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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 84- Guess Some Wishes Do Come True

"Did you get lost on your way home?" Pepe asked Cristiano as he opened his car door in the drive way of his house. "Don't you have your own house to be at right now?" Cristiano asked as he stepped out of his car. "Oh someone's grumpy. I thought spending time alone with Molly would have made you less grumpy. Hold on you two didn't fight. You both looked fine when the doors of the elevator opened" Pepe said.

"No we didn't fight. We actually talked. We were going to talk tonight but she thought since we weren't going anywhere then why not do it then and there" Cristiano sighed. "And?" Pepe asked. "And nothing. She thanked me for helping her parents. But I broke her trust" Cristiano said. "So gain her trust again" Pepe said. "Cos it's that easy" Cristiano scoffed.

"Considering you had her trust after everything that's happened. Like you know doctors, nannys" Pepe said. "Not helping Pepe" Cristiano groaned. "Well I just meant that after all of that she did trust you. So she will again" Pepe said. "Maybe" Cristiano said. "So what took you so long to get back here?" Pepe asked Cristiano. "Took the long way. Guess I needed to think. You know about how to make her see..." he paused.

"Everyone except you two can see that you both want to be together you muppet" Pepe said. "Sometimes I don't think that she does" Cristiano said. "Well maybe she needs to know how you feel. She probably thinks she's just wanted right now until someone better comes along" Pepe said. "No one can compete with Molly" Cristiano snapped. "Took you long enough to see that" Pepe smirked.

"Ya fine I'm a blind stupid idiot ok. I want Molly. I want to be with Molly" Cristiano said. "Then how about telling her that so" Pepe said. "It's not the right time" Cristiano said. "Chicken shit" Pepe coughed. "Excuse me?" Cristiano asked. "You heard me" Pepe said.

"Ok fine maybe I am. But she's just told me she thinks it's best if we take each day one day at a time. She might not even really want me" Cristiano said. "Urgh Ana is right. You two are so...urgh I swear I could bang your heads together" Pepe said. "Do you and Ana just sit around discussing me and Molly? She said the same thing about Molly thinking I only wanted her until someone else came along" Cristiano asked. "For your information I keep Ana too busy to be chatting about your complicated love life. Though we may have had a quick discussion about it yesterday morning" Pepe said.

"Glad my life is so entertaining for you both" Cristiano said. "Cris" Pepe said and Cristiano stopped at the front door of his house and turned and faced his friend. "Tell her" Pepe said. "But" Cristiano replied. "Tell her before you do something stupid mate. You were an idiot. A jealous one I might add when she got with Luke and it nearly drove her away. I'm just saying to tell her before something else gets in the way. Maybe the reason you have being doing stupid things all these months is cos you have these feelings so hidden inside. Tell her" Pepe told him.

"I will. Just not right now" Cristiano said. "Chicken" Pepe said. "I'll just wait a few more days. Until things settle down with her parents. She needs my support Pepe" Cristiano said. "I guess I should be just satisfied that you've realised that you actually want her" Pepe said. "Are you coming in?" Cristiano asked. "Oh ya I want cake" Pepe smiled. "Cake?" Cristiano asked confused.

"Ignore what I just said" Pepe said moving past Cristiano and opening the door. "About the cake not everything else. Just so we are clear" Pepe said over his shoulder. "Hey Pepe" Cristiano called out. "Yup" Pepe said as both me entered the house. "You know she will kill you if she finds out what you did today" Cristiano smirked.

"Huh?" Pepe said. "I heard you. When I buzzed for help in the elevator. She was too busy panicking to hear but I heard you” Cristiano said. “Then how about we keep it to ourselves then” Pepe said. “You know we were going to talk tonight. There wasn’t really a need to lock us in together” Cristiano said. “Well how was I to know. Anyway Jorge even thought it was a good idea” Pepe said.

“Jorge knew?” Cristiano asked surprised. “Oh Lord no but he didn’t get the elevator moving once he realised what had happened. So no telling Mols k” Pepe said. “Cos lying to her has work out so well for me already” Cristiano sighed. “Just don’t bring it up. Now let’s go” Pepe said. “Pepe” Cristiano called out. “What?” Pepe groaned knowing they both should be in the living room by now. “Thanks” Cristiano said to him. “Anytime” Pepe said. “Just don’t do it again. You got lucky. It could have backfired though. And when she finds out I’m throwing you under the bus mate. I can’t afford for her to be angry with me” Cristiano joked.

“Come on” Pepe said pulling Cristiano by the elbow. “Again don’t you have your own house” Cristiano said. “Surprise” a chorus of shouts went up when Cristiano walked into the living room. He looked around the room to find all of his family and friends with balloons and streamers filling the room.
“What is all of this?” Cristiano asked in shock. “Happy birthday son” Dolores said kissing his cheek.

“Maé” he said hugging her. “Tío Cris” Rodrigo said running up to him. “Hey buddy” Cristiano said picking his nephew up into his arms before placing him back onto his feet. “You look surprised little brother” Katia smiled as she walked towards him with Dinis in her arms and Hugo beside her. “I just..I didn’t know you guys were even coming to Spain. I wasn’t expecting this” he replied. “It’s been planned for ages” Katia said.

“And I wasn’t going to miss out on a cake that Molly baked for anything” Hugo said and Cristiano’s eyes automatically went in search for Molly. He frowned when he didn’t see her. “Happy birthday Ronnie. And you thought we’d just let you away with the birthday bumps this morning” Marcelo said slapping Cristiano on the back. “Thanks man” Cristiano smiled as people came around him to wish him a happy birthday. “Did you and Molly really get stuck in an elevator?” Iker asked Cristiano as he handed the birthday boy a glass. “Yes we did” Cristiano said looking at Pepe as he took a drink from the glass. “Ouch I wouldn’t like to be Perez when Molly meets him” Marcelo said. “How did she put it again?” Iker asked.

“How can the biggest club in the world not have proper working elevators” Sergio said and the guys laughed. “That’s a really bad impression of Molly Sergio” Iker said. “Wait you guys were talking to Molly?” Cristiano asked confused. “Ya earlier. What took you so long to get here anywhere?” Iker asked. “Cake time” Elma yelled. “You’re up Ronnie” Pepe said nudging him towards the kitchen island. “Careful of the candles kids” Cristiano heard Molly say as she pushed the cake away from Alicia and Rodrigo who had taken a seat on the counter top. “There might be a fight over the cake Mols” Elma joked beside Molly.

“Well you lot can fight over it after I get a slice. Now come on Cristiano and blow these candles out already” Molly said looking at him. “Ya quick Ronnie. You know what she’s like when she’s hungry” Nuno joked and Molly smacked him on the shoulder. “What are you waiting for Ronnie lad?” Marcelo asked. “Tío Cris” Alicia wined. “You two going to help me?” Cristiano asked Rodrigo and Alicia. “Yup” they nodded. “And me” Eleanor said pushing her way through Cristiano’s teammates. “Come on Ronnie before everyone gets cranky waiting for cake” Hugo said. “Well you maybe Hugo” Zé joked and everyone laughed.

“Says the man who ate three cookies in five minutes” Molly smirked at Zé. “Oh good just in time” Dolores said as she came around the island and handed Molly Junior. “Ha trust Junior to wake from his nap when cake is mentioned. We certainly know which parent he takes after” Elma joked. “Cristiano” Molly said. “Ok ok. Let’s blow these candles out so kids” he said and they all helped him blow the candles out. “Finally we get cake” Hugo said. “Looks good Mols” Sergio said coming to stand beside Molly. “You made this?” Cristiano asked her. “I had a few loose hours this morning” she shrugged. “Thanks Mols” he smiled.

“If the guest of honour goes missing at his own birthday party, should we take it as a sign that we did a bad job?” Molly asked from the sliding door which lead out onto the garden. “Hi” Cristiano said lifting his feet off the rocks surrounding the outside fire pit. “You ok?” she asked walking towards him. “Ya I’m fine. Sorry I wasn’t hiding out. I said goodbye to everyone as they left. Really the party was great. It was better than great. I didn’t exactly deserve it though” he said. “A pity party for one taking place I see” she said taking a seat on the rocks in front of him. “Careful the fire” he told her. “I know” she said glancing back at the low flame in the fire pit.

“Thank you for the party Mols” he said. “It was a team effort. It really hadn’t much to do with me. Except warning your big mouth teammates and sort of brother in law to keep their mouths which was actually harder than I thought" she smiled and he gave her a slight smile. "You know for someone who had a great party you don't really look like you did" she said.

"I did I swear. It was great seeing all the kids and spending time with everyone. Cake was pretty ok too" he smirked. "Psh ok. It was amazing" she said tapping his knee. "Best one yet I think" he said. "That's more like it" she said. "Thanks Mols. I know how angry you are with me" he said. "I was angry with you" she said. "Huh" he said. "I said that I was angry with you. I'm not angry anymore. Like I said earlier I can't thank you enough for what you did for my parents" she said. "But you can't get pass me breaking your trust" he said. "Not right now that is" she said. "You think you will be able to trust me?" he asked. "You know given how all of and me..and Junior and everything came about...You know like you breaking into my apartment" she said.

"Technically I didn't break in" he muttered. "I wasn't the one who gave you the key mister" she said tapping his knee again. He reached out and took her hand into his. "We've come along way since that night" he told her. "Ya we have" she smiled. "I only want to sometimes kick Zé now" she joked and he laughed. "Ah look he can laugh" she said. "I only save that for you" he said. "Well anyway what I was saying before I was interrupted and you did break in" she told him and he rolled his eyes.

"No one and especially not me would have ever guessed that I would trust you Cristiano. In fact I ended up trusting you more than anyone. That's....." she paused and he took her other hand into his. "That's why it hurts more that I lied to you" he said. "Yes" she said fighting back a sob. "Hey hey don't get upset" he said leaning forward and placing one of his hands on the side of her face.

"I'm not" she whispered. "I didn't want to hurt you Mols. I didn't want them to hurt you" he said dropping his hand from the side of her face. "I get that" she said grabbing the hand he had dropped from her face and taking it into her own hand. "I get why you did. That doesn't mean I have to like it Cristiano. You should have told me sooner. You could have at least told me I was about to see my parents that day" she told him.

"I know. I messed up" he said. "You say that alot you know. That you messed up. I'd really like it if you would just stop messing up" she said. "So would I" he said. "I know I'm hard to understand right now but I've got my parents and years of stuff with them at one side and then there's you.......and...." she paused. "And what Molly? Talk to me please" he begged. "And I don't want...I don't want to mess things up. It's not just about you and me Cristiano. There's Junior" she said. "And Junior deserves to have a mother who can trust his dad which I promise Molly I will make you see that you can" he told her.

"I know I know. I know I will eventually. For some reason you just's not under my skin but oh I don't know" she said shaking her head. "No keep talking" he told her. "I know everything you have done is because you have a good heart Cristiano. It's that amazing heart that makes you well you" she said. "You make me have a good heart Molly. You make make everything right. I'm different when you are around" he told her. "You aren't different Cristiano. You are you. You just forget who the real you is sometimes" she said.

"When we kissed" he said and she lifted her eyes to his. "When we wasn't cos you were just there Mols. It was because I wanted to. When we kissed it felt right" he told her. "But then you ignored me" she told him. "Because I knew that I was about to drop a huge bomb on you. If I could change it Mols then I would go back and tell you I would" he told her. "Cristiano" she said. "I kissed you cos I wanted to. Hell I even wished to kiss you again when I blew out my candles on my cake" he said and she laughed. "I'm serious" he told her.

"We really don't make things easy for ourselves" she said. "But sometimes it's the hard things that are worth fighting for" he said squeezing her hands. "I think my parents should meet Junior" she said quickly. "Do you feel better now you've said that?" she asked with a smile. "I never thought that I would ever even say that but...but like you said they are his grandparents. And if I'm not enough of a reason to stay sober and on the right track with their lives then maybe Junior can be a reason for them to" she said. "You are more than enough of a reason for them to do all of that Molly" he told.

"Part of me thinks that they don't even deserve the chance to meet him but" she stopped. "But you think Junior should at least meet his grandparents once because you are a good person" he told her. "I don't know if I want a relationship with them in the future..." she paused. "Let's invite them over to here for a quick visit and then see how things go when they go back to England" he suggested. "You're going to be here right?" she asked. "If you want me there" he said. "You are Junior's father" she said.

"But they are your parents Mols. I don't want to intrude" he told her. "You had no problem intruding when you went to their house and offered to pay for their rehabs though" she said. "I walked right into that one didn't I" he said. "Yes you did" she smiled. "If you want me there then of course I will be there Mols" he told her. "Thanks. I kind think I'm going to need you there with me" she said. "I'll be there" he said squeezing her hands. "I just need to sort well try to sort things with them and then..." she paused.

"Then maybe you and I could sort things out between us?" he asked. "I..." she stuttered. "I'm not pushing you Molly. I know I have to try to earn your trust again" he said. "It's the case of when not if you know. Me trusting you again" she told him. "That's all I needed to hear" he smiled. "Come on you have to get ready to go to the hotel for your game tomorrow" she told him. "Soon" he told her as his thumbs traced the inside of her wrist.

"Thank you for today" he told her. "Like I said I was just one helper" she shrugged. "But I'm glad you were one of them" he told her. "Well I couldn't risk Katia baking the cake" she joked and he laughed. "You need to get ready" she told him. "Can I follow you back to the apartment to put Junior to bed?" he asked her. "Well if you get your act together you can go in and give him his bath and then put him down for the night" she said. "Are you staying tonight?" he asked. "If that's ok" she said. "More than ok" he smiled.

"It doesn't mean I'm moving back. Not that I've fully moved out. I just need..."to figure stuff out" he finished and she nodded. "I can deal with that. Especially if you stay here a lot while you figure things out" he smirked and she rolled her eyes. "Let's go" she said standing. "Thanks for a lovely birthday Molly. Even getting stuck in an elevator didn't ruin it" he said.

"Happy birthday Cristiano" she whispered before bending down and placing her lips against his. He brought his hand to her waist and his other to her arm to pull her closer. She lifted her mouth off his too soon for his liking. He stared up at her and she bit her lip. "Guess birthday wishes do come true" she smiled.
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