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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 82- I Have A Feeling

"Well what should I do?" Cristiano asked looking across the room at where Nuno was sitting. "She's already pissed at you. Do you want her to be more annoyed?" Nuno asked. "Of course not" Cristiano scoffed looking back at the couch to where Molly was asleep. "Then again she's probably going to be annoyed that you didn't wake her when she wakes in the morning. So what you should really be asking yourself is which option will leave her less annoyed. Waking her up from a sleep now or when she wakes up and finds she's still here?" Nuno asked.

"Well you're no help at all" Cristiano groaned. "Your Maé has put Junior in his room. Just leave her sleep man" Nuno suggested. "She used the doorbell today. How messed up is that?" he asked. "Ya she used it this morning too" Nuno said. "I have no idea how I can get her to forgive me" Cristiano sighed. "She's forgiven you for alot more" Nuno said. "That's what Ana said" Cristiano said. "She's right. Look once she's ready she'll talk probably to you. You should use this space time to figure out what you want" Nuno told him. "I have no idea what I'm going to say to her" Cristiano said. "I said what you want. Not what you are going to say Cris" Nuno said and Cristiano looked at him.

"I really want to bang both your heads together at times" Nuno said standing. "I'm going to bed. Wake or don't wake her. It's up to you" Nuno said before he walked out of the living room. "Screw it" Cristiano standing and moving towards the couch.

He placed his hand under her back and took her into his arms. She let out a soft groan as she rested her head against his shoulder but didn't wake. He carefully walked around the furniture and out of the room and up the stairs. She stirred in his arms as he pushed open the door to her bedroom.

"Sssh sleep" he said walking towards the bed. He gently placed her on the bed and moved to take off her shoes. He grabbed a spare blanket and placed it over her. "Sleep Mols" he said bending down to place a kiss on her forehead before he quietly stepped out of the room and closed the door after him.

Molly groaned as she stretched her arms above her head. Her eyes fluttered open and she immediately shut them closed again when she saw the sun light. She pulled the blanket over her head and groaned. She rolled onto her side away from the window and opened her eyes slowly to adjust to the sun light. She saw the clock of the side table which read 6 am and she groaned again. It was then she realised which clock it was. She sat up in the bed and looked around the room.

The room she had occupied up to two days previous. She looked down at herself and saw she was still in her jeans and top from the day before. She ran a hand through her hair and pushed the blanket off her and placed her feet on the ground. She let out a yawn as she walked the few steps to Junior's room. She smiled when she opened the door and found Marcosa at the foot of the cot on the ground. The dog looked up and she walked further into the room. "Morning boy" she said bending down to rub his head. The dog stood up and licked her face before he walked over towards the window and Molly smiled when she saw him stop at the rocking chair.

The rocking chair which was currently being occupied by Cristiano. Cristiano shifted in the chair as the dog nudged at his leg and he let out a groan as he opened his eyes. "You know your bed isn't exactly that far from this room" Molly said. "Mana" he yawned. "Morning" she smiled. "I just came in to check on him and sat down for a second. I must have fallen asleep" he said. "That makes two of us I guess" she said. "I didn't want to wake you. I know you aren't staying here right now but" he said. "It's fine Cristiano. I should go change. Just as well I didn't take all my stuff with me" she said as he stood from the chair. "Mols" he said. "Yup" she said waiting for him to continue.

"What?" she asked as he came to stand in front of her. "Ahm....what time are you coming to the club today?" he asked deciding not to say what he had planned on saying. "Before training is finished I guess. I'll see what Jorge is planning. Shouldn't take too long this afternoon anyway so you'll get plenty of rest before the match" she said. "Ok" he said. "Anything else?" she asked. "Nope" he said. "Right I'll go put on some fresh clothes then" she said before she left the room and he sighed as she left.

"Ronnie" Cristiano heard as he headed towards his car in the driveway. "Hey man" Pepe said as he walked towards his teammate with Ana beside him. "Mana" Cristiano said. "So how are things?" Pepe asked. "Fine I guess" Cristiano shrugged confused as to why Pepe was at his house when he would be seeing him at training. "My boyfriend who accuses me of being a gossip can't take the wait anymore" Ana joked. "Wait for what?" Cristiano asked.

"Hello you dropped the bomb that you and Molly kissed and she won't tell me anything" Pepe said nodding to his girlfriend. "It's not a big deal" Cristiano said leaning against the car. "Yes it is. You've finally grown some balls and kissed her" Pepe said. "Well it's not important now after everything with her parents" Cristiano said. "She stayed here last night though" Ana said nodding to Molly's car. "She fell asleep. Doesn't mean she's moving back" Cristiano sighed. "Hello is anyone going to fill me in or what" Pepe said.

"I'm going to say hi to Mols. I'll leave you with the child" Ana joked heading towards the front door. "Cris" Pepe said. "What do you want me to say? We kissed. We were good. Everything was good and then...then her parents showed up. She found out that I lied to her and now she's barely speaking to me" Cristiano said. "But she's speaking to you though" Pepe said. "She's actually speaking a little more to me. But breakfast was awkward. And I don't know what to say. I messed everything up" Cristiano said. "Nah you haven't. Well you haven't helped matters but everything will be good eventually" Pepe said.

"It was all starting to be good” Cristiano said. “I still can’t believe you kissed her” Pepe said. “It just happened. And I didn’t regret it and neither did she. Well she said at the time that she didn’t. But now she’s thinking and I don’t know where we are” Cristiano said. “Her parents have just turned up man” Pepe said. “I know that. And I get that she needs time and space. I just want her to talk to me. Like really talk to me. Though I have no idea what I’d even say to her even if she does” Cristiano.

“She’ll talk to you. Trust me I have a feeling she will do so” Pepe said. If you say so” Cristiano mumbled. “I can’t believe you kissed her and didn’t tell me” Pepe said and Cristiano rolled his eyes. “We’re going to be late for training if we keep standing around here” Cristiano said. “You better tell me the next time something happens between the pair of you. Can’t have Ana knowing all the goss” Pepe joked.

“Thanks for helping me out with this Molly” Jorge said as they both headed towards the press area at the stadium. “It’s fine” she said. “I really didn’t know Mols. About Cris and your parents” Jorge said. “I know that” Molly said. “He feels horrible about what he’s done Mols” Jorge said. “It’s between him and I Jorge” Molly said. “Of course. It’s just well I know he meant well” Jorge said. “Hey Mols” Pepe grinned as he came towards the pair with Cristiano at his side.

“Hello Pepe” Molly smiled at him. “Nice day isn’t it” he said. “Ya it is” she replied. “"Right so this shouldn't take long anyway" Jorge said. "That's good Ronnie. You can enjoy the rest of your day then" Pepe grinned. "Ahm ya" Cristiano replied. "Are we actually going to get into the elevator to take us upstairs or just stand around here all day?" Molly asked. "Ah bossy Molly. Miss not having you around Mols" Pepe joked as Cristiano pushed the elevator button. "Some of us want to get out of here" she said. "I know being here with me isn't what you want" Cristiano whispered to her as the doors opened.

"No that's fine. I'm just not in the mood for dealing with press" she said stepping into the elevator. "Oh crap I forgot my keys" Pepe said as Jorge stood in the doorway of the elevator. "You can get them when we are finished" Molly told him. "No I should get them before they go missing. I'll follow you up there" Pepe said rushing off. "I'll go with him. Don't want him sneaking off. We'll meet you two upstairs" Jorge said following Pepe and the doors to the elevator shut before Molly had time to say anything.

"I swear Pepe is acting strange. Ana said he was like a child this morning" Molly said. "A big nosey one" Cristiano muttered. "And what exactly was he being nosey about?" Molly asked. "Why I didn't tell him that I kissed you" Cristiano said and suddenly the elevator lurched and stopped. Molly staggered forward and Cristiano caught her in his arms.

"You ok?" he asked in the darkness. "Ya thanks" she said standing up straight. It takes a couple of seconds for the emergency light to come on and the elevator is filled with a spooky yellow light. "What the hell just happened?" she asked. "I think the elevator just stopped" Cristiano he whispered.
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