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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 61- Always Got Your Back

"How the fuck did miss that" Cristiano yelled at the TV as Sergio headed the ball over the goal post. Molly had learnt a couple of things during Cristiano's illness. One she was starting to hate laundry. Two he's even more of a stubborn muppet when he's sick and three he really can't sit still whilst watching a game of football he should be playing in. "I hope my ears are deceiving me and I didn't just hear you curse in front of our son" she said as she walked into the bedroom carrying a tray. "Your ears are deceiving you" he smirked.

"Isn't that right Junior?" he smiled at his son who sitting in his father's lap playing with a toy. "What happened?" she asked walking towards the bed. "Ramos mucked up" he said. "Mucked" she raised an eyebrow. "Well I can't say the word that replaces the m with a f now can I" he said and she rolled her eyes. "The guy hit him in the face. No wonder he missed it" Molly said as she watched the replay. "Whatever" he pouted.

"Oh aren't we so lucky it was an early kick off and not at night time when you would have being to tired to watch it" she said sacristily. Though Ana and Anderia had both offered to take Junior for the day, Molly had decided to keep him at the house. Cristiano's fever was subsiding each hour and he had started to look much better. "I just want to play" he groaned. "I know and you will next week. You're temperature is going down each time I take it so that's great. Plus you've got your appetite back" she said.

"Speaking of which, what's for lunch?" he asked eying up the tray. "Chicken salad" she said and he frowned. "Did you just frown at my chicken salad?" she asked. "It's not that I'm just...well I'd love a steak" he said and she laughed. "Dr. Kerez said to start you off gently with food. We don't want to rock the boat and have you throwing up again" she said. "Ya it's being nice not throwing up for a day" he smiled at her. "I'll take him while you eat" she said walking around the bed. "Think he's a bit hungry too" he said kissing Junior's cheek before handing him to Molly.

"I have his lunch ready downstairs" she told him. "Aww can't you feed him up here?" he asked. "The way your son eats at times, those curtains wouldn't last five minutes before he had his lunch over them" she joked. "Ok" Cristiano sighed. "I know you're bored Cristiano" she said. "I just hate being up here on my own that's all" he sighed reaching for the tray. "Maybe tomorrow we can get you downstairs for a bit" she said. "Really?" he asked.

"Maybe. We have to see how your temperature is" she reminded him. "This is good" he said stuffing a forkful of salad into his mouth. "Glad you like it. Don't talk with your mouth full and don't get food on the bed. I am sick to death of seeing the laundry room after this week" she said.

"So are they still winning?" she asked turning her attention onto the TV. "Still 2-1 up" he replied. "Good" she said. "As long as they can actually defend for the next 10 minutes we should win" he said. "I'm sure they'll manage to" she said. He had being grumpy all throughout the match. Even before when Sergio had texted Molly. Cristiano had being annoyed that he was texting her when he should be focused on the match. "We'll be back up for his nap. Maybe even papa will join him for his nap. Might help papa be less grumpy" she said and he just took another fork of salad.

"I charged your phone. If you get bored try calling Dolores or your brother. Or here's a thought maybe your girlfriend" she said. "Ya ya" he said looking at the TV. She rolled her eyes and left him eat his lunch.

When she returned an hour later, she found Cristiano sitting in the rocking chair with the phone in his hand. "What are you doing?" she asked in a whisper as she carried Junior to his cot. "Just got off the phone to Hugo" he whispered. "Everything ok with all of them?" she asked taking a seat on the bed. "Ya he just wanted to know how I was. I told him how much of a good nurse you are" he smiled.

"Oh maybe I've missed my calling. Maybe I should go back to school" she joked. "If that's what you want then you should" he told her and she frowned. "You want me out of here?" she asked. "What? No no that's not what I meant" he said leaning forward to take her hands in his. "What I meant was that I'd support you in anything you want to do. I know you love Junior and if you want to be at home full time then I am more than happy for that to happen. But if you want to use that amazing brain of yours, then we'll figure things out.

"So if I wanted to become a stripper then you'd support me?" she smirked. "I was being serious Mols" he said letting go of her hands. "So was I" she said. "If that's what you wanted" he said through gritted teeth. "Really?" she asked. "OK maybe after I'd have done everything possible to talk you out of it and probably said something to you that would end up with us fighting" he said.
"Ya now that sounds more like it" she laughed. "Ya well I'm just saying that no matter what you want to do-

you've got my back" she interrupted and he nodded. "Well I'm happy with the way things are going right now" she smiled. "Me too" he smiled. "But maybe I should Higuaín for the number of a local strip club just in case I change my mind" she smirked. "Don't even think about it" he warned.
"It helps to be prepared" she said. "Well be prepared for me doing some serious punching then. Cos the thought of another guy even getting a second of a thrill from watching you do anything not to mind strip your clothes off makes me want to do some face arranging" he said grabbing the sides of the rocking chair hard until his knuckles turned white.

"I'm sure they wouldn't get a thrill from me" she mumbled and he leaned forward suddenly and titled her chin up to him. "Any man with any sense would get a thrill from having you in the same room as him not to mind watching you take off your clothes" he told her and she opened and then closed her mouth. "I won't be stripping anytime soon" she whispered. "Good" he said stroking her cheek.
"Ahm you should get some rest" she told him. "Fancy joining me?" he asked. "I promised your mother I would phone her" she said, "Ok" he nodded. Saturday ended complete uneventful and Sunday had brought a significant reduction in Cristiano's temperature. Molly placed Junior in his cot and quietly moved towards the bathroom door.

She leaned against the doorframe with her arms crossed and a huge smile on her face as she watched Cristiano move the tiny boat around the bath. She bit her lip to fight back a laugh but it was no use and she started to laugh which made Cristiano look up at her. "I really wish I had a camera right now" she laughed. "I wasn't doing anything" he said hiding the boat behind his back. "Oh so you weren't just playing with Roderigo’s toy boat then" she smirked. "Maybe" he mumbled and she laughed. "I was bored" he wined.

"God you can be such a child" she said. "I found it behind the bubble bath" he told her placing the toy boat on the floor. "I can see you found that also" she said noticing all the bubbles which filled the water around him. "I'm relaxing" he smirked. "Someone seems to be back to himself" she mused. "Getting there" he nodded.

"Might even get to training on Tuesday" she said. "You don't think that's too soon?" he asked. "I thought you'd be jumping at the chance to get back. Even bugging me to go tomorrow" she said. "We don't have training tomorrow" he mumbled. "Cos that ever stops you for going in anyway. Most times we can't get you away from there" she told him and he shrugged. "What if it's too soon and I get sick again? We don't even know why I was sick" he said. "It was just a bug. A big pain in the ass of a bug. Which is kind of fitting since you are a big pain in the ass" she smiled.

"You're one to talk. You're as much a pain in the ass as I am" he joked. "Ah but I have a nice ass so it doesn't matter" she smirked. "Mmm I'll give you that one. You always had a nice ass" he winked and she rolled her eyes. "Oh shut up" she said and he laughed. "Is Junior down for his nap?" he asked as she bent to pick the boat off the floor. "Ya" she replied. "Do you have your phone on you?" he asked moving bubbles back and forth with his hand. "No" she said checking the back pocket of her shorts. "I can get yours if you would like" she said and he shook his head. "Was just checking" he smirked.

"Checking what?" she asked and let out a scream when he wrapped an arm around her and pull her into the bath. Water splashed over the sides and onto the floor. "Ronaldo" she yelled as he brushed hair off her face as she sat between his legs in the bath. "Ssh you'll wake Junior" he laughed. "This is not funny" she said. "Your ass looked like it needed to cool down" he joked and she kicked him in the leg.

"Hey watch the legs" he told her. "This is not funny" she told him. "I think it is" he laughed. "Well I don't give a fuck if you do" she snapped. "Mols I was only having some fun" he told her. "Well it's not funny" she said attempting to stand in the bath. "Be careful" he told her as he held her waist as she stood. It wasn't just the fact that now she had more clothes and towels to add to the laundry basket that was making her angry, but the guy was naked in the bath she thought.

"I'm sorry Molly" he said as she climbed out of the bath. "You are so lucky I didn't have my phone on me" she glared at him as she unbuttoned her demin shorts. "That's why asked you. What are you doing?" he asked as the shorts fell to the floor and she stood in front of him in nothing but her panties and a white t-shirt. A very very wet t-shirt he noticed.

"I need a shower now don't I to get these bubbles off me" she said moving her to lift her shirt over her head. His eyes trailed up and down her wet body as her matching white bra and panties clung to her body. He shifted in the bath thankful for the bubbles which were preventing from any embarrassing situations he thought. She threw her clothes into the basket and grabbed a towel from the towel tack and walked towards the shower.

"Not going to tell me to close my eyes?" he choked out. "You're not facing my way. Plus like you said it's nothing you haven't seen before" she said and he saw her bra land in the laundry basket. Molly stepped into the shower and banged her hand off the wall as the water ran down her body. What the hell was she thinking undressing in front of him like that she thought. "Stupid stupid" she muttered to herself. "Will you yell at me if I get out of the bath?" she heard him yell and she switched the water off. "Are you feeling dizzy?" she asked. "No. I feel fine" he called out. "Just be careful then" she said twisting her hair to get the water out. "Do I get brownie points for asking instead of just getting out?" he asked and she let out a small laugh.

"Your last bath cos of a fever and you decide to ask instead of just getting out like ever other time. Only you would be like that" she said opening the door and reaching out for her towel. "Thought I'd change things up a little" he joked as she stepped out of the shower and found him standing by the sink with just a towel around his waist. "How nice of you" she murmured. "I am sorry Molly. I shouldn't have pulled you into the bath like that" he said leaning against the countertop. "No you shouldn't have" she said and he sighed.

"But I guess there are worse things you could have done" she smiled at him. "Do you fancy watching a movie or something?" he asked. "I guess" she shrugged. He turned and threw water on his face. "You ok?" she asked moving beside him. "Ya. Just a little warm" he replied. He watched her in the mirror as she hopped up onto the countertop. "Come here" she told him and he leaned towards her. "You don't feel warm" she frowned. "Probably just after the bath" he shrugged. "I'll get the thermometer just to be on the safe side. Maybe there is no harm in waiting until near the end of the week for you to go back training" she mused. "Whatever you think is best" he said.

"Ok now I beginning to think you are seriously sick if you are not even going to try and reason with me about delaying returning to training" she said. "Just want to be better. And if I have to stay here until I'm a 100% then that's what is best" he told her. "Ok" she said confused. "I'll be back in a sec. I'll bring you razor too. Think the stubble needs to go" she said running her fingers over his stubbly chin.

"Don't like the stubble?" he smiled. "It doesn't make you less handsome I'll admit that but I could have done with your stubble tickling my chin in the morning" she laughed jumping off the countertop. "So you think I'm handsome then?" he asked wrapping his arms around her waist and pulling her to stand in front of him. "Ah I could name about twenty more handsome guys off the top of my head" she joked and he nuzzled his stubble face against her neck. "Ok ok stop. I don't need beard burns" she said and he laughed letting her go.

"Grab me some clothes too please" he asked as she walked out of the bathroom. He turned back to the mirror and ran a hand through his hair. He had hated being sick. He had hated missing training and football he thought. But part of him didn't want to go back he thought as Molly reappeared with his stuff. "Temperature check first" she told him and he took the thermometer from her fingers and placed it in his mouth.

"Your hair is going curly" he told her twirling a lock of her hair around his little finger. "I should blow dry it before it does" she said hopping up onto the countertop. "It's cute" he told her as she readjusted the towel she wore. "Cute isn't the look I'm going for" she told him. "Oh what look at you going for then?" he asked. "I don't. Anyway stop talking" she told him taking the thermometer from his mouth.

"Your temperature is normal" she shrugged. "Great" he muttered. "You shave and I'll get dressed. Oh and then maybe we can watch a movie" she told him. "Sounds like a good plan to me" he smiled. "Can I pick the movie?" she asked titling her head to the side. "Fine" he groaned and she gave a quick yes before hopping off the countertop and walking out of the bathroom. A smile swept across his face as he watched her leave. “Cute” he smiled.
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