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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 64- Not Far Off

“Bless you” Molly smiled at her son after he sneezed. It was only 10 in the morning but Molly had felt like she had being up for hours. The doorbell rang and she moved to get up from where she was sitting on the floor in the living room. “I’ve got it Mols” Nuno said as ran to get the door. Irina had dragged her sister into the gym an hour ago whilst Cristiano had still to make an appearance downstairs. “Óle Molly” Pepe said as he strolled into the living room.

“Mana Pepe. I thought you’d have taken Ana off somewhere for the day” she smiled and he groaned. “Oh don’t you start. Apparently I don’t take her anywhere” he said taking a seat on the couch. “You kind of don’t” Molly laughed. “Well I’m not a romantic like Cris so I don’t know why she should be surprised” he shrugged. “Speaking of Cris where is he? Is he feeling any better?” Pepe asked.
“He’s upstairs. He got a headache his morning” Molly said and Irina and Tatiana appeared.

“Ah a 6 foot kind of headache” Pepe muttered and Molly laughed. “What are you laughing at?” Irina asked. “Nothing. Welcome back to Madrid ladies” Pepe said. Irina ignored him and went in search of a drink. “Thank you” Tatiana smiled at the defender. “How is your back and neck?” Molly asked her. “A little sore” Tatiana replied. “I’ll get you a hot water bottle” Molly said moving to stand. “Oh no it’s ok. You stay with Junior” she said. “It will take two minutes. Plus Junior wants to say hi to Tío Pepe” Molly smiled placing Junior onto Pepe’s lap.

“If my woman goes baby crazy after this week I’m blaming you Molly” he said. “Mmm how about we blame Cristiano since he got sick instead” she smiled moving towards the kitchen. "Use a condom. Problem solved. Shame my boyfriend forgot to use one" Irina said. "Why don't you go upstairs and tell him that Irina. He'll find you a bigger box" Nuno snapped at her. "Or just go up and wake him. He won't sleep if he stays in bed any longer" Molly said. "He can stay in bed if he likes" Irina said walking out of the room. "And tell him that I'm here" Pepe called out after her.

"I swear I'm going to find another use for my frying pan one of these days" Nuno said. "Nuno" Molly said looking at Tatiana. "It's ok. I know she can be-

"A bitch" Nuno finished. "Ignore Nuno he got to bed late. I'll find that hot water bottle for you Tatiana "Molly said and went in search of it.

Irina opened the door to Cristiano's room as he was pulling on a pair of jeans. "Babe you're awake" she smiled. "Ya" he replied. "I brought you a drink. I thought you'd be thirsty" she said holding out a glass. "Thanks" he said taking it from her. "Why don't you sit for a bit while I shower and then we can go out for brunch" she suggested. "Or you could join me in the shower" she said running a finger across the back of his neck. "I just had one. And I'm not in the mood to go out" he said downing the glass in one go.

"Then we can catch up. I have loads to tell you" she said. "I want to see Junior" he said. "Molly has him" she said. "And I want to spend time with him" Cristiano said. "We can take him for a walk or play a game with him. You sit and I'll shower" she said nudging him to sit on the bed. "I won't be long" she smiled heading to the bathroom. He sighed and laid on his back. He heard a buzzing sound near the bed and sat up straight.

The buzzing continued and he noticed Irina's phone on the floor. He bent down to pick it up and saw a text appear on the screen. His fingers gripped the phone and he clicked into the unlocked phone. He scrolled up through the messages and looked at the closed bathroom door and could hear the sound of the shower coming from the other side. He looked back at the phone before throwing it on the bed. He stood and left the room.

"Aww you're up" Pepe said when Cristiano stormed into the living room and straight towards the kitchen. "Wow wow take it easy" Nuno and Pepe both said when he began to open and slam the kitchen cabinets. "Cris" Nuno said pulling him away. "What's the matter?" Nuno asked. "Do you ever feel like you’re just the biggest fool on the planet?" Cristiano asked. "Well normally you are the biggest fool" Nuno joked and Pepe shook his head at him.

"What happened?" Pepe asked. "What happened is that I've being taken as a fool when all the time I could have......I was feeling.....when she was....." he yelled banging his fist on the countertop. "Wow we don't need you breaking a hand" Nuno said. "Where's Molly?" Cristiano asked. "She's taken Junior for a walk with Ana" Pepe told him.

"Right" Cristiano said. "What the hell happened to change your mood?" Pepe asked. "Actually he was already in a bad mood when he woke up" Nuno said. "It doesn't matter but I can tell you both things are going to be changing a whole lot today" Cristiano said and Pepe and Nuno looked at each other with the same confused look on their faces.

"Is this your first walk out with him since he's being home from hospital?" Ana asked as Molly pushed Junior's stroller. "No. Well yes in Madrid but we took him out in Madeira" Molly said. "He really does seem ok Mols" Ana said knowing her friend was still worried about her son. "I know I know I just can't help worrying. But it is nice to get out of the house" she said as they walked. "Ya it must be nice to get out since you've being cooped up with Cristiano for days. Or maybe you didn't mind that so much" Ana smiled. "I didn't mind" Molly said. "Of course you didn't" Ana smirked.

"What?" Molly asked. "I'm just saying that you enjoyed spending time with him" Ana said. "He was sick" Molly said. "But it was still nice to just have some alone time with each other" Ana said. "Ana he was sick. Someone had to care for him. Anyway he's better now and the wicked witch from the East can care for him now" Molly said and Ana laughed. "So she's already made her presence known then?" Ana asked. "She wasn't entirely happy to find the pair of us asleep on the couch together. And I think Cristiano and her had words after. Well that was the impression I got from Nuno" Molly shrugged.

"I think he might wake up soon" Ana said. "Well he was still asleep when I left but he better wake otherwise he won't sleep and then will be too tired for training tomorrow" Molly said and Ana laughed at her. "What?" Molly asked. "Nothing" Ana laughed at how blind Molly could be at times.
“So no more empty house then” Ana said as the continued their walk back towards Cristiano’s house. “It’s certainly going to be louder” Molly shrugged. “You’ll miss the empty house” Ana said. “It’s nice having everyone around” Molly said. “Except those who are Russian though” Ana laughed.

“Tatiana isn’t that bad actually. I feel sorry for her. Irina is such a cow to her own sister” Molly said shaking her head. “You’ll miss hanging out with Cris though” Ana said. “We’re friends. And live in the same house. I think we’ll hang out plenty” Molly said. “And have a son together. And know each other better than anyone else. And-

“Ana stop I get it. Yes I liked spending time with him ok. Just leave it” Molly interrupted. “Ok ok” Ana said smiling when she saw her boyfriend coming towards them. "He's in a foul mood FYI" Pepe said when they reached the gate to Cristiano's house. "What's she done now?" Molly asked. "Have to say I'm liking this whole Molly disliking the witch as much as the rest of us" Pepe smirked. "Well he was actually pretty nice to be around lately and when she's around he turns into a dick" Molly said.

"Then maybe he should get rid of her" Ana said. "That might not be far off" Pepe said.
"What?" Ana and Molly both said in surprise. "I don't know it's just an impression I've gotten lately. I think he is seeing what everyone has seen for months" Pepe said. "Really?" Ana asked. "Well not everything we have noticed" he said nodding slightly towards Molly. "But the rest ya. He's never being snappy or said things about her and now he has being" Pepe said.

"And he'll forget everything and things will continue the way they have being. It's never going to happen. He was too busy in bed with her while Junior was nearly dying. He let her off the hook over the nanny. Let's face it he'll always choose her" Molly said. "Mols" Ana said. "I better get Junior back before he falls asleep in his stroller. I'll speak to you both later" Molly said pushing the stroller towards the house.

"Hey Mols" Nuno said opening the door as she was about to. "Hey" she replied. "I'll be back later" he said. "Going anywhere nice?" she asked. "Just a couple of bits and bobs to do. The fresh air conked the little man out" he said smiling down at a now sleeping Junior. "I was hoping he wouldn't fall asleep before I take him from it. He wakes every time I move him. Guess I just have to leave him in it for a while now" she shrugged. "He's happy in it anyway. I won't be long" he said heading to his car.

Marcosa came running towards her as she walked towards the living room. "Hello boy" she said rubbing his head. "Nice walk?" she heard and jumped at the voice. "Sorry" Cristiano said standing from the couch before quickly sitting back down. "Are you ok?" she asked rushing towards him. "I just stood too quickly. Haven't done much exercise lately" he smiled. "How's your headache?" she asked. "Gone" he lied. "Where is Tatiana and Irina?" she asked looking around the room. "Don't know don't care" he snapped leaning back against the couch. "Ok" she said.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap" he said. "Junior is asleep in his stroller. I don't want to move him so can you keep an eye on him while I do a couple of things in the office for a bit please?" she asked. "Sure" he replied. "Thanks. And eat something" she told him as she headed to the office.
An hour later and getting a little hungry Molly decided it was time for some lunch. She saved the document she had being working on and left the office to start lunch. When she reached the living room, she found Cristiano asleep face down on the couch. "How is he tired with all the sleep he is getting" she mumbled before noticing Junior's stroller wasn't beside the couch. She frowned before realising that Cristiano must have taken him upstairs. "Of course he doesn't scream the house down with papa tries to take him from his stroller" she said rolling her eyes as she ran up the stairs with Marcosa following her.

"Junior food time" Molly smiled as she pushed open the door of her son's nursery. "Hey sweetie it's time to wake up" she said as she walked closer to the cot until to find it was empty. "Maybe he put him in my room" she mumbled and headed to her room where she found it completely empty. Molly's heart started to race and she ran into all the other rooms.

"Ronaldo" she screamed as she ran down the stairs. Cristiano lifted his head at her scream. "Where's Junior?" Molly asked in a panic as she entered the living room. "What?" he mumbled through a yawn as he sat up in the couch. "Where is my son Ronaldo? He's not upstairs" she yelled. "He's right there" he said nodding to an empty spot beside the couch.

"He was...." he said rubbing his eyes. "You didn't take him out of the room?" Molly asked. "No. He was asleep and....." he paused looking around the room. "Ronaldo where is he?" Molly yelled. "Molly" he said standing.

"Where is our son?" Molly screamed.
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Is Pepe correct? Will Irina be getting her walking papers soon or is Molly correct and Cristiano won't do anything? Why does Cristiano think he's a fool? And where the hell is Junior?

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