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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 89-So Molly What Do You Want?

“Sergio that was………” Molly mumbled before Sergio burst out laughing. She sat back in the couch as she watched the Spaniard laugh. “Sergio” she said confused. “I’m sorry” he laughed. “I just….I can’t believe I just kissed you” he laughed. “Well yes you did. And now you are laughing” she said annoyed. “I know” he laughed.

“Ramos” she said. “Sorry” he tried to compose himself as he looked at her. “You kissed me” she stated. “I know” he said seriously before they both began to laugh. They looked at each other and kept laughing. “Oh my side” he laughed. “Stop laughing then” she laughed brushing her hair off her face. “I’m sorry I don’t know why” he laughed. “You know a girl could take it very badly when a guy laughs after he kisses her” she said finally feeling able to talk and not laugh.

“I have a feeling you don’t mind in this case” he said finally composing himself enough to look at her. “And why would you think that?” she asked. “You know why” he said. “You saying that I’m a bad kisser Ramos?” she asked. “No of course not” he insisted. “Then what?” she asked and he groaned. “Has anyone ever told you that you can be annoying sometimes?” he asked. “Ya someone has actually” she sighed. “I’m sorry” he sighed. “About what exactly?” she asked.

“Well for starters I guess for kissing you. It seemed like a good idea at the time” he mumbled. “And now?” she asked. “Well you know….like I kissed you…so…you know that there…..” he paused.
“Wasn’t anything there” she finished and he nodded. “And is that a good or bad thing?” she asked. “Well clearly going on how you reacted by pulling away from me, you think it’s a good thing” he sighed resting his head on the back of the couch.

“I asked you” she said turning to face him. “Well since it was a lacking kiss then of course I think it’s a good thing” he said closing his eyes. “Sergio” she said. “I never thought it would be like this. I never thought if I actually grew some balls and kissed you that there would be nothing between us. No sizzle. I never thought there would be nada” he said.

“You thought about kissing me?” she asked. “Have you looked in a mirror Molly? You are drop dead gorgeous. A blind man would even want to kiss you” he said turning his head to look at her. “So you like me? Like like me like me” she asked.

“Yes…well I thought I did. Urgh why I did have to kiss you? Why couldn’t I have left me wondering about it then actually doing it?” he asked himself. “Sergio can you talk sense now please” she said. “I’ve wanted to kiss you since the first moment I saw you Molly. The more I got to know you the more I liked you. But…..” he paused. “But what?” she asked. “But clearly I was right to hold back” he said. “Right” she said. “That’s all you’ve got to say?” he asked.

“For once I’m struggling to think of anything to say. I…I had no clue” she admitted. “Really?” he asked. “No I didn’t” she said. “Well you did have a lot to juggle when you first moved to Madrid so I guess it’s understandable” he said. “I….Sergio I don’t know what to say I’m sorry” she said. “Don’t be. It was just a silly crush Mols. And clearly it was all in my head cos there was nothing in that kiss” he said. “Ya there really wasn’t” she laughed.

“And everyone thought I should ask you out” he laughed. “Everyone? You mean everyone….knew….that you liked me?” she asked. “Pretty sure ya” he said. “Oh no wonder Ana thought you had asked me out. Wait does Cristiano think the same? I mean does he think you had a crush on me?” she asked. “Maybe” he mumbled.

“Oh my God” she said standing from the couch. “I thought he would stop lying to himself. That’s why I made it sound like a date. I never thought he’d react this way” Sergio told her. “No wonder he didn’t believe me” she cried. “No no don’t start crying again please. I’m sorry. I’ll fix it I promise” he told her. “How Sergio? He hates me now. He thinks that I could try and be with you after…” she paused. “Oh Mols” he said trying to hug her.

“No” she said pushing him away. “This is all my fault” she said wrapping her arms around herself. “No it’s not” he told her. “It is. I pushed him away. I knew this would happen. I knew I couldn’t have what I wanted” she cried and allowed Sergio to pull her into his arms. “Come sit back down” he told her gentle pulling her back to sit down on the couch.

“But I gave Cristiano such a hard time for lying to me about my parents. I pushed him away. It’s my fault all of this is happening” she said. “What about your parents?” he asked. “It’s why I moved out” she sighed. “My parents…they’ve had issues. With drink and gambling etc. For as long as I can remember” she said. “I’m sorry Mols. I knew there were issues with you and your parents but that sucks” Sergio said.

“A few days ago…oh.. Cristiano started to avoid me. I thought he regretted…”she paused thinking about the kiss they had shared before he had left for that away game. “I thought he was even talking to Irina again” she said. “Ha trust me Mols, he’s done with her” Sergio said. “Turns out my parents had turned up unannounced. So instead of telling me, he just takes me to this hotel and shocks me with them” she told him. “Bit of warning probably would have been good” Sergio said.

“Well apart from a few messages from my father during the past year I hadn’t heard much from them. But it turns out Cristiano had paid for both of them to go to rehab. And while I was worrying about them he knew where they were” she said. “Oh” Sergio said surprised.

“It was such a lovely thing to do. I know that. And I’ve told him how thankful I am for him for doing that. And I know I overreacted. But like I’ve explained to Cristiano it doesn’t change the fact that he lied to me. I get that he didn’t want to hurt me but he still did. I was angry. And I pushed him away. But I just needed time. I told him I’d move back when I was ready. My head was all over the place. I thought he was the one person I could trust not to lie to me. Oh what’s the point. I’m the bitch. I liked to everyone about Junior. It’s all my fault. And now he hates me” Molly cried.

“Molly, I would bet my entire football career on Ronnie not hating you. If anything it’s the opposite” Sergio told her.

“I’ve made a mess of everything” she said as tears fell from her hazel eyes. “Mols” he said placing his arm around her shoulders. “No you haven’t. You and Ronnie have just had a misunderstanding” he told her. “He thinks I agreed to go on a date with you. How the fuck didn’t I see that you liked me. Everyone else apparently fucking knew” she said. “You were busy growing, giving birth to and raising a baby. Plus add in all the shit with Ronnie, Irina and Luke. Anyway I wasn’t that obvious” he told her.

“Obvious enough that everyone assumed you were asking me out on a date. I just wanted to have dinner with my friend. Just to apologise” she cried. “Why would you be apologising to me?” he asked confused. “For lying to you” she said. “But there’s no need. Why you and Ronnie didn’t tell us the truth about Junior isn’t out business. He is your son not ours” he told her.

“After everything I’ve done I’m surprised you would even want to be my friend” she sighed. “You’ve done nothing to me. Well apart from breaking my Sevillen heart” he joked holding his hand over his heart. “Pretty sure lying to you for over a year is something” she said. “Ok I don’t why you hid it. Well if I was a chick had had slept with Ronnie then I might have hid it too” he joked and let out a laugh. “That’s better” he said nudging her shoulder.

“Shouldn’t have being surprised really. I mean I’ve always being the wrong footballer. Haven’t I?” he asked and she just stared at the wall in front of her.

“Ya you’ve always belonged to him. I see that even more clearly now” he told her. “That’s…” she paused. “The truth? Come on Mols. You’ve got to see that by now” he told her. “When it’s too late” she mumbled. “Earlier when I told you that Ronnie told Higuaín that you and he were just friends. You well I saw noticed you react. What was that about?” he asked.

“We kissed” she told him. “Ya I know I kissed you Mols” he said. “Not you and me you idiot. Cristiano and I” she said. “Well since you and he have Junior I kind of suspected” he smiled and she rolled her eyes. “Recently Sergio. As in a few days ago” she told him. “I knew you two were more than just friends. I knew it. The way he acted when you were with Luke or when I was around you. Wait recently?” Sergio asked. “Yes only recently. I’m not a cheat. As much as that bitch was well a bitch. I’m not the other woman” she told him. “Oh I didn’t mean. I mean I know you wouldn’t. Ok ok sorry” he sighed.

“I had started to let myself think…oh I’ve lost everything” she cried. “No you haven’t” he told her. “I have. I knew this would happen. I knew if I let myself want it that it would all go wrong” she cried. “Oh Molly” he said rubbing her arm. “I didn’t want to lose him. Lose everything I’ve built here. I didn’t want to get hurt and now I’ve no one to blame but myself” she cried. “You have not lost anything. Anyone. You could never” he told her.

“Part of me was afraid” she mumbled. “Afraid of what?” he asked. “If things…if we had become something more…..and it all went wrong. Then I could lose Junior” she cried. “Hey hey he would never ever keep you for your son. He would never do that to him. To you. We wouldn’t let him. His family would never let him” Sergio said. “I didn’t want to lose them either. For the first time since I was a kid I’ve felt part….part of a family” she cried. “Oh Mols. It will all be ok” he told her. “I don’t see how” she said wiping her cheeks. “You and him are always like this. You two fight and then make up. Hey this time make kiss and make up” he smirked and she laughed.

“It’s what you two do. It all makes sense that you’ve forgiven him when he’s messed up” he said. “I’ve messed up” she told him. “Well he’s messed up way more. You couldn’t even hate him if you tried Mols” he said as she rested her head on his shoulder. “Come on admit it, even after he said horrible things to you earlier tonight, you still wish it was his shoulder your head was resting on” Sergio told her. “I guess” she said. “Oh breaking my heart again” he smiled. “Sergio” she said nudging him in the chest as she lifted her head up straight. “I’m only joking Mols” he told her.

“Sergio I adore you. You know that. You have being wonderful to me since I moved to Spain. And even after I lied to you about Junior…But Sergio-
“But I’m not the footballer you want” he smiled at her and Molly flicked her head straight. “It’s ok Mols. You can say not. Honestly after that kiss I can tell you with 100% certainty that anything I thought I felt for you is gone. Still love you as a friend though. Always will do” he smiled at her.

“Sergio I know you said you made Cristiano think it was a date. Me and you tonight. But is that the truth? I mean you did kiss me” Molly asked. “First of all when Sergio Ramos takes a girl on a date, he does not let her cook on the first date. Plus I would never go on a date in my training gear. Jezz Mols” Sergio said. “Well you can’t blame me for questioning what you told me” she said. “I kissed you and it was a mistake” Sergio said. “Yes it was” Molly said. “I honestly……deep down I knew it was silly. But well…..I guess I couldn’t not know. Can’t blame a guy for trying” Sergio smiled at her.

“You might not be smiling when I tell Cristiano” she told him and he frowned. “Hey now he doesn’t need to know I made a complete fool out of my self” Sergio said. “I can’t lie to him Sergio. Not something like this” she told him. “Urgh why do you have to be so nice? Molly it didn’t even mean anything. Like there was nothing in that kiss. No sizzle. No spark nothing. The guy will kill me” Sergio told her. “No he won’t” Molly said. “He’s a jealous fool. Of course he will” Sergio told her. “I’ll explain everything to him. That’s if he will talk to me” she said. “He’ll calm down. And I’ll admit that I stupidly interfered” Sergio said not looking forward to telling his teammate.

“But you know what you have to do. Don’t you Mols?” he asked. “It’s too late” she told him. “No it’s not. It’s great that you got everything you just told me off your chest. And I hoped that it has helped you. But there’s someone else you need to tell all of this to” he told her. “I know I do” she told him.

“The guy has being as blind as you have being. But given the jealous idiot he has being tonight and well everyday since you’ve moved here, all he wants is to hear you tell him” Sergio said. “You think?” she asked. “Well it depends if it’s what he wants to here. So really Molly before you see him you need to know what you want. So Molly what do you want?” he asked.

Molly stood from the couch. “Mols wait” he called after her cursing himself for pushing her. He watched as she went and picked up her mobile. “He’s not answering” she said dropping the phone from her ear. “Molly” he said. “I want him. I want Cristiano. I want him forever” Molly said truthfully.
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So no sizzle in the kiss and Molly said it was a mistake. Did you see that outcome? She knows she’s messed up. But can you see why she has acted the way she has? Turns out Sergio is a pretty good guy to talk to. And it WASN’T a date. But will Molly insistence to tell Cristiano about the kiss with Sergio end well for Sergio? Will Molly get the reaction she wants from Cristiano when she finally tells him how she feels?

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