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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 85- Taking A Step Forward

“It’s just a match you know” Ana muttered to Molly. “Huh” Molly said looking away from the pitch and turned her head slightly to her left. “You look nervous” Ana said. “I’m not. It’s not…not the match” Molly muttered. “I never did get to ask about you, Cris and the elevator” Ana laughed. “I can’t believe it stopped” Molly said as Sergio kicked the ball to Pepe on the field below. “Ya strange. So given that you and him looked friendly at his party yesterday, I take it you and him didn’t scream at each other whilst locked inside the elevator” Ana said.

“We talked” Molly said as Dolores coughed trying to concentrate of the match. “Let’s” Molly said nodding to inside the suite. She stood with Junior in her arms and Ana followed her back inside the suite. “So you and him talked” Ana said as they took a seat on the couch. “I can’t thank him enough for what he did for my parents” Molly said settling Junior onto her lap. “But” Ana said. “He lied to me. I just can’t forget that” Molly said. “But he thought he was doing the right thing” Ana said. “I trusted him Ana. I trusted him more than anyone and then he hurt me” Molly said.

“Mols” Ana said. “I know I’m being an unreasonable bitch. It’s just that it’s not just me I have to think about” Molly said nodding at Junior. “You’re afraid that you will ruin things if you take a chance on Cris” Ana said. “I don’t even know what he wants Ana” Molly said. “Everyone can see what he wants. Who he wants Molly” Ana told her. “He said he kissed me cos he wanted to not cos I was just there” Molly said. “That’s good” Ana said. “I just need to sort things out with my parents before” she paused.

“Sort out the hard stuff before figuring things out with Cris huh. I understand” Ana said. “I’m glad you understand cos I don’t” Molly smiled. “You want him to want you. Not just want you because you’re Junior’s mother or because he thinks it’s the right thing to do. I mean to be with you” Ana said. “Maybe” Molly shrugged. “It will work out” Ana said. “I just need to get my head sorted. My parents are coming to visit Junior tomorrow” Molly told her. “Woah ok. Now I see why you need your head sorting out. It’s no wonder you can’t see clearly when it comes to Cris” Ana said.

“I kissed him” Molly mumbled. “I know you told me” Ana said looking up at the TV screen in the suite. “I meant last night” Molly said and Ana looked at her. “What?” Ana asked. “We were talking after everyone left and I don’t know he was sweet and said he wouldn’t push me. And then said something about making a wish that we’d kiss when he blew out his candles on his cake. It just happened” Molly said. “Oh Mols you’re in deep and you don’t even know it” Ana laughed.

“Rodrigo” Carina Carvalho, the wife of Ricardo yelled as her son came running up to Molly and Ana. “Hello” Molly smiled at the little boy. “Sorry he was getting restless watching the match” Carina said taking a seat next to Molly. “It’s ok. I know boys named Rodrigo can be a handful but are still so adorable” Molly smiled thinking of Katia and her boys who were leaving for Lisbon after the game. “How are you two?” Carina asked. “We are good. How is Rachel?” Ana asked. “She’s starting to walk. Lola and I are watching her like a hawk today” Carina said as her cousin walked into the room with Carina’s little girl. “She wants to be running around” Lola said.

“She likes having you visiting. Just a shame I can’t convince my cousin to stay in Madrid longer. She’s only still here cos she was watching Jon for Nagore this week” Carina said. “Oh that’s right. Nagore said she had someone helping her watch Jon whilst she was working” Molly said remembering the praise Nagore had given the woman. “He’s a lovely baby. And your little boy is just as lovely” Lola smiled at Junior. “Ya he is. He is also a smelly one. I must change his nappy” Molly said standing. “I can do if you like. Let you watch the match” Lola said.

“Oh no it’s” Molly said. “I don’t mind” Lola smiled. “Let her do it Mols, she needs all the practice if she’s going to be a full time nanny. You can tell me what you are planning on saying to Perez about his elevators” Carina laughed. “You’re a nanny?” Molly asked Lola. “I have a degree in child care and I am a qualified nanny. I haven’t decided what I want to do yet” Lola admitted as Junior cried. “I really don’t mind changing his nappy” Lola said. “Ok” Molly said standing to hand Lola Junior.

“Molly” Ana said surprised. “Here’s his bag” Molly said. “Back in a sec” Lola smiled as she made faces at Junior and he laughed. “Molly” Ana said. “It’s ok” Molly replied. “You sure?” Ana asked. “Yes I am. It’s time to move forward” Molly smiled at her.

Molly stood in front of the mirror as her eyes followed her hands as she ran her brush through her hair. She didn’t know how long she had been standing there but she knew it was a while. She knew it wouldn’t be long until her parents came to Cristiano’s house. She still didn’t know what she was going to say. How she should introduce Junior. When she had phoned her father late Friday night to ask them over on Sunday, to say he was surprised was an understatement. But he had thanked her over and over again and was so happy.

“If you keep do that, you’ll have no hair left” Cristiano said and Molly jumped at his voice. She turned her head to find him standing in the doorway of her bedroom at his house. “Stop sneaking up behind me” she told him. “Technically it was to the side of you” he smirked and she groaned. “I’m kidding I’m kidding” he said walking into the room. “There’s no need to be nervous Molly” he told her. “I’m not nervous” she replied. “Really?” he asked not believing her.

“I’m petrified” she told him. “Hey hey it will be ok” he said wrapping his arm around her waist. “What if I’m making a big mistake?” she asked. “What if you’re not?” he asked and she rolled her eyes. “Sometimes you have to take a chance Mols” he told her. “I could end up missing out on something great if I don’t take a chance huh?” she asked. “Do you want to take a chance?” he asked. “Are we still talking about my parents?” she asked. “If that’s what you want” he said. “I want today to go well. I want Junior to meet them and then I can see if I want them in our lives” she told him. “And I’ll be right beside you” he said placing a kiss on her neck.

“You better be cos I don’t think I can get through today without you with me” she told him. “I’m here” he said. “Am I making a mistake Cristiano?” she asked. “Mols” he said looking at her in the mirror. “Please tell me” she begged. “I…I think we won’t know until after today. Look today isn’t as important as you think. If it doesn’t go well then it doesn’t mean you have to stop trying” he said. “Keep taking chances huh” she said. “I feel like I should start singing Abba” he said and she laughed. “That’s better” he smiled. “Come on let’s go downstairs” he said.

“Do I have to?” she asked. “If you don’t want to do this then I will call Nuno and tell him to turn the car around and take them back to their hotel” he said. “No I should do this. It’s time to stop running away from the hard stuff” she said. “Come on Mols you can’t say you do that” he said. “Really? What about leaving here when…..” she paused. “I lied to you. You needed space. You didn’t run away. Heck if you did I wouldn’t be holding you like this now would I” he said. “I guess” she mumbled.

“You are the strongest woman I know Molly. Just remember its ok to let people help you” he told her. “I know I have you to help me” she said. “Always” he said. She turned in his arms and looked up at him. “You know maybe during the week or well probably next week cos this week coming is like so crazy busy” she said and he rolled his eyes. “Get to the point already” he smiled. “Maybe you, Junior and I could do something together” she suggested. “Just the three of us?” he asked. “Ya” she said. “And maybe then you and I could do something together?” he asked. “Just the two of us?” she asked and he nodded.

“Does that sound like a good idea?” he asked. “Yes” she nodded shyly. “That’s good” he grinned. “Let’s go” she said she said moving but he pulled her back. “You know a little birdy told me that you let Carina’s cousin change Junior’s nappy yesterday” he said. “And what else did Ana tell you?” Molly smiled. “It was a pretty big deal Mols. You’re barely comfortable leaving him with my sisters not to mind a complete stranger” he said.

“It was only for a few minutes and….I can’t keep him bottled up” she sighed. “Well I’m proud of you. I know it couldn’t have being easy” he told her. “Well I’m not ready for a new nanny yet but in time if that’s what we decide” she said. “If that’s what we want yes” he smiled. “What?” she asked. “You just surprise me sometimes” he smiled. “Well get ready for another surprise” she said. “And what’s that?” he asked. “I’ll tell you tomorrow” she said. “If it’s you moving back in here then I want to know now” he said. “It’s not” she replied and he frowned.

“Not yet. Look Cristiano I will move back here if you still want me to” she said placing her finger on his mouth before he spoke. “I just want to do it in my own time. I still have things…look I’ll probably spend most of my time here anyway” she said dropping her finger. “First of all I don’t just want you to move back in here. I need you to move back in here. The place isn’t the same without you or Junior” he told her. “And secondly?” she asked. “Huh” he said confused. “You said firstly. It usually means there is something else to follow” she smiled up at him.

“Secondly have I told you how beautiful you look when you think you are being smarter than me?” he asked. “I’m always smarter than you” she smirked. “Guess that means you are always beautiful than too” he said nudging his nose against hers which made her laugh. “Let’s just through today and then…” he paused. “Move forward” she suggested and he nodded. “Ok let’s do this” she said. “That’s my girl” he said kissing her forehead.

“He likes building things” Cristiano said to Molly as they walked hand in hand towards Dolores who was sitting on the couch watching Junior on the floor with his building blocks. “He also likes making a mess. Just like his papa then” Molly smiled at Cristiano as Junior knocked the blocks to the ground. “Well he gets his sweet side from his mama. Hopefully he doesn’t get her easy forgiving side” Dolores muttered as Molly let go of Cristiano’s hand and knelt down to her son.

“Maé” Cristiano glared. “What? She’s being through enough because of them. They don’t deserve a chance to ruin her life again” Dolores said standing and storming off towards the kitchen. “I’m sorry” Cristiano said to Molly. “It’s ok” she replied. “It’s not. She just cares about you Mols. She means well playing protective mama bear” he said. “I know” Molly replied. “Hello” Nuno yelled from the front door and Molly’s head snapped up to look towards the entrance to the living room. “Just say the word Mols and I will ask them to leave” Cristiano said. “I’ll be fine” she said standing and picking up Junior into her arms. “I’ll be right here” he said placing a kiss on her cheek.

“Hey guys. I’m back” Nuno said entering the room followed my Molly’s parents. Cristiano gave Molly’s hand a squeeze and took a step forward. “Welcome” he said holding his hand out to Mark. “Thank you for inviting us” Mark said shaking Cristiano’s hand. “You have a lovely home” Kitty said nervously shaking Cristiano’s hand. “Thank you. We like it anyway” Cristiano said smiling at Molly. “I hope Nuno didn’t terrify you both too much with his bad driving” Cristiano joked. “If they want a terrifying car ride they should be in a car when you are driving” Nuno smirked. “He drove us here perfectly well. Thank you for collecting us Nuno” Mark said.

“Oh it was no bother. There’s not much to do in this house when this little monkey is down for his nap” Nuno said tickling Junior in Molly’s arms earning a giggle from the little boy and a smile from Molly. “Plus you wanted to avoid doing the washing up after lunch” Cristiano said. “Caught me” Nuno smiled. Junior squealed and bounced his arms. “Someone is full of energy” Mark said. “He is now he’s crawling everywhere” Cristiano said. “He’s beautiful” Kitty smiled at her grandson. “He’s just like his mama. Beautiful inside and out” Dolores said. “Mark, Kitty this is my mother Dolores” Cristiano said.

“It’s lovely to meet you” Mark smiled at Dolores. “Well if you upset Molly, you won’t still feel that way” Dolores said. “Maé” Cristiano snapped. “It’s ok Cristiano. It’s totally understandable. We don’t intend to upset Molly, Dolores. And we are very sorry that we have in the past” Mark said. “We just want a chance” Kitty said her eyes focused on Junior. “He has your eyes” Kitty told her daughter. “I’ve being told that once or twice” Molly said kissing Junior’s head. “We got him this” Mark said pulling out a toy digger from a bag. “I know he’s a little bit little for it but” Mark paused. “It’s great. Thank you” Cristiano said taking the toy from Mark.

“He can knock down his blocks better now” Cristiano joked to Molly who smiled. “Why doesn’t everyone go sit outside and I’ll bring some tea” Nuno suggested. “Good idea Nuno. It’s a lovely day out” Cristiano said. “Let me get the door there Molly” Mark told his daughter when she moved to open the door out to the garden. “Thanks” she said as he pulled the door open.

“Maé I know you mean well but Molly doesn’t need to listen to any of your snipes at her parents. This is hard enough on her as it is” Cristiano told Dolores when everyone left. “She’s forgiving them too easily” Dolores said. “And she’s forgiven me too easily at times too. Look Maé just let her deal with this her way please. She doesn’t know how today is even going to play out” Cristiano. “Fine” Dolores said. “Thank you” Cristiano said hugging his mother. “So are you both enjoying visiting Madrid?” Dolores asked as she took a seat outside on the patio chairs.

“We haven’t seen much of it but what we have seen has been lovely” Mark said. “I can’t believe my daughter is a mother” Kitty said focused on Junior who sat in Molly’s lap. “And an amazing mother at that” Dolores said smiling at Molly. “Couldn’t agree with you more Maé” Cristiano said coming out onto the patio. “I never expected this. I mean you’re still so young. I never thought you’d have a child at this age” Kitty said. “She’s more mature than women twice her age” Dolores told Kitty. “She always has being” Kitty said.

“You look happy Molly” her father said. “She has people who love her who are around her. Of course she is happy” Dolores said. “And we are both thankful that she has had you to support her” Mark told Dolores. “She should have had her parents” Dolores muttered. “Maé” Cristiano groaned. “We weren’t the parents Molly deserved. But we both have being trying to be the parents she should have” Mark said. “Tea time” Nuno said stepping out onto the patio with a tray. “Thanks Nuno” Molly said.

“I just really wanted some of that apple pie you made” Nuno winked at her. “Oh Molly sure does know how to bake” Mark laughed. “Oh I know. It’s the only reason I put up with her” Nuno joked and Cristiano tapped Nuno in the ribs.

"I kid of course. It's really because she winds up Cris loads" Nino said sticking his tounge out at Cristiano. "Nuno manners" Dolores said and Molly laughed. "I would have thought you would have waited a bit longer to have kids though Molly" Kitty said. "Well thankfully Junior arrived" Cristiano said squeezing Molly's shoulder. "At least you were smart enough choosing the baby's father" Kitty said.

"Kitty " her husband said beside her. "And what do you mean by that?" Molly asked. "Well at least you found someone who can provide for you and your family" Kitty said. "Like my parents you mean" Molly said. "Sorry?" Kitty asked. "Molly she didn't mean" Mark said. "It would be a shame if some random knocked me up but since it was a rich footballer it's ok especially if he looks after grandma and grandpa" Molly said standing. Molly please" Mark begged. "I knew this would end up being a mistake" Molly said moving towards the door to the house.

"Mols wait" Cristiano said following her and she handed him his son before stepping back inside the house. "I didn't mean...I should have just kept my mouth shut" Kitty sighed. "Take him for a sec please" Cristiano said to Nuno who nodded taking Junior from Cristiano. "I really didn't mean what she thought I meant. We only want her to give us a chance" Kitty told Dolores.

"You should be able to understand that it's not easy for Molly. She's being through alot since I've even known her" Dolores said. "We know we haven't made things easy for our daughter" Mark said. "Then maybe you should think before you speak and give her time" Dolores told them."We love our daughter" Mark said. "She's a very easy lady to love. She's a wonderful mother to my grandson" Dolores said. "And we really just want to see that side of her. At her pace. I just want my daughter to know that I can be something other than the drunk and gambler she knew" Kitty sobbed.

"Molly " Cristiano said walking up to where she stood at the kitchen sink. "I can't believe her" Molly said. "Mols" he said. "Don't" she said turning to look at him. "She didn't mean it like it sounded Mols" he told her. "No she did.I should have known. She wants nothing to do with me but as soon as she finds out my baby daddy is a millionaire she can't wait to see me" Molly said. "I don't think that's true" he said. "You don't know her like I do" Molly snapped. "You're right I don't. But I do think she's trying. So is your dad" he said.

"She makes it sound that I was so lucky that you knocked me up when her and her gambling and their drinking is the reason I even ended up pregnant in the first place" Molly snapped clenching her fists. Cristiano placed his hands on her shoulders. " Can you please let me finish saying what I'm about to say before getting mad at me?" he asked. "Oh great now I have you turning back into ass" she said. "Hey at least hear what I've got to say before calling me an ass" he smiled at her and her shoulders relaxed. "It's crazy but part of me is thankful towards them" he said.

"What" she yelled. "Ah let me finish. We wouldn't have Junior if it wasn't for them. You never would have gone along with my plan if you didn't want to help them" he told her "You would have found someone else and still would have had Junior"Molly said. "But it wouldn't be the same" he said. "I don't know if I can do this They just want money" Molly said holding back a sob. "When did Junior get sick?" Cristiano asked her.

"What?Why are you asking me that. You know it was December" she replied. "And when did your parents get in touch?The end of January. If it was all about money than surely they would have gotten in touch when news broke about who you were They would have sold a story to the press" he told her. "Maybe " she replied. "If you want them to leave I will ask them to" he told her. "Why are you sticking up for them? What does it matter to you? Surely it would be easier for you if I had nothing more to do with them?" she asked.

"I want my son to know his family. All of his family. And I want you to be at peace with the decisions I made you make" he told her . "You didn't force any of this Cristiano" she told him. "I also want you to be happy" he told her brushing a finger along her cheek. "I am" she smiled and he brushed a soft kiss on her nose. "I guess we should get back out there before Dolores tears them in two" Molly joked.

"They are just as nervous about being here with you as you are. They don't want to hurt you again. None of us do" he told her. "Well I might hurt Nuno if he's eaten my slice of the apple pie" Molly said and Cristiano laughed.
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