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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 63-Cold Front From The East

"Why can't he answer his stupid phone" Irina huffed as she stuffed her phone back into her bag. "It is 6 in the morning Irina" her sister Tatiana said next to her in the car as they drove from the airport. "I bet if it was the precious Molly he would answer" the model pouted. "He's probably asleep" Tatiana said. "He hasn't answered any of my calls in days" Irina said. "Well he had being sick. I told you that I saw that he missed his game due to illness" Tatiana said.

"He should still answer my calls" Irina snapped. "I'm sure he'll be happy to see you" Tatiana said as Irina's phone buzzed. "See that's probably him now" Tatiana said and Irina smiled as she saw the screen of her phone. "So is it him?" her sister asked. "Oh no it's Jacque. You know that photographer I met a few months ago at some shoot" Irina smiled as she replied to Jacque's text message. "Didn't you meet him in New York the other day?" Tatiana asked. "Oh ya we are discussing a future project. Anyway I just want a long hot bath after that horrible flight" Irina said. "I could use some food" Tatiana said. "Think you've eaten enough these last few weeks" Irina smiled at her sister.

The security guard let Irina's car through without any hassle and the driver was more than happy to leave their bags and leave. "Cristiano" Irina yelled she stepped through the door. "Irina, the baby will be sleeping" Tatiana said. "Oh so what. The brat sleeps enough" Irina said walking down the hallway calling Cristiano's name as she went. Tatiana shook her head at her sister's attitude and followed her towards the living room where she found her beside the couch with a very very angry looking face. Tatiana moved closer and saw the reason why her sister looked so angry. Cristiano was asleep with Molly beside him with her their heads resting against each other.

"Ronaldo" Irina screamed as the footballer shifted slightly on the couch. "Wake up" she yelled and smacked him with a nearby cushion which made Cristiano sit up abruptly and made Molly groan at the sudden movement. "What the...." Cristiano said in a confused state. "What the fuck are you doing?" Irina yelled at him and he rubbed his eyes. "Irina" he said surprised. "Oh so you know who I am then" she said. "What?" he asked. "Don't what me. You've ignored my calls for days and now I find you all cuddled up with her" she pointed at Molly who was trying to untangle herself from Cristiano.

"We were sleeping" Cristiano said as Molly moved the blanket off them and stood. "What time is it?" she asked yawning. "Just gone 6" Tatiana told her. "Urgh too early. Hi Tatiana" Molly smiled. "Morning" she smiled back. "Don't morning her when she's being trying to get my man while I'm away" Irina yelled. "Sorry?" Molly asked. "You heard me" Irina snapped. "Irina just stop" Cristiano said standing. "No I won't stop" she snapped. "We fell asleep. That's it" he told her. "You've being ignoring me" she pouted. "He's being sick" Molly said as she moved around the couch. "Oh and he's way better by the way in case you are wondering" Molly said as she walked to the kitchen in search of a drink.

"My phone hasn't been charged" Cristiano told Irina. "Why is there so much yelling this early in the morning?" Nuno asked coming into the room. "Nuno" Molly smiled placing the glass of juice on the countertop and rushed to give him a hug. "Aww I knew she missed me" Nuno laughed hugging her. "When did you get back?" Cristiano asked moving to give him a bro hug. "About 1 last night. I switched the TV off and threw a blanket over you" he said. "Aww thanks Nuno" Molly smiled at him. "You could have just woke them" Irina snapped. "Ha wake Molly ya no thanks I like my life too much" Nuno joked and Molly tapped him on the shoulder.

"How is your mother?" Molly asked him. "Much better. Dolores decided to stay in Lisbon a bit longer" he replied. "That great news" Cristiano said and Nuno laughed at him. "That your mother is better not that Maé is staying there a bit longer" Cristiano quickly explained which made both Molly and Nuno laugh. "What's so funny?" Irina asked annoyed. "Ronnie is afraid of his mama" Nuno smirked. "No I'm not" Cristiano said defiantly. "Well someone remind me to make sure Cristiano meets her first so she can give out to him and maybe be less likely to give out to me" Molly said.

"Please you've had to take care of him all by yourself these past few days. She knows you've suffered enough. I'm sure she won't say anything to you about not telling her that her precious baby was ill" Nuno smirked and Cristiano groaned. "My eardrum is still ringing from the ranting she did when she rang after it got out that I was sick" Cristiano said. "You said your phone wasn't charged" Irina snapped at him. "She phoned me" Molly said quickly. "She'll get over it. Anyway how are you feeling Cris?" Nuno asked. "You must have being very sick to miss a football game" Tatiana said.

"He was but thankfully his fever has gone" Molly said. "I'm just tired really. I should be ok to go back tomorrow" Cristiano said. "But I've only just got back" Irina wined. "Babe I'm always training when you are here anyway" he said. "Did the doc say anything about what caused you to suddenly become ill?" Nuno asked. "He hasn't a got a clue" Cristiano said. "Well he's better now so it doesn't matter" Molly said.

"So Mols tell me" Nuno said. "Tell you what?" she asked confused. "How the hell did you manage not to kill him?" Nuno asked and Molly laughed. "Ha bloody ha Nuno" Cristiano said. "Oh come on man you're a pain when you are sick" Nuno said. "Especially when he doesn't even admit he's sick until like the last day of his illness" Molly said. "Dolores reckons he's more stubborn when he's sick" Nuno said. "Hello I'm standing right here you know" Cristiano said. "We know" Molly smirked at him. "I wasn't that bad" he pouted. "He actually wasn't. Though he was asleep for most of time so I guess that helped" Molly laughed and Cristiano rolled his eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me you were sick?" Irina asked annoyed that she wasn't getting any attention. "You were in New York" he told her. "So" she said. "He didn't want to worry anyone" Molly said and Irina glared at her. Not one bit happy that her boyfriend had being alone with Molly. "Why didn't the club get a nurse?" Irina asked. "Cos he wanted Molly" Nuno smiled and Irina snapped her head towards her boyfriend.

"He wanted someone who knew him. And since Nuno and Dolores were in Lisbon cos his mother was taken to hospital I was the only one here. Now while you all catch up I'm going to get ready for the day" Molly said. "Junior is still asleep" Nuno told her. "That's good. Hopefully he'll stay like for a bit longer" Molly said. "You moved him back into his nursey" Nuno said. "And Ana watched him for a bit during the days" Cristiano said and Nuno looked at Molly.

"Wow defiantly some changes have happened around here" he said. "Well looking after the small baby is tricky while on your own and trying to look after the big baby" Molly said nodding at Cristiano. "Hey" Cristiano said and Molly laughed. "Well you’re not on your own now. His girlfriend is here to take care of him" Irina snapped draping an arm over Cristiano's shoulder.

"So who’s hungry?" Nuno asked and Molly clapped her hands. "Now I'm really happy to see you" she laughed. "Pancakes or omletes?" he asked. "Anything. I'm starving" she smiled. "Cos she's barely eaten anything either these last few days" Cristiano said. "Too busy to eat" she shrugged. "Well I'll see what's in the fridge then" he said. "Perfect. And don't let your cousin eat too much. He's still on a restricted food plan" Molly to him. "Mols" Cristiano groaned.

"You haven't eaten much these last few days you can't just suddenly eat a lot. You'll make yourself sick and I'm not doing anymore laundry. Though since your girlfriend and willing to take care of you then that would be her job then" Molly smirked at Irina. "Right food" Nuno said moving to walk to the kitchen. "I need a shower" Tatiana said. "Cristiano will get our bags" Irina said. "I can get them" both Tatiana and Nuno said. "He can get them" Irina snapped. "Right so I won't be long Nuno" Molly said heading to the stairs and Tatiana followed her. "Sorry about my sister. She's just annoyed he didn't answer her calls" Tatiana said and Molly looked behind her.

"That's his deal not mine" Molly said and Tatiana yawned. "How was your flight?" Molly asked. "Long. Irina wouldn't shut up complaining the entire flight" Tatiana said. "I can bring you up some food in a while if you want to grab a nap" Molly suggested. "Irina might need me" Tatiana replied. "Think she's going to be busy yelling at her boyfriend for a while" Molly said. "He was sick. I don't understand her" Tatiana said. "Best to stay out of it" Molly said. "You do Pilates right?" Tatiana asked Molly. "Some days yes" she replied.

"Do you think you could do some stretches with me later? My back and neck are so stiff after the flight" Tatiana said. "Oh uhm ya sure. You sure your sister won't have a problem with that. She's not exactly my biggest fan" Molly said. "Well some days I'm not her biggest fan but well-

“She's family. And we do anything for family" Molly sighed knowing all too well what people would do for their family.

"Are you not going to say anything?" Irina asked Cristiano. "What do you want me to say?" he asked. "How about babe I'm sorry you had to find me sleeping with that slut Molly" Irina snapped. "First of all you call her a slut one more time and you'll be finding somewhere else to stay in Madrid" Cristiano yelled as he headed towards the hallway leaving both a shocked Nuno and Irina behind him. He came back moments later with suitcases.

"Secondly we didn't sleep together. We fell asleep. There's a difference" he said placing a suitcase at her feet. "Thirdly I've barely spoken to anyone in since you left for New York. I've done nothing but sleep or throw up. So I'm sorry that not taking your calls it wasn't at the top of my list cos I was trying to get better. Which I am now. So thanks for asking" he snapped.

"Nuno tell Molly that I went back to bed. I suddenly have a headache again" Cristiano said leaving Irina standing gawking at him. "Oh and Irina I know your my girlfriend. I've done nothing but think about that fact all week. So instead of acting like a jealous brat maybe act like a caring girlfriend and back off Molly" he snapped before storming out of the room leaving a shell shocked Irina watching him go.

"Want some cheese?" Nuno asked from the kitchen. "What?" she snapped. "For you to nibble on now he put you back in your box" Nuno smirked. She glared at him and grabbed the suitcase and stormed after Cristiano.

Cristiano stormed up the stairs. He knew what it had looked like to Irina finding him on the couch with Molly but he had done nothing wrong. He was in a relationship and he hadn't crossed the line. He reached the top of the stairs and headed towards Molly's room when he paused and suddenly remembered he was going to the wrong room. He turned around to head back to his room when someone coughed and he turned to find Molly leaning against her bedroom door.

"You ok?" she asked. "How much do you think it would cost me to build a time machine?" he asked. "Pretty sure you could afford it. It's the whole waiting for it to be created and built part that might get you" she smiled and he sighed. "Then there's the whole deciding when to go back to. Like that could give you a headache deciding. Do you return to the time you signed for Man U in that god awful jumper" she said. "It wasn't that bad" he said. "If I ever find it I'm using it has a duster" she told him. "You and I both know if you found it you would probably frame it since it has a special memory attached to it" he said.

"Damn I hate that you know me well at times. Anyway a time machine would only cause you a headache" she said. "I've already got a headache this morning" he said as Irina came up the stairs. "I can get you something for your headache" Molly said. "I'm just going to go back to bed for a while" he said. "I can get you something to eat" Irina said pulling her suitcase after her but he ignored her and headed towards his room. "He just needs rest" Molly told her.

"He's my boyfriend. I know what he needs. And you aren't it. I'm back now so you can forget trying to worm your way in. You have the kid. I have the man" Irina snapped at Molly. "A man who doesn't exactly looked happy that you are here" Molly said before stepping into Junior's nursey.

"I wasn't beginning to think you were sick" Nuno said ten minutes later when Molly entered the living room with Junior in her arms. "Sorry?" she asked placing Junior into his high chair. "I thought you had forgotten about breakfast which would obviously mean you were sick" he smiled and she half laughed. "Junior decided to be fussy when I was getting him dressed" she said kissing her son.

"Need any help?" she asked Nuno. "No thank you. Now take a seat and let someone fuss over you for a change" he said. "I don't need someone to fuss over me" she said pulling out a chair. "Everyone needs to be fussed over once in a while Mols" he smiled placing an omelette in front of her. "Thank you" she said. "No probs. It's nice to be back in this kitchen. I had Maé and Dolores telling me what to do back in Lisbon. I swear they have never heard the saying too many cooks" he joked.

"I'm glad your back. The house was very quiet" she said. "Well it's certainly gotten a lot louder. The wicked witch of the East wasn't exactly in a good mood" he said and she bit her lip from laughing at what he had just called Irina. "I do sort of see why she was annoyed" Molly said and he shook his head. "You are way too nice of a person Molly. The way she talks to you and you can actual defend her" Nuno said. "I'm not defending her. I'm just saying that I can see how it looked to her. I'm not sure I would be thrilled to find my boyfriend sleeping next to another woman" she said.

"Especially a woman who is far more pretty, intelligent and just nicer than said girlfriend" Nuno said. "Yes that" Molly smiled at him. "Molly she clearly doesn't care about your feelings so I wouldn't be worried about hers. Especially when Cris isn't" Nuno said. "What do you mean?" Molly asked slicing into her omelette.

"He just ripped into her. Told her to stop acting like a brat. Like I hope I'm not tempting faith my saying this but I actually think the guy might finally be seeing the light when it comes to her" Nuno said. "Nuno you want him to be happy and if she makes him happy then we just have to suck it up" Molly said. "I would Mols but it's clear as day that she doesn't make him happy" he said. "Then why is he still with her then?" she asked. "Cos he's stupid" Nuno said. "But he was stupid before he met her too" she smirked.

"Good point. Ok then maybe he's afraid" he said. "Afraid of what?" she asked. "Taking a risk" he said. "Then if he is afraid maybe the risk isn't worth it" Molly said. "Pretty sure the risk is worth it" Nuno said. "I should get Junior's breakfast" Molly said finishing her plate. "So how were things really why I was gone?" he asked. "Honestly it was fine. Ana took Junior during the days cos Cristiano was really sick and dealing with his fever and trying to keep Junior entertained was a nightmare" Molly said.

"I was kind of surprised to hear she had him. Even more surprised you put him to sleep in the nursey. Cris had thought you wouldn't let him near that room for ages" Nuno said. "I didn't really think when I put him back in there. Cristiano was sick in the middle of the night and was running a really high fever. Between getting him into the bath and Junior waking during the night it was a crazy night" Molly said. "At least he is better now" Nuno said. "I got such a fright when the club phoned me.

They wouldn't tell me anything. Then the receptionist wouldn't let me in" Molly said. "Did you really phone Pérez?" Nuno asked. "How do you know that?" Molly asked. "Jorge was taking to him" Nuno said. "Oh right. And yes I did. She wouldn't listen and- You were worried about Cris" Nuno interrupted. "Well we kind of had words that morning so he wasn't exactly a person I wanted to see in the first place but the call kind of changed that" Molly admitted. “You had words?” Nuno asked.

“He overslept and was moody and sick. It wasn’t a big thing looking back now” she shrugged. “So you and him got on ok then?” he asked. “He hated being sick the poor thing but it wasn’t too bad” she said. “I’ll clean up the breakfast stuff after I put clothes into the washing machine” he said standing. “Do not mention the washing machine. I swear if I have to change my sheets one more time I’ll scream” she said. “Your sheets?” he smirked. “It’s a long story” she said. “I’m sure it is” he smirked at her. “Shut up Nuno” she said. “I didn’t say a thing” he smiled.
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