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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 65- Time For The East To Fall?

"Molly its ok its ok. Nuno probably has him" Cristiano said moving to hold her when she pushed him away. "He left when I came back" she yelled holding her hand to her chest. "Oh God oh God where is he" she cried. "It's ok Molly" he said calmly. "It's not ok" she roared as Nuno and Jorge came rushing into the room.

"What's the matter?" Nuno asked. "Do you have Junior?" Molly asked rushing to him. "What no. I've just came back" he said. "No no no" Molly cried. "Cristiano" Jorge said. "Junior's missing" the footballer said. "Oh God" Molly said wrapping her arms her body as her breathing got quicker and quicker. "What do you mean missing?" Jorge asked. "He was right there in his stroller" Cristiano said pointing to the exact spot he had last seen his son. "He was....asleep in his stroller...I was in the office...I didn't want to wake him...." Molly stammered through tears.

"He was right there" Cristiano said as a wave of fair came over his body. "He has to be here" Jorge said calmly. "He's 9 months old Jorge. He can't fucking walk let alone get out of his stroller. Oh God someone has my baby" Molly roared through tears as her breathing continued to get quicker and quicker. "There's no way anyone could have gotten into the house. You would have heard" Nuno said. "He was fucking asleep" Molly yelled at Cristiano.

"Cristiano go search the house" Jorge said. "He's not upstairs" Molly cried. "Molly we'll find him. Don't worry" Jorge said moving to hug her. "Do not tell me not to worry" she yelled pushing him away. "My son is missing. My son" she snapped as the tears ran down her cheeks. "We need to call the police" Cristiano said. "Cris let's check the CCTV first" Jorge said and Nuno ran to the office to check the CCTV.

"Who would take him? Why?" Molly cried. "Mols we'll find him and you'll hold him soon I promise" he said. "I want my baby. I want my baby" she cried and she didn't fight him when he wrapped his arms around her. "Breathe" he said rubbing his hands up and down her back as he tried to calm her. He didn't need her having a panic attack. "I want my baby" she cried and he held her closer. "Nuno" he yelled. "There's no way someone could have gotten in" Jorge said shaking his head as Nuno ran back into the room.

"Nuno" Jorge said as Molly turned in Cristiano's arms. "What did the cameras show Nuno?" Cristiano yelled. "Irina" he whispered and Cristiano dropped his arms off Molly. "Ok at least we know he's not in danger" Jorge said and Molly looked at him.

"In danger? He's with that Russian bitch. Of course he's in fucking danger" Molly roared. "Call Pepe tell him to get the others to search the neighbourhood" Cristiano said running around the couch to pull on his shoes. "Ronaldo" Molly yelled. "I'll find him I promise" he told Molly as the sound of arguing could be heard from the hallway.

"You don't have to be so rude" Tatiana said pushing the stroller into the room. "Junior" Molly exclaimed and rushed towards her son. "Oh my baby" she cried as she unbuckled the straps. "Hey babe" Irina smiled coming behind her sister. "Don't fucking hey babe me. What the hell were you playing at?" Cristiano yelled as Molly took Junior into her arms. "What do you mean?" Irina asked.

"It's ok baby. Mama is here" she said kissing him over and over again. "Is he ok?" Cristiano asked placing an arm around Molly and stroked his son's cheek. "What the fuck were you thinking?" he yelled at Irina. "What?" she asked. "You took our son" he roared. "We went for a walk" Irina said brushing past Nuno and moved towards the kitchen table. "Without our permission" Cristiano yelled as Molly focused on Junior.

"You told me that he suggested we take him out" Tatiana said to her sister. "It's no big deal. It was just a walk" Irina shrugged. "No big deal? You took my son. My son not yours" Molly yelled. "Oh stop overreacting" Irina said. "Irina she thought someone had taken her son. Why would you lie to me?" Tatiana asked as she walked towards her sister. "You don't even like Junior. You never have. Why would you even want to take him for a walk?" Nuno asked. "I was helping" she replied.

"Helping give us a heart attack" Cristiano yelled. "Babe" she pouted as Junior began to cry. "Sssh ssh baby it's ok. You're ok" Molly said brushing kissing on his forehead. "Molly I promise you he was perfectly safe. I never lifted my hand off the stroller the entire time" Tatiana insisted. "He was in the presence of your her sister. That doesn't exactly fill me with reassurance" Molly snapped as she tried to settle Junior.

"Why didn't you tell someone?" Cristiano asked Irina. "Why the fuck would she take him in the first place? She can't stand Junior. Oh sorry the brat as she calls him. This is all your fault" Molly yelled at Cristiano. "Molly" he said. "You brought her around my son. You let her talk crap about him. You're the one who doesn't have the balls to man up" she yelled. "Molly" he said. "I should never have left her anywhere near him. Especially after she hired the nanny" Molly cried. "He's my boyfriend's son" Irina smirked.

"His son with me. Not you. But with me. But is that the problem? You hated Junior being around long before you knew I was his mother. Is it me or Junior that you have the problem with?" Molly asked. "She doesn't have a problem with either of you" Tatiana said. "Everyone thinks you this sweet and nice girl when really you just are some slut who tricked him into sleeping with you once and trapped him with that brat" Irina snapped.

"Don't call my son a brat" Cristiano yelled at her. "Babe she's after your money and you can't see it. She's trying to get her claws into you and push me out" Irina said. "You do a good job at pushing yourself out Irina" Jorge said as Junior continued to cry.

"Give him here" Cristiano said to Molly. The fear and dread she had just gone through when she thought someone had taken her son was still there and hesitantly handed Junior to his father. "You had no right just to take him" Cristiano told her. "I was helping" she replied. "You need your head looked at" Molly said. "And you need to stay away from my man" Irina warned. "Like you've told me numerous times Irina, I've got my son. I don't need his father" Molly replied. "Just his money" Irina said. "Stop it Irina" Cristiano yelled. "Babe" she wined. "Molly never uses my money. Molly thinks about people before herself" he yelled as he tried to sooth his son. "

"I'm the one who has being lied to. Made to look like a fool. All because everyone is so blind to what she is" Irina snapped. "At least she's not a witch like you" Nuno said and everyone looked at him. "See she even has him turned against me. She's probably sleeping with him and they have a plan to take you for a mug" Irina said and Molly started to laugh.

"Oh ya Irina that's exactly it. I sneak into Nuno's room every night for hours of raucous sex" Molly said and Cristiano's eyes turned dark and he glared at Nuno who held is hands up. "Wow wow she's joking. Tell him Molly" Nuno told her. "Of course I'm not being serious" Molly said shaking her head at the ridiculousness of Irina's accusation.

"She's like a sister to me. Plus I don't have a death wish. You boyfriend would kill me if I touched Molly you stupid woman" he told Irina. "You should have just taking the kid and stayed away" Irina snapped at Molly. "Irina" Tatiana said. "Shut up Irina" Cristiano snapped.

"She's making me look bad and you aren't even defending me" Irina wined. "You took our son without our permission" Molly yelled. "She's got the kid. That's all she wants babe. She doesn't want you" Irina said. "Make up your bloody mind woman. First you say that I want him and now you’re telling him that I don't" Molly said. "Your brainwashing him. You tricked him into bed once. You might have everyone else fooled but I know what you are really like" Irina said.

"At least she doesn't drug people" Nuno said looking straight at Irina. "What" Cristiano, Molly and Tatiana said in surprise. "I have no idea what you are talking about" Irina said. "You sure Nuno?" Jorge asked sighing. "I looked at the video from the camera in the pantry. It's clear as day Jorge" Nuno said. "There's a camera in the pantry" "Cristiano asked.

"Forget about that. What do you mean she's drugged someone?" Molly asked and Cristiano looked at Irina as it suddenly dawned on him. "No" he said shaking his head. "No what?" Molly asked looking at him and then to Irina who was avoiding looking at anyone.

"No fucking way" Molly said when she realise what Cristiano was thinking. "You drugged me?" Cristiano asked Irina. "What. Of course I didn't" Irina said. "Don't try and deny it Irina. I've got you on video putting something into his protein shakes" Nuno said. "My protein shakes" Cristiano yelled. "How do.....? Nuno why do you think he's being drugged?" Molly asked. "I had Dr. Kerez test his blood Molly. Something you said about him only having taken water or the protein drink in the days leading up to him getting sick made me think" Jorge said.

"It's not true. I didn't do anything" Irina insisted as Cristiano struggled to comprehend what was been said as he held Junior tighter. "Dr. Kerez took one of the shakes and found a mix of sedatives plus other things in the drink. She could have killed him if he had taken more" Nuno said.

"Sedatives" Molly said in shock. "Babe he's lying. I love you I wouldn't do that" Irina said. "You love yourself" Molly snapped. "We just came back for talking to Dr. Kerez Cris. He told us what he found" Jorge said.

"I can't believe this" Cristiano shook his head. "You made him sick on purpose. He had dizzy spells. He could have crashed when having a dizzy spell. He could barely move for days. You're sick in the head" Molly yelled at her. "You gave me a drink this morning" Cristiano said looking at Irina.

"Irina what have you done?" Tatiana asked. "I was fine and then I could barely keep my eyes open. You spiked my drink today too" he said. "Babe" she said. "And I bet it’s not the first time either" Nuno said. "Nuno" Molly said looking at him.

"The reason I put the camera in the pantry in the first place was cos of Junior" he said. "Oh God please please tell me you haven't drugged my baby" Molly begged Irina and Irina said nothing.
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