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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 79- Need Some Space

Molly stared out the window as Junior snuggled against her chest. "Mana" Nuno yawned as he stepped out of what the second bedroom in the apartment. "Mana" she replied. "Did you get any sleep last night?" he asked taking a seat on the couch. "Not really" she said. She had spent most of the night staring at Junior who she had laid in the bed next to her cocooned in pillows.

"You probably couldn't sleep since you were away from home" Nuno told her. "That's not my home Nuno. I don't really have a home" she said. "That's horseshit" Nuno told her. "Excuse me?" she asked. "Your home is where Junior and Cris are" he told her. "Nuno" she said. "He lied to you. I get it Molly. But he paid for their rehab" he said. "Just because he through money at something doesn't mean I should forget that he looked me in the eyes and lied to me" Molly snapped.

"He didn't tell you is what you mean" Nuno said. "What?" she asked. "He didn't technically lie to you.
I mean you never once asked him if he knew where they were and he told you know. He just didn't tell you something he knew. There's a difference" he said. "If there is such a difference then how come I still end up getting hurt?" she asked him. "Hurting you is the last thing he wants Molly" Nuno said. "But it's something he exiles at" Molly replied. "He said he paid for your parents’ rehab the summer you moved to Madrid" Nuno said. "And" she said.

"The plan back then was for you and him never to see each other again after you had the baby" he said. "And" she said. "Why would he get involved in someone's life if he only thought of her as his baby ticket?" he asked. "Because....." she paused. "Ya not so simple now is it?" Nuno asked as a knock came to the door. "No one knows you're here" Nuno said.

"Ana does. I phoned her when I got up" Molly told him. "Doubt it’s her. She's probably still grumpy you woke her up to talk to her this morning to be here right now. Or she's over killing Cris" Nuno said standing from the couch. "I only told her that my parents are in town and that I was at the apartment. I didn't tell her about Cristiano" Molly said as the door sounded again. "I'll see who it is" Nuno said. "It's probably just Jorge" Molly said moving away from the window and she took a seat on the couch.

She looked around the apartment she had once lived in. Even then it had felt so empty. Sure she hadn't Junior with her back then. But even with him in her arms, the apartment didn't feel right. "Molly" Cristiano said and she stood from the couch. "Why the hell did you leave him in?" Molly asked Nuno. "I'm heading back to the house. This is between you two. Just remember that you have a son together" Nuno said grabbing his jacket and headed out the door.

"I told you I need space" Molly told Cristiano. "I should have come straight after you when you left my house the first time a few months ago. I wasn't making the same mistake again" he told her. "You just prefer to lie to me over and over again" she snapped. "I should have told you" he said. "Yes you should have. They are my parents" she snapped. "Molly" he said. "Just leave Ronaldo. I really don't want to fight" she told him. "Then let's just talk instead" he said. "I need time" she said. "Can I at least hold my son before I go please?" he asked. She nodded and he came a step closer to her.

"Hello little man. Are you being good for your mama?" Cristiano asked as Molly held their son out towards him. "I missed you" Cristiano said taking Junior into his arms. "I missed your mama too" Cristiano said looking at Molly and then back at Junior. "I should get him something to eat" Molly said. "I brought some food. I figured you wouldn't have had time to go to a shop yet. I left a bag at the door" he said. "Thank you" she said.

"I know you are angry with me Molly, but please don't shut me out" he begged. "I.....I found out that the person who I thought knew me better than anyone in the entire world repeatedly lied to me. And my parents showed up. Do you have any idea what is going through my head right now?" she asked.

"What happened with your parents after I left?" he asked. "I'm surprised you and them didn't have a chat about it" she said. "Any communication I had was with your father. And it was through text. One to say they had both entered rehab. I got two emails from both their facilities. From their doctors giving me an update on their process. Another text from your father saying that he was out of rehab and asking about you. That was while I was in the Maldives for Christmas. I got another from him a couple of months later again asking how you were. The last text I got from him was after Junior was born. The day after I had asked you to stay. He said that he was changing his number and that you deserved better parents. That was the last time I heard from him until he messaged me a few nights ago" he told her.

"Why are you telling me this? It's too late. You should have told me this months ago" she said. "They were a mess Molly. I didn't want them hurting you again" he told her. "You know why I am here. I'm here because of them. I should have being told Ronaldo" she snapped. "Maybe I just didn't want you to hate me" he said. "Maybe you were just too busy putting Russians ahead of me" she snapped. "Molly" he said. "I need some time apart from you" she told him. "So you're not coming home tonight?" he asked and she shook her head.

"Can I still see Junior?" he asked nervously. "He's your son. I'd never keep him from you" she told him. "Thank you" he said. "I don't need your thanks. What I needed was for you not to break my trust. What I need now is space" she said. "So basically you don't want to be around me" he said. "Can you blame me? You've slept down the hall from me for months. You've slept in the same bloody bed as me for heaven sake. And you never once told me Ronaldo" she snapped. "And what would have me telling you accomplished?" he asked.

"I would have known that my parents were safe. That they were at least trying to get better. I would have probably being able to stand been in the same room as you" she said. "Mols can you please look at from my point of view. I didn't want you getting your hopes up only for them to let you down" he said. "So instead you let me down" she said as Junior began to cry. "He's hungry" she said crossing her arms. "I've handled this all wrong" he said. "Well you don't tend to handle things right anyway so it shouldn't really be a surprise" she said.

"Just tell me how I can fix this Mols please. Tell me how I can make us be like we were" he asked. "I don't know. The past few hours have just being..." she paused. "A big shock" he said and she nodded. "There's my parents and there's everything with you. I just need some space" she told him. "If that is what you need then ok. I'll be waiting" Cristiano said as he handed Junior to her. "You could be waiting a while" she told him. "I don't care. Just please don't shut me out entirely" he begged.

"I won't stop you from seeing Junior. You're a great father Cristiano. That's something that's never changed" she told him. "You've always being the only one who has said that said he was born" he said. "It's the whole being a friend thing you kind of suck at" she said and he frowned. "I should go to training" he said stroking Junior's cheek. "I should get him fed. Thank you for the food" she told him. "I really did miss you both last night. This morning wasn't the same with you" he told her.

"I just need time to think" she said. "I understand. I...."he paused. "What?" she asked. "I was going to say if you need to talk to anyone about your parents then I here but I guess I'm the last person you would talk to" he sighed. "Wow I've really made a mess of this" he said. "I'm not going to disagree" she told him. "It's just I know it's a lot to take in. Your parents being sober. Seeing them after all these months" he said. "I'm going to see them today" she said. "You are?" he asked surprised. "I need answers" she told him. "I can come with you" he told her. "Space remember" she said.

"Mols" he said. "I'm going to ask Ana to come with me ok. I won't go by myself ok. Happy?" she asked. "Happy is the last thing I am right now Molly" he replied. "And whose fault is that?" she asked. "You'll be later for training" she told him. "Can I skype him tonight?" he asked. "If you want to" she said. "Bye buddy" he smiled at Junior before he turned to walk towards the front door.

Cristiano stitched the car off and Pepe pulled open the door. "I stopped by your house but you weren't there" Pepe said as Cristiano got out of the car. "I went to see Molly" Cristiano said. "That's good. You went straight after her. Look man I don't know what happened that made her move out but you'll fix it" Pepe told him. "Her parents are in the city" Cristiano said leaning against the car.

"Ana told me. Molly phoned her this morning. Said they were here and that she had moved out" Pepe said confused. "I lied to her" Cristiano said. "Huh?" Pepe asked. "That's why she moved out" Cristiano. "Who’s moved out?" Sergio asked as he came near with Iker and Marcelo. "Hey guys we'll follow you in" Pepe told them. "Who’s moved out Ronnie?" Sergio asked. "Molly" Cristiano replied.

"What" Marcelo said in surprise. "What the fuck have you done now?" Sergio yelled moving closer to Cristiano. "Hey back off" Pepe told Sergio as he stood between the two men. "He hasn't done anything" Pepe said. "Then why would Molly have moved out?" Sergio asked. "What happened?" Iker asked. "He's upset her again. That's what's happened. Why the fuck do you always hurt her?" Sergio asked. "Hey I'm warning you Sergio back the fuck off right now. Molly choose to move out. Ok. She wants to get back to normal before Junior got ill. It's just for a few days and then she'll be back living with Cristiano cos she'll be worried he'll burn down her kitchen" Pepe joked. "Is this true?" Marcelo asked Cristiano.

"She's need time to herself. There's things she needs to think about" Cristiano said. "Things you've done" Sergio yelled as Iker pulled him back. "Things she wouldn't like other people talking about behind her back. Things that are none of your business" Cristiano snapped. "Come on guys he's trying to figure out what's going on in her head just like the rest of us" Pepe told them. "I'm sure she'll be back soon mate" Marcelo said. "Maybe she should just stay away altogether" Sergio said. "And what's that supposed to mean?" Cristiano asked. "She's always happier when she's not living with you" Sergio said before walking off. "See you guys inside" Iker said walking off with Marcelo.

"Maybe Sergio's right. Maybe she is better off not living with me anymore. I only seem to hurt her" Cristiano sighed. "Oh shut up. Molly has lived in that house more than the apartment since we have known her. And you know what? The only time Molly has seemed happy is when she was living at yours. She was miserable living in the apartment" Pepe told him. "Cos she thought she was never going to see her son again" Cristiano snapped. "Ok that might have something to do with it, but she was happy when she was at yours. And she will be back there again soon" Pepe told him. "I knew where her parents were" Cristiano said.

"Sorry" Pepe said. "I paid for their rehab. I had contact with her dad. I didn't have any contact for the past nine months but when she was worried about them I never told her. I lied to her and she hates me for it" Cristiano said. "Oh" Pepe said. "She hates me and it's all my fault. I know how she feels about being lied to. I know how much she hated lying to everyone about who she really was. And yet I never told her. Everything was going great and then I fuck it up. I actually thought after we kissed that....what's the point" Cristiano sighed as Pepe stared at him.

"Ahm ok right ya ok I get why she moved out. She had a couple of big shocks yesterday. But Cris it's just a sudden reaction ok. She doesn't hate you. And everything will be ok" Pepe told him. "Not this time" Cristiano said pushing off the car and Pepe watched him walk away.
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How much time and space will Molly need before she can talk and be around Cristiano again?

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