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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 62- Less Complicated Soon?

"This is so wrong" Molly muttered as she moved to cross her legs under her on the bed later that afternoon. "You're winning. How is that bloody wrong in your mind? I know it is in mine but" he groaned as he threw his cards on the bed. "Oh no that's all right. After all it's so right me beating your ass in poker" she smirked and he rolled his eyes.

"I meant us gambling in front of Junior" she nodded to the baby sitting in his father's lap. "He doesn't know what we are doing Mols" he said as she shuffled the cards in her hands. "I know but...well it still feels like I'm being a bad mother" she mumbled and he covered her hands with his and she looked up at him. "You are nor could ever be a bad mother Molly" he told her and she smiled at him. "You know normally I would say it's the fever talking but since you have no more fever I guess you might be right" she said.

"I may get some things wrong Mols" he said and she raised an eyebrow at him. "Ok a lot of things" he conceded. "But I know I am nor will ever be wrong about you being a good mother to our son" he said. "You know sometimes you say things that just make me want to hug you" she smiled at him. He held his arm out as Junior played with his rattle "I'd never refuse a hug from you" he smiled. "Mmm nah" she said shaking her head. "Aw come on you can't get my hopes up and not follow through" he pouted and she laughed. "Junior tell Mama to give Papa a hug" he said to their son and she laughed again.

"You are a muppet" she said moving to his side and he wrapped his free arm around her shoulder and she rested her head on his shoulder. "But I'm your muppet" he said placing a kiss on the top of her head. Junior began crawling up his father's stomach and Molly laughed as she played with his tiny fingers. "Junior wants a cuddle too" he laughed. "He'll be walking and talking before we know it" she said. "A new chapter to enjoy together" he said. "Are you hungry?" she asked. "Not in any rush to eat" he said closing his eyes. "You should rest" she told him and he opened his eyes to look at her.

"My eyes were closed cos I'm happy not cos I'm tired" he said. "You've gotten much better these past few hours" she smiled at him. "Maybe" he shrugged. "Why maybe? Does your head hurt? Are you feeling sick?" she asked sitting up and he frowned when she moved. "Molly stop fussing" he said. "Don't tell me what to do. Now answer me" she told him. "I feel ok. Happy" he said. "Ok that's all?" she asked. "I just don't want to rush going back you know" he said.

"I think it's time to take your temperature again" she said moving to pick the thermometer from the bedside table and he groaned. "Oh stop it was normal the last time we checked. I'm just being careful" she told him and her phone began to ring. "I spoke to Dolores and your sisters already. I wonder who that is" she mused as she got off the bed and went in search of her phone.

"Hola Sergio" she smiled once she answered the phone and Cristiano scoffed from the bed. "Sure I'll be down in a sec" she told him hanging the phone up. "You have some visitors apparently" she said placing her phone back down on the dresser. "Ramos?" he asked. "And a few others. You put that in your mouth while I go leave them in" she said handing him the thermometer. "Fine" he mumbled. "I thought you'd be dying to see someone other than me" she smiled taking Junior from his lap.
"You make it sound like I could be bored having you around" he said. "You'll be glad not to be stuck with me for hours when you get back to training" she joked heading towards the door. "Don't think so" he sighed before putting the thermometer into his mouth.

"We'll isn't this a nice surprise" she smiled once she opened the front door. "Thought you'd be bored of Ronnie" Iker said stepping into the house. ""Plus we had to check that you hadn't killed him since Pepe and Sergio were here" Marcelo said hugging her. "They were here like two days ago" she said. "Exactly plenty of time for the idiot to upset you or piss you off" Sergio said kissing her cheek. "He doesn't upset her" Pepe snapped as he shut the door behind him. "Not on purpose anyway. You know that right?" he asked Molly and she nodded.

"He's actually being really good this whole time he's being sick. I thought he'd be a nightmare since he's missing training but for some reason he's being pretty good. Bit stubborn and annoying but well that's nothing new" she joked and they laughed. "So can we see him?" Marcelo asked. "Well I guess it's more fun to watch you lot rub it in his face that you won without him than me doing it" she joked and began walking down the hall.

"So is he better?" Iker asked as Marcelo took Junior from Molly who smiled. "No temperature or fever since yesterday so way better" Molly said as they followed her towards the stairs. "When will he be back to training?" Sergio asked. "Aww are you missing him?" Molly smirked. "Forgot he was even meant to be there" Sergio said and Molly frowned. "He's kidding Molly. We could use him back though. Remind some players how to train" Iker said. "He is dedicated to his training" Molly said as Iker smacked Sergio on the back of his head as the followed her up the stairs. "Stop being an ass" Iker whispered to him. "Still in yours?" Pepe asked her. "My TV remote is easier for him to work. You know how tricky things confuse him" Molly joked as they walked towards her room.

"Look who came to entertain you" Molly said as she walked into her bedroom. "Hey Ronnie" Iker said as Cristiano sat up in the bed. "You're looking better" Pepe told him. "Still not fully there" Cristiano said as Molly walked around the bed. "So when are you coming back?" Marcelo asked playing with Junior. "Thursday or Friday" Cristiano said handing Molly the thermometer. "More than likely before then. The fresh air will do you good" Molly said. "Ya would be could to get out of here" Sergio said. "Cos it's so miserable to be stuck here with me Sergio?" Molly asked.

"What no that's not what I meant" he insisted and they all laughed. "I think she's messing with you mate" Iker told him. "He's too easy at times" Molly smiled before frowning when she read the thermometer. "Everything ok?" Cristiano asked. "It's a little high" she muttered. "See I told you I shouldn't rush going back" he said. "Maybe" she said. "So this is your room then" Iker said. "Mols" Cristiano said snapping her out of her thoughts and wonder how the thermometer was showing an extremely high reading.

"Sorry" she said. "I was just saying that this is your room" Iker said. "Oh ya it is" she replied. "Bet she can't wait to get Cris out of here so she can move back in" Sergio said. "Ahm ya" Molly said standing from the bed. He elbow knocked over the bedside lamp but it didn't break. "Hey it's the ones in my room that need to be broken not yours" Cristiano joked and she laughed. "Well one already is remember" she said bending down to the floor to pick up the lamp. She pulled her hand back when she felt heat on her hand. She touched the bulb and frowned in confusion. "We hardly knew you were gone" Molly heard Marcelo say as she stood up straight.

"They’re too chicken to admit they missed me Mols. What do you think about that?" Cristiano asked as she placed the lamp back in its correct place. "Earth to Molly" Cristiano said and she looked at him. "Sorry" she said. "You ok?" he asked. "Ya fine. I'll leave you boys catch up. I have a couple of things I want to do" she told them. "Need any help?" Sergio asked. "You're ok Sergio thanks. Have a nice chat boys" she said taking Junior from Marcelo and leaving her room.

"Need any help" Iker mimicked Sergio. "Jezz Sergio" Marcelo said shaking his head. "What?" Sergio asked. "I think being in her bedroom is getting to him" Iker joked. "Shut up" Sergio pouted. "So what have I missed?" Cristiano asked as they all moved to sit down to fill him in on what he had missed. A couple of hours later and they all stood to leave. "Hopefully you'll be back Tuesday" Iker said. "Maybe" Cristiano shrugged. "I'm sure you will" Pepe said as the others moved to the door. "Talk to you later Ronnie" Marcelo said. "I'll follow you down" Pepe told them as they waved goodbye. "Cut the crap you know you are better than fine” Pepe turned on Cristiano. “Wow take it easy” he replied. “Look mate I know you are loving all the attention from Molly and-

“I’m not loving anything” Cristiano snapped and Pepe sighed. “I’m just reminding you that Molly is the one working her ass off to make sure you are getting better so maybe think twice before how do I put this…. Suddenly don’t feel better” Pepe said. “Pepe” Cristiano started and the defender held his hand up. “You can’t avoid what you need to sort out Cris. I told you to do a lot of thinking while you were stuck here. I hope you listened to me” Pepe said turning to the door.

“What if I make a mistake?” Cristiano asked. “Well that would depend on what decision you come to” Pepe smiled and Cristiano sighed. “No one can make any decisions for you Cris but if it was me, then I’d think about what makes me happy. Or who I don’t know…who I’d want to let’s say take of me when I’m sick” Pepe winked at his friend before waving goodbye.

“Hey” Cristiano said and Molly looked up from her book. After the lads had left, he had tried to take a nap but couldn’t stop his brain from thinking. “Hi” she said sitting up straight on the couch. “I know I should be upstairs but I needed to get out of that room. I held onto the banisters coming down the stairs to stop me from falling” he told her. “That’s good” she replied. “You ok?” he asked and she stared at him.

How should she reply she thought. How should she tell him that she’s beyond pissed that the reading of the thermometer was higher than it had being since he first got sick and she knew the reason why it read that way she thought remembering the warm lamp. “Mols” he said. “I’m fine” she said deciding the last thing she needed was a row. “What are you doing?” he asked slowly walking towards the couch. “Singing” she said holding up the book and he rolled his eyes.

“Ok then what are you reading?” he asked. “Just something stupid. I’ll get you something to eat” she said standing. “Is Junior in bed?” he asked taking a seat on the couch. “I only put him down a few minutes ago” she said as she walked around the kitchen. “Oh right” he replied. “You were asleep when I came up to check if you wanted food. I thought you might have being still asleep” she said. “I never heard you come up” he said. “That’s cos you were asleep” she told him. Or because she barely peeked into the room and had seen him under the covers so she assumed he was asleep. But he being wide awake in thought. “It was nice to see the guys” he said picking up her book. “They seem to be keen to get you back to training” she said standing in front of him at the couch.

“It’s just pasta without the sauce but I add a little mincemeat” she said placing a plate onto the coffee table. “Thanks Molly” he smiled. “That’s what I’m here for” she shrugged taking a seat on the couch furthest away from which was something he didn’t miss. “Book any good?” he asked handing it to her. “It’s ok” she shrugged. “What’s it about?” he asked. “About a woman whose husband lied to her about being sick” she said and his hand paused on the plate he had reached out to. “He dies and somehow had arranged for her to receive letters from him throughout the year. He signs them off with-

“P.S I love you” he finished and she nodded. “It was sweet of him to do that. Send the letters” he said before taking a forkful of pasta. “Ya it was. Though I’m sure she was very angry with him lying to her in the first place” she said. “How does it end?” he asked. “Not at the ending yet” she told him. “I was thinking maybe I could go for a walk tomorrow. Or maybe kick a ball around outside” he said.
“If you are feeling up to it” she said her eyes on the book.

“I think I am. I need to get back to training soon. Plus you have more important things to do then taking care of me” he said and she looked up from her book. “Being there to care for you is important Cristiano. When you are sick of course” she said dropping her eyes back to the book. “Can I turn on the TV?” he asked. “Sure” she said and he reached for the remote on the coffee table. “This is really nice by the way” he said almost finished his plate. “Good” she said still looking at her book.

After he had finished his food, he spent the next ten minutes channel hopping while Molly sat in silence and read her book. “If I confess something do you promise not to kill me?” he suddenly asked. “Why would I kill you?” she asked closing her book. “Cos it’s going to make you angry but I promise I only did it once. And I don’t know why I did it in the first place. I guess I’m scared” he confessed. “Mols” he said when she didn’t say anything. “I was kind of waiting for you to talk” she said looking at him with her arm on the back of the couch. He mumbled something and she laughed.
“Waiting for you to say something listenable” she said.

“It’s about my last temperature” he said. “You mean how you put the thermometer on the lamp” she said and he looked at her. “You knew?” he asked. “I suspected when I noticed the lamp was hot. Plus there was no way your temperature could have gone from normal up double what it was reading when you had an actual fever” she said.

“I thought you’d be furious with me” he said. “I am” she said. “I’m sorry” he said. “I was furious. But surprise you admitting it has made me less angry with you. Lucky for you that the guilty got the better of you” she said. “Ya” he sighed. “What the hell possessed you Ronaldo?” she asked. “I don’t know” he said. “You said you were scared. Why?” she asked. “I don’t know” he shrugged. “You must otherwise would you even say that in the first place” she said. “Just leave it Molly” he snapped. “It was just a bug Cristiano. You’ll be back playing and being the best before you know it” she said.

“Thank you” he said looking at her. “For what?” she asked. “For being here for me these last few days. I know I haven’t being easy. And I might not show my appreciation for you Mols but I do appreciate everything you do. Everything you have done for me. For everyone. The only thing I enjoyed about being sick was being here with you” he said running his finger up and down her arm which was on the couch. “Your mother would have being here if she hadn’t to go to Lisbon. I was just doing what anyone would do” she shrugged. “No you were being my kind sweet caring Molly. I kind forgot how nice it was to just hang out. You know just you and I” he said.

“I guess it has being nice” she smiled. “Pff you’ve loved spending all this time with me” he scoffed. “I won’t miss all the laundry. I swear if I had to change the sheets of my bed one more time I was going to break something” she said and he laughed. “It was only the once right. Like with the lamp?” she asked. “I swear Molly. I don’t even know why I did it” he said. “Well since you confessed I won’t kill you” she smiled and he laughed. “How about we watch Friends?” he asked.

“Thought you’d never ask” she smiled. They settled down to watch the TV and after two episodes they began to watch the episode where Rachel tries to tell Ross that she was pregnant. “His reaction was stupid” Molly said. “You probably would have smacked him for freezing up if that was you” he said rubbing her arm. She had moved to curl up beside him sometime during the binge watch. “Like I get it was a huge shock but like to rant at the condom company inside of talking to her was just stupid of him” she said. “People react in different ways” Cristiano said. “I know” she shrugged. “I remember not being able to stop smiling when you told me that you were pregnant” he said and she looked up at him.

“Ya I do too” she said remembering how she had thought things were going to change greatly from that moment on. And she had being correct. Only it hadn’t being exactly how she thought it would be. “Hey what’s going on in here?” he asked tapping her head. “Nothing” she said. “Do you want…like would you like more kids someday?” he asked. “I hadn’t exactly thought I’d have one at this stage of my life right now” she said. “I want more. I mean I always saw myself with a lot of kids around me” he told her.

“Maybe Irina will surprise you one day” she muttered looking back at the TV. “I don’t her to” he said and she looked at him. “That day in the bathroom with the pregnancy test” he said and she shook her head. “This has nothing to do with me” she said. “It scared the crap out of me” he admitted and her eyes looked at the ground. “Cos I know it’s not what I want” he said and she looked at him. “Not now but…” she paused. “No buts” he said. “You say that now” she shrugged. “Molly” he said. “We’re missing the episode” she told him focusing her attention back on the TV.

“I’m sorry I lied to you today” he told her. “Thank you for being honest with me” she said and he placed a kiss on the top of her head. “I’m trying to figure out how to be honest with myself” he whispered. “What do you mean?” she asked. “It’s complicated” he said. “When are things not complicated with you?” she half laughed. “I think they’ll be less complicated soon” he said pulling her closer to him.
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