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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 54-Are You Or Aren't You?

Molly let out a yawn as she carried Junior down the stairs. The little boy had being awake for at least thirty minutes and was full of joy since the moment he had awoken and Molly and placed him beside her in the bed. But then he became restless and it had become clear to Molly that her son wanted his breakfast, alas forgoing Molly the chance to stay in bed a while longer.

“What should we do today Junior? Swimming?” Molly asked the baby who obviously didn’t understand her and was too busy playing with his kermet the frog teddy bear. Marcosa came running towards Molly as she neared the living room. “Hello boy, what are you doing down here so early?” she asked bending down to rub his head. Marcosa normally stayed in her room or Cristiano’s room. Usually when Irina wasn’t in Madrid of course. When the dog hadn’t followed Molly last night, she had assumed that he had stayed in his owner’s room.

However, as Molly reached the living room she learnt the reason the dog hadn’t slept upstairs with his owner. Since his owner was currently flat out asleep on the couch in the living room. Molly sighed and walked over to place Junior his walker before she walked towards the couch. “Cristiano” she said lowering herself down to his level. “Cristiano wake up” she said gently nudging him. His eyes opened slowly and he looked directly at her. “Mana” she smiled. “Mana” he smiled and closed his eyes.

Molly was just about to call his name again when he suddenly sat up. “Ahm how?Why?” he asked looking around and realised that he was on the couch and not in his bed. “I would ask if you spent the entire night down here but I think the answer is clear to see” Molly said standing up straight. “Seriously Cristiano falling asleep on the couch doesn’t exactly prove that you are fine” she told him. “I’m-

“I swear if you say that you are fine I will strangle you” she warned. “Oh someone got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning” he joked as she headed towards the kitchen. “At least I got out of a bed” she replied. “I just closed my eyes for a second and the next thing you’re waking me up” he said standing from the couch. “Go shower and get ready for training and I’ll make you something to eat” she told him.

“Thanks Mols” he said as he bent down to say hello to Junior. Molly smiled as she watched the two of them together. “He’s very chipper this morning” Molly told him. “Couldn’t blame him. After all no more hospitals or medicine for him” he said. “Thank God” she sighed and he looked up at her. “Molly it’s over. Let’s just focus on moving forward” he told her. “We can try anyway. Right you mister go shower and get ready and I’ll have breakfast ready for you” she told him. “I’m going” he told her rubbing his son’s cheek before leaving the room.

“Oh so you remember where your bedroom is” Irina snapped the minute he opened his bedroom door. “I fell asleep” he told her. “Where? In Molly’s room?” she asked as she threw a pair of jeans into her suitcase. “What no. Jezz Irina I’ve told you enough times that Molly and I are friends. God. I fell asleep on the couch” he said. “Where are you going?” she asked as he headed towards the bathroom. “I taking a shower, then eating my breakfast and going to training. Would you like a full detailed list of what I do?” he asked. “Oh bite me” she snapped and he slammed the door shut.

“What are you looking for?” Cristiano asked Irina ten minutes later as he watched her search one of the bedside tables. “A key chain for my mother. I bought it the other day. I need to find it” she said. “A key chain?” he asked. “It cost me €5,000 and I want to give it to her tonight when I see her in London. Remember I leave for a few days” she told him. “I’ll help you look” he sighed. “You wouldn’t see it if it was right in front of you” she snapped. “I was only offering to help” he said. “Maybe Molly can find it” Irina said moving towards the door. “Molly” Cristiano said amazed that Irina had even suggested Molly help her but Irina was already out of the room.

Cristiano quickly through on some clothes and ran after Irina. “When is you flight?” he heard Nuno ask as he entered the living room. “At lunch time and I need to find the key chain” Irina wined. “I’m sure it will show up” Molly said as she placed a plate in front of Nuno at the table. “If you could help me. You have a nack for spotting things please” Irina asked and Molly who had being taking a sip from her glass of juice began to cough and everyone gaped at Irina at her use of the word please.

“So can you help me?” Irina asked. “Irina she’s busy” Cristiano said. “Ronaldo sit down and eat” Molly told him. “Mols” he said. “Eat now and don’t leave until everything is eaten” she told him. “Molly I’m a-

“Ronaldo” Molly warned and he pouted as he moved to pull out a chair at the table. “I need to finish packing” Irina chimed in. “I’ll come help Irina” Molly said as she placed a plate in front of Cristiano at the table. “Finish it all. Dolores will be down in a minute so keep an eye on Junior until then” she told him. “Dude if you don’t want it I’ll eat it cos it’s so good” Nuno said moving his fork towards his cousin’s plate before Molly slapped his hand away.

“Nuno make sure he doesn’t leave this house until the plate is finished by him or I’ll kick your ass back to Portugal” she smiled at him and Cristiano laughed. “You’d miss my cooking too much to do that Mols” Nuno smirked at her. “Katia and the kids are coming tomorrow. I’ll be too busy to miss you sweetie” she smiled tapping his cheek. “Katia is coming tomorrow?” Cristiano asked surprised. “Yes she is. You were the one who told me yesterday” Molly told him. “Did I?” he asked confused. “Yes” she saw.

“So there’ll be a full house tomorrow?” Irina asked. “A full crazy house” Molly smiled. “Right let’s see if we can find that key chain then” Molly said. “So where do you think you last saw it?” Molly asked as she walked up the stairs beside Irina. “Well I thought it was in my bag but it’s not” Irina said. “I’m sure it’s somewhere” Molly said and they climbed the rest of the stairs in silence. “I’ll recheck my suitcase if you try the closest maybe” Irina suggested. “Ya sure” Molly said. “Thanks for helping. Cris would just overlook it if he helped” she said. “He’s not feeling well so it’s expected” Molly said. “Anything?” Irina asked. “Nope sorry. Are you sure it’s not in your handbag? It takes me ages to even find my phone in my one sometimes” Molly said.

“I threw all the contents onto the bed and no sign of it” Irina said. “It looks like you might have to go without it Irina” Molly said. “My makeup bag is in the bathroom maybe I left it in that” Irina said. “I’ll check while you repack those” Molly said nodding to the shoes on the floor beside Irina’s suitcase. Irina smiled as she watched Molly walk into the bathroom. She pulled the key chain from the back pocket of her jeans and smiled.

“Irina” Cristiano called out and she quickly put the chain back into her pocket. “Hey babe” she smiled when he walked into the room. “Hey I’m about to head to training” he told her. “Aww I’ll miss you” she said walking over to him and kissing him. “I’ll be back in a few days before I head back to New York” she told him. “That’s good. Don’t work too hard” he told her looking around the room. “Where’s Mols?” he asked. “Oh she’s getting my make-up bag” the model told him. “I just want to talk to her before I go. You know about Junior” he told her. “Well she’s in the bathroom. I better finish my packing” Irina smiled moving back to her case. “Any luck finding the chain?” he asked. “Not yet. Hopefully Molly found it in the bathroom” she said. “Ya hopefully” he smiled as he head towards the bathroom.

“Mols” he called out and froze at the door of his bathroom as his eyes went from Molly who was standing in front of the mirror to what was in her hand. Molly at the sound of his voice quickly jumped and dropped the make-up bag onto the floor sending its contents all over the floor. “Crap” she muttered and bent down to tied everything up. “Mols” he said helping her as she reached out for the white stick on the floor. “I found the chain” Irina squealed from the bedroom and Molly quickly stood and shoved the bag into Cristiano’s arms.

“That’s great” Molly half smiled. “I’ll leave you too it” Molly said and quickly left the room. “Everything ok?” Irina asked as Cristiano came to stand in front of her. “What is this?” he asked holding the pregnancy stick towards her. “Babe that’s kind of obvious” the model laughed. “Irina why do you have a pregnancy test?” he asked. “Again babe it’s kind of obvious” she said. “Irina just stop for one moment and answer me” he yelled. “Babe you haven’t asked a question” she smiled. “Find answer this one then. Are you pregnant?” he asked. “Well……….

Molly quickly made her way down the stairs. She took a deep breathe at the bottom of the stairs. She looked at her hand as it shook. She pictured what had just being in her hand and bit her lip. She heard Junior squeal from the kitchen and took another deep breathe. “Well did she find the stupid chain?” Nuno asked as Molly walked into the room.

“Is Nuno telling the truth when he says she said please?” Dolores asked as she held Junior in her lap. Molly paused at looked at her son. “Molly” Nuno said. “Huh” Molly said. “Are you ok Mols?” Nuno asked. “I’m fine. Sorry did you ask me something?” Molly asked walking towards the table. “Did Irina find her chain?” Nuno asked. “Ya she did” Molly replied. “Junior is all fed Molly” Dolores said. “Thank you Dolores” Molly said. “And Cristiano cleaned his plate all by himself so you don’t have to kick my ass back to Portugal” Nuno said. “That’s good” Molly said.

“Molly are you sure you are ok?” Dolores asked. Molly looked at the baby in the older woman’s arms and nodded as she blinked away a tear. “I just need to use the bathroom” she told them and walked quickly towards the downstairs toilet. She shut the door and rested her back against it. She looked at her hand and a tear slid down her cheek as she thought about the white stick that had been in her hand moments ago. She thought about what it was. What it could mean. She suddenly rushed towards the toilet and emptied her stomach as the consequences of that white stick lingered in her brain.

“Molly are you even listening to me?” Jorge asked and Molly looked back at the screen of her laptop. “Sorry?” she asked. “Molly have you heard a word that I have said at all?” the football agent asked. “I was looking at Junior” Molly said smiling down at her son in his walker. It was gone lunch time and the baby had awoken from his nap only a few minutes ago. Irina had left Madrid. Cristiano was still at training and Molly had being absolutely useless all day. “Molly” Jorge said.

“I’m sorry Jorge” she said sitting up straight in the chair. “Is everything ok? Junior got the all clear yesterday didn’t he? What has you so distracted?” he asked and he mind went back to this morning in Cristiano’s bathroom. “I’m fine Jorge” Molly told him. “Not quite believing you Mols. Everything is ok with Cristiano?” he asked. “Apart from the fact that he’s sick and won’t admit it. He needs rest Jorge. I think you should pull back on all of his commitments for this week and next” she told him. “He told me that he was fine” Jorge said.

“That’s his favourite word lately. I’m just giving you my opinion Jorge” she told him. “Then I’ll postpone some things. But what else is the matter he’s just come back for a break. How does he need more rest?” Jorge asked. “Ask him” she told him. “Everything went well during your break Molly right? You and him didn’t fight cos if he did anything to upset you” Jorge said. “Jorge Christmas was lovely ok. Nothing happened. I’m just tired. I hadn’t gone much sleep lately that’s all” Molly told him.

“Molly. Molly” Nuno screamed from somewhere in the house. “Jorge I’ve got to go” Molly told him. “Molly” Jorge said. “Nuno is calling me and it sounds important” she said as Nuno called her name once more. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow then” the agent said. “Ok” she said. “And Molly” he said. “Yes” she replied. “I’m just on the other end of the line if you need to talk Mols” Jorge said. “Thanks Jorge” Molly said before closing down the laptop. She picked Junior up and headed out of office.

“Molly” Nuno called out. “Nuno I’m here. What’s the matter?” Molly asked as he came running into the living room. “Maé” he stammered. “Nuno breathe. Take your time” she told him. “My mother….she’s in…in hospital” he stammered. “Oh Nuno” she said. “I need to get to Lisbon….Dolores is coming……I need…” he said. “Nuno you go get a bag and I’ll organise everything ok” she told him. “I need her to be ok” he said as she hugged him. “It will be ok Nuno” Molly told him.

“Are you just going to avoid me all day?” Pepe asked as he followed Cristiano out to the car park. “What?” Cristiano asked as they walked. “You haven’t spoken to me all day. Don’t tell me you are pissed with me cos I wouldn’t let you drive yesterday” Pepe said. “I’m not pissed at you Pepe. I just need to get home” Cristiano said. “Are you feeling ok today?” Pepe asked. “I’m not sure” Cristiano said. “Huh?” Pepe asked. “My morning didn’t exactly go how I had planned” Cristiano said. “What happened now?” Pepe asked.

“Molly made me eat my breakfast” Cristiano said and Pepe laughed. “Is that all?” Pepe asked. “I wish it was. Look mate I’ve got to head home. I’ll see you later” Cristiano said heading towards his car.

Cristiano opened the door to his home and noticed the bags on the ground. He frowned in confusion as Molly came out of the office when a phone in one hand and Junior in the other. “Molly” he said as she shushed him and walked down the hallway. “Molly what is going on?” he asked following her. “Nuno” Cristiano said when he found Nuno pacing the floor.

“Maé is in hospital” Nuno told him. “Oh God man what happened?” Cristiano asked. “I don’t know. They said she collapsed. Katia is with her” Nuno said as Molly finished up her phone call. “Ok so Zé will meet you both at the airport and take you to the hospital” Molly told him as she adjusted Junior on her hip. “Both?” Cristiano asked. “Dolores is going with him” Molly told Cristiano. “I’ll go hurry her up” Nuno said. “Nuno she’s in shock go easy” Molly reminded him and he nodded before rushing out of the room.

“Is his mother going to be ok?” Cristiano asked Molly. “I only know what Nuno just told you” she said. “What time is there flight? Maybe I should organise a private plane” he said feeling useless. “I figured you would say that” she said and he smiled. “You’ve already organised it haven’t you” he said. “Maybe” she said. “God what would I do without you” he smiled as Dolores came into the room.

“Maé” he said moving to hug her. “Everything will be ok” he told her. “Katia is staying in Lisbon” she told him. “That’s good. You let her mind you and Nuno ok” he told her. “We need to get going” Nuno said anxiously. “I’ll drive you to the airport” Cristiano said. “A car just pulled in to take us. We need to go” Nuno said. “Travel safe and call us ok. Nuno your mother is in the best place for her” Molly said hugging her friend. “I’ll help you with your bags” Cristiano said as he left Molly hugging his mother.

“Their gone” Cristiano told Molly when he came back into the kitchen. “I hope everything will be ok” Molly said. “I’m sure it will” he told her. “I have a few things to do for Jorge. Why don’t you spend time with Junior” she told him and quickly handed her son to his father. “Thank you for sorting out everything for Nuno and my mother Mols” he told her.

“It’s no big deal” she shrugged. “Yes it is. Thank you” he said. “Just trying to help. Right work to do” she said heading towards the office. “Mols” he called out and she slowly turned around to face him. “About this morning” he said. “Cristiano it’s really none of my business” Molly told him. “Mols” he said. “Ronaldo it’s none of my business” she told him and turned around.

“She’s not pregnant” he said and she froze on the spot.

“We aren't....Her and I...we're not thinking or trying or...." he stammered.

"Molly says something" he begged. "What should I say?It's your relationship. It's none of my business" she said. "Well you know now anyway" he shrugged. "I should go do stuff" she said. "So Katie isn't coming then tomorrow" he said. "No she thought it was best to stay with your aunt and now mother" Molly said looking over her shoulder at him.

"So it's just you and me for the next few days at least" he said. "And Junior" she said. "And him" he smiled. "There's some lunch in the fridge for you please eat it" she told him. "Just mama papa and Junior" Cristiano whispered to his son as he watched Molly leave the room.
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