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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 87- Words Can Hurt More Than You Think

“You know for such a small little boy. You have a lot of clothes mister” Molly said tickling Junior’s tummy before she placed a pair of his socks into the bag on the bed. The little boy giggled on the bed and Molly smiled at him. “I shouldn’t be surprised. Your papa has a lot of clothes too” she said pulling out her phone from her back pocket.

She re read the last text message from Cristiano that she had sent him that morning. She had sent a picture of Junior and he had sent back a bunch of hearts. She then told him that she had a surprise for him and he had just replied with an ok. He hadn’t being that chatty with her since the team barbecue and she didn’t know why. She heard the door bell and picked up Junior. “Let’s go see who has come to visit us” she said smiling at her son.

“Hola” Ana smiled once Molly opened the front door to her apartment. “Hey. This is a nice surprise” she said opening back the door. “I was in the neighbourhood” Ana said closing the door behind her. “Did you see the goals? Cristiano got a great one” Molly said walking back into the living room. “I heard it was good. What are you doing?” Ana asked as she followed Molly into her bedroom. “Packing. I hadn’t really noticed that I had been bringing stuff back with me when I stayed at Cristiano’s” Molly said placing Junior on the bed. “You’re packing? Where are you going?” Ana asked.

“To Cristiano’s house. Where else do you think I would be going?” Molly asked. “You’re moving back in?” Ana asked. “Ya it’s time. I’ve had time to get things right in my head about my parents. I’m still angry with Cristiano for not telling me about them but I’m starting to understand why he did it. It’s just the lying that’s still bothering me” Molly said. “You’re actually moving back in” Ana said. “I was always going to. I told Cristiano that” Molly said. “Does he know? When are you moving back in?” Ana asked.

“Tomorrow. Junior is staying there tonight and I’m just going to finish up things here and then move back myself. I was going to wait until tomorrow to surprise him but I think I’m just going to tell him when he comes to collect Junior later” Molly smiled. “Not the only surprise he got this week” Ana said taking a seat on the bed. “He was worried about me when I suggested Junior stay at his on Monday. It was sweet. But he knew I was fine. Otherwise you would have got a call to come check on me” Molly said. “Sorry?” Ana asked confused.

“I know he asked you to come see me when…..when I moved out during the whole nanny and Irina thing” Molly said. “Oh that” Ana said. “But I survived spending the night away from Junior on Monday. And tonight won’t be too bad either now that we’ll all be living in the same house tomorrow. Dolores went back to Portugal on Thursday so I hope she’ll be happy I’m moving back in” Molly said. “Are you happy you are?” Ana asked. “I wouldn’t be moving back in if I wasn’t happy about it. I kind of missed the place” Molly said. “You did?” Ana asked. “Ya. I may have also sort have missed Cristiano a bit too” Molly admitted.

“Wow you really are full of surprises this week” Ana said. “Well hopefully Cristiano will like this surprise” Molly said. “I’m sure he’ll like it a lot better than the surprise you have us all at the barbecue” Ana said. “I thought he liked the cookies I made?” Molly asked. “I was talking about you agreeing to a date with Sergio” Ana said and Molly laughed as she folded a blouse of hers paused and she looked at Ana when she said nothing further.

“What did you just say?” Molly asked. “You heard me” Ana said. “I….I didn’t agree to go on a date with Sergio” Molly said. “Ya you did” Ana said. “No I did not” Molly insisted. “Then what would you call tonight?” Ana asked. “We’re having dinner” Molly said. “Just the two of you” Ana said. “Well ya but that….I didn’t….I never….” Molly stuttered.

“Hold on Mols, you mean you agreed to a date not realise it’s a date?” Ana asked. “It’s not a date. Sergio said we should get dinner to chat about cookies. I suggested that I’d cook. I haven’t….he was so good after learning the truth about Junior. I never really apologised for all my lying” Molly said. “You don’t have to apologise Mols” Ana told her. “It’s just dinner Ana” Molly said. “I’m not sure Sergio sees it like that. And I suspect that he’s not the only one” Ana said.

“I…..I….” Molly gasped taking a seat on the bed. “Mols are you ok?” Ana asked as Molly began to breathe fast. “I……there’s no way…no you’re wrong. Sergio and I are friends” Molly said standing. “You and Cris are friends too Mols and you and I both know how that has worked out” Ana reminded her. “But that’s….oh my God Cristiano” Molly said looking at Ana. “He thinks I’m going on a date with Sergio” Molly said. “Mols apparently you are the only one who doesn’t think it’s a date” Ana said. “Because it’s not Ana” Molly insisted.

“So you don’t have any feelings towards Sergio then?” Ana asked. “Of course I do” Molly said and Ana raised an eyebrow. “Not like…Oh lord how did this happen? Is this the reason Cristiano has been so off with me since the other day?” Molly asked. “I don’t know” Ana shrugged. “No you’re wrong Ana. Sergio doesn’t think it’s a date. He and I are friends. He doesn’t see me like that. I’m sorry Ana you are wrong” Molly claimed. “If you say so” Ana said. “Wait so everyone thinks that tonight, me and……you know….that we are….oh lord” Molly said. “Who are you calling?” Ana asked as Molly put her phone to her ear.

“Cristiano” Molly said. “He’s on a plane” Ana reminded her. “Damn it” Molly said. “It will be fine” Ana told her. “He thinks I agreed to a date with one of his teammates when he and I……oh I don’t…....oh this is all a mess” Molly said. “Just explain when you see him Mols” Ana told her. “Ya as soon as he comes to pick up Junior I’ll explain” she said trying calm herself.

“Are you ok?” Ana asked. “Sure I am. Why wouldn’t I be?” Molly asked. “Well for starters you’re pacing” Ana said and Molly stopped when she realised that Ana was right. “It’s not a date” Molly said as she tried to figure out what she was going to say to Cristiano. And to Sergio.

Molly checked her watch for the fifth time in as many minutes as Junior crawled on the floor in front of her. Cristiano had texted to say that he was on his way over to collect Junior and Molly had sat on the couch tapping her foot as she waited. She didn’t know why Ana thought her dinner with Sergio was a date. But when she heard Cristiano thought the same, Molly didn’t know what to do or say.

The doorbell buzzed and Molly quickly moved to pick Junior into her arms and walked as quickly as she could towards the door of her apartment. “Hi” she smiled when she opened the door. Cristiano who stood wearing his Real Madrid tracksuit nodded. “Give him here” he said holding his hands out towards Junior. “Nice goal and win today” she said handing him Junior. “Ya it was fine. I’ll see you tomorrow” he said moving to turn away. “Wait Cristiano” she said and he paused. “I have his bag and stuff. Seriously not even a hello” she said. “Hello Molly” he muttered to please her.

“Just come in please” she asked stepping back into the apartment. “Something smells nice” he said following her towards the living room. “I made a curry” she said turning to face him. She had decided to use up what she had left in her fridge. “Well I’m sure Ramos will enjoy it” Cristiano said. “Ya about that. Ana was here earlier and she-

helped you pick out your outfit. You look lovely. I’m sure Ramos will appreciate the effort you have gone to” Cristiano interrupted. “I haven’t gone to any effort” Molly said and Cristiano let out a snort. “I haven’t. I knocked the rest of the milk on my jeans. This is skirt….”she paused. “Will surely be something Ramos will like” Cristiano said. “Cristiano” she said. The skirt was the only thing she hadn’t packed.

“Enjoy your little dinner date Molly” Cristiano snapped turning his back. “Will you wait and talk to me” she said and he laughed turning back to face her. “And what exactly do you want to talk about Molly?” he asked. “I want to explain” she said as he readjusted Junior in his arms.

“Oh you want to explain. Oh there’s no need. I understand perfectly. You tell me that you need space when really you just want me out of the way so you can have it off with one of my teammates” he yelled. “That’s not true” she said. “All that crap about needing time. Ya you needed time alright. Needed time to screw my teammates. So tell me who’s next?” he asked. “Don’t talk to me like that” she yelled.

“You kiss me and then agree to go on a date with my teammate. I’ll talk to you any way I like” he yelled. “I didn’t agree to a date with Sergio” she said. “Yet you’re all dressed up ready and waiting for him” he snapped. “Cristiano” she said. “Don’t Molly” he said. “It’s not a date” she insisted. “I shouldn’t be surprised” he scoffed. “And what do you mean by that?” she asked.

“You couldn’t wait to open your legs for the bastard Luke. Probably won’t take Ramos too much effort tonight” Cristiano said and Molly stood eyes wide open at his words. “I…I can’t believe you just said that” she said. “I’m sure Higuaín won’t take much persuading either. Hey tell him to give me a ring. I can give you a very good recommendation” Cristiano snapped. “Get out” she yelled.

“Oh I’m going. I’ll go back home with our son. While you and Ramos get all cosy on your date. You tell me that you need time and then you do this. Irina was right. You’re not as sweet and innocent as you make out” he said. “Get out” she repeated.

“Though you and I both know I took care of your innocence a long time ago” he smirked. “You should be thankful you are holding my son right now or else” she said trying to stop herself from shaking. “Well I’m thankful for all the times I got you on your back” he smirked. “Get out now” she yelled.

“Enjoy your date Molly” he said. “It’s not a date” she yelled as he turned and headed towards the door. “But right now I’m beginning to reconsider. Hey I might even find out if the Spanish are really better than the Portuguese” she yelled after him before she heard the door bang loudly. The sound of the bang had barely stopped when the tears began to flow from Molly’s eyes. “How could he say those things?” she said out loud as she wrapped her arms around her waist and dropped the ground.
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So Molly didn't agree to a date with Sergio but have Cristiano's words pushed her in that direction?

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