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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 78-You Lied To Me

Molly closed her eyes at the sound of her name. She couldn't believe she was standing in a conference room of a hotel right now. The room was completely silent as Molly slowly turned. Her eyes caught Cristiano who was looking at the ground with his hands in his back pockets of his jeans. She took a deep breath as her shoulders tensed as she faced the owner of the voice.

"It's not like our Mol Mol to be this quiet" the woman said nervously looking at Jorge and then to the man to her right. "Don't call me that" Molly snapped. "Mols" the man said. "My name is Molly. Only people who are my friends and who I care about can call me Mols. And right now there's no one in this room which fits that description" Molly snapped. "Don't be like that Molly" the man said.

"Oh I'm sorry. How would you like to be like? How should I react to seen my so called parents who haven't been in touch in months and before that only a handful of letters?" Molly yelled. "You could give your old pops a hug?" the man said and she let out a laugh. "Seriously. Am I hearing this correctly?" Molly asked Jorge. "Molly" he replied. "They actually expect me to what? Run into their arms in delight at them finally turning up and actually attempting to give a shit about their only child" Molly yelled.

"Now listen young lady" the woman said. "Kitty" Mark said. "I stopped listening to you when I became a teenager" Molly snapped at her mother. "Ok ok I think we all need to take a seat and talk calmly" Jorge suggested. "Why the hell did you bring me here?" Molly asked Cristiano. "Ronaldo answer me" Molly demanded and he finally looked at her. He saw so much angry and confusion.

"We asked him to" her father said and Cristiano let out a curt laugh. "Your wife threatened to go to the papers if I didn't bring her here today" Cristiano told Mark. "Kitty" Mark said shocked. "He wouldn't have brought her here if I hadn't said that" Kitty told him. "Well he could have spoken to her if he had more time and not just drop this bombshell on her though. “Mark said. "You've had days" Molly snapped at Cristiano. "Molly listen to me" he said taking a step towards her. "Don't take another step" she warned him.

"Molly sweetheart I'm sorry. I know Cristiano would have told you more gently about us being here if he had the option" Mark said. "But your wife does what she normally does and goes behind your back and makes things worse" Molly snapped. "Well sorry for wanting to see my daughter" Kitty snapped back. "It's not like you've being in a hurry to see me for the last two fucking years" Molly yelled.

"Watch your mouth" Kitty snapped. "Why do you think my mouth will get me into trouble? Cos that's what an old buddy of yours used to say when he broke into my apartment. Showed up at my place of work. Showed up here" Molly yelled trying not to remember the terror she had felt when Tony had shown up in Madrid. How much fear she had that he would hurt Junior.

"Molly" her father said. "No you don't Molly me. You don't ignore me for months and then just show up here. Why the hell did you bring me here?" Molly asked Cristiano. "Your mother clearly didn't give him a choice Molly" Mark said. "I'm surprised she hasn't already sold me out to the papers. I bet they would pay good money too. Surely that would buy you a year’s supply of booze. Oh sorry I forgot who I was talking to. Probably only enough for half a year" Molly snapped.

"We don't need the money Molly" Mark said. "Of sorry of course you don't. Not since you sold our family home" she said laughing. "Family home. Who am I kidding? We aren't even a family" she said. "I really think that everyone needs to take a seat" Jorge said. "So we can talk and hug it out. Nice try Jorge but that's not happening. Get me out of here" she said to Cristiano. "Stop acting like a child Molly and listen to us" Kitty said.

"Don't tell me what to do. Don't act like you actually care mother. You only care about when the next glass will fall into your hand" Molly snapped. "That's where you are wrong" Kitty smirked. "Molly we are sober" Mark said. "And I'm the Queen of Sheba" Molly said. "We are. Ask footie boy there" Kitty told her and Molly looked at Cristiano. "What is she talking about Cristiano?" Molly asked. "Molly please just sit down and we can talk. Sweetheart we have so much to catch up on" Mark said. "That's cos you forgot I existed for months. Now what is she talking about Ronaldo. Why would you know they are sober?" she asked.

"Just let me explain please Mols" he said and she took a step away from him shaking her head. "How did they get in touch with you? How could my mother threaten to go to the papers?" Molly asked. "Molly" Cristiano said. "He paid for our rehab" Kitty said and when Molly looked at Cristiano he lowered his eyes to the ground. "Please tell me she is making that up" Molly asked Cristiano. "Ronaldo stop looking at the ground and look at me" Molly yelled. He rose his head slowly and sighed.

"She's telling the truth" he whispered and she gasped bringing her hand to her mouth. "Mols" he said taking a step towards her. "Don't. Don't fucking think about coming any further Ronaldo" she yelled. "Molly sweetheart please just talk to us" Mark" said. Molly turned towards the window. She walked too it and looked down at the cars. Looked at people going about their day. She wrapped her arms around her stomach as she thought about what she had just being told. "Molly" Cristiano said.

"They went to rehab?" Molly asked. "Yes Molly we did" Mark said. "You knew where they were" she turned quickly to look at Cristiano. "Molly" Cristiano said. "You knew where they were. You sat with me time and time again when I spoke to you about not hearing anything from them and you said nothing" she yelled. "I didn't..." Cristiano stammered. "You let me go to Manchester" she yelled. "Molly I swear I didn't know that they had sold the house. I swear" he said.

"You lied to me" she said near to tears. "Molly I haven't spoken to them in months" Cristiano. "Oh this just gets better doesn't it. You used to speak to them?" she asked. "Molly I haven't heard anything from your dad since Junior was born I swear. I had no idea where they were" Cristiano said.

"It's true Molly. He had no idea. We moved to Newcastle" her father said. "Your father and I took some time apart" Kitty said. "I needed to focus on me" Mark said looking at his wife. "I wasn't as strong as you father. The rehab I went to first it helped but I relapsed" Kitty said. "And he paid for more rehab?" Molly asked nodding towards Cristiano. "No he didn't. Molly your mother was hospitalised for some time. But she got better and hasn't touched a drop since June. It's the reason I stopped sending you letters. I'm sorry" Mark said.

"You think a sorry will fix everything?" Molly asked. "Molly" Cristiano said. "You lied to me" she yelled at the footballer. "I didn't want you to worry about them" he said and she laughed. "I've done nothing but worry about them. They are my parents. I had the right to know where they were. You lied to me" she yelled. "Molly please" he begged.

"Get out" she told him. "Mols" Jorge said. "I can barely look at you not to mind be in the same room as you right now. Get out" she yelled. "Molly just let me explain" Cristiano pleaded. "Explain how you sat across the breakfast table from me for nearly every morning for almost 2 years, how you used...when we....." she stammered trying not to think of the all the times they had being in bed together.

"You could just ignore the fact that you knew where my parents were. You know what I went through. You know what choices I made and you still didn't tell me. I trusted you" she yelled as tears started to fall from her eyes. "Molly" he said. "Cris" Jorge said. "Molly please don't hate me. Please" Cristiano begged as she turned her back to him. "Molly I didn't want you to get your hopes up that they would be different" Cristiano said.

"So you just broke any bit of trust between us instead" she said wiping her eyes. "Mols" he whispered. "Cris I think you should go back to the house" Jorge said. "Molly he didn't do anything wrong. He helped us" Mark said. "He only did it for himself. He only did it so I wouldn't be distracted by you two" Molly snapped knowing the only thing on Cristiano's mind back then had been getting Molly pregnant.

"He only does things that benefits him" Molly said turning to look at Cristiano. "Molly please" he begged. "Either you leave or I will Ronaldo" she told him and he nodded before looking at her parents. "Ok I'll go if that's what you want" he said. "What I want was for you not to lie to me" she snapped and he sighed as Jorge walked towards him. "Go back to the house. I'll make sure she's ok" Jorge told Cristiano. "You can go too. You lied to me too" Molly snapped.

"Mols he didn't. He didn't know I swear" Cristiano told her. "I don't believe anything that comes out of your mouth" she yelled. "Molly I only told him this morning" Cristiano said. "Molly it's true he did" Jorge told her. "Just get out Ronaldo" she yelled. "I'll see you at home" he whispered but she just turned to face the window once more. "I'll bring her back" Jorge told him. Cristiano nodded and looked at Molly once more before he headed towards the door.

"Sweetheart" her father said. "Don't. Just don't. I need to think" she said pulling out a chair from the table and took a seat. "I'm sorry we just showed up like this" her father said. "Ronaldo did say you wouldn't take seeing us well" Kitty said. "He's not important" Molly snapped. "You look well. Amazing even" Mark smiled at her as he took a seat beside her. "Madrid suits you. Though you seemed to enjoy Lisbon when you were there" he said.

"I'm surprised you remember I was even there since you stopped sending any letters" Molly snapped. "I know and I'm sorry" he said. "Oh it's fine. It's not like you kept in touch with Ronaldo or anything" she said. "I sent him four text messages since I first met him Molly" Mark said. "So you've actually met him before?" Molly asked. "Does that even matter? He paid for us to get help and you've just kicked him out" Kitty said. "Because he lied to me. After everything I have being through he lied to me" Molly yelled.

"Ok sweetheart it's ok" he father said. "No it's not ok" she cried shaking her head. "We went to separate rehabs. Ronaldo wouldn't pay if we went to the same one" Mark said. "We didn't speak for months. But when we finally did I was happy that you and he had been keeping in touch" Kitty said. "Three line letters every couple of months doesn't equal keeping in touch" Molly snapped. "I didn't want you to see us fail Molly. I didn't....we didn't want to make you suffer anymore. We thought it was best not to see you until we had our lives sorted" Mark said.

"You have no idea how much I have suffered because of you. And your actions. Because of that man" Molly said. "We never thought Tony would go after you" Mark said. "He put you in hospital" Molly snapped. "And you paid of the debt. You never told us you got the money from Ronaldo" Kitty said. "You didn't care. You just wanted to get your next drink" Molly said. "Not anymore. Really Molly your mother hasn't touched a drop of drink in months. Sweetheart I haven't touched a drop of alcohol since September of 2009" Mark said. "I'm glad. But that doesn't change anything" she said standing.

"Molly please don't leave. We have so much more to talk about" her father begged her. "I can't" Molly said shaking her head. "Molly please" he begged. "I can't. Not now" Molly said. "Maybe we should leave it for today" Jorge said. "But there's so much more we have to say to her" Mark said. "I know there is. But she needs to time to process all of this" Jorge said. "Maybe we could all talk tomorrow again? Please Molly I know we haven't being the best parents in the past but we want to be now" Mark said.

"And grandparents" Kitty said. "You've had a little boy" Mark smiled at her and Molly nodded. "What's he like?" Kitty asked and for the first time since she had walked into that room, Molly smiled. "He's the most precious boy in the World" she said. "Precious like his mama then" Mark said and Molly wiped her cheeks. "We know today has come as a surprise. And we went about it all the wrong way" Mark said looking at his wife.

"I should have listened to Ronaldo when he said he knew you better than me" Kitty said. "I thought he knew me better than anyone else. Which makes all of his lies even worst. I need to go back to my son" Molly said moving towards the door. "Can we see you again tomorrow?" Mark asked and Molly paused. "Maybe in the afternoon" she replied and her parents smiled. "We'll look forward to then" Mark said. "I'll phone your hotel room" Jorge told them as Molly moved to open the door. "It really was lovely to see you sweetheart" Mark said. "I'll see you tomorrow" she said opening the door and disappearing down the hall.

"I know you don't want to hear this" Jorge said when he reached her at the elevators. "But Cris really did all of this for you" he said. "You're right" she said pressing the button to go down. "I don't want to hear it" she snapped as the doors closed.

The drive back to Cristiano's house was a silent one. Molly spent the time staring out the window as she thought about how different her parents looked from the last time she had seen them. Yet she couldn't stop herself from thinking about how Cristiano had lied to her. He took her to bed knowing where they were. He knew she was worried about them.

"You're back" Nuno said standing from the couch when Molly and Jorge entered the living room. "Unlike my wishes, this isn't a dream Nuno. Or should I say nightmare" she said looking around the room. "They are upstairs" he said. "Right" she said. "I didn't know Mols" Nuno called after her. "Can you please check that Junior's car seat is in my car Nuno?" she asked. "Amm ya sure. But why?" he asked confused.

"Molly you aren't thinking clearly" Jorge told her. "Don't tell me what I'm thinking Jorge" she said storming towards the stairs. "He told me what happened. She can't stay mad him for long though. Can she? Like he what he thought was best" Nuno asked Jorge. "She's really angry with him. I don't even think she's quite get her head around the fact that her parents are really here" Jorge said.

"He lied to her" Nuno said. "That's what she can't stop saying. You better go check for the car seat" Jorge told Nuno. "But it's nearly time for her to put Junior to bed" Nuno said. "I don't think she'll be doing that here tonight Nuno" Jorge sighed as he went in search of Molly and Cristiano.

Molly opened the door to Junior's nursey and jumped when she saw Cristiano sitting in the rocking chair with Junior in his lap. "Hi" he said looking up at her. "Is he ok?" she asked. "I gave him his supper and his bath" he told her. "I.....can't...." she paused. "Can't stay here tonight? I kind of thought so" he said standing from the chair. "I'll go Molly" he told her. "No" she said as Jorge came into the room. "I can't stay in this house. There's too many.....I need some space" she said. "Your old apartment is still there" Jorge said. "Then I'll go there tonight" she said to him before turning her attention back to the little boy in his father's arms.

"Molly I really am sorry" Cristiano said. "I can't do this right now" she told him. "I'll pack a few of Junior's things into a bag while you get some clothes together of your own" he said and Molly's eyes went wide. "I know you're not ready to be away from him. But please let Nuno stay the night with you" Cristiano said. She said nothing instead just walked out of the room.

"She just needs time Cris" Jorge told him. "Not this time Jorge. I lied to her one too many times. I messed up" Cristiano said before kissing his son's head. "Cris" Jorge said. "Not now Jorge" Cristiano told him.

Twenty minutes later and Cristiano was strapping Junior into his car seat. "You be good for mama little man" he said. "Can go please Nuno?" Molly asked from the front seat. "I know I've messed up Mols. But..- "It's getting past Junior's bedtime" Molly said and he sighed and closed the car door. "I'll let you know when we get there" Nuno told him. "Thanks" Cristiano said as Molly looked anywhere but at him.

"It's just one night Cris" Jorge said coming to stand beside the footballer as the car drove down the driveway. "No it's not Jorge. I know that. You know that. I've lost her for good now" Cristiano said and rushed back inside the house.
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