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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 60- By My Side As Always

“Toast” he frowned when Molly handed him a plate. He had spent the rest of day after Pepe and Sergio had left either asleep or watching TV while Molly popped in and out of the room as she did housework. “You have to stick to plain food until you are better” she told him as he sat up in the bed. “But I am feeling better” he wined. “Well that’s great to hear. Now eat” she told him as she moved back towards the bedroom door.

“Wait” he called out and she turned to face him. “Can you stay with me?” he asked. “Cristiano” she said. “Please I’m bored” he sighed. “Oh thanks. I feel so wanted” she said. “You know what I mean. I’m just tired of this. I’m tired of being sick” he said messing with the toast on his plate. “Wait did I just hear correctly or did you just admit you are sick?” she joked. “Yes I’m sick. I’m fucking sick” he said slamming his fist onto the bed.

“Hey take it easy” she said walking towards the bed. “I hate feeling so useless” he said. “You’re not useless” she said. “Yes I am. I feel like shit. My team won’t fucking miss me tomorrow. My head hurts and you’re avoiding me” he said. “You forgot that you look like shit” she said taking a seat on the bed and he placed the plate on the bed and turned away from her. “Ronaldo come on I’m messing with you” she said shaking him. “Go away” he mumbled. “Will you turn and look at me” she said. “Just leave me alone” he said.

“You’ve just said that I’m avoiding you which I haven’t being and now you want me to leave. Stop pouting and turn around” she said and he let out aloud sigh and twisted to face her. “I’m not pouting” he said and she rolled her eyes at how childish he was being. “I think the boredom has made you more crazy” she smiled at him. “I’m sorry for being so –

“Annoying, childish, immature” she finished. “Ya” he said. “You could call Ricky or Nuno if your head doesn’t hurt so bad” she suggested. “I spoke to Nuno already for a little bit. His mother is home and Maé is fussing around her. Apparently she’s annoyed she wasn’t needed by me” he said. “We didn’t want to worry her” Molly said. “That’s what I told her but well you know Maé” he said. “Ya I do. Your toast is getting cold” she mused. “Fine I’ll eat it” he said rolling his eyes. She handed him the plate and as he ate felt his forehead.

“You’re still very clammy and hot” she told him. “Delightful” he said. “You can have another shower in a while” she said and he groaned. “I wish I was playing tomorrow” he told her. “Hopefully you’ll be fit and ready for next weekend” she said. “I hope so” he said. Her phone began to ring where she had it in her pocket. “That’s probably Ana” she told him.

“Hey” she answered the phone. “So your son really likes his sleep doesn’t he” she said. “Gets it from his mama” Cristiano said having heard Ana who laughed at his comment. “I take it that he’s asleep then” Molly said standing from the bed. “Ya he didn’t go down for a nap. I’m on my way over now. I know it’s a bit early for him to be asleep” Ana said as Molly indicated to Cristiano that she would be back soon as she left the room.

Cristiano grinned at Molly as he watched her watch the TV as Vivian opened and Edward snapped the red box sending both the woman on screen and the woman laying on the bed beside him into a fit of giggles. She caught him staring at her and looked back at the screen. “What?” she asked still looking at the screen. “Nothing” he smiled. “Watch the film” she told him. “I am” he grinned.
“Seriously stop staring at me” she said. “You really like this film don’t you?” he asked. “I know it’s stupid. Like she’s a prostitute and it’s not exactly well a fairy-tale love story but I like that she got her happy ending. That she helped him see the man she saw” she said turning to find him smiling at her. “It doesn’t matter” she said shaking her head. “No I get what you mean” he said looking back at the screen.

After Ana had brought Junior back, both Molly and Ana had had something to eat in the kitchen before Ana left but not before she had made a stop to Cristiano. She didn’t say a word about the fact that he was in Molly’s room but Molly knew she would have plenty to say at a later time. Molly had decided to forget anything Ana was probably going to say to her and had decided on an early night when Cristiano had suggested they watch a film.

“Did Junior go down ok?” he asked fixing the pillow under his head. “Ana said he crawled all over her living room. She took some videos for us too” Molly said and hopped off the bed. “He didn’t even wake when I changed him before I put him in his room” she said picking up her phone from the dresser. “You ok? With the nursey and all” he asked.

“It’s still……” she hesitated. “I wish you never had to have go through that Mols. The nanny….I really messed up” he said. “I’d rather not think or talk about it” she said and sneezed. “Bless you” he said. “Thank you” she said getting a video up on her phone. “Molly” he said. “Here look at this” she said handing the phone to him clearing forgetting about the film. He sighed knowing she didn’t want to talk so looked at the phone.

“He’s getting bigger” he smiled. “I know he’s only seven months old but it feels like a lifetime ago that he was only born” she said. “That really was the best day of my life” he said looking at her. “Mine too” she smiled. “I was so in awe of you that day” he admitted. “You were. Why?” she asked.

“Why?” he laughed at her surprise. “What’s so funny?” she asked. “Mols the entire time in that delivery room, I just couldn’t remember a time where I felt so amazed by a person. Like you were so strong for starters. After everything which had happened to get to that day and then add in the pain I was just in awe of you” he confessed. “Millions of women go through labour Cristiano” she shrugged.

“But only you were giving birth to my son” he beamed and her cheeks started to pink up.
“Well it helped having you with me” she admitted. “Really? I know it wasn’t the original plan to have me there. I thought me being there was something that may have bugged you” he confessed. “Well and it came as a shock to me at the time but I didn’t entirely dislike you being there. It was nice to yell at you” she joked and he laughed. “Ya well it was kind of my fault you were going through all that pain” he said. “Well you did tell me I couldn’t do it” she said. “Cos I knew you would if I told you that you couldn’t. You are childish” he said. “Your one to talk” she said playfully slapping his shoulder.

“Oh crap we’re missing it” she said grabbing the remote and turning up the volume. “He should have stopped her from leaving sooner” Cristiano said watching the TV. “They were both too stubborn I guess. But he did go after her in the end. He even confronted his fear of heights” she smiled as she watched Edward climb the fire escape. “And his fear of love” Cristiano said and Molly looked at him. “Look at the romantic sitting beside me huh” she grinned. “I haven’t always being a romantic” he said.

“So what’s changed?” she asked. “Well for starters a certain brunette makes me watch stupid rom-coms” he said. “Have you forgotten who it was who suggested we watch this film?” she smirked with her arms crossed and he rolled her eyes at her. “I knew it was one of your favourites. Plus it was worth watching it to get videos of you signing to it” he smirked twirling his phone in his fingers. "You didn't?" she asked glaring at him. "Oh yes I did" he grinned waving the phone in the air. "Give me that" she said attempting to get the phone.

"What's it worth to get it?" he asked. "Me not kicking your ass" she said kneeling up on the bed. "Mmm nah I think I'll wait it out" he laughed as she reached for the phone. "Ronaldo" she wined leaning over him to get the phone. "Ah" she yelled when she nearly went head first of the bed only for him to grab her and pull her on top of him so her back was laying against his chest. "Delete the videos" she snapped trying to get the phone from his clutches.

He laughed as she squirmed on top of him. "Ronaldo I'm serious" she said. "It's just a video" he laughed and just moved his head in time to avoid the back of her head colliding with his chin. "Of me singing badly. Seriously delete it" she said. "Hey easy I'm sick" he said as she tugged at his fingers around the phone. "Oh now you're happily admitting to be sick" she groaned before letting out a sequel of delight when she got the phone out of his hand and into her own. "Ha not so strong" she beamed.

"Strong enough to keep you here" he said wrapping his arms around her waist. "No let me go" she laughed and he began to tickle her. "No don't" she laughed as he rolled them onto their sides. "What were you saying about me not being strong?" he smirked as she squirmed as his fingers attacked her stomach. "That tickles" she laughed and he took the phone from her hand and threw it into Junior's empty cot. "No" she yelled when the phone went out of her sight.

"The battery is dead Mols" he whispered and she turned her face to look at him. "Sorry" she said. "The battery has been dead all night" he smirked at her. "So there's no video of me singing?" she asked. "Nope" he laughed and she punched him in the shoulder. "Ouch" he said. "Asshole" she glared. "Hey I'm fragile" he pouted. "We'll see who's laughing when I send your teammates the picture of you when Alicia put makeup on you" she smirked.

"You wouldn't?" he asked her. "Oh hell ya I will" she said as her eyes searched for her phone. He spotted her phone at the bottom of the the same time she did. He looked at her and she looked at him and then both looked at the phoned again. “No” she shouted as he moved to kneel to grab the phone. She jumped onto his back and he let out a shout as the phone fell to the ground. They both laughed as he moved his hands behind his back to tickle her and she dropped her arms from around his neck and he moved them so he was laying on top of her with her legs at either side of his and his hands one her wrists at the side of her head.

They both laughed and breathed heavily clearly out of breath from rolling around on the bed. "You better not send that photo" he warned her and lifted one his left hand off her wrist to brush some lose strands of her hair off her face. "You have forgotten something about that picture" she told him as she tried to catch her breathe. "And what is that?" he asked hoovering over her. "You already made me delete the picture" she told him before she burst out into another fit of laughter.

He glared at her before sighing as he remembered. "Let's make a deal that we won't show embarrassing pictures or videos of each other to others" he suggested. "Mmm" she mused. "How could you have a problem with that suggestion?" he asked. "Well the deal obviously benefits you more than me since you're the one who will do something to have embarrassing pics" she smirked. "Well what benefits me right now is doing this" he smirked moving his fingers to the back of her knee and she thrashed around the bed as he tickled her.

"Ok ok deal deal" she giggled. "That's more like it" he said with a satisfactory sigh before he rolled off her and laid beside her on the bed. "The sheets are a bit messed up" she laughed. "Not the first time we've messed up the sheets" he said and she blushed and coughed.

"I meant the time I got you to delete that picture. I'm pretty sure we ended up in a tickle fight that day too" he said. "Look who remembered" she said. "Ya think we finished it in the shower" he smirked and he laughed when she covered her face with her hand. "It's getting late" he yawned.

"Ya I should go to bed" she said raising up so she was leaning on her elbows. "Mols" he whispered and she looked at him. "You are in bed" he laughed and she nudged his shoulder and laughed. "You're meant to be sick not rolling around the bed like a child" she told him. He sat up and held his hand out to her and she took it and he pulled her up. "Let's sleep" he said moving to the top of the bed. She watched as he moved under the blankets. "I promise I won't tickle you" he said and she tilted her head to the right in thought.

She knew she should go anywhere else that wasn't in the bed but he had that big goofy smile of his on his face and she crawled up to the top of the bed and in under the blankets. "Noite" he said flicking of the bedside lamp as she pressed the remote to switch off the TV. "Noite" she said settling onto her side with her back facing him. Five minutes later she rolled onto her back and looked at him.

"Why aren't you asleep?" she asked just about able to make out that he had his hand over his head. "Thinking" he mumbled as she rolled on to her other side to face him. "About?" she asked. "A lot of things" he sighed. "Maybe you should stop thinking then" she suggested and he smiled. "Can't avoid thinking things I should probably have thought hard about in the first place" he muttered. "I'm really confused" she told him and he laughed. "Welcome to my world" he said brushing his fingers over the top of her head. "Want to talk about whatever you are thinking about?" she asked. "Kind of need to figure it out myself Mols" he told her. "Ok. But if you want to talk then you know where I am" she said.

"By my side as always" he smiled. "Well technically right now then yes" she smiled. "Technically yes" he smiled and she turned to face the other way. "I know I said no tickles but well...." he paused and she moved her hand out to grab his and place it on her waist. He pulled her closer to him and nuzzled his nose against her neck. "Noite Mols" he yawned. "Tickle me and they'll never find the body" she warned him which made him laugh. "You'd miss me too much to kill me" he whispered.
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