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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 57-Going Nowhere

“It’s not funny” Molly said crossing her arms in front of her and Cristiano laughed in the bath. She had just finished telling him how much bother she had in getting into the training ground. “Like she accused me of photo shopping the picture I showed her. Why the hell would I do that?” Molly asked still annoyed about the incident.

“You’d be surprised what some people would do to get close to me Mols” he smirked. “Ya ya you’re so popular. Millions adore you. Guys want to be you. Girls want to be with you blah blah blah” Molly said. “Can’t help it that I’m so desirable” he smirked. “Has your ego always being this big or just since you somehow fooled everyone into thinking you are great at football?” Molly asked and he turned his head to look at where she sat on the countertop. “I haven’t fooled anyone. I am the best. I’ve –

“Worked hard to get where you are. Yes Cristiano I know. I’m just messing with” she said and he turned his head away from her. “I see everyday how much you give to be the best. And you are the best” she told him. “Thank you” he smiled at her. “Though I know nothing about football so not sure if my opinion matters or whatever” she shrugged. “It matters more than most Mols” he smiled at her. “Well my opinion right now is that it’s time for you to get out of that bath before your skin goes all wrinkly and you have to spend a fortune on Botox” she said hopping down to the ground.

“Though I’m sure you Botox doc would be happy to drop everything and come running. You do pay him enough. Not sure it’s money well spent though” she joked and let out a squeal when she felt water hit her face. “Hey” she yelled at a smirking Cristiano in the bath. “I have never nor will ever need a Botox doctor Molly Williams” he said sternly. “Ohoh you used my full name. Did I hit a nerve?” she asked. “I’m too tired for this right now” he grumbled looking away from her. “I’m sorry. I’m just messing with you Cristiano. I know you’ve never had Botox” she said walking towards the bath. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have thrown the water at you. It’s just….” he sighed. “Even the great Cristiano Ronaldo can be sensitive sometimes” she smiled. “You are so annoying” he groaned.

“You’ve got a fever. You don’t know what you are saying” she smirked. “Ha you wish it was that” he said. “Actually you did say some pretty weird stuff according to Pepe and the doctor” Molly said moving to the door. “Like what?” he asked. “Another time. Right now I’m going to get you a clean set of clothes. Do not move from that bath” she told him as she left the room. She headed to his room and grabbed him some fresh clothes before heading back to her bathroom. “What did I tell you” she yelled once she got to the doorframe and found him sitting on the edge of the bath with a towel around his waist.

“You said not to move from the bath. Technically I’m sitting on it” he said. “Technically I might not kill you until this evening. Seriously you need to be careful Cristiano. The last thing we need is for you to fall and hit your head” she said walking up to him. “I’m sorry” he said placing an arm around her waist and rested his head against her hip. “You’re just saying that to shut me up. And you’re lucky that I’ve got too much to do so I’m going to let you off. Here’s your clothes. Since you managed getting out of the bath ok, I’m going to assume you’ll be ok getting these on. Just be careful” she said handing him the clothes. “Thanks Mols” he smiled. “Right I’ll go finish making my bed then I’ll make a start on yours. Shout if you need anything” she said taking a step forward only to be pulled back by his grip on her waist. “Ahm Ronaldo” she said. “Just a few minutes” he sighed shutting his eyes. She ran her fingers threw his hair.

“You know it doesn’t make you any less of a man to admit that you are sick Cristiano” she said. “But I’m not sick. I’m just not feeling 100%” he said. “If anything it would be the amount of beauty products you use which would make you less of a man” she smirked. “One I don’t use a lot of beauty products. Two it’s perfectly acceptable to look after your skin” he said lifting his head of her hip and letting his arm fall off her waist. “And three you are certainly spending too much time with me. You’re starting to talk like me” she joked.

“Never could spend too much time with you” he mumbled. “Ok get dressed. And shout if you need anything. I mean it Ronaldo” she warned him. “Yes mother” he scoffed. “Keep being sassy with me buster and I will call your mother. Then you won’t be smiling with all her fussing” she smirked. “Ok ok. Jezz just go and let me get dressed” he said and she laughed as she went to finish making her bed. Molly was just fixing the pillows in place when Cristiano came to stand at the doorframe. “Did you change the pillow covers?” he asked and she jumped at his voice.

“Even when sick you still manage to sneak up on me” she said. “I’m not sick and you said you wouldn’t touch those pillows” he said walking towards the bed. “You are sick and I didn’t touch them. I promise. What are you doing?” she asked as he moved to lay down on the bed. “What does it look like?” he mumbled. “Apart from messing up the blankets I just sorted. It looks like you are sleeping in my bed” she said.

“I’m cold” he grumbled trying to wrap the blankets around himself. “If you waited like five minutes you could have slept in your own bed” she sighed. “Cold” he huffed. “Urgh fine. If your cold then you should get under the blankets” she said and while he was doing so, she went in search of the thermometer. Once she found it, she kneeled onto the bed and placed the back of her hand on his forehead.

“You’re still really hot” she said. “But I’m so cold” he shivered under the blankets. “Put this in your mouth while I clean the bathroom. Then I let you rest and bring you up something to eat” she said. As he opened his mouth to disagree with her, she shoved the thermometer into his mouth and smirked. “Leave it” she warned before hopping of the bed and heading to clean the bathroom. When she returned moments later she found him half asleep with the thermometer in his mouth.

“Hey sleepily head you can sleep in a second ok” she whispered kneeling beside him as she took the thermometer into her hand. “Wow ok so that’s gone up since the last time I checked. Right you sleep. Dr. Kerez should be here in a bit. Just call into Junior’s baby monitor if you need anything” she told him. “Wait” he said as she placed the monitor onto the beside table.

“Where’s Junior?” he asked. “Ana is watching him” she said. “Downstairs?” he asked. “At hers. I’ll bring you up something to eat in a bit. I must wash these covers” Molly quickly replied taking her old bed covers into her hands. “Molly wait” he yelled before groaning when a shot of pain ripped through his head. “Head still sore?” she asked. “Yes. Now back to Junior” he said. “Ana has him. I asked her to watch him while I keep an eye on you today” she muttered.

“Oh no wonder you can’t sit still today. You’re trying to keep you mind busy and not thinking about Junior” he sighed. “He’s fine with Ana” she said. “I know he is. But are you ok?” he asked. “Why wouldn’t I be?” she asked. “Cos this is the first time he had been out of the house and away from you since he got sick” he said. “It’s not a big deal” she shrugged. “Mols you barely like leaving him upstairs with someone while you are downstairs. Now he’s across the street. It is a big deal” he said.

“I was just trying not to do too much ok. You know keep any eye on you and on him” she said. “Well I’m glad you finally listened to me about not doing too much” he half smiled. “He needed someone who could give him full attention. Right now you kind of need most of my attention” she said.

He let out a yawn and she smiled. "Get some rest" she said and headed to the door. After changing the clothes on his bed and sorting out the laundry, Molly was in the middle of stirring the pot of soup she had made when the bell on the gate went off. Marcosa who had been sitting on the floor by her feet started to bark and bark and ran towards the front door. "Hello" she said into the intercom.

"Hola. This is Dr. Kerez" the man spoke. "Come on in" she said buzzing the gates open and she flicked off the cooker and washed her hands. "Ssh Marcosa" Molly smiled at the dog as she moved past him to open the door. "Hola" Molly smiled as the doctor came towards the door. "Hola. How is the patient?" he asked.

"Apparently he's just not feeling 100%. Which isn't the same thing as being sick" Molly said as she closed the door behind them. "So stubborn as well as sick" Dr. Kerez laughed. "He was stubborn before all of this. He's upstairs. I just finished making some soup if you would like some. I thought it's a bit healthy and energy boosting for when he's up to eating" Molly said as they walked towards the kitchen. "So he still hasn't an appetite?" Dr. Kerez asked. "He's nibbled on some toast. I've being trying to get him to drink more water but really he's just slept since I brought him back here yesterday" Molly said.

"So no improvement?" he asked. "He's fever is getting worse. He has a really high temperature" she told him. "It has to get worse to get better" he smiled. "Well the sooner it breaks the better. He's freezing yet I could cook an egg off his skin. Anyway I'll show you up to him" Molly said. "How about some of that soup first. I was going to decline but it smells amazing" he grinned. "One bowl coming up. Take a seat" she grinned. "What has he eaten the past few days? This sluggishness and dizziness just came on him so quickly" he said taking a seat at the table.

"Like I said yesterday he just said he hadn't been getting much sleep. I know he ate an omelette cos I wouldn't let him leave the house until he did but that was a few days ago. He did go for dinner during the week and didn't eat anything there I know that. But he just said he wasn't hungry" she shrugged placing a bowel on the table. "Thank you" he smiled.

"Your welcome. Anyway I couldn't tell you anymore. He's just being drinking water or his protein drinks. You don't think it was something he ate which is causing this? Like he's allergic to something?" she asked. "I doubt it. I'm waiting for some tests to get back so I'll know more soon. It is very strange but these things happen. Your son had a virus recently didn't he?" he asked. Molly leaned back against the chair. "Ya he did" she sighed.

"I'm not suggesting that they are related Molly. I was just asking" he said. "You don't think......Junior had..,he suffered seizures...had to be don't think Cristiano could,,,," she stammered. "Again I'm not suggesting they are related. Your son had some other issues if I'm correct. Cristiano more than likely just has a bug" he said. "Ya I'm sure that's all it is. He'll be fine in a couple of days" she smiled. "Exactly. Now that was probably the best soup I've had in years" he said finishing the last spoon. "Well I'm glad you enjoyed it" she smiled. "I guess it's time to go see the patient" he said. "Just a warning. He gets grumpy when awoken" she said. "Noted" he smiled.

"Cristiano" she said knocking on the door of her room. He groaned from under the blankets. "Dr. Kerez is here" she said stepping further into the room. "Hola Cris" the doctor said. "Hi" Cristiano mumbled attempting to sit up in the bed. "How are you feeling?" Dr. Kerez asked him. "Fine" he replied. "Oh come on, we nearly went half a day without you saying that you were fine" Molly joked. "I'm cold" Cristiano said. "Let's have a look at you then" Dr. Kerez said. "I'll leave you too it" Molly said picking up an empty glass. "No stay" Cristiano said. "Ahm" she said.

"Please Molly stay" he begged and she looked at the doctor. "It's fine with me" he replied. "Ok" she said and took a seat at the bottom of the bed. After checking him over, Dr. Kerez took more blood from Cristiano. "Just for a few more tests" he told the footballer. "What the hell is wrong with me?" Cristiano asked. "Probably just a bug Cristiano" Molly told him.

"Have your experienced anything other than dizziness? Like losing feeling in your legs or arms?" Dr. Kerez asked. "No" Cristiano replied. "Ronaldo you better be telling the truth" Molly warned him. "I am I swear" he said and rolled his eyes at the doctor who laughed. "At least you are in good hands" Dr. Kerez said. "Even if she is bossy" Cristiano mumbled. "He loves when I boss him around" Molly smirked. "Well try and boss him into eating something" Dr. Kerez said. "I feel nauseated" Cristiano said.

"Oh I forgot he got sick as well this morning" Molly said. "I'm sure we'll know more after I get the test results. Right now resting is the best thing for you. As well as eating and drinking" Dr. Kerez said. "I'll have some of my protein drink" he said. "You need plain things Cristiano. I'll make sure he eats" she told Dr. Kerez.

"I've just had a wonderful bowl of soup downstairs. She might be bossy but she can cook" Dr. Kerez smiled at Cristiano. "She can cook. I'll give her that" Cristiano smiled at her. "Right I'll leave you rest. Just keep taking it easy and listen to your nurse here" Dr. Kerez said. "You here that. You have to listen to me" she said to Cristiano. "When don't I?" he half smiled at her. "I'll show you out Dr. Kerez" Molly said. "Any worries just phone me. And keep a close eye on his temperature" he told Molly.

"He's going to hate cold showers after this fever" Molly joked. "Doc" Cristiano called out. "Yes" he replied. "You were asking about losing feeling in my legs" the footballer said. "Ronaldo" Molly said. "I swear I was telling the truth earlier. But I just want to know why he asked me" Cristiano said. "I'm just trying to rule a couple of things out Cris" Dr. Kerez said. "Like what?" Cristiano asked. "Cristiano when he knows more he'll tell you" Molly said. "I want to know" he snapped. " Meningitis for one" Dr. Kerez said.

"I could have it?" Cristiano asked. "It's a possibility but I highly doubt it" Dr. Kerez said. "But whatever I had you think I could lose feeling in my legs?" Cristiano asked. "Cristiano just relax and rest ok. I'll speak to you tomorrow" Dr. Kerez said heading to the door. "I'll be back up in a second ok" Molly told him as she followed the doctor. “Like I said any worries you have my number” Dr. Kerez told Molly as they walked down the stairs.

“Should we be worried? Like is it more than a bug?” she asked. "Try not to worry" he told her. "Easy said than done" she half smiled at him. "I'll find my own way out Molly" he told her as they reached the kitchen. "You sure?" she asked. "Yes I'm sure. Phone if you need anything. I'm sure he'll be back to himself soon" he said waving her a goodbye. "I hope so" she whispered as the doctor left the room.

She carried a tray with soup and water back up to Cristiano and found him huddled up into a ball on the bed. "Cristiano" she said. "What if I can't play football again?" he said and she sighed. "You are thinking the worst case scenario. In fact it's something that's not even on the radar of occurring" she said walking towards the bed. "Then why did he mention it?" he asked. "Sit up please" she said taking a seat beside him.

"I think he was thinking out loud Cristiano. You haven't being showing any symptoms of meningitis. He just wants us to be on the look out that's all" she said. "Molly" he wined. "Try and eat for me please. It's veg. Plenty of nutrients to build your strength up" she said. "I'm not hungry" he grumbled. "Just a few spoons. For me?" she asked. "No" he moaned resting his head on her shoulder. "Please" she asked.

"What if I can't play with Junior anymore? What if I can't play football? I'd be nothing but a washed up guy. I'd have nothing" he said. "Hey hey come on no negative thinking. Seriously Cristiano you are really thinking the worst. Now just a small bit of this soup" she said. "Maybe later" he said sleepily. She moved the tray to the bedside table and placed her arm around him.

"It will be ok" she whispered as she ran her fingers threw his hair. "I'd have nothing" he mumbled. "That's not true. You'd have your family. Junior" she said. "And you? You'd still be here if I didn't play football anymore?" he asked.

"Of course I will. Cristiano it's just a bug. There's no need to worry" she said. "Molly what if it's something serious?" he asked. "Then we'll deal with it. But right now we don't know it is so just try and rest ok" she said. "Can you stay here for a while?" he asked letting out a yawn.

"I've got nowhere else to be" she smiled as she rest her head against the head board and he rolled onto his side and wrapped his arm around her waist. "You'll be back to normal soon" she whispered. "Don't leave me" he begged snuggling up to her. "Sssh sleep. I’m not going anywhere" she said rubbing his back.
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