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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 67- Don't Know What To Believe

"Molly slow down" Nuno called out as he ran after her down the driveway of Cristiano's house. "Open the damn gate Nuno" she snapped once she reached the closed gate. "Mols" he said. "Now" she yelled as she tried to sooth her son who was still crying. "It's ok my baby. Everything will be ok" she said kissing head.

"Molly he's not going to forgive her" Nuno said as he opened the gate by using his phone. "He just stood there" she snapped as the gate opened a little and she stepped through the opening. He had heard everything and he had said nothing. He had just stood there Molly thought as she walked across the road.

"Molly slow down" Nuno told her. "Do not tell me what to do" she snapped. "At least be careful. I don't need you getting knocked down" he said as they walked across the quiet street. "Why not? It would solve a lot of problems" Molly said. "Mols" he said. Junior finally settled as they walked through the open gate at Pepe's house. When the reached the front door, Molly pressed the doorbell over and over again.

"Alright alright. I'm coming" they could hear Pepe say before the door opened. "Molly" he said surprised. "What's wrong?" he asked the moment he say her face properly. "There's been a little incident" Nuno said. "A little incident. She took my child Nuno" Molly yelled at Nuno. "Come inside" Pepe said ushering them through the door. "Things got a bit tense over the road" Nuno said. "She's lucky she's not leaving in a body bag" Molly snapped as she ran her hand up and down Junior's back.

"What the hell happened?" Pepe asked as he ushered them towards the kitchen. "Let's calm her down first then I'll explain everything" Nuno told Pepe. "Don't tell me to calm down Nuno" Molly snapped and Ana stood from her seat at the kitchen table when she heard Molly. "Mols what's the matter?" Ana asked rushing towards her. "Gosh Mols you're shaking" Ana said. "He's telling me to calm down when....." Molly stuttered as she held Junior close to her.

"Nuno what the hell happened?" Ana asked the man. "How am I to be calm when that witch is over there?" Molly said pointing her finger in the direction of Cristiano's house. "Getting inside his head and twisting everything...He sends me over here while she worms her way out things like always. He sends me away" Molly snapped.

"Mols, Mols" Ana said placing both hands on Molly's shoulders. "Look at me. Take a deep breath ok" Ana told her friend. "Don't tell me to calm down" Molly said. "I won't just breathe ok" Ana said. "Nuno what the hell happened? Where's Cris?" Pepe asked and Molly let out a snort of a laugh. "Putting her before everyone else. Where else do you think he would be?" Molly said with pure hate. "Molly that's not true" Nuno told her.

"He told me to leave Nuno" Molly said. "He told you to leave" Ana said in shock. "He didn't mean leave as in leave the house for good Ana. He just asked for me to bring Junior and Molly over here that's all" Nuno explained. "Might as well be the same thing Nuno if he forgives that woman. I mean it Nuno. If he even thinks about forgiving her after everything she has done this time I won't just leave that house. I leave the country and take Junior with me" Molly warned. "And there are plenty of people who will help her too Nuno" Ana said.

"Hey I'm not the bad guy here. No need to be warning me" Nuno said. "We all know who the bad guy in all of this is" Ana said. "Come sit Mols" she said encouraging Molly towards a chair. "He's not a bad guy Ana" Pepe said and Ana glared at her boyfriend. "Pepe is right. Look Mols, Cris didn't send you over here cos he's picking her over you" Nuno said taking a seat opposite the chair Molly had since occupied.

"It's Junior he's putting second not me. That's all that's important" Molly said. "Ya ya we know. It's Junior not you" Nuno said rolling his eyes and Pepe let out a small laugh. "Not the right time Nuno" Ana said and Molly looked between them all in confusion.
"What I'm trying to say Mols is that he just wanted to talk to Irina that's all" Nuno told Molly. "She doesn't deserve him wasting his breath on her Nuno. Not after today" Molly snapped. "Ok can someone please tell us what the hell happened over in that house?" Ana asked.

"She took Junior" Molly told her friend. "She did what?" Pepe asked in surprise. He had thought that Irina had said something to insult Molly and Cristiano got himself in bother for trying to fix things. He hadn't expected Molly to say what she had just said. "She took Junior for a walk and didn't tell anyone" Molly said placing a kiss on her son's head. "He was asleep in his stroller. She told her sister that she had told them. There was a bit of a panic before they came back" Nuno said.

"A bit of a panic. Nuno she took my son. Do you know what......." Molly paused trying not to think of all the horrible things she had thought in fear when she didn't know where Junior was. "I know Molly" he said. "No you don't know. None of you know" Molly replied. "Ok so she obviously brought him back. So what happened?" Ana asked. "She played the poor little victim card as always. Seriously she can't even make up her mind what she things I am. One minute she's accusing me of wanting her boyfriend then it's just his money. The woman is crazy" Molly said. "Yet Cris dates her" Ana scoffed.

"Ana just leave it" Pepe said. "My friend is continuously made to suffer cos your dickhead of a friend can't open his eyes and stop thinking with his dick" Ana told Pepe. "Guys we came here to get away from fighting not to start another row" Nuno said. "No we came here cos Ronaldo did what he always does. Puts her first" Molly snapped. "Molly" Nuno said. "Don't Nuno" Molly told him and Nuno sighed. "What else happened? I get the feeling the more than her just taking Junior" Pepe asked.

"Well let's see" Molly said standing and she began to pace the floor. "Well not only is she a two faced bitch oh and thinks I'm a tramp cos I had a child with her boyfriend even though they weren't together at the damn time" Molly said turning to face her friends. "But she's a cheating two faced bitch" Molly said. "She's cheating on him?" Pepe asked.

"Molly" Nuno said. "What Nuno? It's not like he's not going to find out. Cos I swear if Ronaldo comes over here and tells me that, that cow is sorry and she won't do it again and expects me to be nice to her, I'll make sure the whole World knows he's a fool who let's her off cheating on him" Molly said. "I'm sure you would" Nuno sighed leaning back in the chair. "So I guess that's what he meant earlier about feeling like a fool? He must have found out something" Pepe said to Nuno. "I guess. He kind of dropped the info" Nuno said.

"Urgh that woman actually has the nerve to try and defend herself after what she's done. He's actually going to fall for her lies" Molly said as she continued to pace. "Molly have a seat. Getting worked up isn't doing you any good" Ana said. "I'm fine" Molly replied as she paced and Ana looked at Nuno. "At least give me Junior Mols. He must be getting hungry" Nuno said. "Ya I can make him something" Ana said. "I was going to get him something but then I realised he was missing" Molly paused from pacing.

"You've had a huge shock Mols" Ana said walking towards her. "He's ok Mols" she told her and Molly placed a kiss on her son's cheek before handing him into Ana's awaiting arms. "So Irina is actually over there trying to defend her cheating in Cris? He's not going to forgive her. She's nuts" Pepe said. "Oh she's an entire new species of nuts Pepe. She fucking drugged him" Molly yelled and Ana dropped the glass she had being holding.

"She did what?" Ana asked as Junior began to cry. "Sssh he's ok Mols" Ana said as the baby boy stopped crying. "That's why Cris was sick" Pepe said putting two and two together. "Sadly it's true. I've got it on camera. Her putting something into his protein drink" Nuno said. "And apparently I drove her too it" Molly said. "Ok now she's living on another planet" Ana said. "She wanted him to need her ha. Shame it backed fired on her" Molly said.

"Well if she didn't know before she certainly knows now. After you rubbed her face in it. Nice touch telling her it was your name he called in his sleep by the way" Nuno smirked. "Well it's the truth. Crazy bitch. She drugged her own boyfriend. Who the hell does that?" Molly asked. "Someone who you won't have to deal with for much longer" Pepe told her. "Please she's over there right now fluttering her eyelashes at him. Getting inside his head and making him feel sorry for her" Molly yelled. "Which he's not going to buy Mols. I know he won't" Pepe said.

"Pepe is right Molly" Nuno told her. "She drugged him. He should have thrown her out right then. But instead he sent me away" Molly yelled. "I can't believe she tried to put everything she has done on you" Ana said as she sat with Junior on her lap at the table. "She drugged him when Junior was in hospital too. My son could have....." Molly said holding her a shaking hand to her mouth as she fought away the memories of seeing Junior have a seizure.

"The reason he didn't answer his phone that time" Nuno told Ana and Pepe. "I knew he wouldn't have fallen asleep" Pepe said. "Me too" Nuno replied. "Ronaldo could barely stand or see straight these last few days. Anything could have happened if he was still drinking the protein shakes" Molly said as she resumed pacing the floor. "But you were the one who stopped him from drinking them Mols and he's better now" Nuno said. "Only for you putting a camera into the pantry Nuno none of this would have come out" Molly told him. "Maybe not the drugging part but he still knew about the cheating" Nuno told her.

"I know none of us trusted her but fair play to you Nuno for acting on your gut" Pepe said. "It was only when Molly mentioned about Cris not drinking the shakes that something clicked and we got the doctor to check the blood. Something about the night at the hospital didn't make sense. I can't explain it" Nuno said. "Nothing about all of this makes sense Nuno" Molly said. "But it will be over soon Mols" Pepe told her.

"She's over there" Molly snapped. "And I'm here...Junior's here" she corrected herself. "But she won't be over there for much longer" Pepe said walking towards her. "You're angry and upset but it will all be over soon. Try to relax and take a seat Mols" he told her. "There's no way he will forgive her. Even Cris isn't that much of a push over. He was drugged" Ana said as Molly took a seat next to her friend. "Let's just wait for Cris and this entire thing will be done with for good" Pepe said.

"If she had done anything to Junior" Molly said reaching out to take her son back into her arms. "But she didn't Molly. It's the only thing I believed that came out of her mouth" Nuno said. "She still turned off his monitor the night he got sick" Molly reminded him. "No way" Ana said in shock. "My son was crying for help and no one heard him cos she switched the monitor off" Molly said kissing her son over and over again. "That's it. That bitch needs a slap" Ana said standing. "Sit down Ana" Pepe told his girlfriend. "She needs to suffer some pain Pepe" Ana said.

"Molly already saw to that Ana so you can sit back down" Nuno said. "You hit her?" Ana asked Molly as she retook her seat. "She sent Irina to the floor with a hard smack across the face" Nuno laughed as he acted it out. "Yes damn go Molly. It's about time someone wiped that smug smile off that cows face" Ana grinned in delight. "Oh Mols certainly did that" Nuno said. "She messed with my son. No one messes with my son" Molly said holding Junior tightly.

"Man I wish I had being there to see it" Ana grinned. "I don't. You would have joined in" Pepe said. "She would have deserved it" Ana said. "Well I'm glad you weren't there. It was hard enough to pull Molly away. Even Jorge had to step in between the two of them" Nuno said. "Yes Molly" Ana smiled at her friend. "So an eventful afternoon in the Averio house then" Pepe said as his mind tried to comprehend everything he had being told. "It was really hot too. Like really hot. Molly was like a lioness protecting her cub" Nuno smirked at Pepe.

"Careful Nuno or people might think there's some truth in what Irina was saying" Molly half smiled at Nuno. "Ha ya like I said Ronnie would kill me. And I like being able to breathe" Nuno joked. "What did she say?" Ana asked. "That I was sneaking into Nuno's room every night and taking Ronaldo for his money" Molly said rolling her eyes at the thought. "She never said that. Wow" Ana laughed. "It wasn't exactly funny when this one here" Nuno said pointing to Molly "started telling Irina that she used to sneak into my room for hot raucous sex each night" Nuno said.

"I was showing how ludicrous the notion was" Molly said. "So you were lucky you didn't come over here with a smack then Nuno" Pepe smiled at the Portuguese man. "If he hadn't being holding the baby I dread to think what he would have done" Nuno replied. "Oh he wouldn't have hit you. And anyway it's none of his business what I do" Molly said. "Think it was more who not what Mols" Ana joked and the two men laughed. "Oh ya you lot laugh while that bitch is over there" Molly said. "She won't be there for long" Nuno said. "That smile will be off her face if he has any sense" Ana said.

"Well Molly did a good job getting that smile off her face. And you didn't even need to slap her again Mols" Nuno smirked. "I didn't tell her anything that wasn't true Nuno" Molly told him. "I'm just glad I don't have to go back to the house in Manchester. I don't think I could look at the kitchen in the same way" Nuno said and Molly blushed something which Ana noticed. "How exactly did Molly wipe the smile of Irina's face without actually slapping her again Nuno?" Ana asked with a small smile.

"It's not important since she's won" Molly said. "She hasn't won Molly" Pepe told her. "He's listening to her lies Pepe and not here with us. With his son" she corrected herself. "Ya well as you told her you were here first Molly" Nuno smirked at her. "Oh stop smirking Nuno" Molly said rolling her eyes at his childishness.

"I was just trying to get under her skin" Molly said. "Oh ya pretty sure telling her about the time you and Cris moved into the house over the road and he couldn't wear a shirt for two weeks cos of your nail marks really got under her skin" Nuno smirked. “I guess that’s a good way. To get under her skin like. Remind her you’ve got under Cris” Ana smirked and the two men started laughing while Molly’s face grew red.

Molly stared out the window. It was over an hour since she had come to the house and there was no word from Cristiano. Molly felt foolish and stupid for actually starting to think that what Pepe and Nuno had told her would come true. That Cristiano would send Irina packing. That for once someone would choose......she thought shaking her head.

“Mols” Pepe said and she slowly turned her head around. “I brought you some tea” he said holding a cup in his hand. “I’m not thirsty” she replied turning her attention back to the window. “I put loads of sugar in it. It’s good for shock” Pepe said walking towards the window. “Nuno’s trying to show Ana how to make Junior food he likes in the kitchen” he said.

"I'm done waiting" Molly said and turned to walk. "Mols just wait a bit longer" Pepe told her placing the cup on the coffee table before stepping in front of her. "Why? It's obvious what's happened over there. He's put her first again" Molly said. "It might seem like he puts her first but trust me he will always choose you and Junior over her" Pepe told her. "She drugged him. She hired the nanny. She's done nothing but she dislike towards Junior and yet he's still with her Pepe" Molly snapped.

"He was planning on breaking up with her before all of this happened Mols" Pepe said. "Did he tell you that?" she asked. "Not in so many words but I know he was considering it. He had a lot of time to think these past few days. Even though he was sick he still really liked the past few days" Pepe told her. "It wasn't the worst of weeks" she mumbled. She hated to admit it to herself but she actually enjoyed the week. Even though she hated seeing Cristiano ill, she had enjoyed spending time with him. Like the old days.

“He’s had days. Weeks. Months to see the bitch that she is. My son has being put in danger. Cristiano has being put in danger because of her. Anything could have happened Pepe. He could have crashed. He could have killed someone. He could have killed himself” she said struggling to speak.

“Molly” Pepe said placing his hands on her shoulders. “You know Cris. You know him better than anyone. You know what is important to him. You know who is important to him. You know him. You..know. HIM. Do you really believe he would pick her over his family?” Pepe asked.

“I don’t know what to believe” she whispered. “Just trust him” he said. “Only to be let down again. That’s all that ever happens to me Pepe. My parents… Ronaldo…I can’t…” she said shaking her head and stepped back when she heard the doorbell.
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