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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 6- It Should Be You Instead

"The nerve of her. Acting like a saint. At least people know what she's really like now" Tatiana said. "Maybe you should listen to her. And buy your sister a mirror" Katia said. "I'll go after her" Ana said standing. "Maybe you should leave her" Pepe said. "I should go. I...well I think..I'll be back soon" Ana said.

Ana entered the nearby women's bathrooms and found Molly staring into the mirror. "You ok?" Ana asked. "Let's see I just found out that my boyfriend was only with me to get a story. Everyone hates me because I lied to them. That stupid bitch. Oh and the little boy that I carried for nine months might die" Molly said gripping the edge of the counter with her hands.

"Firstly stop thinking the worst. Junior is getting better Mols. Secondly, no one hates you, thirdly Luke is scum and fourthly you really should yell at Irina more it's fun to watch" Ana smiled hoping Molly would too. "I just wish I could go to sleep and wake up to all of this been a dream. I'm living a nightmare" Molly said.

"You have been for months" Ana said. "I've heard enough from Irina, I don't need to hear what you or anyone else thinks about everything Ana. I just want to focus on Junior" she said. "I'm sorry Mols. I probably haven't been helping. I just hate that you're hurting. And well Cris....he has a lot to answer" Ana said. "I should change out of this skirt and get back to Junior" Molly said.

Molly and Ana headed back to the waiting room and everyone stayed quiet. Sergio left and Marcelo and Fabio arrived moments later. "Anderia would come but Victoria is sick and she thought she should stay away from here for a while. But she sends her best" Fabio told Molly as he hugged her. "Is Victoria ok?" Molly asked and he smiled. "She's fine. How are you?" he asked and she shrugged. "We just thought we'd pop our heads in and see how everyone was" Marcelo said. "It's nice of you both" Molly said.

The door opened and Cristiano entered along with his mother. "Who's with Junior?" Molly asked standing. "The nurse kick us out" Cristiano mumbled. "What?" Molly asked. "They are running a few more test Molly. They just need an hour. So you should take advantage of this break and eat" Dolores said. "I'm not hungry" Molly replied. "Babe you should come home with us. Your no good to Junior if you’re tired" Irina smiled at her boyfriend. "I'm staying" he said. "I'll stay by Junior's side while you go home for a rest" Irina said holding his arm and his eyes flicked to Molly who looked like she was about to scream. And judging by the looks on every other person in the room, he wasn't the only one thinking about that been a very bad idea.

"You are going..." Molly started to say shaking with anger before Cristiano turned to Irina. "You should go with your sister Irina" he said. "I'll bring you back some clothes babe" she said. "Thanks" he smiled at her as he saw Molly take a seat beside his sister. "I'll go with you back to the house" Nuno said. "Ya we should go too" Marcelo said. "You don't have to" Cristiano said. "We don't want to intrude. Plus you should rest while the doctors are running their tests" he said.

"More tests. Hasn't he had enough" Molly said holding back tears. "I'll go get us some food" Jorge said. "I'll come with you. Katia you should go with Nuno. You might stay here during the night" Dolores said. "Ya of course" her daughter replied. "I won't be long babe" Irina said placing a kiss on his cheek. "Just try and remember who your girlfriend is while we are gone" Tatiana said. "Mind you don't trip in front of the paps" Ana said as they left the room.

"Come on Ana let's go help Jorge" Pepe said. "She's fine where she is Pepe" Dolores said looking between Molly and her son. "Ya Dolores is right. You, me and Dolores will be fine" Jorge said knowing it wasn't the best thing for Molly and Cristiano to be left alone. Even though Jorge got the impression Ana wouldn't be too much use in stop Molly from screaming at Cristiano.

The door had no sooner closed when Molly stood. "You leave her anywhere near Junior and I'll do more the slap you Ronaldo" she yelled. "She was just trying to be nice" Cristiano said. "Ok I think we should avoid any talk about Irina. Molly take a seat and rest for a bit. You've got a long night ahead" Ana said pulling Molly back down to sit. "This shouldn't be happening" Molly said.

"I wish I could swap places with him" Cristiano said. "Me too. I wish it was you laying in that room and not him" Molly snapped. "Mols" Ana said. "You hired someone who couldn't do their job. You replaced me with her" Molly yelled at him.

"I'm sorry" he said. "No" she yelled. "Molly" Ana said placing a hand on her shoulder. "You do not sit there right now and apologise. This is not like all the other times. I'm sick to death of your apologies. I'm sick of you. It should be you instead of Junior" Molly cried. "I wish it was" Cristiano whispered as he watched Molly cry into Ana's shoulder.

"Why did you leave him with her?" Tatiana asked once her and Irina were alone in the upstairs of Cristiano's house. "They aren't alone and Cris needs to see what a good girlfriend I am" Irina said throwing her handbag onto the bed. "Then stay with him" sister said. "I hate hospitals. And the brat will be fine. I just need to work out how I can make Cris feel guilty for lying to me" Irina said. "He probably does but he's thinking about his son" Tatiana said.

"He should be thinking about me. Oh that stupid nanny. I'm going to get the blame for that" Irina said. "It's not your fault the kid is sick" sister said. "I need you to go into his room" Irina said. "Why?" her sister asked. "What are you doing?" Katia asked surprised to find Tatiana in Junior's room a short time later. "I thought I would clean the room for when Junior comes back. It must have been a shock to find him in here" Tatiana said picking up the file from the ground that Molly had dropped two nights ago.

"I can do it" Katia said. "I just thought it would be something to do. You all have enough to worry about" she said. "Thanks but well we don't know when he'll be coming home anyway so there's no rush" Katia said. "I guess. But hopefully it will be soon" Tatiana said. "Hopefully. I should get this" Katia said as her phone rang. Tatiana picked up the monitor and flicked the button into the on position before she placed in back in its place and left the room.

"Hey Ronnie" Sergio called out and Cristiano turned to see Pepe and Sergio coming towards him. "Hey guys. You know that you don't have to come every day" Cristiano said. "Someone has to keep an eye on you" Sergio smiled. "How was last night? Any change in Junior?" Pepe asked. "None. Molly and Katia are with him" he said.

"Have either of you managed to get any sleep?" Pepe asked. "Not really. Did Ana get home ok last night?" he asked. "Ya she did. She'll be in later. We just said we would drop in before training" Pepe said. "Even if it did takes us ages to get in. I swear there's more press then yesterday" Sergio said. "I was just heading to Junior to give Molly a break. You can say hi when she comes out" Cristiano said.

"How are things between the pair of you? Ana said....well she said things weren't good after we left yesterday" Pepe said. "Things aren't every going to be good. What time is it?" Maé or Nuno should be coming in soon. Katia was here all night and needs a rest too" Cristiano said. "It's" Pepe said looking at his watch.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sergio yelled over Pepe's shoulder and the other men turned around. "Get out" Cristiano yelled rushing towards Luke. "I came to see Molly" Luke said. "You should leave" Pepe said pulling Cristiano back. "I need to see Molly" Luke said as Pepe stood between the two men. "Stay away from her you bastard" Sergio snapped. "Guys stop" Pepe said pushing Sergio and Cristiano back. "You should leave" Pepe said looking over his shoulder at Luke.

"I just want to speak to Molly" Luke said. "I don't want to speak to you" Molly said and the men turned to find her watching them. "Molly" Luke said taking a step. "Don't even think about going near her" Cristiano said. "You'd love that. Me no where near her. You never did like me around her" Luke said to Cristiano. "You wrote a story about my family" Cristiano yelled.

"I came to see if you were ok" Luke said ignoring Cristiano. Molly walked closer to the group of men. "You dated me to get a story. How do you think I am?" Molly asked him. "Molly just ignore him" Sergio said. "I didn't date you to get a story. I really did like you. I really do like you Molly" Luke said. "I don't care Luke. I really don't give a shit about you. Drop dead for all I care. Now get out" Molly said.

"Molly I'm sorry" he said and she came closer to him and before Luke had time to move, her right hand connected with his cheek. "That was for using me" she said. "And this is for using Junior to further your career" she said before she needed him in the balls. "Way to go Molly" Sergio laughed as Pepe pulled her back.

"I know you how you must feel" Luke said crying in pain on the ground. "No me kneeing you in the balls is me being angry. Me phoning your old and new boss to tell them how you have been stealing money from GQ for some time is well what I can do after only thinking about payback for five minutes. He told me to tell you not to bother coming to work tomorrow. Oh and your old boss told me to tell you to expect the police at your door" Molly said as Luke looked up at her from the ground in shock.

"What?" Luke asked. "You should never leave papers laying that you want to hide what’s on them. I get bored easily. Especially in your company. Now get the hell out of here before I let them throw you out. And it won't be just sore balls you will have to worry about" Molly snapped. "You bitch" he yelled back. "You really shouldn't speak to a lady like that" Pepe said.

"Aww Ronaldo isn't man enough to stand up for his bit on the side himself" Luke goaded. "Don't" Pepe warned Cristiano. "You got your story Luke. Get lost and enjoy your visit from the police" Molly said as she made her way back down the corridor. Cristiano, Sergio and Pepe followed her leaving Luke in pain on the floor. "Man Molly that rocked. Did you see his face when you need him? That was amazing" Sergio laughed wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

"I'm glad you liked the show. The doctor wants to speak to us" she told Cristiano. "Thanks for coming to get me" he said. "I didn't have a choice. Katia wouldn't do it. Thanks for stopping by guys" Molly said giving each of Pepe and Sergio a hug before she headed towards ICU and to Junior's room.

I'll speak to you later" Cristiano sighed as he followed her. "Cris" Sergio said and the footballer looked back at his teammate. "She could have just stay in the room. And not had anyone tell you" Pepe said. "Ya I guess" Cristiano said giving a wave and headed to find out what the doctor had to say. "I want to be annoyed with them both but when I see what they are going through I can't" Sergio said to Pepe.

"I know I wouldn't swap places with Cris anyway. Junior been sick is only one reason he's so fucked up right now. Come on we should get to training" Pepe said. "I should have taken a video of Molly with Luke" Sergio laughed. "Well now we have even more of a reason not to piss her off. Jezz she kicked him hard" Pepe winced at the memory.
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Molly and Cristiano’s friendship isn’t getting any better. We know Irina only switched off the baby monitor but what else is she up to? Did you have the same reaction as Molly when Irina suggested she go stay with Junior? And Luke had the nerve to come see Molly. How is this affecting Molly?

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