than welcome. Enjoy the rest of your day” he smiled and left the room with Rosa. “Wow” Molly said letting out a deep breathe. “I know. It’s over. It’s truly over. Junior is healthy and we get the hell out of this hospital” Cristiano said. “Hell yes. There’s a piece of apple pie with my name on it back at yours” Molly smiled.

“Well we better get back before someone takes it then” he smiled at her. “Please Nuno wouldn’t dream to give it to anyone else” she said. “True. Come one let’s get this little man home” Cristiano said holding Junior’s finger. “I suppose you need a left” she said. “Well since I told Pepe he didn’t have to wait that would be nice” he said. “Well I guess we are going the same direction” she smirked walking towards the door. “Like you’d leave me here” he said. “You never know” she smirked over her shoulder as she left the room. “Hold up you wouldn’t. Would you?” he asked quickly following her.

After somehow managing to avoid any paparazzi and a quick drive, Cristiano opened the front door to his house and let Molly through the door with his son in her arms. “Home sweet home” he smiled shutting the door behind him. “I never want to see a hospital again” Molly said as they headed towards the living room. “You and me both” he said as Marcosa came running to greet them.

“Where the hell have you being?” Irina asked the second Cristiano came into her view. He sighed. “At the hospital” he told her. “I’m going to put Junior down for his nap” Molly said not wanting to be in the middle of any argument which was about to occur. “That took you all afternoon?” Irina asked as Cristiano went in search of a drink. “Yes it did” he told her. “It’s my birthday” she pouted. “And we’ll celebrate at dinner” he said. “I will not be ignored on my birthday. And especially for you lapse in judgement” Irina snapped. “My what?” Cristiano asked confused. “Molly” she snapped before storming off.

Molly was standing from the couch later that evening when she heard the front door slam and Irina came storming into the living room. “Is everything alright?” Molly asked. “Oh absolutely perfect” the model snapped as Cristiano entered the room and Molly moved towards the kitchen. “You were well enough to spend the afternoon at the hospital with her but can’t manage to be well enough to last long enough for desert” Irina yelled at him. “I’m sorry Irina but I couldn’t sit in the restaurant any longer” Cristiano said moving towards the couch. “You didn’t even taste the food” Irina said. “I couldn’t” he said taking a seat. “I’m going to bed” she snapped and he rested the back of his head on the couch and sighed.

“You should eat something” Molly said and he sat up to see he place a plate of toast and a glass of water on the coffee table. “I’m not hungry” he told her. “Tough eat it. For a guy who keeps saying he’s fine you look anything but Ronaldo” she told him. “I just need a good night’s sleep” he told her slowly picking up a slice of toast. “Well that will fix the tiredness but what about the lack of an appetite? Irina said you didn’t eat anything” she said to him.

“Maybe the company put me off my food” he sighed and her eyes widened at his words. She had never heard him say anything like that about Irina the entire time he had known her. “Ahmm ok. Get some rest. I’m heading up to bed myself. It’s been a long day” she told him. “Noite Mols” he said. “Noite” she replied and picked up her book and turned to leave the room. “Molly” he called out and she turned to face him. “Thanks” he said holding the plate in the air. “Anytime” she smiled at him.
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