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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 69-To Being Single And Happy

"Crazy few hours huh" Nuno said as he took a seat beside Molly on the couch. Since she arrived back from Pepe's house nearly two hours ago, she hadn't moved from the couch. She focused on the TV. Well her eyes focused whilst her mind wondered. Irina was finally out of the picture. No more having to deal with her snide remarks. No more having to be in the same building as the woman who hated Junior. No more seeing people miserable because of the Russian. No more seeing Cristiano miserable. No more drama or complications. Ha ya right she had thought numerous of times as she flicked between TV stations.

The screen of the TV went dark and Molly looked at Nuno. "I was watching that" she told him. "What was on?" he asked. "It's doesn't matter" she sighed. "You ok?" he asked. "Why wouldn't I be?" she asked. "You've being very quiet since we've come back from Pepe's" he said. "Have I?" she asked. "You going to answer all my questions with a question?" he asked. "What do you want me to say?" she asked and he rolled his eyes at her. "Seriously Mols" he laughed. "I'm fine Nuno" she said.

"Are you still angry with Cris?" he asked and her eyes flicked to the sliding door which lead out to the garden and then back at Nuno. "Why would I be angry?" she asked. "Look I know it was a long time coming" he said. "Ha" she said. "But he dumped her Mols. She's gone. The wicked witch of the East is no more. I know a lot went down today but at least enjoy that fact Mols" he said. "Honestly some people" Jorge snapped as he came into the room.

"What's wrong?" Nuno asked. "What's bloody right?" Jorge asked as he took a seat in a chair beside the couch. "Oh please you don't start answering my questions with questions. It's bad enough that this one is already doing it" Nuno said. "You alright Molly?" Jorge asked her. "I will be when Nuno gives me the remote back" she said taking the remote from Nuno. Nuno shook his head at Jorge indicating that he shouldn't try talking to her.

"Dinner is almost ready" Nuno said. "Please tell me there is a bottle of wine somewhere in this house. I need a drink after the phone call I just had" Jorge said. "Should be able to find one. Difficult client?" Nuno asked. "The witch's agent is nearly as bad as the witch" Jorge grumbled. "Why were you talking to him?" Nuno asked. "To figure out how to deal with the media fallout from the break up I'm guessing" Molly said as she flicked the TV station.

"Well ya" Jorge replied. "She drugged him and cheated on him" Nuno pointed out. "And he had a child with someone else. She'll accuse him of cheating and the last thing Jorge needs is Ronaldo being made to look the bad guy" Molly said. "It's need to be amicable" Jorge said. "But she'll get the sympathy for exactly what Molly just said. For him lying about Junior. How is is fair that people will feel sorry for her when she's in the wrong?" Nuno asked.

"If it puts an end to having to deal with the witch then I don't care. And no one finds out about him being drugged" Jorge told him. "Why not?" he asked. "Ana and Pepe know" Molly said. "I'll have a word with them about it. We really don't need the police getting involved so it's best if it stays between us" Jorge said. "Ya fine but surely it would make the public side with Cris" Nuno said. "The quicker and quieter this is all put to bed the better Nuno. I should probably go talk to Cris" Jorge standing.

"Leave him. He's spending some alone time with Junior" Molly said. "He's being outside since he came back" Jorge pointed out. "Just leave him” Molly said. “Mols” Jorge said. “Jorge you have the rest of the night to speak to him. Just let him be for now” Molly told him and Jorge sat back down. "So” Jorge said looking at Molly and she stood. “Where are you going?” Nuno asked. “Why do you want you want to know?” she asked and he groaned. “I’m just messing with you Nuno. I’m going upstairs. Call me when dinner is ready please” she said heading out of the living room.

“They haven’t so much as said two words to each other since we came back to the house” Nuno sighed. “I really don’t know what to make of all of this” Jorge said. “Will Irina be more of a problem now?” Nuno asked. “I hope not” Jorge said. “Molly should have ripped her hair out” Nuno said. “That wouldn’t have helped matters” Jorge pointed out. “But it would have being fun to watch” Nuno grinned and Jorge rolled his eyes.

“Although given the fact that Molly just practically threw Irina into her car earlier, maybe it’s best if she and Ronnie don’t talk right now. Mols wasn’t exactly happy about him sending her to Pepe’s house” Nuno said. “I wasn’t happy either” Jorge grumbled. “What happened while we were gone?” Nuno asked. “Lot’s of who is to blame. He let her have it to be fair” Jorge said. “Did you think he would forgive her?” Nuno asked and Jorge sighed. “There was a brief moment where I thought he might just be stupid enough to I’ll admit” Jorge said. “He has previous” Nuno shrugged.

“Tomorrow is a new day” Jorge said. “You think now that the witch is gone. That” Nuno said nodding towards the sliding door “might see ....might think about...opening his eyes to what has being in front of him for months" Nuno said. "I hope not" Jorge said. "What?" Nuno said in surprise.

"After everything that's happened. I'm not sure what you're thinking is a good idea" Jorge said. "But Jorge" Nuno said. "I think something is burning Nuno" Jorge said interrupting him. "Shit" Nuno said and ran off to the kitchen.

Twenty minutes later as Nuno was taking the lasagne out of the oven Molly entered the room. "I swear you have a sixth sense that food is ready" Nuno joked as she took a seat on a stool. "I'm not that hungry to be honest" Molly said. "But you'll find room for my famous lasagne though. Want to go get Cris for me please" he asked.

"I can serve up while you get him" she said. "Nah I've got it thanks. You go get them" he said. "I have to get Junior's food ready" Molly said hopping off the stool. "Already done. No thanks necessary" he smiled and she sighed knowing there was no way Nuno was going to let her get out of going to get Cristiano.

Cristiano sat on one of the big sun loungers near the fire pit in his garden as Junior reached for the toy car which was beside Cristiano thigh. He had being outside since he had brought Molly and Junior back to the house. After Irina finally left, Molly had just sat in front of the TV and hadn't said anything. He didn't know what he thought she would say. He didn't even know what to say. His mind was full after the events of the day. He had found out that not alone had his girlfriend being cheating on him but had also being drugging him. Then there was the fact that Molly was angry with him. Something he should be used to he knew but it was something that was playing on his mind more than being drugged.

"You ok kiddo?" he asked Junior as he handed him the toy. He had spent the last couple of hours just holding his son. Watching as he cradled back and forth over the chair. "I've being such a fool son. I've put us all through hell" he sighed. "I put you in danger. Man why didn't I just dumb her sooner. I'm such a stupid fool" he said and Junior squealed. "Even you agree" Cristiano sighed as he stood Junior on his thighs and looked at his son. "You're the most important person in my life son. I promise I will do everything in my power to put things right. To make everything how it should be. Just need to figure out what that is" he sighed as Junior babbled in front of him.

"You are a really lucky boy though son. You might have a stupid papa but you have the best mama in the world. She only puts up with me because of you. She probably hates me now. And I don't blame her" he said as Junior's arm flapped. "I've done nothing but mess up. You're really lucky she's your mama and that she's here. God knows how you'd turned out if you only had me in your life" Cristiano said.

"Lucky I'm going nowhere then isn't it" Molly said coming up beside the chair and Cristiano sat up in surprise at her voice. "I didn't hear you come out" he said. "Guess we swapped roles when it comes to sneaking up on people" she said. "Wow. I hadn't realised that we've being out here this long" he said when he saw the time on his watch. "Time flies when you're having fun I guess" she replied as she stood looking at them. "I made sure he was warm though. Probably shouldn't have left him outside for as long since he was sick not so long ago. Damn it" he sighed.

"He's looks warm and happy to me" she said. "I'm jealous of him" Cristiano mumbled. "Why?" Molly asked confused. "It's nothing" he replied moving to stand. "I guess I'm jealous that he gets to have naps during the day" Molly said which earned a brief smile from Cristiano. "Though you nap after training already so guess you can't be jealous of that" she said. "Feels like I've done nothing but sleep this week" he said. "Well you'll have training tomorrow and soon be back into the swing of things. Dinner is ready" she told him. "I'm not really hungry" he replied.

"Ya don't think Nuno's go to take no as an answer. Come on. The sooner we eat the closer it is to bed time and this day being over" she said and he watched as she walked back towards the house. "If you have any ideas on what I should say to your mama Junior, now would be a good time to say your first word" Cristiano said looking at his son in his arms. "Probably best you didn't speak. Wouldn't want Molly to miss it" he said placing a kiss on Junior's forehead before he followed Molly back into the house.

“This is lovely Nuno" Jorge said as they ate at the kitchen table. Both Molly and Cristiano were playing with their food in silence as Nuno and Jorge tried to figure out what to talk about. "Isn't it Cris?" Jorge asked. "Huh" the footballer replied looking up from his plate. "The lasagne is lovely" Jorge said. "Ya it is" he said looking across the table at Molly who was taking a drink from her glass. "You know you can eat it Cris" Nuno said. "I'm not really hungry sorry" he replied. "You need to keep your strength up. Training tomorrow" Jorge told him.

"He's right. Plus I promise I didn't drug you" Nuno joked which earned a glare from Cristiano and Jorge. "Too soon to joke?" Nuno asked. "Not really a joking matter Nuno. Don't you think?" Molly asked as she stood from the table. "Where are you going?" Jorge asked her. "I'm finished" she replied. "You've barely eaten anything" Nuno said. "I ate when I was at Pepe's" Molly said and Cristiano stared at Junior in his high chair. "I'm going to give Junior his bath" she said as she started to take her son out of his high chair.

"You should eat some more Mols" Jorge said. "After today I think we know she has strength Jorge so same speech won't work on her" Nuno smiled. "Keep talking and I'm sure she'll show you some of her strength" Cristiano glared at him wishing he'd just shut up and leave her be. "Thanks for dinner Nuno" Molly said as she took Junior in her arms and headed out of the room.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" Cristiano asked Nuno once she was out of view. "What?" Nuno asked. "Just let her alone. And making jokes about what happened. Are you nuts? She's already angry" Cristiano said. "At you. Not me" Nuno reminded him. "Ya I know that" Cristiano said as Jorge's phone began to ring. "Excuse me for a moment" he said heading to the office. "So you know she's angry?" Nuno asked. "Well Pepe told me she was earlier. And if he hadn't the look of disgust and hate on her face when I told you take her and Junior to Pepe's would have" Cristiano sighed.

"So what are you doing down here? Go upstairs and talk to her" Nuno told him. "She doesn't want to talk" Cristiano replied. "Then don't give her an option. Seriously I think we've all had enough of you and her giving each other the silent treatment or walking on eggshells around each other. Just go talk to her" Nuno told him. "I don't know what to say" Cristiano said honestly. "Start with hi and go from there" Nuno replied and Cristiano rolled his eyes. "Hey as long as she doesn't reply with a question than you''ll have got further than Jorge and I got with her. Just go talk to her" Nuno said. "Fine if it will shut you up" Cristiano said pushing back his chair from the table.

He found Molly kneeling by the bath in Junior's nursey when he had eventually talked himself into walking into the room. "Need an extra hand?" he asked knocking gently on the open door. "You can grab me that towel if you like" she said nodding to the blue towel on a nearby rail. "He looks so happy and care free" Cristiano said as he kneeled beside Molly on the floor. "Something to be jealous of I guess" she said gently moving a cloth over her son. "Jealous that unlike me he actually doesn't have to remember these past few months more like" he said. "You having one of your feeling sorry for yourself parties again?" she asked not looking at him.

"Mols" he said. "Just give your son his bath" she said handing him the cloth. "Is this what it's going to be like? You avoiding me. I know I fucked up Molly. I know I should have sent her packing months ago" he said as she stood and he readjusted Junior in his baby bath. "I wasn't avoiding you. I was letting you spend time with your son. I thought after today you would want to spend it with him. You know since he's the most important person in your life" she said as she moved to the door.

"I'm sorry" he said with his back to her. "I know I say it more than I should. And I know you would rather I didn't do anything that needed me to say sorry for in the first place but I am sorry" he said. "Good night Ronaldo" she said leaving him alone with Junior. "You're important too" he whispered looking over his shoulder as she left.

Molly pulled the sweatshirt over her head as she walked into Junior's nursey. She had left Cristiano put him to bed but still wanted to say goodnight to her son. She knew she was being harsh on Cristiano. But he did deserve it. He had brought that woman into their son's life and she had put him in danger. But he had being drugged by his girlfriend. And he did know he was at fault she thought as she peeked into her son's cot. He was fast asleep and Molly had to agree with Cristiano. She was jealous of the fact that Junior wouldn't remember the past few months unlike them. She placed a kiss on her son's cheek before stepping back into the hall.

Feeling a little peckish since she hadn't really eaten any dinner, Molly decided to head downstairs to the kitchen. It was in the living room where she found Cristiano sitting on the couch with a blanket covering him. The TV on some football game and Marcosa at he's feet. It was only Marcosa ran towards her that Cristiano noticed she was in the room. "Marcosa your fan again I see" she said as she patted the dog. "Cruella deville’s gone. Maybe it's that" Cristiano replied and Molly let out a laugh. "Glad everyone is finding my fucked up life so funny" he grumbled. "I just had an image of her getting pushed into tar like in the film" Molly said and he half smiled at the thought.

"What are you doing down here?" she asked. "Watching TV" he replied as she walked closer to the couch. "You have one of those in your room you know" she said. "Ya I know" he replied. "Put you don't have easier access to Nuno's lasagne" she said once she noticed the nearly empty plate on his lap. "I got peckish" he said. "Got to keep your strength up remember" she said as she walked towards the kitchen.

“What are you doing still awake?” he asked as he watched her open the fridge door. “Was just checking on Junior. I never gave him a kiss goodnight” she said. “Shouldn’t have being trying to avoid me then” he told her before turning back to look at the TV. “You might have a point about you being a fool you know” she said walking back towards the couch. “I mean pissing me off more when you’re trying to get me to speak to you probably isn’t smart” she said walking around the couch. “I’m not smart. Clearly the past few months have shown that. Plus you yelling at me would be something” he sighed. “What do you want me to say Ronaldo?” she asked taking a seat at the opposite end of the couch. “Well?” she asked when he didn’t reply. “I don’t actually know” he mumbled as she opened the top of the ice cream carton.

“What’s that?” he asked pointing to her lap. “Cheese” she smiled and he rolled his eyes at her. “I hear you’re meant to eat ice cream after a break up” she said handing him a spoon. “Really?” he asked taking the spoon from her fingers. “Think you’re meant to wallow too but Cruella isn’t worth it” Molly said digging her spoon into the carton. “Now that is the truest thing you’ve said. Well since like dinner anyway” he laughed as she held out the carton.

“I’m not sure you’re meant to be happy and relieved after ending a long term relationship” he said. “Are you?” she asked. “Happy not to be miserable anymore. I shouldn’t be eating this” he said digging his spoon into the ice cream. “I won’t tell anyone” she said.

“Mols” he said. “Just say what you what to say. I’d like to know now if I’m going to bed angry or not” she said. “I thought you were already angry with me?” he asked. “You sent me away” she told him. “I did it for you” he told her. “Me? How is sending me away and letting her stay for me?” she asked. “I didn’t want you to hit her again for one” he said. “She’s lucky I only hit her once” Molly said. “And I told her that. Look Mols, I didn’t want you to have to listen to her anymore. I needed to break up with her. I needed to end it once and for all” he told her.

“And you couldn’t have just done it there and then? Couldn’t have done it months ago?” she asked. “She would have just kept arguing about you. I needed to make it clear to her that we were over. She drugged me. She cheated on me. But it wasn’t even that, that made me break yup with her” he said.

“There have being plenty of reasons to break up with her. They’ve being staring you in the face for months” Molly snapped. “But I was too much of a fool to see it. I know that. I had time to think when I was sick” he told her. And moved closer to her. “I was breaking up with her before I found everything out today Mols” he said.

“You were?” she asked in surprise. “Yes I was. Look I can say I’m sorry until I’m blue in the face or well until you hit me for annoying you by saying it” he said and she laughed which made him smile. “I’m sorry for putting us through the wicked witch of the East. And I’m sorry for sending you away. It wasn’t cos I was picking her over……well like…” he stuttered. “You needed to end things on your own” she said and he nodded. “I didn’t want you in the middle of it to hear all her venom” he told her. “You could have said that at the time” she sighed. “I did just find out my girlfriend had being drugging me Mols, I wasn’t exactly thinking straight” he said. “You haven’t being thinking much at all” she said.

“Well I think I need to focus on my family from now on” he told her. “You know Junior is lucky to have you as his papa. Even if you are a stupid fool at times” she said. “I haven’t exactly being father of the year material Mols. I let her away with the nanny thing. And if you hadn’t checked on Junior that night” he said. “Don’t. Really don’t think about it” she told him. “I didn’t even want a relationship when I met her” he mumble. “Yet was with her for how many months" she said.

"One month too many. Jezz what's the point of relationships if they suck" he said. "Well if you keep eating all that ice cream, you won't have to worry about relationships cos no girl will want you if you lose the abs" she joked pulling the carton away from him. "The right girl would" he said looking at her. "Just stay away from Russian's for your next conquest. I think Dolores and the rest of us have had out full of them" Molly said digging her spoon into the carton.

"Think I'll give girls are break for a while. My choices haven't exactly being great lately" he said. "Under statement of the year" she mused holding the carton out towards him and he smiled. "To being happy and single" she said holding her spoon in the air and he laughed.

"To a fresh start" he said clinking his spoon off hers before she eat off the spoon. "To making right decisions" he said pulling her closer to him. "Starting with handing me the remote and putting something on other than football" she said reaching past him to get the remote before he pulled the blanket over her and she tucked her head under his shoulder and he let out a laugh when he saw the film which appeared on the screen.

"You know I've already seen the baddie getting her ass kicked today" he mused. "But the dogs are so cute in this. Plus it's freaky that it's even on after we were talking about it" she said. "I preferred how you dealt with Cruella" he laughed. "She needed to know her place" Molly said. "And that's anywhere but here" he said stroking her hair.
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