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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 76- It Felt Right

Molly rolled over in the bed and stretched her arm towards Cristiano, expect she found the spot beside her empty. She opened her eyes and sat up in the bed. As she looked around the empty room, she saw the clock showed it was only just gone 6. She frowned wondering where he was. He had got to bed late last night and wasn't due in for training at all that day. She knew that Nuno wasn't back until lunch time and she hadn't heard Junior cry out so it couldn't be anything to do with them. Although she hadn't felt him leave the bed so she could have missed Junior crying. She pulled back the covers and got out of the bed.

"Mmmm" she said when she found the bathroom empty. When she got to Junior's room she found Marcosa still beside the crib. She checked on Junior before the dog followed her out of the room. "Where's your owner I wonder" she said rubbing the dog's head before walking towards Cristiano's bedroom where she also found it empty. "Where the hell is he at this time of the morning" she thought outload before grabbing one of his sweatshirts and pulling it on. "Let's see if he's downstairs" she said to the dog before heading towards the stairs.

Marcosa ran towards the sliding doors which lead out to the garden. "Ok ok. I'll let you out" she said quickly de-activing the alarm before opening the doors and the dog ran out. "Well that's him sorted. Now where is his owner" she thought as she headed towards the gym. She paused at the door to the gym when she spotted Cristiano. His back was to her as he punched the punch bag. She bit her lip as she watched him jab at the bag.

"You know I was half expecting breakfast in bed this morning since we have the house to ourselves" she said and his head whipped around to look at her and his shoulders slouched. But instead of saying anything he just turned his head back around and rested his arms against the bag. "Well good morning to you too" she said as she walked towards him. "Mana" he said. "Mmm that's nice but I was thinking you could say good morning to me in a different way" she said wrapping her arms around him.

"What are you doing up?" he asked shrugging her arms off him. Molly took a step back at his reaction as he moved to take a seat at the bench press. "I was looking for you. You weren't there when I woke up" she smiled at him as he moved to take off the boxing gloves he was wearing. "You should go back up for a couple more hours" he told her. "I'm fine. What are you doing up? And down here?" she asked. "I'm going for a run" he said once the gloves were off. "But it's early. Wait how long have you being up?" she asked. "It's not important" he said standing.

"Cristiano wait" she called out as he moved to pass her. He paused in the doorway to the gym. "You shouldn't overdo it" she told him. "I'm not. You should go back to sleep. Enjoy the fact that Junior is still asleep and the house is empty" he said with his back to her. "I was thinking since the house is empty, that you and I could take advantage of it" she said and clinched his fist. "Maybe have breakfast out on the patio" she suggested. "Maybe after my run" he said.

"You sure you want to start your morning off with a run?" she asked walking up behind him and placing her hands on his hips. "Molly" he said as she tugged at him to face her. "Can't you even give a girl a morning kiss first?" she smirked. "I won't be long" he said placing a kiss on her forehead before he ran out the door. She stood open mouthed as he ran out not quite believing that he had kissed her on her forehead and not her lips like she had expected. Like she had wanted. She shook her head in wonder what was with him this morning.

"Please tell me that you have my name on that apple pie I smell" Nuno said as he stepped into the kitchen. "Nuno" Molly screeched with joy before rushing over to hug him. "Ah I knew you miss me when I'm gone" he said. "Of course I do. I had to do all the cooking while you were away" she smiled. "Oh ya all that food for just yourself. So you survived being in the house on your own? I still think Ronnie is annoyed with me for leaving for the weekend" Nuno said. "Take no notice of him. He's in a odd mood today" she said.

"He's always in an odd mood. There's my fave little man" Nuno said walking towards Junior who was sat in his high chair. "So how was your trip?" Molly asked. "Fine" Nuno said taking Junior into his arms. "Where's Cris?" Nuno asked. "Who the hell knows" Molly mumbled. Since he had come back from his run, he hadn't managed more than twenty minutes in the same room as Molly. "You two didn't get into a fight. Did you?" he asked. "Not as far as I'm aware" Molly sighed. "Mols" Nuno said.

"He's just acting strange" she said. "He probably didn't sleep well" Nuno said. "Ya you're right" Molly nodded. "So about that apple pie" Nuno smiled. "Leave it cool for a bit longer and I might be able to get you a slice" she said. "Your mama is the best Junior" Nuno said as he swung Junior around. "Don't drop him" Cristiano said as he came into the room. "I won't" Nuno said. "Want some apple pie?" Molly asked Cristiano. "No thanks" he said as his phone beeped. "So Nuno when do you plan on telling me all about your trip?" Molly asked.

"There's nothing to tell" he said. "What do you think Cristiano? Does he have something tell?" Molly asked and Cristiano looked up from his phone. "Huh. I don't care" he said heading toward the stairs. "Nice to see you too cuz" Nuno shouted after him. "The won last night. What's up with him?" Nuno asked. "When you find out let me know" she muttered cutting a slice of the apple pie.

Molly took the basket in her arms as she left Junior's room later that day. Nuno was relaxing with
Junior downstairs and Cristiano was god knows where. She headed towards his bedroom when she stopped in her tracks when she heard him yell. "It's not that easy" she heard him shout and she peeked in the door and found him standing with his back to the door. "Well you should have remembered that in the first place" he said and she noticed the phone against his ear. "Well I know Molly better than you" he yelled and she frowned. Who was he talking to she thought. "Fine" he said and then threw the phone onto the bed.

She pulled her head back and turned to head downstairs. "Molly" he said in surprise when he saw her at the top of the stairs. "I was just going to do some laundry" she said. "Ok" he nodded. "Have I done something to upset you?" she asked. "What? Why would you think that?" he asked shocked. "Cos you've done nothing but avoid me all day for starters" she said and he sighed. "I'm sorry Mols" he said placing his hands on her shoulders. You haven't done anything I promise" he told her. "Then what's with the bad mood?" she asked looking up at him.

"I guess I got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning" he said. "Actually you got out of the wrong bed this morning" she joked and he gave her half a smile. "I'm sorry for being a moody muppet" he told her. "If you were really sorry then you'd do something to make it up to me" she said. "Like what?" he asked. "Give me a proper morning kiss for one" she said. "But it's not the morning" he told her. "Forget about it" she said moving to turned but he held her in place.

"I don't want you to hate me" he said before he placed his lips onto hers. He lifted his mouth away too soon for Molly before he took the basket from her hands and took it with him down the stairs. Molly watched him walk as his words ran around her head.

"This is a nice surprise. Although a sudden text asking if I could skype has me a tad bit nervous" Sarah said from the computer screen as Molly crossed her legs on the bed. "Sorry. If you are busy then this doesn't matter" Molly said. "Mols it's fine. I have time" Sarah said sitting back in her chair. "What's the matter?" Sarah asked. "And don't say there isn't anything the matter cos you wouldn't have asked to talk so suddenly if there wasn't" Sarah said.

"When a guy kisses you, says his misses you then comes back and avoids you. What does that mean?" Molly asked quickly. "Hold up hold up. Let me get my head around that question" Sarah said and Molly let out a sigh. "So by a guy you mean Cristiano ya?" Sarah asked. "Who else would go around kissing me?" Molly asked. "Plenty of people Mols. And I thought you said there was nothing going on between you and your baby dada" Sarah said. "There wasn't. There isn't" Molly said. "Ok start from the beginning" Sarah said. "Oh I'm not good at this sort of stuff" Molly groaned. "We talked about Luke" Sarah told her.

"Urgh don't even remind me about that asshole. Anyway he was different" Molly said. "He wasn't Cristiano" Sarah smiled. "He used me to get a story. That wasn't a real relationship" Molly told her.
"What happened between you and Cristiano?" Sarah asked. "Before he left for his match the other night we were in the kitchen and we were talking and he wanted cookies but I told him he can't have everything that he wants and then we ended up kissing. I don't know it happened really suddenly. Then he had to leave" Molly said. "And then what? He hasn't said anything since" Sarah asked. "Well he came back and kissed me then he left. And we skyped and texted while he was away" she smiled.

"A little bit of sexting?" Sarah asked. "Oh God no" Molly said covering her face. “And he hasn’t kissed you since he’s gotten back?” Sarah asked. “We did last night. But anytime I’ve gone near him today he’s brushed me off. Like he kissed me once for like a minute earlier but that’s only after I asked him if I had done something to upset him cos he’s being avoiding me all bloody day” she sighed. “And what did he say?” Sarah asked. “That I hadn’t done anything. This is too confusing” Molly groaned. “Maybe he’s having a bad day?” Sarah suggested.

“There’s something else I know it” Molly said. “I don’t think he’s regretting kissing you Mols so you can stop thinking that” Sarah said. “How do you know that? I know him and I can’t figure it out” Molly said. “The guy is crazy about you Molly” Sarah smiled. “Well he has a funny way of showing it” Molly muttered. “Wait how the hell can you say that. You’ve barely spoken more than a few sentences with him” Molly said.

“And during those few sentences I could tell. Trust me Mols he wants you” Sarah said. “I’m not so sure” Molly said. “Well then why don’t we discuss want you want. Is there more to this than just a kiss?” Sarah asked. “I really don’t know” Molly said. “Did you like it?” Sarah asked. “It felt…” Molly paused. “Right?” Sarah asked. “Ya it felt right” Molly said.
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