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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 58-I Don't Want To Be That Guy

Molly was awoken by the sound of her mobile ringing at the bottom of the bed. She had no recollection of how it got there but she groaned as it kept ringing. She looked down at where Cristiano was laying on her chest and groaned and not been able to move. "Cristiano" she said running her finger over his head. He groaned when she attempted to move.

"I need to answer my phone" she said and he rolled over onto his other side. She sat up and crawled down to the end of the bed. "Hello" she said into the phone groggily. "Molly" Sergio said on the other end. "Hi" she said. "Are you ok?" he asked. "Ya just give me a second" she said and looked back at Cristiano. "I'll be back in a little bit. Drink the water please" she told him and he just groaned.

"Sorry Sergio" she said once she was in the hallway. "It's ok. I was checking in on Cris and well you" he said. "He's still sick" she told him. "I can come around and help if you like. Give you a break" he said. "That's nice Sergio but it's ok. I don't want to risk you getting sick also. Plus Cristiano can be a little bit..." she paused thinking of a word. "A pain in the ass" Sergio suggested. "Sort of" she laughed. "Well you know where we are" he said. "Thanks Sergio" she said. "Talk later?" he asked. "Sure. Have a nice evening" she said pushing her hair behind her ear.

The doorbell went off and Molly looked at the time on her phone. "Wow" she said when she saw it was nearly 6 and headed to answer the door. "Guess who's back" Ana said when Molly opened the door. "Junior" Molly grinned and quickly took the little boy into her arms. "Hello hello hello" she said kissing him. "Jezz Molly he's only being gone a few hours" Ana laughed. "How was he? Did he sleep ok? Was he fussy?" Molly asked. "Molly he was fine. Really we had great fun. Didn't we Junior" Ana grinned at the little boy. "Thanks for watching him" Molly said as they walked to the kitchen.

"My pleasure. How has everything being here?" Ana asked. "Ok. Dr. Kerez still doesn't know what is the matter with Cristiano. And mentioned meningitis so now he's panicked. So I'm trying to keep him calm" she said. "Whilst always trying not to panic yourself" Ana said taking a seat at the table. "Yes. It's only like a 1% chance that it could be that anyway. It's just a bug that we have to wait out" Molly said. "Is he asleep? Pepe was wondering if he was up for a visitor" Ana said. "I'd hold off on any visitors just right now. Sergio just offered to come over too" Molly said. "That was nice of him" Ana smiled. "He just wants to make sure his friend and teammate is ok" Molly said smiling at her son.

Have you eaten?" Ana asked Molly. "Ahm" Molly thought. "You know that you can't look after Cris if you don't look after yourself. I'll get you something" Ana said standing. "I'll get something once I put Junior down for the night" Molly said. "Well well well look what I found. Some soup. I'll heat it and you can eat it. Junior has already eaten so no need to worry about him" Ana said as she began to heat the soup. "Was he ok?" Molly asked.

"He maybe have put some of the contents of the spoon on Pepe's head. It was so funny" Ana laughed. "He does like doing that sometimes" Molly said kissing her son. "Eat this. I'll take him" Ana said placing the bowl in front of Molly. "I can manage" Molly said as she began to eat the soup. "You must have being hungry. You ate that in no time" Ana said. "I guess I was. I just need Cristiano to eat something now" Molly said.

"Molly we don't need you getting sick either" Ana said. "I'll look after myself I promise. Cristiano's fever breaking would be a start" Molly said. "He's lucky you are here" Ana said. "Well Dolores has enough to worry about. She'd only rush back here and they'd probably end up rowing anyway" Molly said. "Well the Russian bitch is hardly an option. Given that she's not exactly nurse nightingale" Ana said. "I don't even know if he's told her that he isn't well. I hadn't even thought of letting her know" Molly said.

"Why should you? Trust me Mols he does not want her anywhere near him right now. We just need him to release that he shouldn't have her near him at all" Ana smiled. "Ana who he dates isn't our business" Molly said. "Ya ya whatever you say. I should head back home. Call if you need anything. I can take him tomorrow if you like" Ana said. "You don't mind?" Molly asked. "I'd love to. Plus caring for the little Ronaldo is so much better than caring for the big Ronaldo. At least this one isn't an idiot" Ana said smiling at Junior. "Hey he's not that bad" Molly said. "Have you forgotten everything he's done? Or not done?" Ana asked. "Can't look forward if we keep looking back" Molly shrugged.

"Well I hope he knows how lucky he is to have you" Ana said. "He's sick Ana. Give the guy a break" Molly said. "I'll talk to you in the morning Molly" Ana said. "I'll walk you out" Molly said standing. "I know the way out. Spend time with your son. See you tomorrow Junior" Ana smiled before leaving, "Hello mister. Did you miss me? I missed you" she said to Junior. "Oh my sweet boy" she said kissing his cheek.

After spending a bit of time with her son, Molly headed back upstairs to Cristiano. "Mols" he whispered when she entered the room. "Hey how are you feeling?" she asked. "Tired" he mumbled. "Look who's back" she smiled at her son. "Can I hold him?" he asked. "Maybe just let him lay beside you on the bed" she suggested and he nodded. "Hello buddy" he smiled when she placed Junior beside him on top of the covers. "I'll make you some toast and get more water" she told him. "I drank it all" he said. "I see that. You need to eat too. Can't have you wasting away now can we" she smiled at him.

When Molly returned she found Cristiano mumbling to Junior. “Ok boys. One has to eat this and the other has to get ready for bed” she said holding up the plate of toast. “I’m not sure he’s able for toast yet Mols” Cristiano smiled at her before he started to cough and cough. “Are you ok?” she asked and he nodded as he kept coughing. She placed the plate on the bed and took Junior and placed him in his cot. “Here drink this” she said handing him a glass of water. “You’re still very warm Cristiano” she said. “I don’t feel as cold” he mumbled. “Well that’s a start” she said rubbing his back as he coughed. His coughing eventually subsided and he laid back down on the bed. “Better?” she asked.

“I will be when I can get the fuck out of here” he groaned. “No cursing in front of Junior. Try and eat some of the toast while I get him ready for bed” she said climbing off the bed. “Mols” he said. “Ya” she said as she picked Junior up. “Can I stay here tonight?” he asked as he pulled the blankets around him more. “Doesn’t really look like you have any intention of moving anyway” she smiled. “Nope” he grinned. “I can sleep in your room” she said and he frowned.

“Oh by the way I told Dolores that you couldn’t find your phone so that’s why you haven’t spoken to her. But I actually don’t know where your phone is” she said. “I don’t know. Don’t care” he said. “But Irina could be looking for you” she replied. “She can keep looking” he mumbled. “Cristiano” she said. “I already have a headache Mols, I don’t need her adding to” he mumbled turning in the bed. “Don’t forget to eat. I’ll out Junior down to bed and check the car. Maybe you left it in there” she said heading to the bathroom. Once Junior was asleep, she slipped out of the house and found his phone with a bunch of messages and missed calls from Irina, Dolores, Ricky and Jorge plus some of the team.

When she reached her bedroom, both Averio men were asleep and she left his phone next to hers on the dressed, grabbed a tank top and shorts and stepped into the bathroom to change. Though she had a nap during the day, Molly was pretty tired and had decided on an early night. She was brushing her teeth when she heard her phone ring and let put a curse as she rushed to answer it before either Cristiano or Junior woke up. “Hello” she whispered. “Why are you whispering?” Nuno whispered down the phone. “Hold on” she said stepping back into the bathroom. “Cristiano and Junior are sleeping” she said once the door was closed.

“Why are you whispering?” she asked. “Cos you were” he said and she laughed. “How’s the baby?” he asked. “Junior is fine. He spent the day with Ana” Molly said. “That’s nice. Though I was talking about Cris” he laughed. “Haha very funny. How is your mother?” she asked. “She’s home so that’s good” Nuno replied. “That’s brilliant Nuno” Molly said. “Ya it is. She gave us a scare but it’s ok now. How are you getting on?” he asked. “Ok. He has a really high temperature and a fever” she said. “Hold on Jorge is here. I’ll put it on speaker” he said.

“Jorge what are you doing there?” Molly asked. “Oh nice to speak to you too Mols. I was in the area. So what did the doctor say about Cris?” Jorge asked and she sighed. “Molly” he said. “For starters he doesn’t know what is causing this. It could be a bug or…” she paused. “Or what?” Nuno asked. “He kind of panicked Cristiano by mentioning meningitis” Molly sighed. “Fuck” Jorge said. “But it’s the least likely thing. I think Dr. Kerez just finds it out that Cristiano is sick all of a sudden. It could be a reaction to something he’s eaten but he’s barely eaten anything this past week and all he seems to ever drink is that protein shake or water” she said.

“Hello are you guys still there?” she asked when she got nothing but silence. “Ya we are still here. Just let us know if you need anything. Tell him to give me a call” Jorge said. “He won’t be making any calls for a while Jorge” she said. “I’m coming back in a few days too Mols” Nuno said. “There’s no rush back Nuno. I can handle Cristiano” Molly said. “Oh we know you can handle him. You’re the only one he listens to” Jorge said. “I totally disagree on that point but whatever. I’ll talk to both tomorrow. Tell everyone I said hi” she said. “Noite Mols” both men said and then the phone went dead. She finished brushing her teeth and slipped back into the bedroom.

“Who was that?” Cristiano asked and she jumped. “Jezz I thought you were asleep” she said. “Not anymore” he said from the bed. “That was Nuno. And Jorge. They say hi” she said walking towards the bed. “Can you sit with me for a while please?” he asked. “You should be asleep” she said. “Please” he begged and she rolled her eyes as she passed Junior’s cot and laid down beside him. “Talk to me” he mumbled. “About what?” she asked. “I don’t know. How did Junior get on with Ana?” he asked. “He had a fun day apparently. She’s taking him tomorrow too” she said. “I just want to be able to spend time with him” Cristiano said.

“You can take him swimming when you get better. Sometime later in the night, Molly was awoken by a sudden movement next to her and she opened her eyes to see Cristiano rushing across the bedroom. She rubbed her eyes and looked around the room. She must have fallen asleep she thought as she frowned when she heard Cristiano puking in the bathroom. She stood and headed to him.

“Go away” he muffled from the floor. “Nope” she said grabbing a wet cloth and moving to kneel beside him on the floor. “Molly” he wined. “Screw your pride Ronaldo” she said placing the cloth on the back of his neck. “I’m really tired of this” he said before puking again. “I know” she whispered rubbing her hand up and down his back. “I miss out on holding back your hair when you had morning sickness with Junior and you get stuck with me now” he said leaning back against the cool tiles. “You didn’t miss much. I didn’t really have bad morning sicknesses. Just felt nauseated really” she shrugged.

“Missed a lot more though” he sighed as she moved to stand. “That was a long time ago” she said as she moved to the sink. “You ever wish we could go back to that time?” he asked. “Why?” she asked. “Just wondering” he shrugged. “I swear this fever is making you say even stranger things. Although talking about fire and dragons was a little bit odder” she laughed as she walked back to him. “Dragons?” he asked. “I don’t know. You’d have to ask Pepe. Shit” she said when she heard Junior crying. “Here put this on you neck. I’ll deal with him” she said quickly moving to see her son.

“Aww sweetie why are you awake? Did we wake you?” she asked as she took him in her arms. She could hear Cristiano puking from the bathroom as she tried to settle Junior. “Let’s go for a walk” she said to Junior and she left the room. “It’s ok. Papa will be ok” she soothed the baby as she walked up and down the hallway. He finally dozed off and she went back to her bedroom and paused at the bathroom door. “You ok?” she asked. “I fucking hate this” he pouted. “You need a shower. I can see the sweat dripping of you from here” she said. “Ya in a minute” he sighed.

“I’ll just put him back down” she said and he nodded. She turned to look at the cot and sighed. “You need sleep little man” she whispered and instead of walking to the cot she went back out into the hallway and paused outside the door of his nursery. “It’s just a room” she mumbled to herself” as she pushed the door open. She tried to block out any bad thoughts as she walked to where the cot was. She found the lamp and switched it on before placing Junior into the cot. “It’s just a cot” she whispered as she stroked his forehead.

“Love you Junior” she whispered as she gripped the side of the cot. “It’s just a room” she said looking around the room. She gave one last look at Junior who was sleepily happily away and headed to the door. She stood at the door and took a deep breathe. “It’s just a room” she said before quickly rushing back to Cristiano’s room to get him clean clothes before rushing back to her own room.

“Ronaldo” she yelled when she heard the water running in the shower. “Why didn’t you wait for me?” she asked stepping into the bathroom. He switched off the water and opened the door slightly. “Could you pass me a towel please?” he asked. “I should strangle you with this” she said handing him a nearby towel. “I know I know I should have waited” he mumbled as he stepped out of the shower. “But you didn’t. Do you ever think about me for heaven sake” she snapped. “Mols” he said. “No seriously you could fall and hit your head and I’m the one who would find you” she said trying to hold back the tears. “I’m sorry” he said wrapping his arms around her and pulling her into a hug.

“I got you some clean clothes. I’ll get you more water while you change and brush your teeth. Your old toothbrush should be in the press” she said pulling away from him. “I really am sorry Molly” he said when she came back into her room. “I just wanted to feel less icky. I hate you seeing me like this” he sighed from the edge of the bed. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t have yelled. Here” she said handing him some water. “Thanks” he said once he had taken a drink. “Your welcome” she said.

“I don’t just mean for the water Mols. Thanks for being here with me” he said. “It’s no big deal. Anyone would do, I was just here” she shrugged. “That’s not true. And I’m glad you were here” he said taking her hand in his. “You should go back to sleep” she told him. “Will you lay with me?” he asked afraid she would go to his room. She nodded and he smiled as he pulled back the blankets and climbed into the bed. “Did Junior go back to sleep? Shit I should be whispering” he said. “He’s asleep” she said. “But I’ve already woken him once” he whispered.

“He’s in the nursery” Molly said. “What?” he asked surprised. “He needed his sleep” she said. “Come here” he said pulling her onto the bed. He lifted the blankets around her and wrapped his arm around her waist. “He’ll be ok Mols” he whispered close to her ear. “I know” she muttered. “I nearly believed you meant that” he said. “It’s just…” she paused. “I feel the same way Mols” he yawned. “You should sleep” she told him. “So should you” he said. “I might check on him” she said attempting to sit up but he pushed her back down and pulled her closer to him. “Sleep” he told her.

“I can’t” she said and she felt his fingers go under her tank top and land on her stomach. He moved this thumb back and forth over her skin. “He’s safe Mols” he said kissing her neck. She turned her head towards him. “He’s safe” he said kissing her cheek. “Sleep” he whispered still moving his thumb on her stomach and she eventually drifted off to sleep.

Cristiano opened his eyes the following morning to find Molly’s face staring at him. He smiled as he moved his hand up and down her leg which was thrown over his. She looked so peaceful he thought. He moved his hand up her thigh as his other hand brushed her hair. “Keep moving that hand and you’ll lose those fingers” she muttered with her eyes still closed and he quickly snapped his hands away. “Mana” he said sheepishly. “Mana” she yawned.

He smiled as he moved his hand to the side of her face. “What time is it?” she asked moving to turn her head but he stopped her. “Nearly 10” he said stroking her cheek. “What” she yelled sitting up in the bed and she looked at the clock. “Molly relax” he laughed. “It’s nearly 10 in the morning Cristiano” she told him. “I know I just said that” he said. “How the hell did I sleep that long?” she asked running a hand through her hair. “You were probably too comfy. I know I was” he smiled.

“Junior” she said moving to push the blankets off her. He placed an arm around her waist and pulled her back onto the bed. “I checked on him a couple of hours ago. He’s perfectly fine” he told her and he fought with her to keep her laying down beside him. “He won’t sleep tonight if he stays in bed for this long” she groaned giving up on trying to sit up again. “He will” he said. “I should go see him” she said. “A couple more minutes isn’t going to hurt Mols” he said as his fingers stroked her back. “You seem a bit more chipper this morning” she said.

“Well why wouldn’t I be when I got to wake up next to you” he smiled. “You shouldn’t say those kind of things” she whispered. “Why not? It’s the truth” he said. “You know why. Jezz Ronaldo we shouldn’t even be here like this. No let me go” she said when he attempted to stop her and she sat up in the bed. “I’ll get Junior and I’ll get you some breakfast” she said. “Molly” he said.

“We should check your temperature too” she said not looking at him. “My head doesn’t hurt as much” he mumbled. She looked over her shoulder at him and reached her hand out to touch his forehead. “You still feel really hot though” she said. He caught her hand as she dropped it from his face and stroked his thumb over her wrist.

“I don’t want to be that guy” he said. “What guy?” she asked confused. “The guy I would be if I did what is whirling around my brain right now” he admitted looking into her eyes.
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Molly took a big step with letting Junior be minded by Ana and now sleeping in his nursey. How will things change now she’s taken these steps? Sleeping in the same bed. And actually in the bed not with one of them on top of the covers. What do you think of that? Are they playing a dangerous games? Is Cristiano even thinking right? He is sick after all. Will he be that guy he doesn’t want to be?

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