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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 81- Has She Actually Said That?

"You ok?" Ana asked as they sat in Molly's car in the car park of the hotel. "Honestly no I'm not" Molly replied. "It's all alot to take in" Ana said. "My mother could have died and they didn't tell me. They actually said they didn't want anymore contact" Molly said. "So they could get better and stop letting you down" Ana said. "You're defending them?" Molly asked. "No I'm not. I'm just saying that they made some bad choices and are looking for another chance. It's up to you whether they deserve one or not. And it's totally understandable if you want nothing more to do with them" Ana said.

"They looked better" Molly said. "Your dad seems really determined to stay on the right track. He really took on board what Cris told him" Ana said. "I don't get why he did it. Why he paid for their rehab? Why he didn't bloody tell me? I know I would have being angry with him, but why couldn't he have told me months ago?" Molly asked.

"Before you and him kissed?" Ana asked and Molly rested her head against the seat. "I know he was trying to protect me but if he could lie to me so easily about that then what else could he lie to me about?" Molly said. "You know you should probably talk to him about this" Ana suggested. "I know I'm being a bitch and running away from the situation but I need time to think. I need to focus on the harder stuff first" she said and Ana smiled.

"What?" Molly asked. "Sounds to me like you know everything will sort itself out with Cris. Probably cos you really want it to" Ana said. "That doesn't mean it should happen though" Molly sighed. "Mols" Ana said. "I've always just being someone who he needed to give him a baby. Now I'm someone he's stuck with cos the truth about Junior is out in the open. It's all been lies since I first met him. How could we ever build a relationship if it's just all going to be lies? Heck here's me talking about a relationship when he just wants someone to keep the bed warm until he finds the next bimbo" Molly said.

"You two never talked about your kiss probably have you?" Ana asked. "In what sense?" Molly asked. "What it meant?" Ana asked. "No he was too busy avoiding me afterwards" Molly said. "He really does like making a mess of things" Ana said. "Ya he does. Right let's get back. Jorge wants me tomorrow so I have a few things to do" Molly said as she put the car into drive.

"You know I can see you rolling your eyes. Right" Molly said as she pressed the doorbell of Cristiano's front door. "So then you know how ridiculous you using the doorbell is then" Ana said. "I told you why" Molly said as the door opened. "Hi" Cristiano said as he opened the door further. "Hey just us" Ana smiled. "Ahm Junior is with Maé. We just finished lunch if you want some?" he asked.

"I'm not really hungry thanks" Molly replied. "And I just popped in to say a quick hello to Dolores" Ana said walking off in the direction of the living room leaving Cristiano and Molly on the doorstep.
"The doorbell really?" he asked. "Yes really" she replied. "Stupid" he muttered. "Did you just call me stupid?" Molly asked. "No I said this whole thing is stupid" he said. "Oh well I'm sorry if you breaking my trust is stupid" she snapped and moved past him.

"I was talking about you feeling like you need to ring the doorbell" he said grabbing her arm and pulling her back. "I don't live here" she said tugging out of his grip. "That doesn't mean you have to act like you are stranger" he said. "I've being gone a night Ronaldo. I don't know how to act" she said. "You never used the doorbell the last time you moved out" he said. "Fine I won't use the doorbell anymore. Happy?" she asked.

"No I'm not happy. I'm fucking miserable" he told her. "Well that makes two of us then" she snapped. "What happened with your parents?" he asked. "I don't want to talk about it" she replied.
"Fine" he said. "I'm all talked out” she said. “Ha like that could ever happen” he said. “Well if you wanted someone less gobby then maybe you should have picked someone else to have your kid. Out of all this my parents’ desperate situation really worked out for you” she said. “Molly” he said. “You can let me know the bill too” she said. “Bill? What bill?” he asked. “For the hotel room where my parents are staying. I’m assuming you arranged for it” she said. “Ahm yes I did but you’re not paying for it” he told her.

“They are my parents. My problem not yours. I don’t want your money” she told him. “Fine I’ll give you the bill” he snapped. “Great” she said turning on her heels. “Actually” he said pulling her back to face him. “No I won’t give you the bill” he told her. “Ronaldo” she said. “No I’m paying. If I had told you sooner then they wouldn’t have just showed up here” he said. “But” she said. “Stop being stubborn Molly. I’m paying and that’s final” he said. “Fine” she huffed crossing her arms. “Fine” he said copying her. “Thanks” she mumbled.

“I’m not using my money to fix things. I just want to make sure they have a safe place to stay. And it’s one less thing for you to think about” he told her. “Thanks” she said and he smiled. “What are you smiling at?” she asked. “You’re kind of cute when you’re being childish” he smiled. “Well I’m always cute” she replied and he laughed.

“I would argue the childish comment but well ringing the doorbell probably was a bit childish” she mumbled. “Just a bit” he said. “I had my reasons” she told him. “I know that. None of us know how to deal with everything. Lots of thinking required” he said.

“There are alot of things to think about. Right now I just really want a cuddle from our son" she sighed. "Come on then let's go see him then" he said shutting the door. “Ah there you both are” Dolores smiled as Molly walked into the living room. “Thanks for watching him until Cristiano got back Dolores” Molly said. “I loved it. Always happy to spend time with this lovely boy” Dolores said as Junior squirmed in her lap.

“He’s sleepy” Cristiano said from beside Molly. “I’ll take him upstairs for his nap” Molly said taking Junior from Dolores’s arms. “And while he’s sleeping you two can catch up” Dolores said. “I have some work to do for Jorge Dolores. Plus your son has to rest too” Molly said. “How did everything go with your parents Molly? I hope you told them some home truths” Dolores said. “Maé she doesn’t want to talk about it right now” Cristiano said. “I’m going to take Junior up for his nap. Thanks for coming with me Ana” Molly said. “No problem” Ana said and they watched her leave the room with Junior.

“Her parents should have just stayed away” Dolores said. “She’s their daughter Maé” Cristiano. “And they’ve done nothing but hurt her. Everything was fine until they should up” Dolores said standing from the couch.

"Was she ok after talking to her parents?" Cristiano asked Ana once his mother was out of the room. "It's hard to tell with Molly. She has alot going around her head. And on top of them she has to deal with you lying to her" Ana said. "I know I messed up. I know how she feels about lying. It killed her to lie to everyone about why she was really in Madrid. About being Junior's mother" he said.

"I know you were trying to protect her. Molly even knows that but..." she paused. "But what Ana? Please tell me. She won't talk to me about any of this" Cristiano begged. "She's not talking to you right now because she's trying to sort out the harder stuff first ie. her parents" Ana told him. "I know she needs space. I should have explained all of this before taking her to the hotel the other day I know that" he said.

"She's my friend" Ana told him. "And I'm glad she has you to talk to. And thank you for going with her to see her parents" he said. "I'd do anything for her. Just like I know, you know and she knows deep down that you would too. Look she's my friend and what she says to me stays between us but she doesn't mean to push you away Cris. She just can't help think what other things you are lying to her about. What you could lie to her about?" Ana said. "I'm not lying about anything else" he said.

"And then all this happens after the two of you kiss which she was already trying to work out what that meant" Ana said. "She told you about our kiss?" Cristiano asked. "Yes. And she also told me that you ignored her once you came back. Which I understand now that her parents are in the picture" she said. "Well I knew she was about to hate me soon. It wouldn't have being right to...." he paused.

"To what? What do you want Cris? Cos she seriously thinks you just want someone to keep your bed warm until you find someone better" Ana told him. "That's not true" he said. "Oh I know that" she said. "Wait what?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure most people around the pair of you know what each other wants. It's just you and Molly who need to see it" Ana said.

"You're forgetting the fact that she hates me" he said taking a seat on the couch. "Has she said that?" Ana asked. "No. Well I don't think so" he said. "And if she didn't want to be around you then she could easily do so. She wouldn't stop you from seeing Junior but there are plenty of ways to let you spend time with him and never speak to her" Ana said. "What are you getting at Ana?" he asked. "If she hated you she wouldn't be putting your son down for his nap in this house right now. If she hated you she would have thrown the keys to the front door at you. If she hated you she wouldn't defend you to Sergio. If she hated you she would tell you. So what I'm trying to say Cristiano, is just give her time. She's forgiven you for alot of other stuff. And you should really ask yourself why she always does" Ana told him.

"He's going to be walking and talking soon" Molly said as she walked closer to Cristiano where he was laid out on the grass on a blanket with Junior crawling after a ball later that day. "Hey" he smiled. "I see he's keeping you busy" she said kneeling at the other side of Junior. "It's nice spending time with him" Cristiano replied. "Dolores said she's happy to watch him tomorrow while we are at the club" Molly said.

"Jorge roped you into that so" he said. "I agree a few weeks ago. Can't really change my mind" she shrugged. "I'm sure he wouldn't mind. I'd not go but well I kind have to be there" he smiled. "Oh the tough life of being a famous footballer" she said. "You forgot talented Mols" he smiled. "Whatever you say" she said through a yawn. "You look tired" he said. "Oh thanks" she said. "You still look beautiful. I just meant....never mind" he said shaking his head. "I didn't get much sleep last night" she said.

"Too much to think about huh" he said. "Ya something like that" she said. "You know what they say a problem shared is a problem halved" he said. "And if the one part of the problem is the one who wants you to share it?" she asked and he sighed. "I'm just not able for any type of conversion right now" she told him. "But you will be?" he asked. "We have a son together. It's kind of hard to avoiding talking to you" she said. "I know I helped cause all of this. But if you want to talk about it, well I'm here" he told her. "Maybe tomorrow" she told him. "Ya" he said surprised.

"Like I said. We have a son together. I can't run away from things well you now can I" she said. "For the record I'm going to make a big effort in not doing things which will make you want to run away" he told her. "It might be too late for that" she mumbled before standing. "I'm going to help Dolores went dinner" she told him. "You're staying for dinner?" he asked. "If that's ok" she said. "Of course it is" he smiled. "Right I'll call you when it's ready" she told him and he watched her head back inside the house.
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Is Cristiano just wanting Molly to keep his bed warm until someone better comes along? Was Ana right in talking to Cristiano about what Molly said? Do you see why Molly is so upset about the lying? Will they actually talk?

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