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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 70-Neither Are You Clearly

Cristiano felt something moving him and he groaned. "Rise and shine sleeping beauties" Nuno said shaking Cristiano's shoulder. "Go away" he grumbled. "Training time. I have breakfast made" Nuno told him. "What is it?" Molly mumbled as she opened one eye. "Mana Mols" he smiled at her. "How is he always in a good mood in the mornings?" Molly asked Cristiano as she sat up on the couch.

"Well I sleep in my own bed. You know that thing that's in each one of your rooms upstairs" Nuno said. "I feel like burning mine" Cristiano grumbled. "Is Junior awake?" Molly asked as she stood. "Wasn't when I checked in on him" Nuno replied. "I should get dressed. And you should get ready for training. Finally getting you out of my hair" she smiled. "You loved playing nurse" Cristiano smiled at her. "Loved telling you what to do maybe" she smirked before heading towards the stairs.

"So since I came down to you too looking all cosy on the couch I take it she's not angry with you anymore?" Nuno asked. "We fell asleep Nuno. And I think she'll always be angry with me for bringing Irina into our lives" Cristiano said standing from the couch. "You know you couldn't have predicted she was going to be a bitch Cris. I wouldn't let her ruin any potential thoughts of relationships in the future” Nuno told him. “A relationship is the last thing I need. Mols is right. Single and being happy is what I want now” Cristiano told his cousin and Nuno groaned. “You are a fool and I’m not talking about Irina” Nuno said and Cristiano stared confused after his cousin as he went the kitchen.

“Bom Día” Jorge smiled at Cristiano as they met on the stairs. “Mana” Cristiano replied. “Ready to get back to normal?” his agent asked. “Whatever normal is” Cristiano mumbled. “I’m not sure anyone in this house knows what normal looks like” Jorge said. “Well we all know Cristiano isn’t normal” Molly said from behind Jorge on the stairs and both men looked at her. “Have you seen him come in from a match get into an ice bath and then be the first at training the following day. Totally not normal” Molly said. “Just dedicated” Jorge said. “Well just goes to show if you work hard at something you can get to where you want. Though maybe let’s hope our son doesn’t get his father’s ego” Molly joked. “Funny” Cristiano said rolling his eyes at her.

“Well I’m not joking with the next thing to come out of my mouth” she told him. “Oh lord” Jorge groaned. “Relax Jorge it’s nothing bad. Just reminding your client here that he should probably inform his mother about well….” Molly paused. “Tell Maé that the witch is gone?” he asked. “Should come from you” Molly told him. “She’s right” Jorge said. “Well of course. Now excuse me gentlemen but Mama and Junior are hungry” she said moving past both men. “I spoke to Irina’s agent last night. We’ll drip it to the press that you and her are no more. But there’s going to be questions so just be prepared” Jorge told him. “We just decided that it was best to end things” Cristiano said.

“Ya something like that” Jorge replied. “Ya wouldn’t want the world knowing that I drove my own girlfriend to cheat and drug me” Cristiano sighed moving past Jorge. “You didn’t drive her to do that Cris” Jorge said. “She said a lot of crazy things yesterday but some of things she said were partially true” Cristiano said. “Maybe some. But she was in the wrong” Jorge told him. "I should get ready for training" Cristiano sighed climbing the stairs.

Cristiano was sat in his car at the training ground when he heard a knock on his car window. He grabbed his wash bag and opened the door. "Was wondering if you were going to come in today" Pepe said as Cristiano got out of the car. "Football is the only thing I don't mess up" Cristiano sighed as he shut the door. He had spoken to Dolores over the speaker phone on his way to training. She hadn't asked many questions after he had told her that himself and Irina had parted ways.

He knew she would find out everything she really wanted to know a different way. Though Cristiano was of the opinion that those who knew the full truth of yesterday should only be the ones to know what was said and done. Dolores had just asked how he was. He had to love his mother he thought. Even though he knew she would be delighted that Irina was gone, he loved her for not sounding happy about it. Instead she focused on him. And of course asking about Junior and Molly.

"Junior's ok yes?" Pepe asked. "He's perfect" Cristiano replied. "And you're feeling better?" Pepe asked. "A little tired but any of the drugs should be out of my system fully soon" Cristiano replied as the walked towards the front doors. "And Molly is ok?" Pepe asked. "Molly is being Molly. What's with all the questions Pepe" Cristiano asked. "As long as the answers to those questions are good then that's all you should concentrate on" Pepe told him. "I guess you have a point" Cristiano said.

"Yesterday was crazy man" Pepe said. "She fucking drugged me Pepe. How could she do that? I could have put everyone in danger. If I had being driving with Molly and Junior. If Molly hadn't stopped me drinking the protein drink" Cristiano said. "She's nuts" Pepe said. "Was I really that shit of a boyfriend? Cheating on me is one thing. That I can some bit understand. But to drug me so I would need her" Cristiano said. "Well it back fired on her. Didn't it. Considering the fact you wanted Molly" Pepe said and Cristiano stopped walking. "She said I cheated on her" Cristiano said. "But you didn't right?" Pepe asked.

"I could have. I nearly kissed Molly on New Years but I'm not a cheat" Cristiano said. "Just New Years?" Pepe asked and Cristiano sighed. "It's complicated. I forgot" Pepe said. "You're soon to be back playing football. You're single and drama free of Russians. Just focus on that part first. The rest of the complications will get easier" Pepe told him. "Did Molly say anything yesterday?" Cristiano asked. "She said a lot. It sounded like we missed quite a show" Pepe said. "Molly really gave it to Irina" Cristiano. "I'm just glad Ana wasn't there when Molly hit Irina or we'd never pull them off Irina" Pepe laughed. "You should have seen Molly after we left yours. Irina came begging for me to take her back. Molly grabbed her by the arm and dragged her back to the car. Then pulled her by the hair into the back seat" Cristiano said. "Wow. Mama bear alert" Pepe laughed.

"Don't mess with Junior that's for certain" Cristiano said as they began walking again. "She was hurt" Pepe said as they reached the door. "Sorry?" Cristiano asked confused. "Molly. She was hurt that you sent her away. Like I get you wanted her out of the way so you could get rid of Irina and not have Molly listening to anymore rubbish" Pepe said. "Exactly" Cristiano said. "But I think Molly thought that you were going to believe Irina's lies. That you were going to pick Irina over well she said Junior but got the feeling it wasn't just him she was thinking about" Pepe said.

"Molly's being through so much. Mostly because of me. I don't know how she isn't an emotional wreck" Cristiano said. "She's strong. Just don’t put her through any more drama" Pepe reminded him. "Can't be strong all the time" Cristiano said. "Well let's see how strong you are today. Training awaits. And don't worry the cheating and drug things will stay with just me" Pepe said. "Thanks mate" Cristiano smiled. "Let's go see if these idiots remember you" Pepe joked.

"Well look whose back" Fabio said as Cristiano stepped into the changing rooms. "Got tired of being in bed all day mate" Marcelo joked. "More like enjoyed Molly tending to his every need. I bet she's good at tending" Higuaín winked. "Shut your mouth" Pepe and Sergio snapped. "Cat got your tongue Ronaldo" Higuaín said. "I don't waste my breath on assholes" Cristiano replied as he walked to his stall. "It's good to have you back Ronnie" Sergio said. "Thanks. I just want to get back to playing" he said. "You feeling better though? Have you lost wait?" Fabio asked.

"Lost 120 pounds of Russian" Cristiano said. "Huh?" Marcelo asked confused. "Him and Irina are finished" Pepe explained surprised Cristiano had mentioned anything. "Oh" Marcelo replied. "Sorry to hear that mate" Fabio said. "Ya she was....." Sergio paused. "A bitch" Cristiano suggested and they all looked at him. "It's ok. I know people weren't her biggest fan" he said.

"Well neither are you now clearly" Marcelo joked and Fabio glared at him. "Sorry. I shouldn't joke" Marcelo. "It's fine. It's for the best" Cristiano told them. "Why now?" Sergio asked. "Is that really important? Let's just let the guy get ready" Pepe said. "Oh ya sorry" Sergio said. "I should have ended it along time ago I know that" Cristiano said. "Well as long as you're ok about it. It's none of our business" Fabio told him. "And I'm sure Sergio could use a good wing man" Marcelo said. "Sergio needs a miracle to happen not a wing man" Iker said coming up to the group. "Shut up" Sergio said.

"Now what are you women gossiping about?" Iker asked. "Ronnie dumped the witch" Marcelo said and Fabio smacked him on the back of the head. "A little bit of tact would be smart" Fabio told him. "Well since you're not crying over it I'm going to take it as that you're happy about. So congrats. Now any chance we can kick a football today?" Iker asked. "Trust San Iker to think football" Pepe said. "It's a lot easier to understand then women and relationships" Iker told them. "He has a point. Especially for you Ronnie" Marcelo said. "Will you shut up" Pepe told the Brazilian.

"What I was just saying. You know with him well having a kid with someone who wasn't his girlfriend. Then moving said other girl into his house. And well-being how they are...Ahm training so" Marcelo said when he noticed everyone glaring at him. "Yes training" Iker said shaking his head.

"That's all he said. That he sent you away for your sake. Really?" Ana asked as she sat in Cristiano's kitchen late that afternoon. "I sort of get where he was coming from" Molly said. "Ya now. But he could have explained that at the time. Jezz does he know how close he came to you just leaving?" Ana asked. "Yesterday was just crazy" Molly sighed. "I can't believe she drugged him" Ana said. "Neither can I. Poor Cristiano" Molly said and Ana laughed. "I'm sorry did I just hear you correctly?" Ana asked. "What? Come on Ana. The guy was drugged by his crazy girlfriend. And she cheated on him. That sucks. No one should have their heart broken" Molly said. "Trust me the guy's heart is far from broken over that bitch" Ana told her.

"He obviously cared something about her Ana. He did date her for over a year" Molly reminded her friend. "Cos he hadn't the balls to dump her sooner" Ana said and Molly rolled her eyes. "Ok ya so he probably did find some things nice about her. Maybe at the start anyway. And well he's a man so the fact she was easy to get into bed probably helped. But come on Mols. There was no way he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Jezz there's way you would have stood for it" Ana said. "It's got nothing to do with me" Molly said. "Your Junior's mama. Whether you two like it or not any potential relationships for either of you affects both of you. Plus you are his friend right?" Ana asked.

"Well ya" Molly nodded. "So there was no way as his friend you would have stood back and let's say have let him marry her" Molly said. "No one would have" Molly pointed out. "Ah yes but you are the one he would have listened to. Which says alot. No?" Ana asked. "I don't understand" Molly said. "Of course you don't" Ana sighed as Marcosa began barking and rushing down the hall. "Cristiano is back" Molly said. "He's lucky he can still play. Who the hell drugs their own boyfriend?" Ana asked as Cristiano entered the room.

"Hey" Molly smiled at him. "How was training?" she asked. "It was good. Hello Ana" he said moving to get a glass of water. "Hi. So I hear it's ding dong the witch is gone" Ana said. "Ana" Molly snapped. "What? Jezz Mols you actually want me to feel sorry for him when he should have got rid of the bitch along time ago" Ana said. "Ana that's enough" Molly snapped. "Molly it's ok" Cristiano told her.

"No it's not" Molly told him. "I should go see Pepe" Ana said. "Ya you should" Molly snapped. "I just don't want him hurting you anymore Mols" Ana said standing. "And even you deserve better than Irina" she told Cristiano before she left the room. "I'm sorry about her" Molly told him. "Don't be. What she said was the truth" Cristiano shrugged. "Still you have just well ended a relationship" Molly said. "Can we talk about something other than Irina please?" he asked. "Oh ya sorry. How was training? Did you show the guys who is the best?" she smiled and he laughed. "Think I did anyway. Where is Junior?" he asked. "Nuno has taken him for a walk" she replied. "Ok" Cristiano said.

"Surprised I let him?" she asked. "A little yeah" he said. "Well someone once told me that I couldn't wrap Junior in bubble wrap for his entire life" Molly smiled. "Ah that person sounds smart" he smiled. "He has his moments" she smiled standing from the chair. "You hungry?" she asked. "I could eat I guess" he replied. "Chicken salad ok for lunch?" she asked. "Sounds lovely" he smiled. "You go rest. I'll call you when it's ready" she told him.

"Mols" he said and she looked up from where she was searching for a bowl in the press. "Yup" she said. "I don't deserve to have you in my life. But I'm really glad you are" he said pulling her into his side. "Me too" she replied. "Really?" he asked. "Well yes. Who else keep you on the right track" she joked and he laughed. "Maybe I should just have you make all my decisions from now on" he joked. "Now that might not be such a bad idea. Or at least I could be one person who does" she smirked. "How would I learn from my mistakes then?" he asked. "Start learning from them then" she suggested. "I'm working on it" he said kissing the top of her head.
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