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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 71-Got Your Back

Molly replied to Dolores’s text message as she left her bedroom and headed to get Junior ready for the day. While the older woman had being delighted that her son had finally dumped Irina, she was still worried about her son. After all a mother never likes to see their son sad. Cristiano had being quiet since he arrived back from training and had spent the rest of last night alone in the media room. Guess Ana was wrong, Molly thought. So much for not having a broken heart Molly thought as she pushed Junior’s door in.

She froze when she saw Cristiano asleep in the rocking chair beside Junior’s crib. A blanket covered on leg whilst the rest of it laid on the floor. She heard Junior squirm in his cot and she walked over to peek into it. "Morning my sweet little boy. Did you have a sleep over with papa last night ya" she said stroking his forehead.

Molly looked back at a sleeping Cristiano. Sleeping on the couch two nights ago and now the rocking chair. She knew he wasn't going to be in a great mood from a bad nights sleep but he had training she thought as she slowly walked towards the chair. "Cristiano" she whispered. "Cristiano" she said a little bit louder. "It's morning" she said gently shaking his shoulder. She sighed when there was no movement.

"Fine have it that way. You've only got yourself to blame" she said reaching across him to get the
glass of water which was on a nearby dresser. Her fingers were inches away from the glass when she felt arms come around her waist and she let out a yelp as Cristiano pulled her onto his lap. "Mana Mols" he said and she saw him grinning at her once she moved her hair off her eyes.

"Were you just about to dump water on me?" he asked. "No" she lied and he gripped her tighter as she squirmed in his lap. "Liar" he whispered into her ear sending a shiver down her back. "Ok fine. But you weren't answering me" she pouted. "I was waiting to see what you did" he told her. "Well your son will need his breakfast shortly, so if you don't mind” she said nodding to his arms around her waist. “What if I do mind?” he asked. “Ronaldo let me up” she said. "Nope" he grinned and she groaned. "You're so annoying" she huffed. "Spending time with you must be rubbing off on me then" he smiled and she rolled her eyes.

"What do you have planned for the day?" he asked. "I'm not sure. Dolores is due back later in the week so I guess I should fix the house" she said resting her head against her shoulder having giving up on trying to get out of his lap. "The house is perfect. Seriously Mols there's nothing for you to do" he told her. "I'll find something to entertain myself and your son anyways" she told him. "I'm sure you will" he said.

"So have you gone off sleeping in a bed?" she asked. "Huh?" he asked and she lifted her head of his shoulder. "First the couch, now the rocking chair. What gives?" she asked. "You fell asleep on the couch too" he reminded her. "Ok I'll give you that one. But how did you end up here last night?" she asked. "I just came in to see Junior" he told her. "And decided to sleep in this thing" she said. "I just sat down for a couple of moments. Must have drifted off" he shrugged. "Mmm" she said her eyes landing on the blanket. A blanket which she knew hadn't being in the room before last night.

"I guess I should get ready for training" he said. "I guess" she sighed and he laughed when she put her head back onto his shoulder. "You know for someone who was so keen for me to let you go only a few moments ago, you don't appear to jumping at the chance to get up" he mused. "That was before I got comfy" she said. "As much as I would like to stay like this for the rest of the day" he said. "We can't. I know. Jorge will looking for me if I don't make an appearance" she sighed and he loosened his hold on her and she stood up.

"Is it odd that my agent would miss you more than his own client?" he asked. "He's short handed. He's not exactly subtle either" she said moving towards Junior. "How do you mean?" he asked. "It's nothing" she said taking Junior into her arms. "Mols" he said standing beside her. "He keeps talking about certain things that are happening in a few weeks. Away from Madrid. I just don't think....." she paused her eyes on Junior.

"I'm sure if he wanted you to help out with those things he would ask. And he would also understand if you didn't want to take part in them. He probably just wants you in charge while he's off doing those things anyway just hasn't figured out how to bribe you into helping him" he smiled at her. "You might be right about that" she said, "See Junior. Papa can be right sometimes" he joked placing a kiss on his son's cheek. "I'll see you both later" he said quickly peeking her cheek with his lips. "Have fun" she smiled as he left the nursery.

"Ah there you are" Jorge said as Cristiano walked into the living room twenty minutes later. "Mana. I'm heading to training. I want to get extra practice in after missing so much. And yes I'll make sure to eat something when I get there" Cristiano said looking at Nuno who held his hands up. "Hey I'm only doing what Molly told me to do" he replied. "What did Molly tell you to do?" Cristiano asked. "Make sure you didn't skip meals" Nuno replied. "Well I'm no longer drinking liquids which have being drugged so I won’t be collapsing anytime soon. So you can tell her that" Cristiano told Nuno.

"Ha tell her yourself. Not that you will" Nuno smirked and Cristiano rolled his eyes. "Ronaldo" Jorge snapped. "Sorry Jorge" Cristiano said. "I need to talk to you" the agent said. "Can it wait until later please? When are you leaving Madrid by the way? And how come Mols knows that Maé is coming back this week and I don't. I thought she wasn't back until after Zurich" Cristiano said grabbing an apple. "Plans change. That's all I got told from both women" Nuno said.

"Ronaldo" Jorge snapped. "I've got to go Jorge" Cristiano told him. "Run straight into a media circus at that" Jorge sighed. "Why do I get the feeling I won't like what's about to come out of your mouth next?" Cristiano asked. "Cos you won't. Apparently word is out that you and Irina are no more" Jorge said. "Which is true. I don't care if you had some plan to wait until after Zurich Jorge and it got ruined" Cristiano said.

"She's making out that Molly is to blame" Jorge said and Cristiano who had his back turned to Jorge slowly turned to face the fellow Portuguese. "I warned her to leave Molly out of it" Cristiano snapped. "And I warned her agent that everyone was to believe that it was a mutual ending of the relationship" Jorge said. "People should know what the bitch did" Nuno piped up earning a glare from Jorge. "How bad is it?" Cristiano asked. "There's just stories circulating about how she stuck by you through the whole Junior situation and that she felt Molly was trying to ruin your relationship" Jorge said.

"Bullshit" Cristiano snapped. "I know it is. But people who have nothing better to do then read or write this crap don't. And your not exactly being talked nicely about online" Jorge said. "I don't care about that. What are they saying about Molly?" he asked. "Just stupid nonsense. Look I just wanted you to be prepared before you went to training. The press will be asking questions. And with the trip to Zurich coming up, you're going to have to be able to calmly deal with their questions" Jorge told him. "Fuck them and their questions" Cristiano snapped. "Ronaldo" Jorge warned.

"I knew she wouldn't just piss off" Cristiano yelled. "What are you going to do?" Nuno asked Jorge. "Nothing" Jorge replied. "But she's in the wrong" Nuno said. "And she brought Molly into it" Cristiano snapped. "You are used to people writing crap about you. If I give them more info they will just keep writing. She will be in the limelight giving her what she wants. It's best just to focus on football" Jorge told him. "Stupid stupid stupid" Cristiano muttered as he grabbed his keys. "She's crazy not stupid" Nuno said. "I was talking about me" he replied before storming out of the room.

"It's unfair" Nuno told Jorge. "Telling the world that she drugged him will lead to alot more press and press that won't disappear in a few days. The police will get involved. She accuse Molly of attacking her. Do you want Molly brought into this?" Jorge asked. "She already is if people are labelling her a home wrecker" Nuno mused. "Well since when did Cris care what people thought of him" Jorge.

"He cares more then he lets on Jorge" Molly said as she came into the room with Junior in her arms.

"Hey Mols" Nuno smiled at her. "Morning. Now what are you two talking about? What's this about Cristiano caring about what people think of him?" she asked. "Oh nothing really" Jorge replied. "Liar but I'm hungry so I'll let you off this time" she smiled. "When you get a chance I'd like to chat with you about some things. Just about maybe covering a few meetings here in Madrid. Or well doing the paper work anyway" he said. "Later" she told him. "Great. I must get on. There's loads to do before I leave and then head to Zurich" he said before heading towards the office.

"So what would you like for breakfast?" Nuno asked. "Think I'd like some cereal with a side plate of what you and Jorge were really talking about" she smirked. "I thought you were letting us off" he sighed. "Jorge yes. Never said anything about you" she smiled. "Mols" he groaned. "I could just wait for Cristiano to come back. And that is hours away, Imagine all the thinking and driving myself crazy I could do in that time" she said. "More like driving me crazy. Oh fine. You won't make it through the day before seeing it anyway. It's well the wicked witch isn't going away quietly" he said.

"Did people honestly expect her to?" she asked placing Junior into his high chair. "Well kind of ya" he shrugged. "What's she saying? Actually don't bother. I'll read it myself later. Right now I'm going to spend time with my son" she said. "Well you know where I am if you need anything" Nuno said. "Thanks Nuno. And I might take you up on that offer later" she smiled. "What are you up to?" he asked confused. "Just feel like doing a little decorating" she smiled.

"Hi" Ana called out and Molly turned around. "Hey" she replied. "Doing a bit of decorating?" Ana asked nodding to the van which was driving down the driveway. "Without permission yes" Molly said. "Ha I'm sure Cris won't care. Though I would guess that he isn't in a good mood. Have you..- Seen online" Molly interrupted. "Oh ya" she said as she headed to walk back into the house. "She's nuts. Playing the victim" Ana said following Molly. "My favourite part was one she said that she can't bare Cristiano being used by me" Molly said.

"Jorge needs to do something. Like Cris is totally not to blame. He was only a crap boyfriend because she pushed him closer to you. Not that she's right about you trying to get between them" Ana said as they reached the kitchen. "Jorge is going to kill me" Molly said taking a seat at the kitchen table. "Oh this should be interesting" Ana laughed. "It's not funny" Molly groaned. "What have you done?" Ana asked.

"Jorge" Cristiano yelled from the front door. "Oh crap" Molly sighed. "Jorge" Cristiano yelled once more. "Calm down. He's upstairs" Molly told him once he came into her sight. "He tells me to leave it then he... urgh" he said holding his phone in his hand. "Jorge" he yelled. "Hey careful. Junior is down for his nap" Molly told him. "Did I hear my name being called?" Jorge asked as he entered the room. "I thought you were going to leave things alone?" Cristiano asked.

"What are you talking about?" Jorge asked confused. "This" Cristiano said throwing the phone at his agent. "Damn Jorge you are sneaky" Nuno said coming in from the garden. "What is everyone talking about?" Ana asked. "Cristiano" Molly said. "He tells me to leave things alone. Then tells the press that Irina cheated on me" Cristiano told Molly. "But now people are seeing that she was using you. It's all here. That Jacque guy gave the press an interview. Pictures and everything" Nuno told Ana handing her his phone. "I didn't do this" Jorge said. "Then why would the guy suddenly start spilling his guts?" Cristiano asked.

"Maybe he found out what a bitch he was in bed with" Molly said and all eyes turned to her. "You didn't?" Jorge asked. "Go Molly" Nuno grinned holding his hand out to her but Ana high fived him instead. "Molly" Cristiano yelled and she stood from her chair. "I know I shouldn't have but I couldn't not do something" Molly said walking towards him. "I thought you were smart enough not to do that Mols. Jezz the press will be even worse now" Jorge groaned.

"But at least Cristiano won't be the bad guy" Molly said. "No just the guy that can't keep his girlfriend happy enough just sends her cheating on him instead" Cristiano grumbled. "You didn't make her cheat on you Cristiano. And I'm sorry if you think people knowing about her cheating makes you feel less of a man but there was no way after everything that bitch has done, that I am going to let everyone feel sorry for her. She should be locked up for drugging you. People knowing she's a lying cheating cow is nothing" Molly said.

"You should have left it alone" Cristiano snapped at her. "So she can go around saying things about my son and you. She's gained enough from dating you Ronaldo. It's time the money train stopped for her" Molly said. "Hell ya Mols" Nuno said. "Nuno you're not helping" Jorge told him. "Look I'm sorry. I know the press will have more questions. But she doesn't deserve the opportunity to play the victim. She's not the victim. Neither are you but oh look it's done now. I'm sorry for doing it. Be mad all you want. But I'd do it again" she told them. "How exactly did you get Jacque to talk to the press?" Jorge asked. "It wasn't that hard. After all he spent time with Irina. He wasn't totally blind to what she is" Molly shrugged.

"Unlike me you mean" Cristiano snapped. "Did I say that?" she asked. "But it's true" Ana said. "I don't get the big deal. Mols is right. The bitch needed bringing down a peg or too. My favourite part was where he says she's not capable of carrying a conversation" Nuno laughed. "It's a big deal cos it gave the press more of a story" Jorge said. "Actually it gave the truth. Well half the truth. And half the truth is better than a lie" Molly pointed out. "You had no right Mols" Cristiano snapped.

"Oh well sorry for actually caring that the father of my child is being portrayed in an unfairly manner even though he's a stupid ass. Oh and FYI I ordered a new bed which is currently upstairs in your bedroom. So if you don't like it then you can take off the fresh sheets and send it back yourself" she snapped before taking a step forwards.

She let out a yelp in surprise when Cristiano's hand covered her arm and he pulled her back to stand in front of him. She was prepared for him to yell at her but when she looked up at his face she found him smiling down at her. He placed his arms on her shoulders as his fingers joined together around her neck.

“Thank you for sticking up for me” he told her. “Thought you said I should have stayed out of it” she replied and he rolled his eyes. “Can’t you just run with the fact that I’m admitting I’m wrong” he asked. “You technically didn’t say that” she smirked at him. “Thought you hate when I apologize” he smirked before placing a quick kiss on her forehead.
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