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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 90- Don't Lose The Best Thing That's Happened To You

“Molly will you sit down” Sergio said as Molly paced up and down the living room of her apartment. “He’s not answering” she sighed trying Cristiano’s number again. “Well getting worked up isn’t going to make him answer his phone any quicker so please sit down” he begged. “But I need to talk to him. Sergio he thinks you and I are on a date. I need to speak to him. I need to tell him….well you know” she said. Sergio stood from where he had being sitting on the couch and walked to stand in front of her.

“You will get to speak to him. You will get to explain all of this and you will get to him that you want to be with him. But you need to breathe and relax Mols. He’s probably busy with Junior or just needing to cool down” Sergio told her. “Maybe I should just go see him” Molly suggested. “Wait until tomorrow. Give him time to cool down and then you can explain. Well explain that I’m a stupid idiot for interfering and making it look like you and I were on a date” Sergio said.

“It wasn’t all your fault Sergio” Molly told him. “I probably didn’t pick the best time to interfere. I just….something pissed me off when he told Higuaín that you and him were just friends. When anyone with half a brain can see there’s more there” Sergio said. “Really?” she asked and he rolled his eyes. “Jezz Mols you’re meant to be the smart one” he said. “And what if it’s only me?” she asked. “Trust me the man wants to be with you” he told her. “But” she said.

“No buts Mols. It was only a few minutes ago that you were anxious to speak to him, you can’t chicken out now” he told her. “Then I should go see him now. That way at least if he rejects me then I can just move on” Molly told Sergio. “What you are going to do is go into the bathroom and wash your face cos it’s all red from crying and then you and I are going to sit down and eat something. You can try him again and if he doesn’t answer then you can speak to him in the morning” Sergio told her.

“I’m not getting a choice about this. Am I?” she asked. “Nope. Now go” he said pointing to the bathroom door. “And people say that I’m bossy” she scoffed walking towards the bathroom. Once she was out of sight, Sergio pulled his phone from his pocket and clicked on Cristiano’s number. Sergio groaned when the call was cancelled from the other side. “Ronaldo whatever you think is going on tonight you are wrong. Don’t lose the best thing that’s happened to you” Sergio said on Cristiano’s voice mail.

“Those kids are the sweetest” Katia said coming to sit at the kitchen island. “Especially when they are asleep” Nuno joked. “Well tonight that’s probably true. Rodrigo was wild tonight” Katia said. She had arrived with her two sons earlier that day. “He wanted to Cris to play with him” Nuno said. “But instead my baby brother was acting like a child. Seriously what is wrong with him? He’s in a foul mood” Katia said. “He thinks Molly is on a date with Sergio” Nuno told Katia.

“What? Why?” Katia asked. “Well Sergio did kind of ask her out the other day” Nuno said. “Wait one of Cris’s teammates asks Molly out and no one thinks to tell me” Katia said. “Molly said it wasn’t a date” Nuno told her. “Ok ok start from the beginning” Katia said. “So apparently Sergio asked her for dinner just the two of them. And Molly said she’d cook him dinner. So I guess that was tonight” Nuno said. “And” Katia said knowing there was more to come.

“Well from what I can gather, Cris collected Junior from Molly and well I guess he didn’t keep his thoughts to himself” Nuno said. “Well since he came back here slamming doors I doubt he confessed his undying love for her in order to stop the date” Katia sighed. “I phoned Molly. She was in pieces Katia. She kept saying it wasn’t a date. He wouldn’t listen to her and then……” Nuno paused. “What did he do?” Katia asked. “He said something very cruel to her” Nuno said. “Urgh them two. I could bang their heads together” Katia said.

“I know. I thought they were getting somewhere. Like I know the whole parents thing affected her but I know she was coming around” Nuno said. Katia turned when she heard someone entering the room. “The kids are asleep” she told Cristiano. “Great” he muttered moving to pick up his car keys. “Isn’t that just the sweetest sight?” Katia asked holding up her phone which had a picture of Junior, Rodrigo and Denis asleep on the bed. “Lovely” Cristiano mumbled. “Where are you going?” Nuno asked. “Out” Cristiano replied.

“Where?” Katia asked. “None of your business” Cristiano snapped. “Cristiano stop” Katia yelled after him. “What do you want Katia?” Cristiano asked. “I want you to calm down and go speak to Molly” Katia told him. “She’s on a date. A fucking date with my teammate. How the fuck am I meant to calm down?” Cristiano yelled. “She said it wasn’t a date” Nuno said and Cristiano scoffed. “Ya right” he said.

“I phoned her. She was in tears” Nuno told her. “Sad she got caught” Cristiano snapped. “Sad cos you thought so little of her. Though I think what really made her cry was what you said to her. How the hell could you say that to her? You really told her that she couldn’t wait to open her legs for Sergio” Nuno said in disgust. “Ronaldo” Katia said. “She’s in the wrong Katia. She’s on a fucking date. After we….urgh I’m not doing this” he said.

“She said it wasn’t a date and I believe her” Nuno told him. “Well baddy for you” Cristiano replied. “Why would she go on a date with Sergio if she was planning on moving back in here tomorrow?” Nuno asked. “What?” Cristiano asked. “She had her bags packed. That doesn’t sound like a woman who is trying to move on from you” Nuno told him. “She just wants Junior” Cristiano said. “That’s not true. And instead of ignoring her calls why don’t you try talking to her calmly” Nuno suggested as Cristiano cancelled the incoming call on his phone. “How do you know she’s the one calling me?” Cristiano asked. “That’s her ring tone” Nuno told him.

“You’re an idiot” Katia told her brother. “This isn’t my fault. I’m not the one on a date” Cristiano snapped. “You need to talk to her” Katia told him. “She’s made her choice” Cristiano snapped. “She has done no such thing. This is all a misunderstanding. And you need to man up. And wake up and tell her how you feel about her once and for all” Katia yelled at him. “Why do I have to do it?” Cristiano yelled back. “Oh shut up. Shut the fuck up” Nuno yelled slamming a pot into the sink before turning to face Cristiano.

“Yes she’s messed up. Ok. Tonight wasn’t all you fault I see that. But this is Molly we are talking about Cris. If she say it’s not a date then it’s not a date” Nuno told him. “She left Nuno. She moved out. She’s….” Cristiano paused. “She’s scared of getting hurt” Nuno sighed. “I’d never hurt Molly” Cristiano gasped. “Just go talk to her please” Katia begged. “Keep an ear out for Junior” Cristiano said turning to head down the hallway. “Prove her right Cristiano. Prove to her that you are the man she sees when no one else does” Katia called after him.
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