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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 59- Some Useful Time To Think

Molly’s breath hitched when he dropped her wrist and placed his hand on the side of her face. "You've got a fever" she whispered. "And?" he asked. "You don't know what you are saying. You probably didn't remember it was me sleeping beside you" she snapped remembering what had happened on New Years in Madeira.

"Molly" he said and she pulled away from him. "I need to get Junior up" she muttered climbing out of the bed. His phone began to ring on the dressing table and she walked over to see who it was. "Leave it" he said. She picked it up and threw it onto the bed. "Answer it" she told him. "Molly" he sighed. "Answer the fucking phone Ronaldo. I'm sure your girlfriend wants to hear how you are" she said picking up her own phone and headed out of the room. He looked at the phone and shook his head. He cancelled the call and turned in the bed and pulled the blankets up over his head. He didn't want to speak to anyone.

Molly rested her head against the wall out her bedroom and sighed. "He has a fever" she said to herself. She shook her head and headed to Junior's nursey where she found him awake looking up at the mobile in his cot. "Hello sweetie" she smiled as she took him in her arms. "How is my lovely little boy this morning?" she asked kissing his cheek and he giggled. "Are you giggling? Oh I just need you need you isn't that right Junior" she said as he phone began to ring. "Hello" she said when she managed to answer it. "Hey Mols, I'm on my way over now" Ana said. "Shit" Molly cursed. "Good morning to you too" Ana joked. "Sorry morning Ana. No I'm just up. He hasn't even had his breakfast yet" Molly said quickly. "Ok open the gate and we'll talk" Ana said hanging up the phone and Molly left to go downstairs.

"Wait let me get a picture" Ana said holding her phone up when Molly opened the front door. "Oh get lost" Molly said. "Molly still in her pjs at this time of day. Now that's something which doesn't happen too often" Ana smiled as they walked to the kitchen. "We slept in" Molly said. "We?" Ana asked with a raised eyebrow. "Junior and I" Molly said placing Junior in his high chair. "And Ronaldo. And Marcosa. Jezz even the dog didn't bark this morning" Molly sighed. "I lie in won't hurt anybody" Ana said. "I'll get him feed and then dressed and you can take him" Molly said rushing around the kitchen.

"There's no rush. Mols are you ok?" Ana asked. "Of course. Why wouldn't I be?" Molly asked as she prepared Junior's breakfast. "You tell me. Everything ok with Cris?" Ana asked and noticed that Molly's hand paused at the mention of the footballer's name. "Molly" Ana said. "He's fine. Well no he's not since he was sick during the night and still has a fever" Molly said. "And that's all?" Ana asked. "What else could there be?" Molly asked as she walked back to the table. "You're spending alot of time together" Ana said as Molly began to feed Junior. "We live in the same house Ana" Molly said.

"You're spending a lot of close time with each other" Ana said. "He's sick. He doesn't know what he is saying" Molly said. "Wait wait wait. What do you mean he doesn't know what he is saying? Molly what has he said?" Ana asked. "Nothing" Molly replied. "Mols" Ana said. "He hasn't said anything Ana just...urgh can you finish feeding Junior while I run upstairs and get his clothes for the day please?" Molly asked her friend. "Sure" Ana said and Molly hand her the spoon she had being using.

After saying goodbye to Ana and Junior, Molly decided she couldn't avoid Cristiano for much longer and took him up some breakfast. She found him under the covers and shook him lightly. "Go away" he wined. "I brought you something to eat" she muttered. "I'm not hungry" he muttered from under the covers. "You've got to eat. Just some" she said pulling the covers off his face. When she looked at him she noticed how white his face was and how sweaty he was. "Jezz Ronaldo you're burning up" she said when she felt his forehead.

"My head hurts" he coughed. "You weren't like this when I left. Ok let's get you into the bath" she said ushering him up. "My arm hurts" he whispered and she looked at him. "Hurts where?" she asked. "Here" he said pointing to his arm where his blood was taken. "It's probably just sore from the needle. Don't worry about it. I'll ask Dr. Kerez ok" she said upbeat trying not to make him anymore worried. "Ok bathroom. The washer and drier are going to be very busy the way this week is going. I have to change these sheets again. I don't get how you've sweated so much in such a short amount of time" she said as she helped him stand.

"Sorry" he mumbled. "You're sick" she smiled brushing his hair of his forehead. "I'm not sick" he grumbled and she rolled her eyes. "Shower and I'll get the bath ready" she told him once they got to the bathroom and he surprised her when he walked straight to the shower and stepped inside with his boxer shorts still on. He let out a yelp when the cold water hit him. "You ok?" she asked. "Ya" he said leaning his head against the tiles. He was getting really tired of feeling this way he thought. "I'll get you fresh clothes" she called out and left the bath to fill.

Whilst in his bedroom, she phoned Dr. Kerez. "Dr. Kerez hello, this is Molly. Cristiano's..." she paused not knowing what she should say. What was she? His baby mama? The chick he planned a baby with? His friend? "Yes yes I know. Hola Molly" the doctor said. "Hi so the reason why I am phoning is that well though he was sick during the night, Cristiano looked way better just a short while ago. Like he was still warm but now he's really burning up and sweating loads" she said. "Ok give him more of that medicine I left. It sounds like his fever is breaking so that's a good sign" he said."Ok. He says his arm is sore. Where you took his blood" she said.

"Can happen sometimes. Nothing to worry about. He was probably sleeping on it last night. Just keep an eye out for any loss of feeling" he told her. "He's in the shower to cool down now" Molly said. "That's good. I think maybe two baths in the day would be good too" he said. "Shit" she said rushing back to her room. "Everything ok?" the doctor asked. "Bath filling water" she mumbled as she ran and let out a sigh of relief followed by a sigh of annoyance when she found Cristiano sitting in the bath. "I thought I had left the bath running" she spoke into the phone while glaring at Cristiano.

"Oh right. His body is just taking time to rid itself of whatever is causing all of this. If you think he's getting worse let me know" he said. "Ya I will thanks" she said as they disconnected the call. “Are you freaking kidding me?” she yelled stepping into the bathroom. “I was fine” he said. “I give up” she said throwing her hands up in the air before storming back to the bedroom. “Molly” he called out. “I’m changing the sheets” she yelled as she pulled the sheets off her bed in rage.

She had explained why he should wait and was so furious that he hadn’t. His phone began to ring and she rolled her eyes when she saw Irina’s name on the screen. “Your phone is ringing again” she said standing at the door. “Let it ring” he said. “Fine” she said moving back to the bedroom. “Molly” he yelled and she dropped his phone on the dresser and ran back to him. “I think…” he started to say attempting to get out of the bath. She grabbed the waste basket and just reached him in time. She brushed his hair as he puked into the waste basket.

“You know I would very insulted if you were getting sick after eating my cooking but since you haven’t eaten anything recently I know I’m not to blame” she joked as he sat back in the bath. “Oh” he said closing his eyes. “You ok?” she asked and he nodded. “I’ll get you some water” she said. “Sorry” he mumbled. “It’s what I’m here for” she shrugged as she stood. She ran a cloth under the tap and went back to the bath. "Put this on your head" she said handing him the cloth. "I thought I was getting better" he wined.

"Dr. Kerez reckons your fever is breaking. So shouldn't be much longer. And he said your arm hurting is normal" she told him. "I don't feel normal" he groaned. "When were you ever normal" she laughed disappearing to get his water. "I hate this" he wined. "You know some people would love getting to sleep all day, miss work and get waited on hand and foot" she said returning with a glass in her hand. "I don't" he pouted. "You'll be back playing football soon Cristiano" she said handing him the glass. "You relax. I'll empty the waste bin and change the sheets" she said as he gave her back the glass. She picked up the waste bin and grabbed his clothes hamper to put the bed covers into.

"Mols" he called out as she approached the door and she turned around to look at him but jabbed her toe which made he yelp and she dropped everything from her hands. "Owowowow" she said hopping on one foot. "Are you ok?" he asked. "I jabbed my toe and yuck yuck yuck my leg has sick on it.Yuck yuck yuck" she moaned as he laughed. "Don't you dare laugh. Ewwww Ronaldo" she wined.

"Just hop into the shower" he said closing his eyes. "Shower?" she asked. "Yes" he said. "Like the one in here?" she asked. "Unless you walk down the hall with sick dripping off you until you get to my shower which-

"I can never work" she groaned. "Yup" he said. "I'll just use another one" she said. "You know it's probably sticking to you real good the longer you are waiting" he said and she shivered and cursed. "Yuck yuck yuck" she said avoiding the broken glass on the ground as she walked to the shower as he laughed. "Stop laughing" she snapped. "It's funny" he said looking at her. "No it's not" she wined opening the shower door. "Turn your head" she told him and he rolled his eyes.

"Nothing I haven't seen before" he smirked closing his eyes. "Asshole" she said as she quickly pulled her clothes off. "At least I can have a hot shower. Not a chance you're having thing but cold showers for laughing at me" she said as she switched the water on. "Used to the cold showers with you around" he muttered. "What did you say?" she asked over the water. "Nothing" he yelled. "Urgh my toe hurts" she said. "Check for glass" he told her. "Yes daddy" she said and he groaned and dipped his head under the water. "Are you still in the bath?" she asked as he lifted his head over the water and she peeked out of the shower. “Yes” he mumbled. “Good” she smiled as she stepped back under the water.

“Did Ana take Junior?” he asked. “Yes she did” she replied. “He’s fine Mols” Cristiano said. “I know” she replied as she washed the shampoo out of her hair. “Shit” she said as she switched the water off. “What’s wrong?” he asked. “I forgot a towel” she said and he laughed. “Oh shut up and look straight ahead” she said. “Molly” he said. “Do it” she said and opened the shower door slowly.

“Like seriously” she said when she saw him sitting on the edge of the bath. “I didn’t leave the bath. I’m sitting on it” he said and she quickly wrapped her arms to cover her breasts when he was about to look at her. “Don’t fucking look” she warned and he covered his eyes with his hand. Molly quickly ran to grab a towel as he laughed. “Stop laughing” she said and he laughed harder as she wrapped the towel around her. “You can look now” she said.
“You know it’s nothing I haven’t seen before Mols” he told her. “Don’t say things like that” she snapped. “Sorry” he sighed and stood from the bath. “I need to redress the bed” she said leaving the bathroom.

He stood in front of the mirror and ran his hand over his face. He knew he was playing with fire but he couldn’t help himself. Waking up beside her that morning, he had felt….he shook his head. “What’s the point” he mumbled to himself. When he had changed into a fresh pair of boxers and brushed his teeth, he found Molly fixing the sheet ends into the bed and noticed that she had found her dressing gown to wear. “I’ll get the brush to clean up the bathroom” he told her and she looked up at him. “As nice of an offer that is I think its best if you stay here. Can’t risk you suddenly becoming dizzy on the stairs now can we. Maybe you could try some of that soup I made yesterday?” she asked. “I do feel a bit hungry” he said and she laughed.

“Feverish and sick one minute. Hungry the next” she said. “I guess” he shrugged. Her phone began to ring and he picked it up from the dressing table. “It’s Maé” he told her. “Óle Dolores” she said once she took the phone from Cristiano. “My son is sick and no one told me” the elder woman said. “Wait how do you know he is sick?” Molly asked and Cristiano groaned at her question. “Well not from you or my son anyway” Dolores said. “Dolores it isn’t serious and he’s almost over it” Molly said. “What is the matter with him?” Dolores asked. “He has a fever. Dr. Kerez ran tests. He’s fine” Molly said and heard Cristiano curse. She turned to look at him and saw he was looking at the TV.

“It’s all over the TV that I’m out for the game” he said. “Is that Cristiano?” Dolores said. “Ya I’ll let you talk to him” Molly said and Cristiano shook his head at her. “Talk to her” she told him covering the phone. “She’s going to yell at me” he said. “Well rather you than me. Plus you should be used to her yelling at you by now” she said dropping the phone in his lap. “Óle Maé” he said into the phone and winced as she started to yell at him.

Molly cleaned up the bathroom whilst Cristiano spoke to Dolores and had left him rest until it was lunch time. She was just heating up the soup when the doorbell rang. “Molly” Sergio exclaimed when she opened the door. “Hello Sergio” Molly said surprised to find him at the door. “We came to see Cris before we go to Seville for the match. We’ll be quick” Pepe said following Sergio into the house. “Just a quick visit” Molly told them and they nodded. “I was just about to take him up some soup” Molly said as they walked to the kitchen.

“How is he?” Sergio asked as he rubbed Marcosa’s head. “Getting there. I thought he was much better this morning but then he took a step backwards. Anyway he’s upstairs in my room. I’ll follow you up” she told them as she stirred the soup. “Your room?” Sergio asked surprised. “Come on Sergio we haven’t got long” Pepe said pulling at the Spaniard. “Finally get to see the inside of her bedroom Sergio” Pepe joked as the climbed the stairs. “Fuck off” he snapped. “Well Iker isn’t here so someone has to say it” Pepe laughed. “Cristiano” Pepe called out when they reached the top of the stairs. “In here” they heard Cristiano call out. “Where?” Sergio asked. “In here” Cristiano yelled again and they found him with his chin resting on a pillow in Molly’s room.

“Hi” Cristiano mumbled. “Man you look rough” Pepe said. “Thanks” Cristiano sighed as he moved to sit up in the bed. “I just had Maé yell at me for not telling her I was missing training, everyone thinks I’m sick and my head hurts” Cristiano groaned. “So you’re enjoying being at home then” Pepe joked. “And you are sick” Sergio said as he looked around the room. “I’m not sick just not feeling too well” Cristiano pouted.

“Well your little fella is getting so much attention from Ana right now. I’m getting none” Pepe said and Cristiano smiled. “I’m glad he’s having fun” Cristiano said. “We can take him for the night if you like?” Pepe asked. “Nice thought but Mols isn’t ready for that. Trust me she’s taken more than enough steps already” Cristiano said. “Why are you in here? Like in Molly’s room?” Sergio asked. “I fell asleep when she was putting Junior to bed. Not sure she’s entirely happy about me taking over her room” Cristiano said.

“So has Molly being a very good nurse?” Pepe asked. “Ya it’s being fine” Cristiano said before coughing. “Ahm Sergio could you get him more water please?” Pepe asked. “Sure I’ll help Molly with the soup while I’m at” he said and left the room. “Ok spill before he comes back” Pepe said taking a seat at the bottom of the bed. “Huh?” Cristiano asked confused. “Oh please it’s being fine. Like I’m going to believe that” Pepe said and Cristiano sighed. “It has being fine. Molly’s being great” Cristiano said. “Ok” Pepe said.

“What did I say the other day?” Cristiano asked. “Huh?” Pepe asked. “Molly said something about me saying strange stuff cos of my fever” Cristiano said. “Well ya you did. Something about babies and dragons and Russians” Pepe said. “Oh” Cristiano said. “Mate why are you asking me this? Has something happened between you and Molly?” Pepe asked. “No” Cristiano snapped. “Cris” Pepe said. “This whole thing” Cristiano sighed. “You being sick or Molly being here?” Pepe asked. “Both” Cristiano sighed. “Maybe you should use all of this alone time to think about things Cris” Pepe suggested.

“To think?” Cris asked. “Come on mate you know what I mean. You’ve obviously have things on your mind. Maybe you should actually sort things out for once and for all. Figure out what you want” Pepe said and looked back at the door when he heard laughing and Molly and Sergio entered the room. “What’s so funny?” Pepe asked. “Sergio reckons I should just take over Cristiano’s bedroom permanently since he’s taken over mine” Molly smiled as she carried a tray over to Cristiano.

“Ya you do like the bed you slept in last night” Cristiano smirked at her knowing Sergio hadn’t a clue that Molly had still slept in her room even with Cristiano having taken over her bed. “Right we’ll leave you rest. We have a match to win. Which is a little harder without you” Pepe said standing from the bed. “I’m sure you won’t miss him boys” Molly smiled. “Be a lot easier if we didn’t have to answer press questions about what’s wrong with Ronnie” Sergio said. “He’s the first person who would like to know the answer to that question” Molly said. “Well he seems better than he was the last time I saw him” Pepe said. “He hopefully won’t be sick for much longer” Molly said. “I’m not sick” Cristiano said eating a spoonful of soup and Molly rolled her eyes.

“Admitting something is the first step to happiness Cristiano” Molly said. “You know Mols that sounds like good advice. Ronnie here should do a bit of thinking and maybe he’ll actually be happy” Pepe said looking sternly at Cristiano. “Have a good match” Cristiano told him. “Just do a bit of thinking” Pepe told him. “Have you got an idea about what we are missing here?” Molly asked Sergio. “Hey we’ve all tried telling Ronnie he needs to think more. Hey maybe that’s why his head hurts” Sergio joked and Molly laughed. “You might be on to something there Sergio” Molly smiled at him.
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Is Cristiano’s illness causing him to say things he shouldn’t say to Molly? Will he take Pepe’s advice and think long and hard about what he wants? What does Molly want?

Thanks to everyone who commented on the last chapter. I thought since Portugal are out people might need some cheering up with a new update. Enjoy