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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 77- Why Is He Hiding Something?

“Ronaldo do you have any idea how early it is?” Jorge groaned down the phone. “I don’t care. How quick can you get here?” Cristiano asked as he picked up his keys from the kitchen counter. “What the hell have you done now?” Jorge asked and Cristiano sighed. “I need you here Jorge” Cristiano said. “Are you going to make me wait until I get there to explain why you are ringing me at 6 in the morning?” Jorge asked.

“You….It will….I’ll explain when you get here. But try and get here before this evening please” Cristiano begged. “Ok ok ok I’ll be there. How bad is it Cris?” Jorge asked. “I…I don’t know” Cristiano sighed. “I’ll let you know when I’ll be there” Jorge told him. “Thanks Jorge” Cristiano said hanging up the phone as he opened his front door and headed to training.

“Mana” Nuno smiled as Molly walked towards the kitchen with Junior in her arms. “Hi” she mumbled. “What would you like for breakfast? I was thinking omelettes might get Cris out of his mood” Nuno said. “He’s gone” she replied putting Junior into his high chair. “What do you mean gone? He doesn’t have to be at training for another while” Nuno said as she moved to the fridge. “His bedroom is empty and his car is gone. So he must be gone to training or where ever his bloody mind as being for the last few days” Molly said slamming the fridge door shut.

“Ok I know Cris is being a moody ass but don’t take it out on the fridge or you’ll be moody when it stops working and you have no food” he joked trying to make her smile but to no avail. “Mols he’s just tired that’s all” Nuno told her. “Has he said that?” she asked. “Well no but I haven’t actually really spoken to him since I got back” Nuno told her as she poured some juice into a glass. “That’s cos he’s being too busy on his phone or avoiding me” Molly said.

“He hasn’t being avoiding you Mols” Nuno said. “Ya cos he always gets up at the crack of dawn and leave without saying goodbye” Molly said. “He probably had an early meeting at the club. Cris is just being moody. He’ll get over it soon” Nuno said. “It’s more than just being moody. I know it” she sighed. “I should get Junior’s breakfast sorted” she said and as he watched her moved around the kitchen he tried to think about what good be troubling Cristiano.

“Ronnie is being a suck up” Marcelo said as he walked into the dressing room. “Why?” Pepe asked looking up from his seat. “He’s been here for hours according to Angela at the front” Marcelo said. “That’s odd. He likes training but not this early” Pepe said. “He seemed really egger to get home at the weekend maybe he just wants to spend the day with Junior and Molly” Fabio said. “Maybe” Pepe said standing. “I’ll meet you boys out there” he said. “Jezz Ronnie is hitting shots hard” Sergio said when Pepe got outside. “He likes to practice his free kicks” Pepe told the Spaniard before walking towards Cristiano.

“Two hours early for practice. Are you trying to burn yourself out?” Pepe asked as Cristiano placed a ball on the ground. “I needed to think” Cristiano told his friend. “See a tiny bit of me was expecting you to say something like oh I just woke up early but then if I really think about it a whole lot of me was expecting you to say something like that” Pepe said. “Shut up Pepe” Cristiano snapped. “What happened? Did you make a move on Molly and she turned you down?” Pepe asked. “No” Cristiano snapped. “No you didn’t make a move or no she didn’t turn you down?” Pepe asked. “Why are you even asking about this?” Cristiano asked.

“I let it slide on the plane Cris but I’m not going to today” Pepe told him. “I need to tell Molly something ok” Cristiano told him. “Just walk up to her and be like yo Mols I like you. Easy peasy” Pepe smiled at him. “It’s not about that” Cristiano sighed. “So tell me what it’s about then” Pepe told him. “I can’t tell you before telling her. It’s not fair” Cristiano said. “Wait if this isn’t about you having feelings for her then what else is it about?” Pepe asked. “I never said anything about feelings” Cristiano said. “You’re an idiot” Pepe rolled his eyes.

“Ya I know. Two days ago everything was perfect. And now I have to tell Molly something and I don’t know how she is going to take it” Cristiano told him. “I’m sure whatever it is it can’t be that bad” Pepe said. “I can think of worse things to tell her I know that. But” Cristiano paused. “But?” Pepe asked. “She’ll either hate me for lying to her or well there’s no or. She is going to hate me” Cristiano said. “Molly could never hate you Cris” Pepe told him. “I hope you are right Pepe. I really do” Cristiano said kicking the ball hard at the empty goal.

“You haven’t touched any of your cake. I didn’t make it I promise” Ana joked and Molly looked up from her plate and across the table to where Ana sat. “You aren’t that bad of a cook Ana” Molly told her. “Please remind Pepe that” Ana smiled and Molly half smiled. “He’s getting bigger” Ana said nodding to the floor where Junior was crawling on a blanket. “Ya he is” Molly smiled sweetly at her son. “Molly it isn’t good to keep things to yourself” Ana told her. “I’ve had enough practice though” Molly replied.

“True but that doesn’t mean you still have to keep things to yourself. I know something is bothering you. So talk to me. Pepe isn’t here so it will just be between you and me I promise” Ana said. “Cristiano is hiding something from me” Molly said placing a toy in front of Junior. “You think he is?” Ana asked. “I know he is” Molly said. “Why do think that then?” Ana asked and Molly sighed. “I promise whatever it is I’ll listen and keep my mouth slightly shut” Ana smiled and Molly laughed. “Ah so you can still laugh. That’s good” Ana said.

“Cristiano and I kissed” Molly told her and Ana sat back in her chair. “Go on” Ana said. “That’s all you’re going to say?” Molly asked. “I said I would listen” Ana said. “Before he left for the weekend game, we kissed. We skyped and laughed. And talked about doing it again. Then we slept together. Not like that I meant just sleep” Molly said when Ana let out a shriek. “But he’s being avoiding me since” Molly said. “When you say avoiding you, what do you mean?” Ana asked. “He barely stays in the same room as me. When I try to hug him or anything he shrugs me away. Even Nuno says he’s in a mood” Molly said.

“Maybe that’s the reason. Maybe Cris doesn’t want Nuno to know what happened between you two” Ana said. “I had thought that too but….I don’t think it’s that Ana. He was like that before Nuno came back and Nuno isn’t always around. He has had plenty of chances to kiss me. Jezz even talk to me” Molly said. “Have you said anything to him?” Ana asked. “He says it’s nothing. That he hasn’t being avoiding me” Molly said. “Maybe he’s just trying to get his head around the fact that you two kissed. You did a lot of thinking this weekend if I remember” Ana said.

“Maybe he just can’t figure out how to tell me he doesn’t want to kiss me anymore. It’s Cristiano we are talking about. He’s not exactly a great communicator” Molly said and Ana laughed. “See you agree” Molly said bending down to pick Junior up. “I’m laughing at the thought that you could think he wouldn’t want to kiss you again. Jeez Mols how many near misses have you two had? You two kissing is no surprise. It’s probably being a long time coming” Ana said. “That’s not true” Molly told her.

“He is crazy about you. Why do you think he was an ass when you dated Luke? And I know he can’t stand Sergio being around you. He’s a jealous idiot who is crazy about you” Ana said. “Then why the hell is he avoiding me?” Molly asked. “He’s an idiot. I don’t know. He probably has his mind on other things” Ana said. “That’s the problem. He’s hiding something” Molly said. “Why do you think that?” Ana asked. “I heard him the other day on the phone. I don’t know who he was talking to but I heard him tell the person that it wasn't easy and that he knew me better. That he would tell me” Molly said. “And you can’t think what he would want to tell you?” Ana asked.

“I checked online. Irina is in Europe” Molly muttered. “Ah Mols no don’t even think that” Ana said. “Why not? He’s getting phone calls and texts all the time. He snapped at me last night when I picked up his phone. I’m telling you Ana he’s hiding something from me and I know it’s something to do with her” Molly said. “There is no way he is even thinking about that witch not to mind talking to her. Or even trying to see her again. No there’s no way” Ana insisted.

“Why not? Maybe after these past few weeks he’s missed her. Maybe he’s seen what life with me could be like and doesn’t like it. I don’t compare to her. She’s a freaking supermodel and I’m just me” Molly said willing no tears to fall from her eyes. “Oh Mols” Ana said standing from her chair and moving around the table to take a seat next to Molly. “First of all yes you are right. You don’t compare to that witch because you are ten times the person she is. Secondly you are gorgeous and Cristiano knows that. And you are the mother of his child. No other woman will ever compete to you. Look I hated the way he has treated you. I’ve wanted to hurt him. That’s probably why I was so keen for you to date Luke. Sorry about that by the way” Ana said and Molly nodded.

“But Cristiano cares about you not Irina” Ana told her. “Then why is hiding something from me Ana? I can do this if I can’t trust him” Molly said. “You want more than just a kiss don’t you?” Ana asked. “I don’t know what I want” Molly said. “I think you do. You’re just frightened to give your heart to someone” Ana said putting her arm around her friend’s shoulders.

“And why can’t you drive her?” Nuno asked Cristiano as the two men sat in the office of Cristiano’s house. “Can you just make sure she gets to the hotel by 6 please” Cristiano asked. “And what am I meant to tell her? She knows something is up Cris. She’s not stupid. You haven’t exactly being acting normal” Nuno told him. “I thought by not talking to her much that I could figure things out more clearly but I’ve only made things worst haven’t I?” Cristiano asked.

“She looked hurt this morning Cris. That you left without saying goodbye. What happened while I was away?” Nuno asked. “It doesn’t really matter now. After today she’s going to hate me” Cristiano said. “That’s not going to happen” Nuno told him. “I know Molly. I know this will not end well” Cristiano said. “Are you going to tell me?” Nuno asked. “Just get her there please” Cristiano said moving to the door. “You’re back” he heard Molly say and he turned to find her coming in the front door. “Hey. Here let me take him” he said rushing to take Junior from her arms. “Thanks” she said.

“Nuno said you went to Ana’s” Cristiano said. “Ya. Thought I’d give you some space. You know so you don’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get away from me” Molly snapped brushing past him. “She’s already pissed Cris. I doubt she’ll be any more annoyed with you. Just go tell her why you have being acting so strange” Nuno said at the office door. “If it was my choice I wouldn’t just be telling her now. I would have sat her down and explained” Cristiano sighed. “Not your choice? Cris what the fuck have you got yourself involved in?” Nuno asked. “Something I know she’s not going to react well to” Cristiano said.

“So who is this girl then? I need to know something about her if you want my help in picking out a present” Molly said as she sat in the front seat of Nuno’s car as he drove. Molly had come downstairs to find that Anderia had come over to watch Junior and to be told by Nuno that he and her were going shopping. Cristiano had told her that he had a meeting that afternoon which Molly knew he was lying about since she knew his schedule better than he did. But she had decided not think about what Cristiano was hiding from her and focus on something else.

“We aren’t going shopping” Nuno told her. “Excuse me” Molly said looking at him. “I’m sorry I lied to you” Nuno said. “Nuno where the hell are you taking me?” Molly asked. “I’m just doing what I was asked Mols” Nuno said. “Who asked? Nuno what is going on?” Molly asked as he drove. “I don’t know. Really I don’t. I was just told to bring you here” he said and she look out the window and saw they were nearing a hotel.

“Who asked you to bring me here?” Molly asked. “Cris” he said. “Why?” she asked. “I don’t know honestly. Maybe this is why he was acting so strange” Nuno shrugged. “Why is Jorge here?” Molly asked when she spotted the agent. “What? He’s in Lisbon I thought” Nuno said in surprise as Jorge walked towards his car. “He’s meant to be” Molly said with a sick feeling in her stomach as Jorge opened the door.

“Hello” Jorge said. “What are you doing here?” Molly asked. “Nice to see you too Mols” he half smiled. “Cut the crap Jorge. What the hell is going on? Why is Cristiano asking Nuno to bring me here to this hotel? Why aren’t you in Lisbon? Where is Ronaldo?” Molly asked. “I’ll take you to him” he replied and she unblucked her seatbelt and got out of the car and headed towards the hotel doors without say a word to either man. “Should I go or stay?” Nuno asked. “I think it’s best if you stay” Jorge said. “What’s going on Jorge?” Nuno asked. “Your cousin makes things hard for himself. That’s what’s wrong” Jorge said before shutting the car door and running towards Molly.

Molly walked in line with Jorge as he walked into the hotel and followed the signs for the elevators. Molly dug her hands into her back pockets as they walked as the knots in her stomach grew stronger. They didn’t speak as they stepped into an elevator. They didn’t speak as he moved up three floors. They didn’t speak as they stepped out of the elevator. Molly followed Jorge down the hallway and stopped when he came to a halt outside a door.

“You going to tell me what’s behind this door or not?” Molly asked as he knocked on the door. “There’s another door” Jorge said and glared at him as Cristiano opened the door. “Hi” he said looking at her. She crossed her arms and glared at him. “What the fuck am I doing here? Why is Jorge here in Madrid? Why have you being acting so strange the past few days? Seriously someone please tell me what the fuck is going on” she snapped. Cristiano moved to take her hand but she snapped it away.

“Ronaldo start talking now” she snapped. Cristiano sighed and stood away from the door to allow them to enter the room. “Molly wait” he said grabbing her arm to stop her from going any further. Jorge nodded to Cristiano before he stepped through another door to their left. “Cristiano please just talk to me. Why is Jorge here? You are really worrying me” she said. “Oh Mols I’m sorry” he said placing kiss on her forehead. He moved his hands to grip her face as he kissed her skin. “I never want to worry you. I never want to hurt you” he said placing his lips onto hers.

He broke their kiss and placed his forehead against hers. “Just know that what I did……..that I never want to hurt you…..that…” he stuttered. “Cristiano” she pleaded. “Please don’t hate me” he whispered stepping back and he moved to open the door which Jorge had stepped through moments before. He entered the room and waited for Molly to follow him.

“If you’ve put me through all of this for a surprise dinner I will kill you” she muttered as she walked pass him and further into the room. She took in the large table in the middle of the room and the huge window which looked out over the city. “Hello Molly” she heard a female say and Molly froze.
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