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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 7- If I Have To I Will

"Molly go lay down for a bit. You're exhausted" Cristiano said after the doctor had given them an update, which was actually not really an update since they weren’t told anything more than they already knew. "I'll sleep when Junior is better" she said as she tied the strings of the apron she had put on. He watched as she placed the other necessary items she had to wear before she could step inside Junior room. "Take a break when Maé comes ok" he said. "Fine" she said pushing open the door.

He sighed and rested his head against the door. He just needed Junior to get better and then hope things would get better he thought. He walked out of the ICU and pulled his phone out of his pocket. "Hey Nuno" he said once his cousin answered. "Hey Cris, is everything ok?" Nuno asked. "There's still no change. Do you still have keys to Molly's place?" Cristiano asked. "Ya why?" Nuno asked. "I need you to do a couple of things for me" Cristiano said as a man came towards him and slid down by the wall. "Thanks Nuno" Cristiano said hanging up the phone.

The man eyed Cristiano who shrugged. "I know I shouldn't use this in here" Cristiano said about the phone. "Won't make the kids any better if you didn't" the man shrugged. "Are you ok?" Cristiano asked. "The doctors are driving me insane. They won't give us a straight answer about our daughter" he said. "I'm sorry. It's not easy seen your child sick" Cristiano said.

"She's been sick for a while. She has leukaemia. She's only seven" the man said pulling out his wallet and he showed Cristiano the picture of his little girl. "She's gorgeous" Cristiano said handing him back the wallet as he took a seat on the floor across from him.

"We were meant to find out if she was in remission yesterday but they still can't tell us" the man said. "I'm sure they will soon" Cristiano said. "I'm sure your son will be ok soon too" the man said. "Thank you" Cristiano replied. "It's hard not to notice the press outside. Plus I'm a United fan. Ash" the man said holding his hand out. "Cristiano" Cristiano said as they shook hands.

"What has you in Madrid? You're English right?" Cristiano asked. "Met a girl" Ash said. "Ah" Cristiano replied. "The start of my troubles" Ash said. "But you have your daughter" Cristiano said. "Ya I have Olivia. Plus me and her mother don't always hate each other. I'm sorry you don't want to hear this" Ash said. "It's ok" Cristiano replied. "We were always friends. We slept with each other a few times and she got pregnant. We stayed close. I couldn't picture her not being in my life but we just....we like to bicker" Ash said. "I know what bickering is like" Cristiano said.

"She's really cute when she gets mad though. Well not right now. We aren't on the best of terms right now" Ash said. "You’re both just worried about your daughter" Cristiano said. “She’s so stubborn too. Putting everyone before herself. I swear I thought she was going to kill me when Olivia first got sick. I had to annoy her to take care of herself” he said.

“But she did?” Cristiano asked. "Ya. I just wish things could go back to how they were when Olivia was a baby. We were a great threesome back then. Before illness and other relationships" Ash said.

"I guess you just have to figure out if it’s worth all the trouble or if you and she should just be friends" Cristiano said and Ash smiled. "She's nothing but trouble but she's my trouble. If you understand" Ash said. "Ya I understand" Cristiano said as the door to the corridor opened.

"Molly" Cristiano said standing when she saw that she had tears in her eyes. "Can you sit with Junior?" she asked. "Of course. Are you ok?" he asked. "I just....I'll be back in a few minutes" she said leaving the two men. "I should go to my son" Cristiano said. "It's tough on the Dad's but it's even tougher for the mothers to see the children so sick. She'll be ok" Ash told Cristiano. "I hope your right. And I hope your daughter gets good news" Cristiano said shaking Ash's hand before he headed back to Junior's room.

Molly was wiping a paper towel under her red eyes when a woman entered the bathroom in tears. Molly continued to wipe her eyes as the woman cried in the toilet cubical. "Are you ok in there?" Molly asked knocking on the door. The door opened and the woman stepped out. "I did something stupid" she replied. "Ok" Molly said confused. "I slept with my friend nine years ago and my life has been a mess ever since" the woman cried. "Here" Molly said getting a paper towel and handing it to her. “I hate hospitals" the woman cried. "Me too" Molly replied.

"I've seen so much of them. My daughter has leukaemia" the woman said. "Oh I'm so sorry. And I'm sorry for saying that I'm sorry cos you probably get told that a lot" Molly said. "People don't know what to say and thanks. We are waiting to find out if she's in remission" the woman said. "I'm sure it's been tough on you and your boyfriend" Molly said. "We aren't even together" the woman cried.

"Ok" Molly said. "I mean he's always being there. He's a great papa. And he can be such a sweet man. But...have you ever had a guy in your life who one minute you want to strangle and the next you just want them to hold you" the woman asked Molly. "I can picture it" Molly said. "Well that's being my life for the last nine years. He even moved here to be with our daughter" the woman said. "And you" Molly said.

"We are better off friends. Even though I'm tired of the consent fighting. He's always trying to tell me what to do" the woman said. "Which only pisses you off even more" Molly said knowing the feeling. "Exactly. But the stupid thing is you sort of miss him when he's not around" the woman said. "You do?" Molly asked. "Yes I do. He's being so a huge part of my life. He knows things that I've never trusted anyone else with. He's just an idito" the woman said. "But you still manage to parent together?" Molly asked.

"We both love our daughter too much not to" she said. "It can't be easy trying to figure out what sort of relationship you both have when you are worrying about your daughter?" Molly asked. "He's still always there though. No matter how much I push him away. Oh I'm sorry I bet you are wishing that I never came in here" the woman said wiping her face. "No I'm not. I'm glad I was here for you to talk to" Molly replied.

"I used to forget sometimes that she wasn't just mine. Push him away from us both when she was even sicker. Anyway I should get back" the woman said throwing the paper towel into the bin. "He'll only get worried if I'm gone too long. The big idioto" the woman said. "It's sweet" Molly said. "Ya well he's an idito but he's my idito" the woman smiled.

"Can I ask you something?" Molly asked. "Sure" the woman replied. "If you could go back and change things. Like go back nine years and not - having hot amazing sex with him then and every other time" the woman butted in and Molly didn't know what to say but nodded.

"It's being a pain these last few years. I want to kill so much at times but I'd be lost without him. Especially when she got sick. So no I wouldn't change things if I could. Simply because I have my daughter because of him. I'll always have a place for him in my heart because of her" he woman said and Molly nodded.

"I hope you get good news soon" Molly said. "Thank you. And I'm sorry for unloading all my troubles on you" the woman smiled before leaving the bathroom. Molly strolled back up to ICU and found Katia coming out. "Molly" Katia said as the door shut. "Hey" Molly replied. "Maé just arrived. I was coming to find you" she said. "I just need a little break" Molly said as Katia pulled the apron off herself.

The door opened and Cristiano came out. He pulled off his mask. "Are you ok?" he asked Molly. "It's just been a long day so far" she replied. "I'll go take Katia for breakfast while you sit with Junior" he said as he move to untie the cords. "No" Molly said and he looked at her. "You stay with him. I'll go with Katia. I could use some water" Molly said. "Are you sure?" he asked. "Ya" Molly nodded. She remembered what the woman in the bathroom had said about pushing her daughter's father away from the girl when she was sick. That she wasn't just hers. And the woman was right. Junior wasn't just Cristiano or Molly's.

"You know there's no press on the grounds. Maybe we could go for a walk outside in the little park they have" Ana asked Molly placing her magazine on the coffee table. "No" Molly replied as her fingers fiddled with the hem of her shirt. "Clarice said she would pop in some time in the afternoon" Ana said as they sat alone in the quiet waiting room.

Cristiano and Elma who had arrived a short time ago, were with Junior and Jorge had gone to get everybody some lunch. "Molly" Ana said snapping her fingers in front of Molly's face which made her jump. "Where did your mind go just then?" Ana asked. "No where" Molly replied. "You should get some fresh air. Maybe even try getting some sleep. Mols your exhausted" Ana said. It was very obvious that Molly was running on empty. She had only a little pieces of sleep the past three nights. And water was the only thing that past her lips since the moment she arrived at the hospital.

"Molly" Ana said. "I'm fine Ana. Just leave it" Molly said as the door opened. "I come baring food" Jorge said holding up the brown bag in his right hand as Cristiano followed him into the room. "Who's with Junior?" Molly asked. "Maé just arrived and Elma's in there too" Cristiano said. "I should go give Elma a break" Molly said standing.

Her body swayed as she became lightheaded and Ana held her waist before she could fall. "Molly" everyone said in panic. "Sit back down" Ana said as Molly took her seat. "I'm fine" Molly said. "No you're not" Jorge said. "I just stood too quickly" Molly said as her eyes adjusted to the room. "You need to eat something Molly" Ana said. "Ana is right. I got some soup. Just eat half of it" Jorge said taking the contents of the brown bag out. "I don't want anything" Molly mumbled as Cristiano stood watching her.

The door opened and Nuno came in. "Hey, what did I miss?" Nuno asked when he noticed the concerned faces that were all looking at Molly. "Nothing" Molly said. "You nearly fainted. I wouldn't call that nothing Molly" Ana said. ""Jezz Molly are you ok?" Nuno asked. "I just want to go to Junior. I'm fine" Molly said. "No you are not" Ana said. "I am" Molly said moving to stand before she felt dizzy again and sat back down.

"That's it. Did you get what I asked for?" Cristiano asked Nuno. "Ya all of it" Nuno said handing him the two bags that had been in his hands. Cristiano peeked into one and found what he was looking for before handing Nuno back the other bag. "Right Molly, you are going to listen for once and stop acting so stubborn" Cristiano said walking to where she sat. "Ronaldo" Ana said angrily. He knelt in front of her.

"You are anything but fine right now. And we all understand why. But what use are you going to be if you get sick because you won't eat?" he asked. "Cris" Nuno said afraid this conversation was going to end badly. "You need to eat" he said digging his hand into the bag and pulling out a chocolate muffin. "Even if it’s only this" he said placing it on her lap. "I don't want it" she said.

"Molly if I have to stop you from going into Junior room to get you to eat, then I will" he snapped and her eyes went wide at his words.

"I will Molly. I'll ban everyone but me if you don't eat. I mean it. We are all scared enough about Junior without worrying about you making yourself ill. And if you do, then you will need a doctor so eat now" he snapped. He knew that she hated it when he told her what to do, but he didn't care. She was going to listen to him whether she liked it or not. She nearly fainted a few minutes ago he thought.

Molly looked at Ana. "He's right for once" Ana groaned looking at Cristiano. "You need to eat something Molly. You won't be able to take of Junior if you don't start taking care of yourself" Jorge said. "Fine" Molly grumbled. "Then eat" Cristiano said. "Not with you staring at me" she said. "Have some soup Molly" Jorge said. "Eat the muffin and drink the entire bottle of water. That's all I'm asking" Cristiano said.

"You're blackmailing me not asking" Molly snapped as he stood from the floor. "Is that different from telling you slash demanding you then?" Cristiano asked and sighed at his attempt to make her smile. "Just eat Molly" he sighed and walked to sit beside Nuno. Molly slowly began to pick at the muffin as Cristiano looked everywhere but at her.

"The first thing she eats in days and it's a muffin. Your mother is not going to be happy" Jorge whispered to Cristiano. "She's eating something that's the important thing. "Ana you better pick something before Nuno gobbles it all up" Jorge joked.

"He should be careful or his waist line will get bigger" Ana said as she stood and left Molly eating her muffin in silence. "You lot are just jealous, that myself and Molly can eat what we like and not get fat. Isn't that right Mols?" Nuno asked taking the spot that Ana had just vacated. "You made the right choice. The muffin looks so better than this soup tastes" Nuno said to her.

"I'm not giving you any of my muffin" Molly grumbled. "Jezz you wouldn't eat anything only a few minutes ago and now you won't share it. You certainly love your chocolate" Nuno smiled at her. "Still not giving you any" Molly said taking a sip of her water. "Thanks Jorge" Ana said as the man handed her a sandwich.

"So she's finally eating something" Ana said looking at Cristiano. "Can you give me grief about what I just said to her another time? I'm not in the mood right now" Cristiano said stabbing his plastic fork into his salad. "It was probably the only thing anyone could have said to get her to eat" Ana shrugged and he stared at her in surprise.

"She nearly fainted Cris. Someone had to get it into her head that she needed to eat" Ana said. "Even if threatening her stop seeing Junior was a bit excessive" Jorge said. "She's eating Jorge even if it's a muffin. While I wouldn't agree with Cris's method entirely, it did work" Ana said.

"You think she would give me some of the muffin. This soup is horrible" Jorge asked. "Why don't you ask her? She's already slapped one person today, I'm sure she'd do it again and we could use some lunch time entertainment" Cristiano joked. "She slapped you again?" Jorge asked. "No me this time" Cristiano grumbled trying not to remember the day she day. The day she had broken down in tears. "Then who?" Ana asked.

"Luke" Cristiano said. "Luke" Ana screeched and Nuno and Molly broke away from the conversation and looked over at Ana. "Oh sorry. Don't mind me" Ana said. "Wait Luke came here?" Jorge asked and Cristiano nodded. "And Molly hit him?" Ana asked. "Way to go Mols" Nuno said playfully giving her back a pat. "I also kneed him in the balls" Molly said standing and Nuno and Ana laughed. "Nice one Mols" Nuno said. "And it was quite fun. Might have to do it again, the next time someone steps out of line" she said throwing the wrapper at Cristiano. Jorge, Nuno and Cristiano all crossed the legs at her comment and Ana smiled.

"Any sandwich going? Apparently the soup should be avoided" Molly asked sitting beside Ana. "There's plenty" Jorge smiled at her. "Much better than a muffin" Ana said. "Ah no. It's just someone only bought me one muffin" Molly said. "You'd want to be careful so Nuno" Cristiano joked before smiling as Molly took a bite of a sandwich.
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