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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 68- Taking Out The Trash

"You're right. Molly is crazy" Cristiano said and Irina smiled. "She's crazy for putting up with my blindness towards you" he snapped pulling her hands off his wrists. "Babe" Irina said in surprise. "You can't actually be stupid enough to think I would want anything to do with you after everything?" he asked as she stood in front of him with a confused look on her face. "Babe" she said.

"You fucking drugged me Irina" he yelled. "Ronaldo" Jorge warned. "Don't worry Jorge I'm not going to hit her. She's not worth it" Cristiano said. "Nah you just leave your baby mama slut to do it for you" Irina yelled. "You should be thanking us for not leaving Molly anywhere near you right now. That was her only warming up" he said.

"We'll see how much smiling she will be doing when she's behind bars for assaulting me" Irina smirked. "Irina" Tatiana said coming towards her sister. "She hit me. You saw it sis" Irina said. "And you drugged me" Cristiano yelled. "I'm sure your agent could spun attempted murder charges into something good Irina or maybe not" Jorge smirked. "Babe look we can talk about this" Irina said stepping closer to Cristiano who held his hand up.

"There's been enough talk. Pack your things and get out of my house" he yelled. "No no she does not win. She does not get to ruin my relationship" Irina yelled at him. "You've seen that to yourself Irina" he replied. "You drove me too it. You ignored me. I'm your girlfriend" she yelled. "Was my girlfriend. Consider yourself dumped. Now get out" he said. "You do not dump me" she said. "I just did. And I should have done it a long time ago" Cristiano said.

"I think you should go make a start on her stuff Tatiana" Jorge told the other Russian woman. "She's going nowhere. And neither am I" Irina yelled. "I will phone the police Irina. There were three people in the room who won't have any problem telling the police Molly hit you in self-defence. So if you think you've leverage why don't you try using it" he said. "That bitch is making a fool out of you" the model snapped.

"The only bitch that's made a fool out of me is the one I'm looking at right now. And I'm putting a stop to it. Get your stuff and get the fuck out of my house" he roared. She hit his chest with her fists. "No no" she yelled punching him as her sister tried to pull her back. "You are not breaking up with me for that slut" Irina yelled. "She is not a slut. And this has nothing got to do with Molly" he replied.

"It's the brat she wants not you" Irina said. "Ten minutes ago it was me she wanted according to you. So which is it? You're crazy" he said shaking his head. "You always defend her. Never me" she yelled. "I've done nothing but defend your stupid words or actions since I've met you and look where it got me. Completely out of it cos you drugged me" he yelled. "What else was I to do?" she asked.

"How about not drugging him for starters" Jorge said. "He was ignoring me. He picked her over me at Christmas" Irina said. "I picked my son. I wanted to spend Christmas with my son. How can you not understand that?" Cristiano asked. "It's being nothing but all about that brat since he was born" Irina yelled. "I told you not to call him that" Cristiano snapped and she rolled her eyes.

"I think it's time you left Irina" Jorge said. "That time was months ago. I was just too blind and stupid to do anything about it" Cristiano said. "So I drugged you who cares. You drove me too it. You pushed me away" she yelled. "You were never there to be pushed away Irina. And I'm not talking about physical distance. You've never being 100% in this relationship. You've only ever care about something if it was to do with you. Anything in my life came second" he told her.

"You lied to me about a baby for months. And I stayed with you. I had people asking me about the baby and pretending I knew about it when you barely had be told a couple of weeks before it arrived" Irina snapped. "I apologised for not telling you Irina. Our relationship was still new. I never thought...." he paused.

"You never thought we'd go somewhere cos you had that slut as a back up all a long" she snapped. "Do not call her that" he warned. "You have a baby with another woman and you actually expected me to be ok with it" she said. "We weren't together when Molly became pregnant Irina. You never saw a relationship with me. You just saw good PR" he said. "Then why did I stay?" she asked. "You tell me?" he asked.

"You accuse me of not giving our relationship 100%. What about you? You moved that brat's mother into your home. You let me believe that she was his nanny when all along she give birth to him" she yelled. "And you still had a problem with Molly even then. Even before Junior was born. You've being set against her since the day you met her" he said. "Cos she was after my boyfriend" she yelled and he laughed. "Trust me she wasn't" he said.

"How the hell did I stand a chance at getting close to you when you always went to her" Irina yelled. "And ask yourself why. Why did I find it easier to talk to Molly than to you? Because unlike you she's are warm and caring person" he said. "More like she kept my side of the bed warm for you when I wasn't here" Irina snapped.

"It was her side before yours" Cristiano retorted and Irina moved to slap him but he ducked and she missed. "She actually cares about my family. She actually cares about what goes on in my life. You've done nothing but snipe or put down my family. You never take an interest in my work. You never take an interest in my son. And when you do it's for you. It's for show. It's not because you want it. It's because it looks good. Like with the picture you posted. You wanted people to see you as the perfect step mother. You wanted to show Molly you weren't going anywhere. It was the same with the pregnancy test the other day" he said.

"She needed to know her place. She needs to know her place" Irina yelled. "Her place is here with my son" Cristiano replied. "Urgh your son. Her son. Our son. That's all I bloody hear. I look online and I see pictures of you with her and that brat like the perfect little family when you should be with me. I've being made look like a fool. You've lied to me over and over again and I've done nothing but be a supportive lovely girlfriend" she said. "So supportive you drug me. Oh and then say it's my fault. Oh ya that's really being a lovely girlfriend" he said.

"I wanted you to need me. Everyone raves about Molly. She has you all fooled" Irina said. "Molly puts everyone else before herself. She has done since the day I met her" Cristiano sighed. "Oh saint Molly. Perfect bloody saint Molly" Irina said. "You need to leave" he told her. "If she wasn't here, then none of this would be happening" Irina said. "She nearly wasn't here because of you remember. You see Irina it's not just the fact that you drugged me that has me ending this relationship. It's the fact that, that's only one of a number of reasons. I've let you get into my head. I missed scans. I probably would have missed his birth if I was with you instead of away with the club. I bet you would have done something to make sure I never left" he said.

"I was angry. I still am. You never told me about the baby" she yelled. "Well it was Molly who told me I should tell you in the first place" he yelled and she opened then closed her mouth. "I went to New York instead of spending time with my newborn son. Don't say I never thought of you. I put you before my family at times” he said. "You can't put it all on me. It was you who made the choices" Irina reminded him.

"And I'll regret those choices for the rest of my life. You blame Molly and Junior for everything when it's you. You were the one causing problems. You were the one making the snide comments. I let you get into my head. Do you know the amount of fights I had with Molly because of stuff that you got me thinking about" he said.

"Oh boo hoo" Irina said. "I let you away with hiring a nanny to replace Molly. An incompetent nanny and as a result my son ended up in hospital. My son needed Molly and I let you get into my head and I pushed her away" Cristiano yelled. "You pushed her away not me Cris. You were the weak one not me" Irina yelled. "Well I'm not the weak one anymore. Now get out" he yelled. "You lied to me. You made me look like a fool" she yelled. "I made a mistake Irina. I've apologised more than once. The whole lying about who Molly was well it.......I can't explain it ok but I am sorry. But it still gives you no right to drug me" he said.

"I wanted you to see that you needed me" she said and he laughed. "The only thing it made me see was that I didn't need you. You think I'm breaking up with you cos I've learnt that you drugged me. Well I was planning on doing it before then. You see Irina because of you I had lots of time to think. Think about what makes me happy and it's not you" he said. "But I do make you happy" she said. "Maybe once" he shrugged. "No no we are good together" she said.

"No we're not. I don't like the person I become when I'm around you" he said truthfully. "You're only saying all this so you can go hop into bed with that slut. Make you feel less guilty for having her in our bed all the times I haven't been here" Irina snapped. Cristiano ran a hand through his hair and shook his head. "I never slept with Molly when I was with you" he said. "Ha ya right. You probably had her in bed every time my back was turned" she replied.

"I have never slept with Molly while we were together. You want the truth there it is. I slept with her the day I came back from Milan. That is all. We weren’t in a relationship then" he said. "You actually expect me to believe that?" she asked. "Believe what you want. You're going to anyway. And are you forgetting about Jacque. You stand there accusing me when you’re the one who has being cheating on me" he said. "You've being cheating on me too" she yelled. "I've haven't slept with her" he yelled.

"You may not have cheated on my physically but you have emotionally" she said and he dropped his eyes to the floor. "See you know it too. You chose to spend time with her. To talk to her. You've even acted jealous when guys are around her. How do you think that made me feel? To see my boyfriend hate when Luke was anywhere near her" she said. "She deserved better than that asshole" he replied. "Better like you?" she asked.

"This isn't about Molly and I. This is about the fact that you have cheated. You have drugged me. And you have put my son in danger. You turned off his monitor. If Molly hadn't gone into his room that night my son could be dead right now" he said. "Shame he's not" Irina mumbled and her sister gasped in shock at Irina's words as Cristiano struggled to control his temper.

He grabbed her by the arm and she screamed. "Let me go" she yelled. "Ronaldo" Jorge yelled as he watched his friend pull the model towards the couch and as he pushed her back onto the couch. "You have ten minutes to pack up your sister’s stuff. Anything you don't take is going in the bin. I want you both out of my house and my life" Cristiano told Tatiana. "Ok" she nodded and headed towards the stairs. "I'm going no where" Irina yelled.

"Yes you are. I should have put an end to this relationship months ago. Yes I lied to you about Junior. Yes I may have neglected you" he said. "May have? You did" she yelled. "It's you who has pushed me away Irina. Your words and actions. You wonder why I don't want to be with you. Have you heard the stuff you say or do? You’ve never tried to get to know my family. You pick on everything. You're never happy" he said. "Cos my boyfriend would rather a slut then me" she yelled. "You've just wished that my son was dead. Why would I want you?" he asked. "I didn't mean it. Babe we are good together" she said. "There's nothing more pathetic than someone who pines after somebody" he said.

"Then you should take a look in the mirror yourself then. You think with me gone Molly will jump into your arms" she said. "This isn't about Molly" he said. "You sure you could even want her? Sure you could be near her after she opened her legs for Luke" she smirked and he lowered himself towards Irina on the couch.

He placed his hands on her shoulders and looked straight at her. "Molly is worth twenty of you" he said before standing up straight. "Get them both out of my house" he told Jorge and moved away from the couch. "Where are you going?" Irina asked in a panic as she stood from the couch. "I'm to get my family" he told her. "You're a lying cheating bastard Ronaldo" the model yelled. "You're the cheat Irina not me. Do you know all the times I could have cheated on you" he told her.

"See see you tell me there's nothing going on between you and Molly and then you tell me there were times you could have cheated on me" she said. "Could have is the point. It was your behaviour that pushed me away from you and closer to her don't you see that. I came so close to kissing her but unlike you I'm not a cheat" he said.

"Emotionally you cheated a hell lot more than I did physically" she told him. "Maybe you're right and I apologise for that. I should have ended this between us when I started to feel that it wasn't right. That you and I together is a mistake. I shouldn't have leaned on Molly. But it's not like I could rely on you for it" he told her.

"I hope she lives up to the pedestal you've put her on Cris" she said. "You know another reason why I stopped myself from kissing Molly. Apart from not wanting to be a cheat. Was that I didn't want to Molly to be cheapened by being the other woman. Your feelings hardly came into my head. Does that not tell you how wrong we are for each other?" he asked and Irina laughed. "The other woman. Are you kidding me? There's being three in our relationship since day one Ronaldo. You've pulled her into this. It's kind of hard for me to be there for you when you go in search of her" she yelled.

"Just get out Irina. We are done” he told her. "Don't you dare walk away from me" she yelled. "Watch me" he told her and headed down the hallway.

He took a deep breath once the fresh air hit him as he stepped outside his house. HIs mind was full with everything that just had happened. His own girlfriend had drugged him. He was tired and exhausted from arguing with Irina but his entire body felt light as he walked across the road towards Pepe's house. It felt like a weight had being left off his shoulders.

He knew he should have done that much much sooner. He could have saved so much hassle. Irina was gone. He had finally sent her packing. Now came the hard part he thought as he neared Pepe's front door. He hadn't missed the look Molly had given him when he had told her to go with Nuno to Pepe's house. He seen the anger. He had seen the hurt. He hadn't being entirely truthful with Irina. It wasn't all her fault. He was to blame and he that. He knew he could have save so much pain if he opened his eyes sooner to who Irina was. He thought back to all the fights with Molly.

Her moving out. Luke...he shook his head and his hand hovered over the doorbell before he pressed it and waited. "Hi" Pepe smiled once he opened the door. "Hi" Cristiano sighed. "She's in the living room" Pepe said as he shut the door. "Thanks" Cristiano said. "She's not happy Cris" he said. "I figured" Cristiano replied. "Just please tell me you've made a smart decision for once" Pepe asked. "I need to see Molly" Cristiano told him. "She thinks you've picked Irina" Pepe said and Cristiano turned to look at his friend. "She thinks because you sent her over here that you've picked her" Pepe said. "I sent her over here cos I......I need to see her" Cristiano said and walked towards the living room door.

He pushed open the door to find Molly standing in the centre of the room holding Junior with Ana standing on her right and Nuno on her left. "Molly" he said. "Don't even think about coming any closer Ronaldo if you haven't given that bitch her marching orders" Ana warned him as Molly held Junior close to her. “Ana” Pepe said as he came in after Cristiano.
“Molly can we just please go home” Cristiano asked walking to stand in front of her. “She’s going no where if that bitch is still there” Ana said. “She’s gone ok. Look Molly please. I just want you to come back ok. We can talk later” he said. “Why later?” Ana asked and Cristiano glared at her. “Mols please” he begged looking back at Molly.

“I should get Junior back” she said. “Molly” Ana said. “I’ll speak to you tomorrow Ana” she said. “Mols are you sure?” Ana asked. “She’s coming home with me Ana” Cristiano said. “I need to get Junior back” Molly repeated. “Then let’s get back” Nuno said. “Ya lets” Cristiano said.
Molly looked at Cristiano and the back to Ana before placing a kiss on her son’s head before she made her way towards the front door. “Do you want me to take him?” Cristiano asked catching up to her. “Ahm sure” she said and he took his son into his arms. “Mols” he said before he heard someone yelling his name from across the street.

“CRISTIANO” Irina yelled as slammed the car door shut behind her. “You said she was gone” Molly said as she stopped walking. “She’s going” he said looking at her. “I told you to leave” he snapped at Irina when she reached Molly and Cristiano. “I'm the kind of person you belong with" she said. "I'd sooner die alone then spend another minute as your boyfriend" he said.

“She doesn’t even want you. She just wants the brat” Irina yelled. “Leave” he yelled. “You couldn’t just stay away” Irina yelled at Molly. “You don’t even want him” she yelled. “Well it seems like he doesn’t want you. And that’s all that matters” Molly smirked. “She won’t want you Cristiano. Do you think she can trust you?” Irina asked.

“Get back into the car and get the hell away from here now” Cristiano said. “You’ll never be happy without him. That brat and bitch are nothing like me” Irina said as her sister came to stand beside her. “Thank God they are nothing like you” Cristiano replied as Tatiana tugged on her sister’s arm.

“You’re making a mistake Cristiano. We can try again” Irina begged. “What part of him not wanting you do you not understand?” Molly asked. “What part of staying away from other people’s boyfriends don’t you not understand?” Irina asked. “I can’t help it if he’d rather talk to me than you. Says more about you than me” Molly smirked. “Just take the brat and leave Cris and me alone” Irina said. “Leave Irina” Cristiano said. “No” Irina yelled.

“Oh for heaven sake” Molly said grabbing Irina by the arm. “Let me go” Irina screamed as Molly pulled her towards the car with Cristiano and Tatiana following behind. “Get in and get lost” Molly said pulling open the car door.

“He only wants you cos you look after the brat. If he had died then you wouldn’t have been here” Irina smiled and Molly grabbed a clung of Irina’s hair and pulled her into the car. “Tell the devil I said hi when you eventually get there” Molly said before slamming the door shut.

“I’m so sorry” Tatiana said. “Just get her away from here” Cristiano said. “I really am sorry” Tatiana said sadly before walking around to the car door. Molly sighed as she watched the car leave. “Did that just happen?” Nuno asked coming up beside them. "Let's get inside" Molly said as she headed towards Cristiano's house. "Ah you're finally back" Jorge smiled as she entered the living room. "Sorry we got delayed" Molly replied. "What happened?" he asked. "Oh it was good" Nuno said as he came into the room.

"Was just taking out the trash Jorge" Molly said as she took a seat on the couch and took the TV remote into her hand.
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