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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 55-Who You Going To Call?

Molly stretched out in the bed as she opened her eyes slowly. She let out a yawn as she turned in the bed and could see Junior fast asleep in his cot by her bed. She stretched her arms over her head and let out another yawn. Though she had no more worry about Junior on her mind apart for the normal mother’s worry, Molly had still struggled to sleep during the night. She kept thinking back to what Cristiano had told her in the living room.

She kept thinking back to the feeling of relief that ran through her body when he said that Irina wasn’t pregnant. She hadn’t known what to say. It was none of her business. It was Cristiano’s relationship. Although she could think of plenty of things others would say if the model was pregnant. She looked at the clock and frowned in surprise at the time. Even though she had a broken night’s sleep waking up every few hours Molly had managed to stay in bed a little later than usual. Well less than half an hour later but it was still later she thought as she sat up in the bed.

“I’m not the only who’s not up early” she smiled getting out of the bed and peeking into Junior’s cot. “You sleep a little longer my sweet boy. Mama is going for a shower and then we’ll get breakfast” Molly whispered as she moved around the cot. She was almost at the bathroom door when she heard wining coming from the hallway. She frowned in confusion and slowly opened the door. She jumped back when Marcosa pushed passed her and ran up to her bed.

“Hello buddy. What are you doing here?” she asked out loud knowing that Cristiano would have surely left the dog out in the garden when he had left for training. Deciding that it was strange having Marcosa still in the house at this time, Molly headed towards Cristiano’s bedroom. The door was slightly open and she knocked quietly on the door. When she got no answer she figured he wasn’t in there and had left for training so she started to walk back to her bedroom but she paused at the door to Junior’s nursery.

“He would have come to see Junior” she mumbled to herself. She knew she would have heard him come into her bedroom. Surely she would have she thought as she turned back around and moved back towards Cristiano’s bedroom door. “Cristiano” she called out as she knocked once more and pushed the door open. The curtains were closed and the only light in the room was coming from a tiny gap in the curtains.

“Cristiano” she called out as she moved towards his bed. “Cristiano” she called out again when she noticed him sleeping in the bed. She quickly moved to open the curtains and groaned as the sun filled the room. “Ronaldo” she yelled spinning around to move to the bed. “Wake up” she yelled shaking him. He didn’t stir and she groaned when she saw the time on his clock. He would barely make it to training if he doesn’t get up right now she thought. “Ronaldo you’re going to be late” she said shaking him.

“Oh you great big muppet wake the fuck up” she yelled and picked up the half full glass of water which was on his bedside table and threw it over his head. Cristiano started to cough and curse as he sat up in the bed. “What the fuck?” he asked wiping water from his eyes. “You have training. Which you are fucking going to be late for if you don’t get your ass out of bed” Molly yelled and he looked at her sleepily. “Molly” he mumbled and she rolled her eyes.

“Ronaldo” she said picking up the clock and shoving it in his face. “Shit” he yelled and scrambled out of the bed. “How the hell didn’t you hear your alarm?” she asked as she watched him rush around his bedroom. “I….I don’t know” he mumbled as he leaned against the dressing table. “Cristiano are you ok?” she rushed around the bed. “Fuck I’m going to be late” he said holding his hand out to stop her from coming any closer. “Cristiano you don’t look ok” she said as he picked up a pair of jeans from the floor.

“Molly will leave me the fuck alone” he yelled pulling on his jeans. “Hey who was the one who woke you up” she yelled. “Well you did so but out” he yelled opening and closing some of the drawers before choosing a shirt and quickly throwing it over his head. “Ronaldo” she called out as he rushed out of the room and she quickly followed him. “Will you slow down” she said as she followed him down the stairs. “I need to get to training” he said.

“You haven’t eaten anything. You’ve just woken up. And you were out cold when I tried to wake you” she called out as he busiest himself around the kitchen. “Protein drink” he said holding the bottle up before emptying the contents in one go. “Ronaldo” she said. “Oh go watch TV or whatever you do all day and leave me alone” he snapped picking up his keys.

“Ronaldo” she yelled after him but instead of a reply was met with the sound of the front door slamming shut. “Urgh” she screamed before the sounds of Junior’s cries distracted her. She shook her head as she grabbed the empty bottle Cristiano had left on the countertop and quickly put into the recycling. “I’m coming Junior” she called out as she headed back upstairs to her son. “I hope he’s in a better mood then his papa” she grumbled to herself.

“Are you laughing at me?” Molly grinned down at her son as she stood on her right leg as she stretched her left leg up in the air. After having breakfast and sorting out laundry and some stuff for Jorge, Molly went to the gym. She had decided to wait for Cristiano to come back from training to take Junior for a swim. She thought the footballer would like to be there. But after the way he was with her this morning, she was beginning to wonder why she even bothered trying to be kind to him.

“At least you weren’t grumpy like you papa this morning Junior. Because you’re a good boy” Molly smiled as she knelt on the mat in front of Junior. Ana and Anderia were both busy that morning but Molly was beginning to look forward to their gym session they often did. “Nice to be back to normal” she mumbled out loud as she bent her body back. She groaned when she heard her phone ringing. She was tempted to ignore it but she had being expecting a call from Dolores to update her about Nuno’s mother. She stood from the floor and moved to pick up her phone and frowned when she saw the name on the screen.

“So now he wants to talk to me” she said looking at Cristiano’s name on the screen. “I should just ignore it. Shouldn’t I Junior” she said looking at her son who was wiggling in his walker. The phone kept ringing and ringing.

“If he even thinks about being as ass to me” she muttered as she pressed the accept button. “Molly” she heard a voice say. “Yes who’s this? And why do you have Cristiano’s phone?” she asked. “I’m Raul. I’m one of the physios here at Madrid. We need you to come collect Ronaldo” he said. “Collect him? What? Why? What’s wrong?” she asked as a sick feeling started to build up in her stomach.

“We just need you to come get him. He won’t go with anyone else. He wants you” Raul said. “What is the matter with him?” she asked as she moved to pick Junior from his walker. “I’ll explain when you get here” he said. “I’m on my way” she said hanging up the phone. “Come on sweetie lets go see papa” she said to Junior as she carried him out of the gym. She grabbed her keys and Junior’s baby bag before slipping her feet into a pair of flip flops and headed towards the front door. Junior let out a shout as she strapped him in to his car seat. “I know sweetie but we need to go see if papa if ok and then it’s nap time” she said as she struggled to tie him into the seat.

She opened the driver side of the car and rested her hands on the stirring wheel. She took a deep breath to calm herself. Clearly something had happened at training. Like surely if he had an accident on the way to training she would have heard hours ago she thought. Junior let out a squeal and she turned to look at him. “Ok ok let’s go make sure papa is alright” she half smiled at him before turning her attention to the car. After what seemed like an hour to Molly but was really only about 20 minutes she finally pulled up at the club’s training ground and after a minute discussion about who she was with the security guards she pulled the car up outside the front door of reception. “Ok buddy let’s go find papa” she said as she climbed out of the car and proceeded to unstrap her son from his car seat.

“No park no park” a man started yelling at her. “I’m only going to be ten minutes” she told him as she settled Junior in her arms. “No park” he told her but she ignored him as she headed towards the doors of the building. “No park” the man said following her and she pulled open the doors and walked towards the girl at reception.

“Can I help you?” the young woman asked. “She need move car” the man behind Molly said. “I will as soon as I collect one of the players” she told the man. “I’m sorry but fans aren’t allowed in here” the girl said and Molly turned to look at the girl. “They know I’m here” Molly told her. “Fans are not allowed on the premises” the girl said. “Car no park” the man said. “Ok I am here to collect Cristiano Ronaldo” Molly told the girl and the girl laughed. “I’m sorry chica but he has plenty of fan girls already. Ones who don’t barge into his training facilities” the blonde said.

“Can you please ring Raul the physio?” Molly asked. “The team is in the middle of training” the girl said. “He knows I’m here. Ronaldo asked for me” Molly said starting to get really annoyed. “I’m sure he did” the girl rolled her eyes. “I know him” Molly said. “I’m sure you do” she scoffed. “Well giving that I’m holding his son in my arms I know him pretty damn well” Molly snapped. “Sweetie you’re probably like the twenty person to say their kid is Ronaldo’s. He’ll be Casillas’s next week” the woman said.

Molly pulled her phone from the bag and pulled up a photo of herself and Cristiano with Junior. “This enough proof” she said holding the phone towards the woman. “Anyone can photoshop. I’m calling security” she said moving to pick up the phone. “You do that” Molly said tapped on her phone and held it up to her ear.
“Hola” Molly said into the phone as the girl behind the desk made a big deal about showing she was calling security.

“Well I would be much better if the lady you have behind your reception desk at your training ground would let me through to see Cristiano since one of the physios asked me to come” Molly said into the phone and smiled as she listened to the person on the other end of the line. “Gracias” she smiled hanging up the phone.

The phone behind the desk started to ring and Molly smiled. “You should really answer that” she told the girl and couldn’t help but smile as the girl’s face dropped as the person on the phone spoke. “Yes sir” the girl said hanging up the phone. “Mr. Pérez would like me to show you down to the dressing rooms” the girl said. “Just point me in the right direction. I’ll find my own way” Molly said and she followed the woman towards another door. “First left the straight” the woman grumbled. “Thank you” Molly said stepping through the doorway. “Oh and next time maybe give a person a chance to explain who they are” Molly said before heading in search of the dressing rooms.

Junior wriggled in her arms and she placed a kiss on his head. “It’s ok buddy” she said as she walked. “Molly” she heard Marcelo call out as the players started to walk towards her. “Wow Ronnie’s baby mama is looking smoking fine today” Higuaín smiled at her as his eyes looked up and down her body and Molly wished she had thought to change out of her shorts and crop top she had worn during her workout. At least the crop top had long sleeves she thought. “Shut up dickead” Marcelo said smacking the back of the argentine’s head. “Hey I’m just stating a fact” the argentine smirked at Molly.

“I dare you to keep talking cos I’m really not in the mood” Molly snapped. “Molly. What are you doing here?” Sergio asked happy to see her. “She’s here for Ronnie” Pepe said stepping around the men. “Damn he’s already had you, how about sampling an argentine” Higuaín winked at her. “Shut up” Sergio yelled at him. “Oh like you wouldn’t if you got the chance” Higuaín said to Sergio. “Don’t speak to her like that” Sergio warned him. “What are you going to do about it?” the striker asked. “I can think of an idea” Sergio said pulling his arm back before Iker grabbed it. “What is going on here?” the Captain asked.

“What is going on is that I was asked to come down here. Not told why. Just spent the past few minutes trying to convince the receptionist I know Ronaldo. Then was greeted by that argentine jerk and now I really want to hit something” Molly snapped. “I’ll take you to Ronnie” Pepe told her. “Thank you” Molly said. “There’s nothing even wrong with him. He’s just trying to get out of a punishment for being late this morning” Higuaín called out after them. “Ignore the dickhead” Pepe told Molly as they walked towards the doctor’s office.

“What is wrong with Cristiano?” she asked him. “The doc will tell you more” Pepe said. “Pepe please tell me” she pleaded. “There was an incident this morning when we were in the gym. I don’t know what happened. But…” he paused. “But what Pepe? Seriously you’re making me worried here” she said. “He was mumbling lots of things and when the doc said about taking him home he just kept mumbling your name. I had to leave him then with the docs” Pepe said as they stopped outside a door. Pepe knocked on the door and it opened.

“Ah you must be Molly” the man smiled at her. “She’s a little worried Raul” Pepe told him. “No I’m not. Ok maybe I am but no one will tell me what’s going on and then I’ve had to have that argentine jerk hitting on me” Molly said. “Where is he? I’ll kill him” she heard Cristiano yell and rolled her eyes. “Clearly he hasn’t lost his voice” she said.

“Come on in” Raul smiled at her as he opened back the door more. “Molly” Cristiano called out as she stepped into the room. “Ronaldo stay lying down” a man yelled at him when the footballer sat up in the bed. “I’m fine” he replied as he swing his feet around before becoming dizzy. “Cristiano” Molly yelled rushing towards him. “He’s ok he’s ok” the man smiled at her as he laid Cristiano back down on the bed.

“Pretty” Cristiano smiled at her. “What is wrong with him?” Molly asked the men in the room. “He had a dizzy spell in the gym this morning. He’s starting to get a fever and it’s making him talk garbage” Raul said. “You sure that’s not just what he normally speaks” Molly said and Pepe laughed.

“Well unless he talks about Russian dragons and babies and fire and well just not making any sense at all. I think the fever is making him sick” Raul smiled at her. “I’m fine” Cristiano muttered as the doctor placed a cloth on his forehead. “Ronaldo say you’re fine once more and I’ll make your precious cars disappear” she warned him.

“She’s cute when she’s angry” Cristiano smiled at the man who was taking his blood pressure. “I’m Dr. Kerez, thank you for coming. He wouldn’t settle until I phoned you” the doctor said. “What’s the matter with him?” Molly asked. “I’ve taken bloods and will run a few tests. He could have anything from a virus to a bug. I’m not sure” he told Molly. “Is it contagious? Junior” she said. “I wouldn’t think it is. How has he being at home lately?” the doctor asked.

“There’s nothing wrong with me” Cristiano grumbled from the doctor’s table. “The fact that you are laying on that table says different Ronaldo” Molly told him. “Ya ya ya” he mumbled and she rolled her eyes at him. “He’s being tired. He’s had a lot on his mind with Junior and said he just needed a good nights sleep. But he’s being off all week. He lost his balance during the week but he said he just tripped. But this morning it took me ages to wake him” Molly explained. “He’s being very sluggish in training. Missing easy shots. Zoning out in conversations” Raul said.

“I am here you know” Cristiano said. “Sssh you” Molly told him adjusting Junior in her arms. “The dizzy spell this morning is very unusual” Dr. Kerez said. “Ahm” Pepe said and they looked at the defender. “Ahm what Pepe?” Raul said. “He’s kind have had a dizzy spell before” Pepe mumbled. “Pepe start talking” Molly said. “A couple of days he was rushing to get to you at the hospital” Pepe said nodding to Molly. “And?” she asked. “He kind of lost his balance…I guess… I don’t know but if I had caught him then he would have hit the ground” Pepe said. “So that’s why you drove him to the hospital?” Molly asked.

“I couldn’t let him drive” Pepe said. “And you didn’t think to tell me or someone” Molly snapped. “He said he was fine. He just needed rest and sleep” Pepe said.

“He was being a stubborn muppet. Urgh I knew he wasn’t fine” Molly said. “I think it’s best that he goes home and rests. I will drop by tomorrow to see how he is” Dr. Kerez said. “So plenty of rest and fluids and I’m assuming no match at the weekend” Molly said. “I’m playing” Cristiano said. “Not a chance” Molly told him. “Molly” he groaned. “Are they always like this?” Raul asked Pepe. “He loves it really” Pepe laughed. “Loves the banter or loves” Raul said nodding to Molly who was listening to Dr. Kerez talk. Pepe sighed. “That’s the question of the year” he said.

“I want to train” Cristiano said sitting up in the bed. “I am taking you to bed” Molly said. “I mean I’m taking you home so you can rest. Pepe can you help him to my car please” Molly asked. “Sure Mols” Pepe smiled at her. “There’s nothing wrong with me” Cristiano yawned. “Hey listen to me” Molly said holding his chin with her hand so that he was looking straight at her. “I’ve just had the younger Averio sick ok. I really don’t need to be worried about the older one so can you please just do as we ask” she begged. “Sorry” he mumbled. “You’re sick so let the doctor help you ok” she smiled stroking his cheek and he nodded.

“I’ll be around tomorrow. Just make sure he gets some rest. If you have any worries just phone me” Dr. Kerez said handing her a card. “Thank you” Molly smiled. “Come on mate let’s get you out of here. Jezz getting sick to miss training. The lengths people go to” Pepe joked. “I’m not sick” Cristiano said and Molly glared at him. “I just need rest” Cristiano grumbled and she nodded. “Let’s get out of here” Molly said.

“Feeling any better Ronnie?” Iker asked when they stepped into the hall. “I’m fin…..I’ll be ok” Cristiano said. “He’ll be fine. But you’ll have to do without him for a few days” Molly told Iker. “Shame but we’ll manage” Iker said. “Aww is your baby mama going to play nurse maid?” Higuaín asked coming down the hall. “Shut up” Cristiano yelled stepping towards the argentine but was pulled back by Pepe. “I bet she’d look good in a nurse’s outfit. Maybe you can lend me her when I’m sick” Higuaín smirked.

“Shut the fuck up” Cristiano roared. “Everybody shut up” Molly yelled. “Pepe get him to the car and you” she said pointing a finger at a smirking Higuaín. “I can arrange a nurse’s outfit” she said walking closer to him. “For the unlucky person who will be looking after you when I break your legs the next time you open your mouth and say something disrespectful to me” she warned him. “Oh I’m so scared” he laughed. “Or we could see if I can convince Pérez to sell you. I here outer Mongolia is lovely” she said.

“Like you could” he said. “She’s Molly. I wouldn’t bet against her in being able to” Cristiano said and Higuaín looked at Molly who was smiling at him. “Got anything more to say?” Molly asked. “No” he replied. “Thought so. Right let’s get out of here” she said to Pepe and Cristiano. “Oh and if we could keep this whole sickness quiet for a couple of days I’d appreciate it. Dolores has enough worry at the moment. I don’t need to add any more worry. So maybe hold off on tell the press that he’s out for the weekend” Molly said to Raul. “I’ll explain to the boss” he nodded. “Thank you” Molly smiled at him.

“You sure you’ll be able to manage him when you get home?” Pepe asked as they walked towards the reception. “I’ll be fine. If not I can wait until one of you guys get home. He can sleep in the car” Molly said. “I just need rest” Cristiano said. “Which you’ll get” Molly said opening the door to the reception. “Is everything ok?” the woman behind the desk said. “Just fine” Molly smiled as they walked towards the front door. “You parked there?” Pepe nodded towards her car. “I wasn’t going to be long” she shrugged. “Did you get yelled at?” Cristiano smirked at her. “Get into the car you” she told him. “Thanks Pepe” Molly said once Cristiano was safely in the car. “You need anything just phone” he told her. “Thanks” she said hugging him.

Junior began to cry as Molly drove towards Cristiano’s house. “We’re almost there sweetie” Molly told him. “What’s wrong with him?” Cristiano asked as he leaned his head against the window. “It’s past his nap time” Molly said as she concentrated on the road. “My head hurts” Cristiano groaned. “I shouldn’t have let you go to training this morning” Molly said. “Molly” he said. “You could have got hurt. You could have crashed on your way or…” she held back a sob. “Molly” he said taking her hand. She turned to look at him. “Please don’t say you’re fine” she said. “I am now you are here” he smiled squeezing her hand. “Get some rest and I’ll wake you when we get to the house” she told him.

“Ronaldo” she said tapping his shoulder. “I’m awake” he said opening his eyes. “You think you’ll be ok to get upstairs?” she asked. “Ya” he yawned. “Good. I need to get Junior down for his nap before he screams any more” she said. “He was screaming?” Cristiano asked. “For like the last 5 minutes” Molly sighed and opened the car door. She took Junior from his car seat and opened Cristiano’s door. “Be careful” she told him. “Just get him down for his nap” he told her. “Don’t rush” she said as he followed her into the house. “Wait for me before taking the stairs” she called out as she walked quickly towards the stairs.

“Now sweetie. I know I know. But you can sleep now” she said kissing Junior’s cheek and placing him in his cot in her room. “He ok?” Cristiano asked and Molly glared at him at the door. “I thought I told you to wait for me” she said. “You know me and listening” he shrugged as he walked towards her bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked as he laid out on her bed."Sleep" he muttered as he shut his eyes. She looked at him on the bed and at her son in his cot and decided just to leave them.

Molly spent the rest of the day with Junior after his nap and doing stuff for Jorge while Cristiano slept and before she knew it was Junior's bed time. She settled him into his cot and kneeled on the bed to wake Cristiano. "Cristiano it's time to wake up. You need to eat" she said trying to wake him. "No" he eventually muttered with his back to her.

"Yes you do. Now up and I'll get you something while you go to your bed" she told him. "Ssh Molly" he mumbled."Don't tell me to ssh in my own bed" she huffed and he rolled over and before she knew it she was laying on her back with Cristiano's arm holding her down on the bed.

"Ronaldo" she snapped as the weight of his body prevented her from sitting up. "Mmmm" he mumbled as his head settled onto her chest. "Are you kidding me" she said as he drifted back to sleep. She looked at the cot and the big headed Muppet laying on her.

"You are a serious pain in the ass" she muttered as her hand moved slowly through his hair as Cristiano slept. "A stubborn Muppet" she sighed as her eyes started to close.
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