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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 73-Sometime You Should Have What You Want

"Yeah nice kick Junior" Molly grinned as she held her sons hands as he stood on his two feet and kicked the small soft football. The little boy squealed and she placed him back onto the blanket which she had laid out in the living room so he could crawl towards the ball. "Starting him young there Mols" Nuno said as he entered the room.

"I'm just trying to encourage him to try and stand on his own" she replied. "Well I'm sure Cris will be happy that you're helping develop the next superstar Ronaldo" Nuno grinned. "Ha ha. He's a bit far off that. Anyway he doesn't have to be a footballer. He can be a doctor or a lawyer. Or a chef. He can be anything that he wants to be" Molly smiled at her son who was attempting to crawl off the blanket. "I know Cris thinks that too. Though he wouldn't mind if he could pass on the touch to his son though" Nuno said as Molly pulled Junior back onto the blanket.

"Who knows? Anyway did you have a nice morning out?" Molly asked as she sat Junior on the ground between her legs and handed him a toy. "Ya I did thanks. How was your morning?" he asked. "Good. Anderia came over with Victoria. So Junior had great fun playing" Molly grinned at her son. "And the mamas had their own fun" Nuno smirked. "We discussed a variety of things" Molly smiled. "Such as?" Nuno asked. "How nice it is to have Ricky around. Especially after he cooked that amazing dinner last night" Molly smirked at Nuno who rolled his eyes. "It wasn't that good" he muttered.

"Dolores seemed to love it" Molly said. "Where is she by the way?" he asked. "Sorting things out in her bedroom so she says. Really I think she's just trying to catch up on her tv programmes in peace" Molly said and Nuno laughed. "Jezz there still playing the clip" Nuno said nodding to the TV. "It must be a slow news week. Like it's been three days" she said switching the channel from the press conference on Monday.

"They looked really buddy buddy at the awards" Nuno told her. "He told Messi what I said about his suit the muppet" Molly said. "What did you say about his suit?" Nuno asked. "That I needed sunglasses when he came onto the screen" Molly mumbled and Nuno laughed. "It's not funny" Molly said. "Ya it is. Don't worry about it anyway Mols. Cris said he and Messi had a good chat" Nuno said. "Which is odd but the guy did shut up those idiot journalists before your cousin got angry so I have to like him now. If anything for making sure Cristiano didn't lose his head cos I could not have dealt with the fall out. Plus have to listen to Jorge" she said. "I still can't believe Jorge didn't give you a telling off for contacting Jacque" Nuno said. "Think he was too scared to" Molly said.

"Well that I can understand" Nuno smirked at her. "I'm not scary" Molly said. "You have your moments" Nuno told her. "Hey" she said. "But you still look cute when you are scary" he told her. "It's going to take more than flattery to get around me Nuno" she told him. "How about lunch?" he asked. "Now that sounds more like it. I have a skype call with Sarah now but I should be done by the time Cristiano and Ricky come back from training" she told him. "Sounds good" he said flopping onto the couch. "Maybe over lunch you can tell us all who this girl is" she grinned standing and he started to cough. "What girl?" he asked.

"Oh please. I know you do. And if you tell Cristiano any details before me, then I won't make you any cookies ever again" she told him. "You haven't made any cookies in ages" he reminded her. "I'll be making some later on in the week" she said. "Aren't you meant to be talking to Sarah" he said. "Oh crap ya. Don't think I won't ask again Nuno" she told him as she carried Junior with her to the office.

"Good morning good morning" Sarah beamed on the screen. "Good afternoon to you" Molly laughed. "Someone is in a very good mood considering she just woke up" Molly said. "Well I don't have to be in work until this afternoon so I can stay in bed. Which is just as well since I didn't get much sleep last night" she winked. "No talk of your sexapades in front of my son" Molly smiled at her. "What about your sexapades?" Sarah asked her. "There are no...oh my God shut up" Molly said. "Wait you mean you haven't jumped on him yet?" Sarah asked. "Jumped on who?" Molly asked.

"Now now Mols you know who I’m talking about. Your hot baby daddy" Sarah said. "Sarah" Molly exclaimed. "I'm sure he'd be happy to help your remember how good he is off the pitch" Sarah grinned. "Oh shut up. Anyway how do you know how good he is off the pitch?" Molly asked readjusting Junior on her lap. "You told me" Sarah grinned. "I did not" Molly said. "Pretty sure when I asked previously if he was as good off the pitch as he was on it you nodded" Sarah grinned as Molly's face started to heat up. "I must have had a crick in my neck when you asked" Molly told her.

"Oh really?" Sarah asked. "Shut up" Molly told her and Sarah laughed. "So how have things been since the witch got given her marching orders?" Sarah asked. "The press are being annoying F.U.C.K.E.R.S" she said and Sarah laughed. "You know he can't understand you when you say fuck Mols" Sarah said. "Hey don't curse in front of my son" Molly said. "Sorry. So has Cristiano being really depressed? Have you being cheering him up?" Sarah asked. "He just broke up with his girlfriend" Molly said.

"Who cheated on him. Can't do much for his ego that now can it" Sarah said. "Think it's more the fact that he hadn't dumped her months ago rather than the fact she cheated on him which is bothering him the most" Molly said. "I can't believe she switched off Junior's monitor that night" Sarah said. Sarah had offered to fly over and kick the woman to the other side of the world when Molly had spoken to her shortly after Cristiano and Irina had spilt. "She's lucky she's still in one piece after everything she has done" Molly said as a knock came to the door and it opened.

"Hey" Cristiano smiled at her. "Hey you’re back early" Molly smiled at him as he walked into the room. "Managed to get out without anyone bothering me. Oh hi Sarah" Cristiano said waving at the screen. "Hi again" Sarah waved whilst trying to fix her hair with her other hand. "Nuno forgot to mention you were talking to your friend, sorry for interrupting" he said. "Oh that's alright. We were just catching up. Sucks about your break up by the way. Well actually it doesn't since she was a witch but well it's polite to say something like that ya" Sarah said. "Or say nothing at all" Molly glared at the screen.

"We weren't talking about you and ..." she paused not wanting him to think she was gossiping with
her friends about him. "So Molly told you how she helped me send Irina packing then?" Cristiano asked. "Shouldn't you go see if lunch is ready Cristiano" Molly said. "He's going nowhere until he tells me what you won't. So come on footie boy tell me the gossip" Sarah said sitting up in her bed. "Oh it's nothing. Just that Irina probably needed a haircut after Molly dragged her by the hair into the car" Cristiano grinned as Molly groaned. "What! Way to go Mols. Jezz and here was me just asking if she was comforting you" Sarah smiled and Molly groaned covering her face as Cristiano laughed.

"You know with ice cream Mols. It's great for break ups" Sarah grinned. "We've had the ice cream" Cristiano smiled. "Well hope the witch doesn't put you off brunettes. Cos you know they’re not all that bad" Sarah told him. "I'm aware" Cristiano smiled. "Can we actually discuss something or someone who is relevant please? I've had enough talk about his love life" Molly said. "I'll leave you two ladies catch up. Nice talking to you again Sarah" Cristiano said. "You too" she waved at him.

"I'll take Junior if you like" he asked Molly who handed their son over to him. "Have a nice catch up" he said kissing her cheek. "Don't forget to tell her about your Rocky moment" Cristiano smiled at Molly. "You hit her" Sarah screamed. "I might be hitting someone else soon" Molly said glaring at Cristiano who laughed. "Let's go see what Nuno is making for lunch Junior" he said carrying Junior to the door before shutting it behind him. "You hit her?" Sarah asked.

"I don't know who I want to hit more after that. You or Cristiano" Molly said. "What did I do?" Sarah asked. "Am I comforting him?" Molly asked and Sarah laughed. "I was clearly talking about ice cream Mols. Why where did your mind take you?" Sarah smirked. "It's not funny" Molly pouted.
"Well he clearly doesn't look heartbroken. Not with when you’re around anyway" Sarah said. "What's the supposed to mean?" Molly asked. "You two looked very cosy just now" Sarah said. "Sarah" Molly warned. "Ok ok. Now what is this about you hitting the Russian witch?" she asked. "I barely tapped her" Molly said and started to explain to Sarah about her row with Irina and how Cristiano had sent her across the road.

Cristiano knocked on Molly's bedroom door as he opened it a few days later. "Hey" he said and she closed the book she was reading. "Hi" she replied. "Oh come on Mols you can't still be annoyed that I told Sarah about your Rocky moment" he said as he moved to sit on the bed and placed Junior on the bed so he could crawl to his mama. "It wasn't a rocky moment" she pouted. "It was you protecting and standing up for your son. Something which your friend would be proud of" he told her.

"Ya ya" she said as she laid Junior onto her chest. "So Junior thought you might like to come swimming with us" Cristiano said. "Did he now?" she replied. "Ya he thought it would be nice if the three of us spent time together before I head off for my match tonight" he said. "Really" she said. "Come on Mols" he said tickling her toes. "Stop" she laughed. "Please. He hasn't gone swimming since he came out of hospital. It will be fun" he told her. "I guess I could go with you two" she said.

"I'll go get him ready. Meet you downstairs" he said picking Junior up. "Wait. Inside or out?" she asked. "Inside. It's too cold for him to be outside today" he said and she smiled. "Don't take too long. We've got swimming to do" he said twirling Junior in the air. "You're the one who takes ages to get ready" she called after him as he left the room. "Rocky" she smiled shaking her head.

"Well look here Junior, who’s the one who takes ages to get ready now" Cristiano as he held Junior up in the water as Molly walked towards the pool. "Your mother delayed me. Apparently she's going back to Lisbon tomorrow" Molly said coming to stand by the edge of the pool. "Why am I the last to know everything that goes on in my own house?" Cristiano asked. "She told me to tell you. And it's usually cos you don't pay attention" she told him.

"Ya ya. You going to be alright here on your own when she goes?" he asked. Nuno and Ricky had left Madrid late last night so with Dolores leaving that meant Molly would be alone in the house when Cristiano leaves for his match. "I'll be fine" she told him. "Mols" he said. "Really I'll be fine. You'll be back Sunday. Nuno might even be back before you depending if this girl he is seeing is back from Paris or not" Molly said. "Wait how do you know she's gone to Paris?" he asked. "How do you know he is seeing a girl? If he told you information before he told me he can stuff any cookies" she said and he laughed.

"I picked up his phone by accident" Cristiano said. "By accident?" Molly asked. "It was. We were having breakfast yesterday and I reached for my phone but took his my mistake. She sent a text" Cristiano said. "And you think he's seeing someone cos of a text?" Molly asked. "It was pretty detailed" Cristiano replied. "What do you mean by detailed?" Molly asked confused.

"Something I'd rather not think about my cousin doing Mols. Jezz you're smart you work out what kind of text is was" Cristiano groaned. "Oh ohh" she said. "Exactly. Anyway he told me nothing about her. I said I wait for you to grill him. I had to get to training" Cristiano grinned. "I wouldn't grill him. I just want to know that he is happy" she said. "And what the girl is like" Cristiano said. "Well given his cousin’s taste in girlfriends I think I'm entitled to be wary" Molly said with her arms crossed.

"Ok good point. Are you getting in?" he asked. "Dolores picked this up for me the other day" she said picking up an inflatable float and throwing into the water beside Cristiano. "What is it?" he asked. "You can put Junior into it and it will keep him floating. That way you don't have to hold him all the time" she said. "That's a good idea" he said as he placed Junior into the float. "Of course its a good idea I came up with it" he heard Molly say.

"He likes..." he paused lifting his head up to look at Molly as she was pulling her white kaftan over her head to reveal a simple black one piece. "Fuck" he said. "Ronaldo don't curse in front of my son" she said. "Huh" he asked his eyes focused on her legs. "Ronaldo" she said and he looked up at her face. "Oh ya sorry. Jabbed my toe" he lied. "You ok?" she asked. "Huh. Oh ya. Are you getting in or what?" he asked and groaned when she sat on the side of the pool and placed her legs into the water. "He looks like he likes it" she smiled looking at Junior in the float. Cristiano tore his eyes away from Molly to look at their son and smiled.

"He loves it" he said. "What's with the sad smile?" he asked. "Huh?" she asked. "Mols" he said swimming over to the edge. "Just can't help think that it could have all been so different" she sighed. "We can't keep thinking about him getting sick Mols" he told her. "It's not...You're right" she said and slipped into the water. He watched her move in front of Junior as she bounced in the water. He could help wondering what she meant when she said different. Had she being thinking about Junior's illness or had she being thinking about the fact that it was never meant to be like this.

He was never meant to be able to watch his son swim with his mother he thought. He was never meant to be here watching her in that swimsuit. He groaned when he thought back to the last time he had seen her wear that black swimsuit nearly two years ago and he ducked his head under the water. "What?" he asked when he saw Molly looking at him when his head returned above water.
"You're acting strange" she told him. "No I'm not" he told her pushing off the side and stopped beside her. "You know" he said wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "We make a pretty adorable baby" he grinned. "He gets it all from me" she smirked. "Of course" he smiled.

"Are you sure you don't mind been here on your own Mols?" Cristiano asked as he came to stand beside her in the kitchen. "I told you I'm fine. I'm spending the day with Ana and Anderia tomorrow and you'll be back sometime during the night. Really we'll be fine" she told him as she walked around him to the fridge. "Call me if there's any problems" he told her. "There won't be" she told him.

"Well then just call me to say hi then" he smiled. "Won't you be too busy preparing for the match tomorrow?" she asked moving to the sink. "Never too busy for you Mols" he told her. "We'll be fine. I'm just going to finish up with these cookies. Then get Junior" she said looking over to where he was sitting in his high chair by the table. "Ready for bed. Then have a nice long hot bath and read a book and enjoy the peace and quiet of having the house to myself" she told him. "Mmm sounds nice" he smiled. "Yes it does. But to have the house to myself, someone needs to leave" she smiled.

"Would be easier to leave if there's wasn't such an appealing smell" he told her as she moved to stand beside him. "You have a game tomorrow. I'm not giving you a cookie" she told him as she placed cookies into a box. He opted not to tell her that it wasn't the cookies that smelt so good but instead moved to stand behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Not even one?" he asked placing his chin on her shoulder. "No" she told him. "Please" he begged placing a kiss on her neck. His thumbs stroked the material of her shirt on her stomach as she leaned back against him. "No cookie" she whispered as his cheek brushed off hers. "Please" he begged again.

"Just because you want something doesn't mean you should have it" she told him. "Save me some though" he told her. "Ok" she said. "I better go meet Pepe outside. He should be here any minute. I'll call you when I get to the hotel" he told her and as he went to kiss her cheek she moved her head and his lips connected with hers. They both pulled back and Molly turned her head back so she wasn't facing him.

Cristiano stared at the back of her head and instead of dropping his hands from her waist and leaving he quickly turned her around to face him and pushed her back against the worktop. "What?" she asked in surprise and confusion.

"Sometimes you should have what you want" he told her as his fingers stroked her left cheek and he leaned his face towards hers. Molly froze as his other hand came around her waist and she felt his lips brush against her. It was a butterfly kiss. So light, so bright, their lips barely touching. He pulled back and saw her eyes were closed.

One hand slid up her spine to the nape of her neck and she opened her eyes. He stared into her brown eyes and all rational thought evaporated. And then she…then she bit her lip and he couldn’t take it any longer.

Keeping her still, he touched his mouth to hers. Her lips were full and warm. He touched with his tongue, teasing with shallow low licks and small strokes until she parted and let him in, allowing the kiss to go deeper. He felt her arms move to his shoulders and her fingers dig into them. Her held her closer to him as the kiss got harder and deeper.

He pulled back when he heard the sound of a car horn. "That's..." he stuttered. "Pepe" she said. "I have to..." he stuttered and she nodded as the car horn continued.

"Go" she told him and he nodded not wanting to let her out of his arms. "Cristiano" she said. "I'm going" he said finally dropping his arms from her body. He moved around the kitchen and kissed Junior on the head before grabbing his bag on the floor and he looked at her. "I'll....I'm...." he stuttered. "Go" she told him and he nodded before rushing out of the room.

Molly moved her finger to her lips and ran it along the now swollen lips from that kiss. She shook her head and grabbed a nearby bowl and turned towards the sink. She looked over her shoulder when she head footsteps. "What did you forget?" she asked Cristiano as he came running towards her. He tore the bowl from her fingers and dropped it into the sink before gently grabbing her neck and pulling her towards him so he could place a long hard kiss on her mouth. He pulled back moments later and she stared up at him.

"I'll call you later" he told her before placing a quick kiss on her forehead and then he rushed back down the hallway. Molly let out a laugh as she watched him go. Her eyes landed on Junior and on Marcosa who had now moved to sleep beside Junior's high chair. She saw both of them watching her and shrugged. "It was just a kiss" she mumbled and Junior let out a squeal and flung his toy into the air.
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