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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 9- I Don't Want To Leave You

“How long have we been here?” Molly asked. “Like sitting here or at the hospital?” he asked. “I know how long we’ve being at the hospital. It’s too long” she sighed. “The nurses will be out soon. And then you can see him” he said.

“I want to hold him” she whispered. “You will get too soon” he said. “I need to hold him. It feels like forever since I held him in my arms” she said. “He likes being in your arms the most” Cristiano said and Molly lifted her head from his shoulder, where it had been resting for some time. “You think?” she asked. “I know” he said and rested her head back onto his shoulder.

“I know this is something you hate” he said. “Of course I hate all of this. I hate seeing the little boy that I… there like that” she sobbed. “Hey hey I know you hate it too” he said wrapping his arm around her. “I hate that this is happening. I hate seeing him like that. I hate seeing what all of this is doing to you” he said kissing the top of her head.

“I just want this to be over. I just want to hold him. I can’t lose him” she said. “We are not going to lose him Molly” he said. “I want him out of here” she said. “He will be soon. Just stop thinking about what could and it is highly unlikely to happen the worst ok. Think about what we are going to do when he gets out of here. We have a day at the zoo to plan” he said. “It’s going to be a long time before that will happen” she mumbled.

“Hey look at me” he said and she lifted her head. “But it will happen” he said wiping the tears under her eyes. “I hope you are right” she whispered before dropping her head back onto his shoulder. “I’m bound to be right sometime” he joked. “I hope you are about this” she said as his finger ran through her hair. “It will be over soon Mols. He’ll be out of here really really soon” he said. “I hope so” she sighed.

“Did you see they have some Christmas decorations up already?” he asked to get them to stop thinking the worst. “Ya I saw some” she said as his fingers ran through her hair. “I can’t believe it’s Christmas in less than a month” he sighed hoping they won’t be still here by then. “You don’t like Christmas?” she asked lifting her head slightly to look at him. “I do sort of. I guess I spent a lot of them playing football in England so I missed out. But Rodrigo and Alicia make it fun” he said.

“I love Christmas” Molly said lowering her head once more. “Really?” he asked surprised given that the holiday season is associated with family. And Molly’s family wasn’t exactly all rosy he thought. “It’s my favourite time of the year” she said and he laughed and the frowned. He thought about last Christmas. How he had gone to Mauritius with Irina. How his mother and siblings had gone to Dubai. How Molly had decided to stay in Lisbon because she said she wasn’t up to flying.

“Why is that so funny?” she asked. “It’s not” he said before clearly his throat as he tried to rid his mind of Molly alone last December. “I was just imagine you as a kid all excited” he smiled. She sat up turning in to him slightly. “It wasn’t just me. Mum and Dad were worse than me. I used to wake up to see what Father Christmas had left me and then the three of us would watch Christmas movies all day” she said and he could see happiness in her eyes for a brief moment. “I bet you were never on the naughty list” he smiled. “Couldn’t do anything naughty near Christmas anyway” she sighed.

“You ok?” he asked giving her hand a squeeze. “I always got what I wanted you know. Father Christmas or well I guess my parents always got me what I asked for. Not that I ever asked for something that was ridiculously priced or that I wouldn’t play with” she said. “You didn’t want to put pressure on your parents. Even as a kid you were put others before yourself” Cristiano said.

“It was the one day that they never drank. Neither of them ever touched it on that day. It was the one day that I used to wish would come around quickly. “You didn’t deserve that Molly but at least you have a nice childhood memory. That one day of sobriety shows you that they did, that they do love you. I know that they have a weird way of showing it” he said.

“Ya they love me so much that I haven’t heard from them in weeks. Oh who am I kidding? When do I ever get what I want?” she mumbled. He lifted her chin. His finger brushed against her cheek and he wiped a tear from under her eye with his thumb and she stared up at him. “What do you want Molly?” he asked.

“Ronaldo” a voice called out and they pair both jumped at the sound. Cristiano dropped his hand from Molly’s face as she brushed her hair behind her ear. “Jorge” Cristiano said. “Hugo is here” his agent replied. “Ok” Cristiano said as Molly jumped up quickly when the door they had been focused on opened. Eva one of the nurse who had being taking care of Junior smiled as she took off her mask and apron.

“I’m sorry we took so long” Eva said. “Is he ok?” Molly asked as Cristiano stood. “No change yet I’m afraid” Eva replied. “But he’s getting better. Isn’t that right Eva?” Cristiano asked the nurse placing his hands on Molly’s shoulders. “He is. A little each day. I will be back in a little while” Eva said before leaving. Molly moved to put on an apron. “Molly wait” Jorge said. “I want to see him Jorge” Molly said. “Why don’t you go with Cris to see Hugo” he said. “Jorge” she said.

“Hey come on. Give his godfather a bit of time with him. I haven’t seen the little guy yet” Jorge said. “I don’t know” Molly said. “Just a few minutes Mols. I’ll bring you back here myself. Maybe even after you eat a little” Cristiano said. “Ten minutes and I’m coming back ok” she said to Cristiano who nodded. “I’ll keep the little man company until you come back. Cristiano I have a hotel room organised. Nuno will tell you more. And Irina is back here too” Jorge said looking at Cristiano. “She won’t be long. Make sure you wear an apron and the rest of the stuff before you go in. Come on Mols” Cristiano said as he gently pulled Molly to walk with him.

“Since when is Jorge Junior’s godfather?” Molly asked as they got nearer the waiting room door. “He’s not. He’s just eyeing the job. He can bribe us for the position at a later date” he said. “Us?” Molly asked as Katia came out of the room. “Sorry. Zé, kids running wild. I’ll be back” she mumbled with the phone to her ear.

“Molly” Hugo said standing from his seat next to his mother. “Hi Hugo” Molly said as they hugged. He might not be as close to Molly as other members of his family but he cared for her as much as everyone else. “I hear Junior is getting better. That’s good” he said. “He’s still on a ventilator” she said. “But the doctors say he’s improving each day” Cristiano said. “I should get back to Junior” Molly said. “Take a little break Molly” Dolores said. “We’ve being sitting outside for ages Dolores. I just want to see him” she said.

“And while she’s gone there Cris can go change” Irina said. “Jorge has organised a hotel room across the street” Nuno said. “I’m not leaving” Cris said. “Babe you need a shower and some fresh clothes. Which I brought from home. You need to get out of here” Irina said standing and walking to her boyfriend. “It’s just across the street Cris” Hugo said. Cristiano looked at Molly.

“You won’t be that long Cristiano so you might as well” Dolores said. “I’ll be quick” he said. “Great let’s go” Irina smiled. “I’ll just walk Molly back to Junior” he said. “She knows where the room is Cris” Irina said. “I’ll be back in a minute” he said as he and Molly headed to the door.

“Molly” he said as they walked down the corridor. “It doesn’t matter Cristiano” she said. “Molly” he said. “Just go and take a shower. Seriously before you end up stinking this place out” she said and he laughed. “I’ll be quick” he said. “So just thirty minutes instead of an hour then” she joked as they reached the door to Junior’s room. He helped her put on the apron and she stood with her back to him as he tied it around her.

“I don’t want to leave him” he mumbled. “You’ll be across the street. I’ll ring if there’s a problem” she said.

“I don’t want to leave you” he whispered placing a kiss on the back of her neck. She sighed and took a step forward.

“Your girlfriend is waiting for you” she said pushing the door open.
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Molly is back to telling Cristiano more about her life but will it last? Will she let him in? Does Jorge have a problem with Cristiano? And what do Cristiano and Molly want?

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