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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 72- Maybe I've Already Won

"I don't get why I can't just pack tomorrow" Cristiano groaned as he searched his walk in closet for the right shoes. "Cos you have a game tomorrow" he heard Molly call out. "But I don't go to Zurich until Monday. I have all Monday morning to do this" he pouted coming to stand at the door.
He watched as she rolled onto her side to face him as Junior crawled along the bed beside her. “Well since we’ve being up here for the last twenty minutes and you still haven’t packed one thing, we’ll be lucky if you’ve even packed a pair of socks by Monday” she said.

"Ha bloody ha" he groaned stepping back into the closet. "Papa is grumpy Junior" Molly smiled at her son who giggled. "I'm not grumpy" she heard Cristiano call out and she rolled her eyes. "Just pick a suit. It doesn't take normal people long" she called out. "Though we all know you’re not normal so ya of course you take ages" Molly said. "I don't want to pick something that makes me look horrible" he called out.

"Never stopped you before" she mumbled. "What did you say?" he asked reappearing at the door. "I said that it never stopped you before" she said. "Did you hit your head lately cos I can't think why you would even considering thinking that?" he asked. "Nope. I haven't hit my head or lost my mind you'd be happy to know" she smiled. "We all know you lost your mind a long time ago" he smirked. "I put up with you so ya I must have" she said and he stuck his tongue out at her. "Oh look Junior, papa is acting silly again" Molly said placing Junior onto her chest.

"I'm not being silly. I'm just saying that you are wrong. I have great taste" he grinned. "I could walk in there" she said pointing to the closet. "And pick out at least two suitcases full of clothes that I could label what were you thinking" she said. "Nonsense" he said aghast. "Just cos you have the ability to purchase designer clothes doesn't mean you purchase taste and style" she said stroking Junior's back.

"Two suitcases. You are....being ridiculous" he huffed walking back into the closet. "I'm being right" she muttered. "Like really two. There might be one or two pieces that might not have being the best choice" he said appearing at the doorway once more. "Ha there's more than one or two" she said. "I can't talk to you when you are being ridiculous" he said. "Why does it matter to you what I think anyway?" she asked.

"You think my taste is horrible" he pouted and she rolled her eyes. "I never said those words" she told him. "You implied it" he pouted leaning against the doorframe. "Just wear what you want" she said. "You seriously think I don't look good all the time?" he asked. "Well I wanted to tear that black if you could call a shirt, thing you wore yesterday off you" she said.

"Why Molly if you want me shirtless all you have to do is ask" he smirked at her as his fingers went to the bottom of his shirt and he started to pull it up. "I meant that the print was burning my eyes" she said and he laughed when the pillow hit him. "Muppet" she said. "Ok fine that might have been a bit out there" he conceded. "Just stay classic. It suits you" she said. "You mean it makes me look hot" he grinned. "But then you open your mouth" she said. "But I look hot. That's the important thing" he winked and she rolled her eyes at him.

"The length of time it takes you to get ready you should be getting the fashion stakes right all the time" she told him. "I do not take that long" he insisted. "You know that I'd have packed a weeks’ worth of clothes for both Junior and I in the time it's taking you to pack one suit. And you spend more time getting ready then all the women in your family" she said. "There's nothing wrong with taking an interest in how one looks" he said. "One looks oh look whose getting all proper English" she joked.

"Ha ha. Well we can't all be like you and look gorgeous after twenty minutes" he sighed as he walked towards the bed. "Now that's not true" she told him. "It is. Urgh I wish you were coming to Switzerland" he sighed as he fell onto the bed beside her which made her laugh. "Oh ya that would look great. You turning up with your baby mama the week you break up with your supermodel girlfriend" she said rolling Junior onto the bed so he was between them.

"Super witch you mean" he mumbled as she rolled onto to side to face him. "Now she was someone I should have labelled what were you thinking" she joked and he laughed. The press were still hounding Cristiano about Irina. Whilst Jacque's interview did mean more interest and media focus Irina hadn't come out smelling like roses. She lost a lot of work and people were angry that she acted all innocent when she had being the cheat. Not that any of that really mattered to Cristiano. Sure he was happy Irina wasn't looking like a saint but he knew people were still thinking certain things about him. He knew he couldn't help it and he had decided just to forget the press and public. Which would be a lot easier if he didn't have to sit in front of the media in Zurich in a couple of days.

"Has Jorge sat you down yet?" Molly asked. "Nope but I presume I will get my do and don'ts list on the plane. I hate stupid media" he groaned. "Yet you need them" she said. "No I don't" he said. "To see products and get your name out there. Yes you do. See it's just plain annoying" she sighed. "Have you given any more thought to coming to the game tomorrow?" he asked. "Cristiano" she said. "Oh please Mols. You haven't been to a game since Junior got ill" he said. "It was winter break and you were sick too" she reminded him. "Whatever. Oh please" he begged. "I don't know" she said. "You'll be in the box. Please Mols I want you there. I want you both there" he said smiling down at Junior. "I guess someone has to keep your mother company" she said. "Brilliant" he grinned.

"I'm still not going to Zurich so don't even bother to ask again" she told him. "No I get it. I don't want you to see me lose anyway" he said. "You don't know that you will" she said. "We both do. Anyway I should get ready to head to the hotel" he said. "Yet you're not moving" she smiled. "Thanks Mols" he said. "For what?" she asked in confusion. "Just for...just" he shrugged. "Go get ready you muppet" she said and he rolled off the bed. "I still don't know what suit to take" he groaned. "Want to win in the style stakes huh?" she asked.

"Have to give you something good to watch when you see me on TV" he winked. "Oh there will be. Isn't Pique going?" she asked. "I have better taste then him" Cristiano said. "Well I hope he has better taste in women that you for everyone's sake" she said. "Mols" he said. "Look for the Dior bag hanging up. It might be an option for you. I'm going to get this fella ready for bed" she said getting off the bed. "I'll be in before I leave" he told her. "K" she said and he watched her leave the room. He knew the press would be even more crazy if Molly came to Zurich with him, but it still didn't stop him wishing she could come with him.

"Ronaldo" Jorge snapped and Cristiano lifted his head up from his phone. "Get focused" Jorge told him. "What's the point? They are just going to twist everything that I say anyway" he sighed. "You're dealing with football journalists not gossip ones. Just think before you speak" Jorge told him. "Ya ya" Cristiano said as he waited to go out on to the stage for the media panel with Messi and Iniesta.
He just wanted to get back to the hotel. Get changed into his suit and get the award ceremony over so he could get back to Madrid. They had won yesterday and he had scored. Molly had brought Junior to the game but there had been an incident with a pap as she left the stadium. The guy kept saying things about Molly. Asking if she was keeping Ronaldo's bed warm now Irina is out of the picture. Dolores had being furious whilst Molly had just focused on getting Junior to the car.

"Ok we are ready now" a man said and Messi and Iniesta appeared laughing and joking. "Hola" Cristiano said to them both. "Hola" Iniesta said and Leo Messi gave a nod. Cristiano gripped the water bottle tightly in his hand as the journalist asked his question. Yet another question about Irina. About how would his break up affect his game? Why he hadn't made it known who Molly really was? Why did he hide Junior's mother? All these questions over and over again. And Cristiano was just about ready to tell them all to fuck off.

"You obviously missed games before the winter break and have had a lot personal issues do you think you are focused for the rest of the season. I'm sure your fans would want to know that football is number one" an English journalist asked. "My family is number one" Cristiano snapped. "Like any normal human being would expect" Lionel Messi said and Cristiano looked to his right at the Argentine. "But fans don't want players being distracted" the journalist said.

"Pretty sure fans would want a child to be well first though. Maybe instead of asking question that have nothing to do with you, you could I don't know ask how his son is" Leo said. "I'll help you all. We were all sad to hear that your son had being taken seriously ill Ronaldo. Is he feeling much better now?" Iniesta asked and Cristiano looked at the journalists who were seated in front of the stage and then to Iniesta.

"Thanks to amazing doctors and nurses and having God looking down on him, he has made a full recovery. Thank you for asking" Cristiano said. "Well that's brilliant news. Don't you all agree?" Leo asked the journalists who all mumbled in agreeance. "So does anyone have a football question or should we just end this now?" Cristiano asked. "Well the past questions asked wouldn't give the impression so maybe we should go" Messi said and the journalist grumbled a no.

"What is the toughest part of playing with such amazing talent that you see each and everyday with Barcelona Iniesta?" a French journalist asked and Cristiano sat back in his chair as the focused turned back to football. Cristiano and Leo locked eyes and Cristiano gave him a nod in thanks. Cristiano smiled not quite believing that his biggest rival had rescued him.

Cristiano smiled as he looked at the photo Molly had sent of Junior sitting in his chair ready to watch the Ballon D'or Awards. "Is that a smile I see?" Jorge asked coming to stand in front of Cristiano. They had just walked the red carpet and were waiting to be called into the awards ceremony. Cristiano held the phone up to Jorge who smiled. "Ah explains the smile. You'll be back with him soon" Jorge told him. "You think anyone would miss me if I left?" Cristiano asked. "Don't even think about it" Jorge warned as he waved to a gentleman across the room. "I'll be back. Nuno and Ricky have taken their seats" Jorge told him as he crossed the room.

Cristiano's phone buzzed and he saw that he had a text from Molly. "Pique's no longer my fave" it read. "You mean Barcelona player. We all know who your fave is" he texted her back. "Ya that Stevie G is amazing. Did you see that goal he scored yesterday?" she replied moments later and he groaned. "Everything alright?" a voice asked and Cristiano looked up to see Leo taking a seat next to him. "Apparently Stevie G is amazing" Cristiano rolled his eyes. "Good goal yesterday" Leo nodded. "Beats Pique anyway" Cristiano grumbled as he typed his reply to Molly "You know who I mean" it read. "Huh?" Leo asked.

"Just Molly trying to annoy me. She's really good at that" Cristiano told the Barcelona player. "Molly is...- My son's mother yeah" Cristiano said before showing Leo the home screen of his phone and the picture he had of Molly and Junior. "He'd be cuter in a better jersey" Leo joked and Cristiano laughed. "Madrid one is better" Cristiano laughed. "Listen thanks for earlier" Cristiano said. "I didn't do anything" Leo shrugged. "You did. Both you and Iniesta did. Thanks. I was about to throw my water bottle at one of them if they kept asking questions about Molly and Junior" Cristiano said.

"We are here to talk football. Jezz they couldn't even ask if your son was feeling better. Idiots" Leo said. "Exactly" Cristiano said. "How come you didn't bring him to this?" Leo asked. "He's a bit young. Though if he did at least he wouldn't remember me not winning" Cristiano smiled. "You don't know you aren't" Leo smirked. "I think everyone does" Cristiano laughed. "Though me winning wouldn't be making you happy" Leo said. "That's what's important" Cristiano said holding his phone up once more. "Well you beat me at knowing the papa feeling" Leo said.

"I'm sure your lovely lady can help you out with that" Cristiano said smiling over at Antonella who was across the room talking to another woman. "It's better than football isn't it?" Leo asked. "What being a dad?" Cristiano asked and Leo nodded. "Best feeling in the world was watching my son being born. Even though I thought Molly was going to kill me. Though I'm pretty sure she has thought about it alot since too" Cristiano said.

"I'm sure she has" Leo smirked. "Ha ha. But really though thank you for today. I don't think I'd have made Jorge or Molly happy if I had reacted the way I was planning if the questions didn't stop" Cristiano said. "I'm sure you would have done the same. "Maybe. Hey must be growing up. I even thanked you without being told to" Cristiano joked. "I'm sure no one would have told you to" Leo said and Cristiano laughed as he opened the message Molly had just sent.

"Really" Cristiano said showing Leo the message. "Seriously though Messi and Iniesta are my two faves from Barca now. Shutting up the press. I hope you thanked them" it read and Leo laughed. "She sounds like something else" Leo laughed. "She is" Cristiano smiled. "I did actually. And don't I get credit for not reacting?" he texted Molly back. "Ya ya clap on the back to you for acting like a grown up" she replied.

"Is she here in Zurich?" Leo asked. "Who Molly?" Cristiano asked and the Argentine nodded. "No it's a boys trip. Molly is with Junior. She didn't need the press attention. Plus I know she wouldn't want to leave Junior yet. His illness scared us both a lot" Cristiano sighed. "I'm sure it did" Leo nodded. "She's watching it on TV with her feet up. I hope. She does too much at times" Cristiano said as his phone buzzed.

“Or clap on the back for your choice of suit. Dior you knew I was right ” it read and he rolled his eyes. “Ah admiring me on TV I see” he replied. “You may have come into view when I was on the look out for Pique” she texted back and he groaned. “She annoying you again?” Leo asked. “Something like that” Cristiano replied. “She must be something for her to annoy you and for you to still have a smile on your face” Leo said.

Cristiano looked at him. “She’s……” Cristiano thought as his phone buzzed once more. “Found something you and Messi have in common. Crappy taste. Jezz I needed to put on sunglasses for his suit” it read and Cristiano laughed. “See what I’m dealing with” Cristiano said holding his phone towards Leo. “It’s not that bad” Leo said looking down at his suit. “You dealt with the press earlier so I’m going to be nice and decline to answer” Cristiano smirked. “Oh shut up” Leo said.

“Though he has taste in women. Dang he’s punching above his weight. His lady is smoking hot tonight” another text came from Molly. “Ok that she’s right about” Leo smiled and both men laughed.

“Oh get me to bed” Ricky yawned as he, Nuno and Cristiano entered Cristiano’s house back in Madrid
as the clock turned 2 in the morning. Messi had won which hadn’t come as any surprise to Cristiano. He’d win the award again he had thought. “It was a nice day though. Would have been better with the Golden ball coming home with us but well it was fun” Nuno said as they walked into the living room. The three men paused when the saw the light from the TV. “Looks like someone didn’t make it to her bed” Nuno smiled. “Shut off the TV there Ricky well you” Cristiano said as he walked towards the couch where Molly laid on her side facing the TV.

“Carrying her up?” Nuno asked. “I’ll leave her here” Cristiano replied. “See you both in the morning” Ricky said as he switched the TV off. “Ya I’m coming up too” Nuno said waving goodnight to Cristiano who was looking down at Molly as the other men left the rom. He grabbed a throw at the end of the couch and covered her with it. She moved her leg and rolled onto her back. He watched as her face scrunched up and her legs moved as her eyes creeped open.

“Your back” she mumbled. “I didn’t mean to wake you” he whispered. “I feel asleep” she said. “Yes you did” he smiled down at her. “What time is it?” she asked groggily. “Just after 2. Go back to sleep. I'll talk to you in the morning” he replied. “I want to talk now” she mumbled. “Oh really” he smiled and threw off his leather jacket and kicked off his shoes before climbing over the back of the couch.

She pulled the throw over both of them before laying her head onto his chest. “I’m sorry you didn’t win” she whispered as his fingers ran through her hair. “Winning isn’t everything” he replied as her fingers slowly ran up and down his chest.

“Says the man who always likes to win” she replied. “Maybe I already have” he said. “Have what?” she asked with her eyes closed. “Maybe I’ve already won” he said. “I know you’ve won it once. But I’m sure you’ll win it again. In fact I know you will” she said.

“Glad you have such faith in me winning that award again” he said. “I know you will again” she mumbled. “Maybe one day. Though I’m not really bothered right now” he said. “Somethings are more important than winning” he whispered before placing a kiss on the top of her head as he drifted off to sleep listening to her soft sleepy breaths.
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