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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 86- Just Friends Really?

“Do you actually think you will sleep tonight?” Cristiano asked Molly. “Why wouldn’t I?” she asked as she stretched her legs under the covers of the bed and laid the laptop on her lap. “You know why. Are you really sure this is a good idea Mols?” he asked as he sat up against his headboard with his laptop on his lap. “I would have thought you would be reassuring me not trying to me make worried Cristiano. You know that I trust you with our son” she told him.

“Thank you Mols” he smiled. “But being away from Junior like this tonight. I just want to make sure you are ready for it” he said. “It’s time Cristiano. I wouldn’t have suggested it if it wasn’t something which I wanted. Which I need” she told him. “I never thought this is what you had meant when you said you had a surprise for me yesterday” he said. “Did you two have fun this evening?” she asked.

Molly had stayed the night at Cristiano’s house the previous night and she had spent the day with her son and Dolores before she shocked Cristiano by suggesting that Junior stay at his for the night. Without her. She knew that she needed this. As hard as it was going to be, she knew that it was important that she could cope without Junior every night. She knew she couldn’t wrap him up in bubble wrap and keep him to herself. She also knew that it was important for Cristiano to spend time with his son. He was busy providing for his family which often kept him away and left him missing out on experiences with his son. Molly understood all of that yet she knew Cristiano felt guilty.

“We did. I took him swimming this evening. And then Maé made dinner. We missed you though” he smiled. “I missed you all too” she replied. “Well if you moved back in here then no one would miss anyone” he smiled. “I’ll keep that in mind” she smiled. “Mols” he sighed. “Baby steps Ronaldo” she told him. “I know that I only have myself to blame for you moving out in the first place but I hate not having you both here” he told her. “I’m not trying to punish you Cristiano. I was only meant to stay whilst Junior got better anyway in the first place” she reminded him. “And it was my fault you had moved out back then too” he sighed.

“Look there’s no point in dragging up the past. If I had moved back in then I wouldn’t be able to be apart from Junior tonight” she told him. “You are ready for this though. Aren’t you? Like I know it wasn’t easy for you the first time you spent a night away from him” he said thinking back to the day he had watched Molly had Junior over and drive out of his home. “But it’s my decision this time” she said.

“I can still worry” he told her. “And it’s sweet of you. But I’m fine. Really. I did some work for Jorge. I spoke to my dad. And now I’m going to have a nice sleep” she told him. “Ok” he said not convinced. “But I will probably rush over early in the morning to see you both” she smiled. “Don’t rush too fast. I want you to get here in one piece” he smiled.

“Did he go down to bed ok?” Molly asked. “Ya he did. I gave him a bath. Missed my bath partner though” he said. “He got a lot of water today between a bath and a swim. Our son might end up being a swimmer not a footballer” she laughed. “He can be whatever he wants to be as long as he is happy” Cristiano replied. “I concur” she smiled. “He was fast asleep before I came to bed” he told her. “Then I have nothing to worry about that will keep me up” she said. “I guess not. But if you want to come over then I really don’t mind” he told her.

“I will see at breakfast tomorrow and not before then. If I’m feeling upset then I will call you. I promise” she told him. “Please do. I don’t care if you wake me really I don’t” he said. “That’s agreed so. Really Cristiano I’m fine. I’m trying not to over think it as a huge deal. Maybe we can do it again this week. Saturday” she suggested. “Let’s get through tonight first” he said. “You’re starting to annoy me now. Jezz Cristiano your son is staying the night. There’s no difference then last night when he slept there” she told him. “You aren’t here tonight. That’s the difference” he sighed. “Well I’ll stay tomorrow night. We have that club barbecue tomorrow afternoon” she reminded him.

“Ya that will be interesting” Cristiano laughed. “It’s nice of the club though to host something for all the players” Molly said. “And our families. I’m glad you are coming” he smiled. “It will be nice to catch up with the guys. I haven’t really seen Marcelo, Sergio and the others in a bit. They need someone to annoy them” she smirked and he laughed. “Well you are very good at that. Annoying people. You’re lucky you are cute though. It gets you away with it” he said.

“Thank you. I think” she laughed. “So speaking of families. Did your parents get back to England ok?” he asked. “Ya I spoke to dad a little while ago. He couldn’t stop thanking me for giving them the chance to meet Junior” she said. “It went well yesterday. Didn’t it? I mean after your mother put her foot in it” he said. “Ya I think it did. Like I’m not exactly ready to have them around twenty four seven but I think I could give them a chance. I don’t know how but I’m going to try. Like you said. We wouldn’t have Junior if it wasn’t for them and their troubles” she said. “Maybe. Or maybe we wou….” He paused.

“What?” she asked. “Nothing” he said shaking his head. “Right then. I will see you in the morning then” she said. “Anyone would think you are trying to get rid of me Mols” he smiled. “Well I figured the sooner I get some sleep the sooner it will be morning and I’d get to hug my son a good morning” she said. “Ok ok I get the message. Good night Molly” he said. “Noite Cristiano” she said blowing him a kiss before she let out a laugh when he caught her imaginary kiss and held it to his lips. “Good night you muppet” she said. “Noite Mols” he said before she shut the laptop down.

Molly let out a breath and ran a hand through her hair. She knew it wasn’t going to be easy but she was determined to get through the night. She smiled when she thought about saying Junior in the morning. And she had to admit to herself that she was looking forward to seeing Cristiano too. It wasn’t just Junior she was currently missing she thought.

“I swear I will punch that guy one of these days” Cristiano said turning towards Pepe. “Just ignore him” Pepe said handing Cristiano a gingerbread man. “If he makes one more comment about how good Molly’s ass looks in those jeans I will” Cristiano said biting the head off the gingerbread man. “Well he’s not telling anything that’s not true” Pepe said and Cristiano glared at his friend. “Why don’t you tell Ana that” Cristiano suggested. “Look man just ignore him. He’s just trying to annoy you” Pepe said. “Who’s trying to annoy Ronnie?” Iker asked coming to stand beside Pepe.

“Higuaín” Pepe said. “He’s a dickhead” Cristiano said glaring at the man in question who was laughing with Ricardo and Carina Carvalho across the room. “Let me guess. Molly” Iker said. “Got it in one” Pepe nodded. “Just remember if you hit him it won’t just be the manager, or Pérez you will have to deal with. You will also have to deal with Molly and I can’t see her being too happy about you fighting with one of your teammates. And I get the feeling no of us should ever want to be on her wrong side” Iker said. “You just spoke the truth there Iker” Pepe said. “He’s still a dickhead” Cristiano muttered. “Ignore him and eat you gingerbread man” Pepe told his friend. “How come there are cookies and gingerbread men on offer anyway?” Iker said.

“Like Pérez was going to say no when Molly arrived with them. He’s still waiting for her to rip him a new one for having crappy elevators” Pepe joked. “Ya that was bad luck to get stuck in there the other day Cristiano” Iker told him. “Ya real bad luck” Cristiano said looking at Pepe who smirked. “Hey boys” Molly said walking up to them with Victoria in her arms and Fabio and Marcelo at either side of her. “Hey Mols. We were just talking about you” Pepe smiled at her. “All good things I hope” Molly smiled. “Of course. Where’s Junior?” Cristiano asked.

“Anderia has him. She’s seeing what it’s like having a baby boy instead of a girl. I’ve being telling Fabio he should start trying for a boy” Molly smirked at Fabio. “Ya ya I think we are ok with the one kid at the moment” Fabio said. “I actually came over for a cookie” Molly said. “Here you go” Iker said handing her a plate full of them. “That’s to share with the others by the way” Cristiano smiled at her. “I know” she said rolling her eyes. “I’ll talk to you lot later” Molly said turning around. “Why Molly I think you get more beautiful every time I see you” Higuaín said coming to stand behind her with Sergio. “Thank you” Molly smiled.

“You know if you want to know what a real star is like in bed I’m happy to show you” the Argentine leered at her. “Shut your…..” Cristiano yelled taking a step forward only for Pepe to pull him back. “And if you want to see how much I can make you cry when I shove my boot up your backside, then keep talking” Molly snapped at him. “Oh feisty. I like it” Higuaín smiled. “Oh piss off” Molly said walking pass him.

“Watch your fucking mouth around her” Cristiano yelled at his teammate. “Easy Ronnie. You can’t blame a guy for trying. Come on Sergio even you can’t deny how hot that booty of hers is today” Higuaín said looking back at Molly. “Shut up” Sergio told him. “Stop” Iker warned his fellow teammate. “Ok ok” Higuaín said holding his hands up. “Ronnie’s woman is off limits then. Guess you’ve missed your chance Ramos” Higuaín said. “She’s not my woman” Cristiano said. “You mean you dumped the model and haven’t had Molly keeping you warm at night. Damn Ronnie what the fuck is wrong with you. I bet she’s feisty as hell in bed” Higuaín smirked and Marcelo and Pepe stood between Cristiano and their dickhead teammate.

“Molly and I are friends” Cristiano told him. “Friends. Really?” Higuaín asked. “Yes” Cristiano said. “Well then you really are stupid. Cos there’s no way a guy in his right mind could just be friends with that” Higuaín said pointing to where Molly and Ana were laughing. “Leave it” Sergio said pulling Higuaín away. “What? If she’s not his then she’s fair game. You might even stand a shot Ramos. After I have a try first that is” Higuaín winked before he left the group.

“I’m going to kill him” Cristiano yelled. “Try not to” Iker said. “He really is going to get a smack one of these days if he doesn’t watch himself. And it won’t just be Ronnie who will be giving it to him” Fabio said. “Ya he needs to keep his mouth shut” Marcelo said. “Friends?” Sergio asked Cristiano. “Sorry?” Cristiano asked confused. “You and Molly. You’re just friends?” Sergio asked.

“Ahm ya why wouldn’t you think we are?” Cristiano asked. “Then you can’t be annoyed with Higuaín for pointing out that she’s not yours then” Sergio said. “I have a problem with what he was saying about her” Cristiano said. “Of course you do. She is our friend after all” Sergio said. “Right boys enough talk about the dickhead. Has anyone tried these cookies?” Pepe asked holding out a plate of cookies in front of the men.

“Is he ok?” Cristiano asked taking a seat beside Molly who had Junior in his lap. “Happy out. He must have got a good sleep last night” she said. “I’m glad one of us did” Cristiano said yawning. “I did as it happens” she told him. “Really?” he asked. “Well eventually. When I stopped my brain from thinking. Now how come you couldn’t sleep?” she asked. “Don’t know” he shrugged. “Molly save us” Iker said rushing towards the seats with Sergio and Pepe hot on his tail.

“What’s going on?” Molly laughed as the men took a seat. “Perez is trying to talk to us” Sergio groaned. “And that’s bad because?” she asked. “We don’t want to think about football today” Cristiano told her. “You always think about football” she told him. “Not always” Cristiano told her. “Ya sometimes you want a break from football talk. Especially when people want to tell you how to play” Iker said. “I don’t understand you men at times” Molly laughed. “Well we are your friends so you’re stuck with us now” Sergio said looking at Cristiano.

“Push him towards Higuaín. He needs all the advice that he can get about how to play football” Molly said and they all laughed. “He needs a punch” Cristiano said. “What has he said now?” Molly asked. “Nothing important Mols” Pepe told her. “He was just saying that only a stupid guy would not want to date you” Sergio told her. “Well the last guy I dated was certainly more than stupid” Molly said. “Don’t think about him” Cristiano told her.

As the afternoon passed, Molly and Sergio chatted with Iker as Cristiano chatted with Fabio and Anderia and their daughter beside them. “I’m glad you brought the cookies Mols” Sergio told her. “So is Pepe” Iker joked as the Portuguese man took a seat next to him with his hand full of cookies. “Are there anymore left for the rest of us Pepe?” Molly asked. “What they are good” Pepe said. “Well Molly made them so of course they are” Cristiano said nudging Molly’s shoulder. “Thanks” she smiled at Cristiano. “You must show me how to make them sometime Mols” Sergio said. “Sure” Molly said.

“Maybe I could take you out for dinner to talk about it” Sergio suggested. “Sure” Molly said taking Junior from Cristiano. “How about Sunday night?” Sergio asked. “Why not Saturday? Your match is on early isn’t it?” Molly asked everyone. “Ya it is” Iker nodded. “I’ll even cook” Molly smiled at Sergio. “That sounds like perfect evening. Dinner just the two of us” Sergio smiled. “Hey what have I missed?” Ana said taking a seat beside Pepe. “I think Sergio just asked Molly out. And she said yes” Pepe whispered and Ana looked at a frowning Cristiano.
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So Molly is taking a big step by spending a night away from Junior, but is she starting to realize that it's not just Junior she only misses? And Higuaín is back being his dickhead self but surely Cristiano knows he's more than just friends with Molly? But if he says he's not then Molly is fair game. And it looks like Sergio has noticed.

Thanks to ak9_sh,Waking-The-Fallen,xxoomwauhzxxoo and Lurossoni for their comments on the last chapter.

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