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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 66- Bring It On

"Answer her" Cristiano roared. "Did you drug our son?" he roared. "She wouldn't do that" her sister insisted. "She drugged her own boyfriend. If she can do that she can do anything" Molly yelled at Tatiana.

"Did you drug my son?" Cristiano roared at Irina. "No I didn't" she yelled and both Molly and Cristiano let out a sigh of relief. "You drugged Cris the night Junior had a seizure in the hospital though" Nuno told Irina.

"You did what" Molly yelled at her. "There's no way he would have fallen asleep" Nuno said. "I wouldn't have. I could barely keep my eyes open. My son was sick and you....." he stopped trying not to think of what he could have missed by her drugging him and not being at the hospital. "You didn't need to be there with her" Irina yelled.

"My son was sick. Our son was sick and you couldn't control your jealously so you drugged me instead" Cristiano yelled. "You ignored me" she yelled. "He was thinking about his son" Molly yelled. "He never thinks about me. He never needs me" Irina yelled.

"Why would he need an insane crazy bitch like you?" Molly asked. "Especially when he has Molly" Nuno smirked. "Shut up" Irina yelled and threw a nearby salt shaker at him which he managed to avoid. "Get out" Molly yelled. "Why Irina?" her sister asked. "He needed me. I'm his girlfriend" Irina wined.

"So you drugged him so you could be needed. Ha funny that he gets so sick that it's me that ended up caring for him then. Plan kind of backfired Irina. Instead of needing you, he needed me. He wanted me” Molly said. “Shut up” Irina yelled. “It wasn’t you he was asking for. It wasn’t me who told him to ignore your phone calls. He made that choice all by himself” Molly yelled. “Shut up” Irina yelled. “It wasn’t you he was calling out for in his sleep” Molly goaded.

"Everyone shut up" Cristiano roared and they all looked at him. "You actually drugged me. Why? Why would you do that? Anything could have happened. I could have put myself and everyone in danger. What the hell were you thinking Irina?" he asked. "She's bloody nuts" Molly said. "Oh so it must be true if the precious Molly says so then" Irina sniped. "I make more sense than you" Molly snapped. "I don't listen to tramps" Irina snapped. "Irina stop it" Tatiana said. “She’s the tramp” Irina yelled pointing a finger at Molly.

Cristiano laughed and everyone looked at him. “Ronaldo” Jorge said. “Molly’s a tramp really? So what are you then?” Cristiano asked. “Babe” Irina pouted. “You might want to start locking your phone before you go around calling other people tramps Irina” Cristiano snapped and Irina’s eyes went wide. “Why don’t you ask Jacque what a tramp is? Since he’s being sleeping with one” Cristiano yelled. “Cristiano” Molly said placing her hand on his hand which was resting on Junior’s back. “Irina” Tatiana gasped.

“You have some nerve talking trash about Molly or anyone when you've being a hell lot more than just sleeping in the same bed as another guy" Cristiano yelled. "At least he needed me" Irina snapped back. "Well Cristiano needs you to get the hell out of his house" Molly said. "Stay out of this" Irina warned her. "Irina" Tatiana said.

“She had a kid with my boyfriend and she acts all holy than thou when she slept with my boyfriend" Irina said. "Oh for the last time you and this stupid dumb man standing next to me were not together when I conceived Junior. That means when I got pregnant with him in case you don't understand when I use big words" Molly smirked. "I'm not dumb" Irina yelled. "You poisoned your own boyfriend. You’re not dumb Irina you’re fucking insane" Molly said.

"I think you should leave Irina" Jorge said. "Alleluia finally someone with a pair of balls" Molly said. "I'm going nowhere" she yelled. "You drugged your own boyfriend. Why the hell would he want you now?" Nuno asked amazed she was being so stupid. "Babe she drove me too it" Irina cried to Cristiano. "Irina stop. You drugged him. What the hell is wrong with you?" Tatiana said shaking her head in disgust at her sister. "It wasn't my fault" Irina told her. "I thought you stooped low with Junior but this is the craziest and most dangerous thing you have ever done" Tatiana said. "What do you mean with Junior?" Molly asked. "Nothing" Tatiana muttered.

Molly took five steps to stand in front of Tatiana. "What do you mean that she stooped low with Junior?" Molly asked. "It was nothing" Tatiana told her. "What the hell did she do to my son?" Molly roared grabbing Tatiana by her wrists. "Let my sister go" Irina said hitting Molly's arm. "Tell me" Molly roared at Tatiana. "She switched off the baby monitor" Tatiana said and Molly dropped her hold on the woman.

"The night of the party. You" Molly said pointing her finger at Irina. "You turned the baby monitor off. You" Molly said jabbing her finger into Irina's shoulder as she walked backwards. "You are the reason no one heard him crying. My baby was all alone upstairs crying in pain because you" Molly said jabbing her finger again "switched off his baby monitor. You" she said jabbing her finger again as Irina tried to bat away Molly's hand. "You hired the incompetent nanny. You were the reason Cristiano wasn't at the hospital when we needed him" Molly yelled.

"Molly she's not worth it" Jorge told her. Molly shook her head and looked at Irina with pure disgust before turning to walk back to her son who was happily in his father's arms. "The brat wasn't even really sick" Irina said and Molly took a deep breath as her eyes locked with Cristiano.

"Molly" Jorge said and as Cristiano gave a slight nod, Molly's arm was already swinging around and her open palm slapped across Irina's face. The sheer force and surprise of the slap, made Irina loose her balance and she fell onto her back holding her face in pain.

Irina let out a scream. "That's for my son" Molly yelled at her as Irina clutched her face in tears. "My face" Irina cried. "Get up so I can give the same treatment to your other face you two faced bitch" Molly yelled as she pulled on Irina's arm to get up from the floor. "Easy Mols" Nuno said wrapping an arm around Molly's waist and pulled her back.

"Let me go Nuno" Molly yelled trying to get out of his hold. "My face my face" Irina cried as Tatiana bent down to look at her sister. "It will just be a bruise" Tatiana said shaking her head. "I should have you arrested" Irina yelled at Molly as Tatiana helped her up from the ground. "Go on then call the police. I'm sure they'd love to hear about you poisoning Ronaldo. Do it I dare you" Molly roared at her as Nuno struggled to keep her back from Irina. "Molly stop. We don't need the police" Jorge said as Cristiano stood frozen to the spot as he held his son in his arms as he watched the scene in
front of him.

All whilst trying to get to grips on the fact that not only was his girlfriend cheating on him. But had also being drugging him. "Phone the police Irina. I dare you. Cos I promise it won't be me who will look bad. I will ruin you. Bring it on bitch. No one messes with my son" Molly yelled. "Nobody is phoning the police" Jorge said moving to stand between the two women. "Molly she's not worth it" Nuno told her. "He's right Molly" Jorge said and Molly stopped fighting in Nuno's hold and he let her go.

"See see babe she's not some sweet person. She just attacked me. Do something" Irina cried at Cristiano as Molly moved around Nuno as she shook her head. "If I attacked you, then it wouldn't just be your cheek that would be hurting you right now" Molly snapped. "Irina we should go" Tatiana told her sister. "That would have being a good idea months ago" Nuno said as Molly walked back and forth. "I'm going no where. I was here first" Irina yelled. "Oh of course you were" Molly laughed.

"It was your name he used to shout in that bed upstairs first. Oops sorry that was mine" Molly smirked and Irina glared at her. "You know some women would find it unbearable to sleep in the same bed her boyfriend had sex with another woman. I mean I don't know how you slept so peacefully" Molly laughed. "Though I know I never got much sleep in that bed. In fact I remember the first night he moved into this house" Molly smirked at Irina.

"Pretty sure he couldn't go shirtless for like two weeks cos of my nail marks after that night" Molly said. "You're lying" Irina yelled. "Ask your boyfriend then" Molly said nodding to Cristiano. "Ask him how many nights he kept me up. Ask him how many times he had to stop me from falling when we had sex against the shower wall. Ask him about his last night in Manchester" Molly laughed. "I thought we were going to break the windows with all our screaming in the kitchen that night" Molly smirked.

"Shut up shut up" Irina screamed. "Stop Molly" Cristiano said and she looked at him. "But it's just getting fun" she smirked at him before turning her attention back on Irina. "You see Irina whilst he answered your questions about whether he and I slept together while you and him were dating, you never thought to ask what happened before" Molly smiled.

"Molly" Jorge warned. "What Jorge? Since we are obviously all getting things out in the open. You know her drugging her own boyfriend. Why not get a few more things out in the open" Molly smirked. "Enough Molly" Cristiano said. "Ha funny that's something that never came out of your mouth before. I remember quite a few times when you couldn't get enough of me" Molly said. "Shut up shut up" Irina yelled.

"So ya Irina you might be his girlfriend. You might be the one who shares his bed. You might think you have him" Molly said crossing her arms with a smile. "But I had him first" she smirked and Irina moved forward towards Molly only to be stopped by Jorge.

"Enough. Get out of the house now" Jorge told both Irina and Tatiana. "I'm going no where" Irina yelled. "Drugging him to make you need him though really Irina. I know that brain of yours is small but even I would have given you more credit for not being that stupid" Molly said. "You turned him against me. You just want his money" Irina yelled. "I'm getting really confused. Is it his money or him that she thinks I want?" Molly asked Nuno who looked at Cristiano as he stood holding Junior.

"It isn't my fault he doesn't want to spend time with you. Even your own sister can't stand to be around you" Molly laughed. "Irina let's go" Tatiana said. "All your little tricks really did back fire on you didn't they Irina. I mean you drug him and it's me who ends up caring for him. It's me" Molly said pointing her finger towards herself "that he wanted. It wasn't my calls that he ignored. Oh and that whole pregnancy test thing" Molly said. "What pregnancy test?" Tatiana asked.

"Oh your sister lost a present for your mother. And apparently I was the only one who would be able to find it. But come on Irina it wasn't the present you wanted me to find now was it. It was the pregnancy test. So what was the idea about it? You wanted to show me that he wanted kids with you. What did you think I would think? Did you think that I would think if he was having a kid with you that there was no point staying around and that I would leave and take Junior with me?" Molly asked. ""Molly" Cristiano said.

"Kind of backed fired though. Since Cristiano was the one who freaked out over the test than me. Made him realise that he didn't want any more kids" Molly said. "Irina let's go" Tatiana said. "Oops sorry he wants more kids. Just not with you" Molly smirked. "You bitch" Irina yelled. "Takes one to know one sweetheart" Molly said.

"Ok that's enough. Leave now" Jorge said to Irina before gently nudging Molly back a little. "Got to hurt though Irina. Not only does he hate spending time with you. But the thought of you having his child scares him. Funny how condoms were never something he even thought of with me" Molly smirked.

"Enough" Cristiano yelled and Junior started to cry. "Nuno take Molly and Junior to Pepe's house" Cristiano said handing his son to his cousin. "What?" Molly asked looking at him as Irina smirked. "Cris" Nuno said. "Take them now" Cristiano said. "I'm going no where" Molly insisted. "Babe" Irina said. "No Ronaldo. She doesn't just babe you and get away with it. She drugged you" Molly yelled walking towards him. "Go with Nuno" he told her and she shook her head in disbelief.

"No no you can't even be thinking about giving her the time of day after all of this" Molly said. "Nuno" he said ignoring the look of hurt, anger and disappointment on Molly's face. "Come on Mols" Nuno said placing a hand on her shoulder.

"Mind you don't trip on your way out" Irina smirked. "Keep smiling sweetheart while you can cos one way or another I'm going to wipe that smug smile off your face" Molly yelled at her before she took Junior from Nuno's arms and stormed out of the house.

"For once in your life do the smart thing" Nuno told Cristiano. "Go after her" he replied and Nuno looked at Jorge who nodded.

"Finally we can talk. Babe did you see what she did to my face? She's crazy" Irina said stepping towards him. "Babe" she said taking his wrists into her hands. "Ya you're right" he smiled at her. "Molly is crazy" Cristiano said.
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