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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 56- But Surely I'm Smarter For Having You Around

The alarm beeped and beeped and Molly groaned at the noise. She moved her hand towards the bedside table and tapped the alarm off. She blinked open her eyes and groaned at the time. She let out a yawn and tried to sit up when she realised she couldn’t. She looked down and groaned when she saw Cristiano asleep with his head laying on her chest.

“So I didn’t dream this then” she mumbled. “Dream about me a lot then?” Cristiano asked sleepily. “Only about how to kill you” she replied and he laughed before groaning. “You ok?” she asked. “My head hurts” he whispered. “I was expecting a I’m fine” she said. “I don’t feel fine” he mumbled and she placed a hand on his forehead. “You’re hot” she said. “Ha I knew you thought I was hot” he said and she tapped his head and he let out a shout. “Don’t” he pouted. “You can’t be too sick if you’re making comments” she said.

“My head hurts Molly” he said. “Your forehead is very hot. I think you may be coming down with a fever. I’ll get you something to eat and drink” she told him. “No no food” he mumbled cosying up to her. “Apart from your head, do you feel sore anywhere else?” she asked brushing her hand threw his hair. “No talk. Sleep” he mumbled. “Ronaldo this is important. Tell me and I’ll leave you sleep” she said. “I feel like I’ve being hit by a bus” he answered. “Ok so that’s one way I can explain to Dr. Kerez I guess” she said. “Molly” he groaned. “Just look at me please” she asked. “No” he replied. “Why not?” she asked.

“Too comfy” he said and she rolled her eyes. “Well even if you are comfy, the only Averio who gets to use my chest as a pillow is your son who will be awake any minute so please just move your head” she asked. He rolled off her and laid on his back as she turned on her side to face him. “Oh how much do you weigh? Now I feel like I’ve being hit by a bus” she grumbled. “Lucky for me you’re like a feather all the times you practically slept on me” he muttered with his eyes closed.

“Open your eyes” she said ignoring him. “No” he replied. “If you did what I ask then I would leave you alone” she said brushing her hand over his hair. “Mmmm” he mused at the feel of her fingers on his head. “Ronaldo” she said. “My eyes hurt” he told her. “Please” she asked. He groaned as he rolled on to his side to face her. She let a finger run up and down the side of his face and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Hi” she smiled. “Ok maybe worth the pain to see that smile” he said. “Even sick you still try and flatter me to get me to agree with you” she laughed. “Just speaking the truth” he whispered. “Well if your head and eyes are sore with no light getting into the room, then I’ll certainly be leaving the curtains closed. I’ll see to Junior while you rest” she said moving to sit up. He grabbed her hand and she looked at him. “You’ll be back to your normal self before you know it. Until then just rest ok. We don’t want the team having to do without you for more than just one game now do we. Who else will Junior and I watch during the game?” she smiled at him.

He lifted his hand of her arm and shut his eyes. “Remind me you said you only watch me during games when I’m better. I’m too tired to reply right now” he mumbled as he gripped her pillow and snuggled up to it. “I technically never said such a thing and that entire sentence took more effort than any smart comment you would have made by the way” she said. “If you want me to comment” he said as Junior made his parents aware that he was now awake. “Just sleep. I’ll bring you up something to eat once I get Junior all sorted” Molly said as she smiled at her son as she took him in her arms.

“Mana my love. We have to be a little quiet cos dada is sick” she told her son. “I’m not sick. I’m just not feeling too well” Cristiano said. “You’ll admit it soon enough. I’ll bring you up some toast and water in a little bit” she told him. “Just give me a protein drink. It’s better for me” he grumbled. “Sleep. Come on Junior. We’ll get dressed in papa’s room” she said as she gathered some clothes for the pair of them. “Wait” Cristiano called out. “What’s the matter?” she asked rushing to the side of the bed. “I didn’t get to say morning to my son” he said trying to open his eyes. “Urgh I thought there was something the matter” she said. “Junior” he said and Molly sat on the side of the bed. “Hey little man” Cristiano whispered trying to look at his son. “You’ll see him later when it doesn’t hurt to open your eyes Cristiano. Get some rest. We’ll back in a little bit” she said stroking his cheek before heading to the door.

Her phone started to ring as she was in the middle of washing Junior’s breakfast ware. “Who do you reckon it is Junior? Nana. Or Tía Katia. Or Jorge?” she smiled at her son who was busy tapping a spoon on the tray of his high chair. Molly smiled at the name on the screen. “Mana Jorge” she spoke into the phone. “Good morning Molly. So tell me, do I need to you out of the country or have you managed not to kill Cris?” he asked and she laughed. “Aww you’d actually help me escape the police. That’s sweet and really good to know” she said. “Have to protect my golden girl. Who else will help me with paper work?” he joked.

“Ha I’m sure you’d find plenty of people. And no I’ve killed Cristiano” she said. “Yet” he said. “He won’t admit that he’s sick but he knows he’s not in good shape” she told him. “I spoke to his doctor after you called me yesterday. Mols he was taking complete garbage and was dizzy. That’s not good” Jorge said. “I know that Jorge but he’s resting now. Actually I should go back upstairs and check him. I’ll keep you posted. Dr. Kerez is on his way in a bit” she said. “Ok well phone me if you need anything” he told her. “K. Have a good day” she said hanging up the phone. “Ok little man let’s go see papa” Molly said picking Junior out of his high chair and picked up a plate which had a glass of water and toast on it. “I’m sure he’ll take you swimming as soon as he’s feeling better” she said to Junior as she climbed the stairs.

She frowned when she entered her bedroom and saw that the bed was empty. “Cristiano” she called out as she moved towards the cot and placed Junior into it. “Ronaldo” she called out and left the plate on the bed. She heard something from the bathroom. “Cristiano” she said as she pushed the door in. “Go away” he mumbled from the floor beside the toilet.

“Oh my God are you ok?” she asked rushing towards him. “I said go away” he said trying to shoo her from the room. “Why didn’t you call me?” she asked finding a wash cloth and putting it under cool water. “I don’t want you to see me like this” he mumbled as he rested his head against the wall. “Oh for heaven sake. Now is not the time for pride jezz” she said as she lowered herself to the ground in front of him. “I’m surprised you even had something in your stomach to throw up since you’ve barely eaten anything in days” she said placing the cool cloth on his forehead. “Mmm” he said with his eyes closed as he felt the cool on his forehead. “Do you think you are able to stand?” she asked.

“In a minute” he mumbled. “I’ll get you some water. Just hold this to your forehead” she said replacing her hand against his forehead with his. “Mols” he called out. “I’ll be back” she said standing. “You’ll be better soon Cristiano” she smiled at him and went in search of the glass she had left on the bed. When she returned she found him standing in front of the mirror gripping the worktop. “You couldn’t just wait for me? You could have fallen” she said handing him the glass. “But I didn’t” he replied and she rolled her eyes.

“Dr. Kerez will be here later. Hopefully he’ll have a better idea about what’s wrong with you” she said as he drank from the glass. “Some would say there’s a lot wrong with me” he said and she laughed. “Well it’s good to see you haven’t lost your humour. Come on let’s get you back to bed” she said and he wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they walked back to the bedroom.

“I should be at training” he said as laid back down on the bed. “You are exactly where you should be. Now is your head still sore?” she asked. “A little” he replied covering his eyes with his arm. “Get some sleep” she said picking up Junior. “I’ll be back in a little bit I promise” she said to no reply and she smiled as he slept. She headed back to the kitchen and picked up her phone. “Hey I need a favour” she said once the person on the other end answered.

Ten minutes later and Molly was checking Junior’s baby bag to make sure everything that would be needed was in it. “Are you sure you don’t mind taking him Ana?” she asked. “Of course I don’t. Junior and I will have a lovely day together” Ana smiled at the baby in her arms. “There’s plenty of nappies and a spare change of clothes in the bag. I’ve packed his lunch too. He’ll probably sleep around 2. And just hold him and talk to him if he gets fussy” Molly said quickly. “Molly” Ana said and Molly looked up from the bag. “He’ll be fine. Don’t worry” Ana smiled at her. “I just….it’s not fair on him…you know I can’t give him all my attention with Cristiano needing watching” Molly sighed.

“And that is understandable Mols. Really I love him and spending time with him. We’ll have a fun day. It’s a bit of practice” Ana said. “Wait are you?” Molly asked and Ana shook her head. “Oh hell no. But maybe one day” she replied. “Well thanks for taking him Ana” Molly said. “Are you sure you are able to manage with Cris? Pepe said that he’s really sick” Ana said. “I’ll be fine. He’s asleep at the moment. I don’t know what’s the matter with him” Molly said worried. “Just don’t do too much. There’s plenty to help Mols” Ana told her. “I know but well he’s a stubborn ass at the best of times” Molly said. “And you’re the only one who he’ll listen to” Ana smiled. “I’m not the only one. But well Dolores isn’t here and he should have someone with him who…” she paused.

“Cares about him?” Ana asked. “Knows him really well” Molly said. “Well the baby in my arms tells me that you know him pretty darn well” Ana smirked and Molly blushed which made Ana laugh. “Sorry I couldn’t resist” Ana said. “Call me if…well call me no matter what it is ok” Molly told her. “I promise that I’ll look after him Mols” Ana said. “I know you will. Oh you better go before I change my mind” Molly said placing a kiss on Junior’s cheek. “Just let me know when to bring him back ok. And if you need any help with the big baby let me know” Ana told her and Molly nodded. “Ok Junior let’s go have a fun day. Say bye bye mama” Ana said waving Junior’s tiny hand.

Molly held her arms around her waist as she watched Ana head towards the hallway with Junior in her arms. She took a deep breath one they were out of her view. “It’s just for a couple of hours” Molly muttered out loud. After exchanging a few texts with Nuno, Molly headed back upstairs. Once she entered her bedroom she found Cristiano sprawled out on his chest on the bed with his arms hugging her pillow. She was going to let him sleep but with his head so warm early she decided to just check his forehead.

“Shit” she said when she felt his burning forehead. “Cristiano” she said shaking him a little. “I know you are sleepily but please wake up” she said shaking him. He groaned and struggled to look at her. “Hey come on please. You’re burning up. You need to cool down” she said taking notice of the sweat dripped training clothes he had still on from yesterday. “I’m cold” he said. “It’s just your body playing tricks on you. Just me you are very very hot” she said. When he didn’t reply with a smart comment she frowned and brushed some of his hair off this forehead. “I’m going to get a bath ready” she said standing from the bed. “Molly” he called out as she went to one of the drawers in the room and took out a thermometer. “Put this into your mouth” she told him as she held the thermometer out. “Mols” he groaned. “It’s either your mouth or another body party down south” she said and he snapped the thermometer out of her hand. “Thought so” she said heading off to draw the bath.

When she returned, she saw that his temperature was way too high. “Ok let’s get you to the bathroom” she told him as she helped him to sit up. “What the fuck is wrong with me?” he asked. “I don’t know but you’ll be better soon” she said rubbing his arm as they walked to the bathroom. “OK so a quick shower first then the bath. I don’t know how your temperature went up so high so quickly. Your clothes are dripping in sweat as if you’ve played two games of football” she said. “Mols” he said as he gripped the worktop.

“Just a couple of minutes and you can rest in the bath. Here let’s get this shirt off you huh” she said moving to the end of his training to top and he held his arms up as she brought the shirt up over his body. “Ahm your shorts” she said looking away from him. “Molly” he pouted. “You need a shower” she told him. “Molly” he said. “If I was sure you won’t fall if I left you on your own then I’d leave you but I can’t. So either you take of your shorts or………Jezz Cristiano this is awkward enough” she grumbled. “Trust me it’s way more awkward for me” he muttered pulling his shorts down and quickly covering his penis with his hand.

“Ya I doubt it. Here” she said handing him a towel which he quickly wrapped around his waist. “Just a couple of minutes in the shower and then the bath” she said holding his arm as they walked to the shower. She opened the door and switched on the water. “Ok in you get” she told him. “Turn around” he told her. “Jezz” she said rolling her eyes and he dropped the towel and stepped into the shower. He let out a shout once the water hit his skin. “It’s freezing” he yelled. “Your body temperature is like five degrees higher than normal. You need the cold water to help neutralise it” she told him.

“Oh fuck” he yelped and she opened the shower door. “Are you alright?” she asked and he turned to face the wall. “Molly” he yelled cupping himself. “I thought you fell or something” she said shutting the door. “Jezz it’s not like I’ve never seen anything before” she mumbled and heard him switching off the water. He opened the door slightly and poked his head out. “But I barely have a penis now” he said and she stared at him open mouthed at his words.

He moved back into the shower and slammed the door shut and rested his head against the cool tiles. “Shit” he whispered at his stupidity at saying that. “If you are planning on hiding in there for the foreseeable future could you let me know so I can drain the bath” she asked from the other side of the door. “Towel” he said. “What do you say?” she asked. “Please” he groaned holding his hand out through a gap he had opened in the door. “Here you ok” she said trying not to laugh as she handed him a towel. The door opened and he stepped out of the shower. Water dripped down his chest as his eyes focused on the floor. “Bath” she said. “Molly about what-

“It’s fine Ronaldo. Just get into the bath before the water gets cold” she said. He slowly walked to the bath and sat on the edge. “Are you feeling dizzy?” she asked. “A little” he said. “Wow you actually admitted it. You must really be sick” she said. “I’m not sick” he said. “Sure and I’m 6 foot. Ok bath mister” she said. “Jezz is this what Junior has to look forward to” he mumbled as he carefully lifted his legs over the side of the bath and slipped into it. “Now the towel is soaked” she said as he dropped it onto the floor. “There’s plenty more” he said settling into the warmth of the bath.

“You ok?” she asked as he let out a sigh in the bath. “Mmm” he said. “If I leave the room, can you promise me you won’t slip under the water?” she asked. “I’ll try” he mumbled. “Cristiano” she said. “I won’t” he said as she picked up his clothes from the floor and threw them into the wash basket. “I spoke to Nuno. Well he and I were texting. His mother is getting out of hospital today” she said loudly from the bedroom. “I’m sure Maé will remind her how important it is to take her meds from now on” Cristiano replied as Molly pulled the blankets off her bed. “I’m sure. Nuno is just happy that she’s ok” Molly said as she stripped the bed. “You didn’t tell Maé about yesterday. Did you?” he asked.

“No. I thought it was best. She doesn’t need to worry about you and her sister at the same time” Molly said standing at the doorway. “What are you doing?” he asked. “Changing the sheets on my bed and on yours. Banish any bugs. There’ll be a fresh sit of sheets on your bed by the time you get out of the bath” she smiled. “Leave the pillows” he said. “Huh why?” she asked. “Please” he begged. “Ok ok I won’t change your pillows” she said. “No yours” he said. “Cristiano” she said.

“Fine I’ll get them” he said moving to stand in the bath. “Don’t fucking move” she yelled rushing to the bath. “I’ll leave them alone. Jezz. Just stay in the bath” she said brushing her fingers along his forehead. “Can you just stay here?” he asked. “5 minutes. That’s all it will take me to do the beds” she said. “Please stay here” he begged. “Fine” she relented and moved to the sink. She hopped up onto the countertop and swung her legs as her fingers tapped the marble.

After five minutes of silence, Molly let out a loud sigh. He opened one eye to look at her and then closed it again. She let out another loud sigh. “Molly” he said. “I’m bored” she huffed and he laughed but regretted it when his head began to hurt. “When was the last time you took five minutes to just do nothing?” he asked. “I don’t know. Jezz you make me stay in here and you can even entertain me” she said. “I seem to remember a few times where I kept you entertained in this bath” he smirked and sat up quickly in the bath when the wet towel she had picked from the floor moments earlier landed on his head.

“Hey” he said. “Enough talk just relax” she muttered. “You hated the silence” he said sitting back against the bath. “Well your chat isn’t exactly enthralling” she said. “Oh look at you using smart words” he said. “Most words I use are smart to you. Since I’m much much smarter than you” she smirked. He turned his head to look at her.

“But surely I’m smarter for having you around” he smiled. “Well I can’t argue with that” she smiled at him.
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