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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 74- Sweet Dreams

"What the hell is up with you?" Pepe asked Cristiano as they sat in the plane on the tarmac. "Nothing" Cristiano replied. "So your leg just bounces for no reason then" Pepe said and Cristiano looked down at his right leg which he hadn't realised he had been bouncing. "I just want to get to the hotel" Cristiano said. "They'll let us off the plane soon. But you really sure you are ok? You were quiet in the car and most of the flight" Pepe said. "Thought I'd leave you give out to me without interrupting" Cristiano smirked.

"Hey you were the one who said you'd be waiting outside. Then Ana phoned me to tell me to stop honking the horn cos she could hear it at ours" Pepe groaned. "I got distracted" he told Pepe remembering the feeling of holding Molly close to him. The way her tongue connected with his. The way she bit her lip and bit his own as he moved in the seat to accommodate his body's reaction to his thoughts. "What are you hiding?" Pepe asked. "Why do you think I'm hiding something?" Cristiano asked his voice going slightly high.

"Why so touchy all of a sudden?" Pepe asked. "I'm not touchy. I was just answering your question. I'm not hiding anything and I'm fine. I just want off this plane" Cristiano said impatiently. "So it's something good that you're hiding. Hmm wonder what it is?" Pepe asked. "Pepe" Cristiano warned. "Please tell you haven't got another secret child" Pepe asked. "Don't be ridiculous" Cristiano scoffed. "Just answer one more question and I'll leave you alone ok" Pepe told him. "Fine. Ask your question and then shut up" Cristiano snapped.

"Is it something good?" Pepe asked. Cristiano sat back against his seat and pictured the way Molly and Junior were laughing in the pool the day before. "I think so" he smiled and Pepe smiled. "Ok" he said. "Finally" Cristiano said standing when the airhostess announced that the players could leave the airplane.

Molly's leg moved over the bubbles in the bath. After settling Junior down for the night, she had drawn herself and bath and began to read her book just like she had told Cristiano she would. The only problem was that she couldn't focus on the book. Not when all she could think about was the way he had held her. She shivered in the bath as she closed her eyes and rested her head against the edge. Sure he had held her before. He was always there for a hug. But this....this was different. He hadn't just held her. He had kissed her. Her toes curled as she remembered the way his lips locked onto hers. The way he had looked at her. The way he......

She opened her eyes at the sound of her phone ringing. She sat up in the bath and reached over the bath to pick her phone up off the ground. She smiled when she saw the name which flashed on the screen. "Hello" she smiled sitting back in the water. "Hello" he replied. "You’re calling" she said. "I did say I would" he replied. "Yes. Yes you did" she said. "We are just on the bus to the hotel. I just wanted to....." he paused.

"Check that Junior went to sleep ok?" she asked. "Of course" he said resting his head against the window of the bus as everyone around him chatted. He should have waited until he was away from everyone but he needed to hear her voice. "Well we had a lovely evening before he went off happily to bed. Marcosa is asleep by his cot. I'll send you a picture. It's so cute" she said. "I bet it is. So what are you doing now?" he asked.

"I'm on the phone to you" she laughed and he rolled his eyes before noticing that Pepe who was sitting beside him and Marcelo who was sitting across from them was looking at him. "I know that" he said turning to look out the window. "I'm just sitting in the bath" she whispered.

"Fuck" he said trying to stop him picturing her right now. He knew exactly what the picture was like since he had joined her so many times for a bath. "Everything ok?" Pepe asked nudging Cristiano. "Huh" he said looking at Pepe as Molly laughed at the other end of the phone. "Ya ya. Just a pain in the ass" Cristiano replied. "Ah Molly" Pepe and Marcelo both said.

"Should I be worried that they knew exactly who you were talking about based on your comment?" Molly asked. "Ignore them" Cristiano said turning back to look out the window. "What the hell do you call me to your mates?" Molly asked. "I've said to your face before. And that's not important" he told her. “Hmm” she said. “So are you enjoying the peace and quiet?” he asked. “I guess” she sighed.

“Thought you’d enjoy having no one around” he said. “So did I but now I’m sitting here in the bath with no company and it’s sort of lonely on my own” she whispered and he let out a groan.
"Well like I said Junior is asleep and I'll be following suit myself soon. So have a goodnight and I'll talk to you tomorrow" she said. "I'll ring you in the morning" he grumbled. "K noite" she said. "Noite Mols" he replied.

He banged his head against the window and Pepe pulled at his arm. "Easy" he said. "What's the matter?" Sergio asked from the seat in front. "Is everything alright with Mols and Junior?" Pepe asked. Cristiano looked at his concerned teammates. At his friends. "Everything is fine" Cristiano replied. "So you bang your head off a window just for fun now?" Sergio asked. "Just hate being away from home" Cristiano said. "Who would have thought Mister football wouldn't be so desperate to play football?" Sergio joked. "Things change" Cristiano shrugged.

"Skype NOW" a text from Cristiano read and Molly groaned. She had just settled into the bed. "But my laptop is across the room and I'm in bed" she replied. "NOW" he replied. Normally she would tell him to get stuffed for talking to her like that. Not even a please. Her phone buzzed in her hand and she let out a laugh when she read the message. "Please" he had sent.

She pulled the covers back and climbed out of the bed and took her laptop off the dresser. She went back to the bed and laid on top of the covers as she opened it up. She clicked connect when his skype request appeared on the screen. "What the hell Mols" he yelled. "Hello to you too" she sighed laying onto her side. She pushed the laptop back and saw that he was sitting up in his hotel bed. Shirtless at that.

"I’m sitting in the bath and it’s lonely on my own" he mimicked her. "Are you trying to kill me?" he asked. "I was just stating a fact" she shrugged. "You knew well what you were doing" he groaned and she smiled at him. "If you just wanted to give out to me you could have just done that by text" she told him. "But then I wouldn't have got to see your beautiful face" he smiled.

"So you got to the hotel safely then?" she asked. "Yup. Some of the guys just left my room" he said. "Ah shame. I would have liked to say hello" she smiled. "Shame they didn't leave sooner" he muttered. "And why is that?" she asked moving her hand to the side of her head as she shifted into a more comfortable position on her side. "Cos I wanted to see you" he told her. "Really. Why? We've already checked in" she smiled. "Well I asked how Junior was. I never asked how you were" he said.

"Didn't you?" she asked. "Molly" he said. "I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be Cristiano?" she asked.
“Oh I don’t know because if it hadn’t been for a car horn, it wouldn’t have just been cookies that would have been hot all over that kitchen counter” he snapped and Molly stared at the screen with her mouth open at his words. “Sorry I shouldn’t have …..” he sighed. “Said that or….” She trailed off. “Said what I said of course” he said and she nodded.

There was a few minutes of silence where the only thing that could be heard was the sound of voices coming from the TV in Cristiano’s hotel room. “I don’t......” he paused finally breaking the silence. “You don’t what?” she asked. He took a deep breath. “I don’t think I shouldn’t have done it” he asked. “You mean kiss me?” she asked. “Yes” he said. “Mols say something please” he said. “What would you like me to say?” she asked pushing a lock of hair behind her ear. “Honestly if it’s not what I want to hear then we can stop this conversation right now and pretend like it never happened” he said.

“What would you like to hear?” she asked. “Do I really have to say it?” he asked. “If you can’t even be bothered to say it then why would I? Goodnight” she said moving to shut down the laptop. “Wait wait Mols don’t” she heard him yell. “I want you to say that you don’t think that I shouldn’t have kissed you. I want you to say that you didn’t mind me kissing you” he said quickly as she straightened the screen up.

“I can’t say that I didn’t mind you kissing me” she told him and he frowned. “Ok. So we pretend today didn’t happen then. Right” he said. “I didn’t say that either” she told him. “Molly you’re confusing me here. Did I do something stupid by kissing you or did you like it?” he asked. He didn’t even care if it wasn’t the answer he wanted to hear, he just wanted her to tell him how she felt.
“I liked it” she whispered. “I didn’t quite hear that” he said. “Yes you did” she said. “Nope. I didn’t. You know I don’t hear that well. Can you repeat it please?” he asked with a little smirk on his face. “I liked it. Ok” she snapped. “Now was that really that hard to say?” he smirked.

“Ya well you liked it too” she told him. “Of course I did. Why the hell wouldn’t I have liked it? I more than liked it” he said. “You did?” she said surprised and he laughed. “Why do you seem so surprised?” he asked. “I……” she stuttered. “Molly any guy with any kind of brain cells would want to kiss you” he said. “So I guess you won’t want to kiss me again then since you’re lacking in brain cells” she said. “Only some” he said sticking his tongue out at her.

“So would it bother you…..” he paused. “Would what bother me?” Molly asked. “Would it bother you if I did it again?” he asked. “Did what again?” she asked before biting her lip. He groaned and suddenly she was staring at the ceiling of his hotel room. Cristiano place his hands onto his face and groaned. “Ronaldo” he could hear her calling out. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the headboard as he tried to figure out why this was all so hard.

“Ronaldo if I’m just going to be talking to a ceiling then I’m hanging up” he heard her yell. “No wait” he yelled and picked up his Ipad which he had dropped beside him on the bed. He sat up and raised his knees up and rested the Ipad against his thighs. “Don’t hang up please” he told her. “Why not? Hey even the ceiling doesn’t sulk” she said. “I’m not sulking” he told her. “Tell your face that” she said. “I’m not really. I’m just……” he paused.

“I wouldn’t be opposed to it” she said. “Opposed to what?” he asked confused. “My answer to your question” she mumbled. “You wouldn’t be opposed to me kissing you again?” he asked trying but failing to contain a smile. “Maybe” she smiled. “Just so you know I’m taking that maybe as a yes” he grinned and she covered her face with her hand as she giggled.

“Oh I wish I wasn’t sitting here right now in this room” he sighed. “You have football” she told him. “I know but I wish I wasn’t sitting here talking to you on skype” he said. “Well if that’s how you feel then I’ll hang up” she said moving to close the laptop down before lifting it back up again when she heard him shout her name. “Gotch ya” she smirked. “Oh jezz I thought I had annoyed you” he said relived. “No not this time. Although your shirt is annoying” she muttered. “But I’m not wearing a shirt” he laughed. “Exactly” she said. “Oh does miss Molly like what she sees?” he smirked as he held out the IPad to show her his abs. “Not bad I guess” she shrugged. “Liar” he said and she smiled.

“Have I told you that you have a beautiful smile?” he asked. “No I don’t” she said. “Guess I’ll just have to keep telling you that until you believe me then” he said. “Maybe” she shrugged before letting out a yawn. “Sorry” she said rubbing her eye. “You should get some sleep” he told her. “But I kind of don’t want to” she said. “Don’t want to sleep or don’t want to hang up?” he asked. “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it will probably make your head even bigger than it already is and you need to be able to leave the hotel to play the game” she said and he laughed.

“Well if it’s anything, I doubt I’ll get much sleep myself” he told her. “And why is that?” she asked. “Well I’m here and….you’re there” he sighed. “Ya I am here” she said biting her lip and he groaned. “What?” she asked. “Do you have any idea what you are doing to me right now?” he asked. “I’m not doing anything. I’m just laying here” she said.

“Exactly. You’re laying there in bed wearing a tank top that clings in all the right places with sexy hair on rest on your shoulders. And then you were biting your lip” he said. “So I was biting my lip” she said.

“Yes you were biting your lip” he told her. “And what’s the big deal?” she asked. “I can move the IPad and show you exactly what you biting your lip does to me or to a body part of mine” he said. “Oh my god” she said covering her face with her hands as her face went red and he started to laugh. “You shouldn’t say things like that” she told him. “It’s the truth though” he smirked. “Still Cristiano” she said.

“So I guess I shouldn’t say that I really want to kiss you again” he said. “You do?” she asked. “Remember that thing about brain cells. I think I still have a few you know” he joked and she laughed. “As much as it kills me to say this, I think we should say goodnight” he sighed. “I think so too. I’ll talk to you tomorrow” she told him. “You better” he smiled. “Sleep tight Cristiano” she smiled. “Sweet dreams Mols” he smiled. “You too” she smiled before the call ended.

Cristiano placed the IPad on the bed and smiled knowing exactly what his dreams that night were going to be filled of.
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Some sweet Cristiano and Molly moments. Enjoy.

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