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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 91- Tell Me What You Want What You Really Really Want

“Are you going to be ok?” Sergio asked Molly as they stood at her front door. “You really want me to answer that truthfully?” Molly asked. “Mols” he said. “I’ll be fine Sergio. I just wish I hadn’t messed up” she said. “You didn’t. I did. And I’ll make Ronnie see that” Sergio said. “I just wish he would stop ignoring my calls. I just want to hear his voice” she sighed.

“Try to get some sleep and then in the morning go and talk to him” Sergio said. “I need him to see… see that it’s him. That it’s always being him” she said resting her head against the doorframe. “It will all work out Mols” he said. “I hope so” she said. “You still planning on telling him about……me kissing you?” Sergio asked nervously. “I have to Sergio. I can’t not tell him” she replied.

“Any chance you could wait until after season? At least I’d have an entire summer to recover from the beating he’s going to give me” Sergio said and she laughed. “It’s not funny Mols. He’s going to kill me” Sergio said. “No he won’t. I won’t let him for starters. Plus once he knows the kiss meant nothing he won’t care” she told him and Sergio groaned. “Oh great even if he doesn’t kill me he still gets to make fun of me” Sergio wined. “Sergio” Molly said.

“What I’m a man. Even though there was nothing in that kiss. That doesn’t mean I want him knowing that” Sergio pouted. “Are you really thinking about your pride right now Sergio?” she asked. “Well he already thinks he’s a better footballer then me. Now he’ll think he’s a better kisser than me” he sulked and Molly laughed. “It wasn’t that bad” she said and he raised an eyebrow at her. “Ok it was bad. And shock and surprise was the reason I didn’t push you back quicker but seriously Sergio it’s not a competition” Molly told him.

“I know it’s not Mols. No one was ever going to be able to compete with him for your heart” Sergio said. “Sergio” she said. “Doubt any kisses lack any sizzle with Ronnie” Sergio said and Molly blushed shyly. “You just answered me” he said. “I’m sorry Sergio” she said. “I’m not going to lie Mols, I think you and I would have being good together. Well I mean if we had a spark that is and if you and Ronnie weren’t meant to be together” he said.

“You sure you weren’t lying to me about tonight being a date?” she asked afraid of the answer. “I swear I wasn’t. Seriously I have more style than to let a woman cook for me on a first date. I really only kissed you for the fear of regret for not doing so” he said.

“Are you and me going to be ok?” she asked. “Of course we are. I’m already over you” he said. “Nice to see that it only takes a couple of hours” she smiled. “You’re the best Mols. And Ronnie is lucky to have you” Sergio told her. “I’d be the lucky one if he picks up my calls” she sighed. “He will. Go get some sleep and when you and him sort things out, maybe you two can find me my perfect woman” Sergio said.

“I’m sure we could find someone for you” she smiled. “Good night Mols” he said. “Night Sergio. Thanks” she said. “Why are you thanking me? I’m the one who caused this mess” he said. “For making me admit what I want” she told him. “Thank me by telling him. And maybe stopping him from killing me” he said. “I’ll do that” she smiled waving him goodbye.

“Piss off” Cristiano said cancelling Sergio’s call once more. He leaned his head back against the car seat with his phone in his hand. A phone that hadn’t stopped ringing. If it wasn’t Sergio. It was Molly. Or Katia. Or Nuno. “Will you all just leave me alone” he said cancelling Molly’s incoming call. He thought about what Nuno had said. Why would Molly be afraid of getting hurt?

He would never hurt Molly he thought and sighed. But he had hurt her. He had hurt her with his words tonight. He knew he had being cruel but he was angry. He wanted to make her suffer. Cos that’s how he was feeling. How he had being feeling for days after Sergio had asked Molly for dinner. “Maybe Nuno is right. If she said it wasn’t a date then maybe it really wasn’t” he said to himself as he picked up his phone to his ear. He clicked on the last voice mail that had been left on his phone. “Ronaldo” he heard Molly say.

“Will you answer my calls already. You…..Urgh I have every right to hate you. After what you said to me tonight I have more than a right to hate you. After everything you have put me through I have every right to hate you. Bu…………….” He clicked the message off. “Well I hate you too Molly” he said pulling his keys out of the ignition and opening the door. “Senor” a man said. “Take these” Cristiano said throwing the keys into the man’s hand.

Molly waved at the security guard as she entered the gated community where Cristiano’s house was situated. She hadn’t slept a wink all night. She kept playing out different scenarios in her head. One where Cristiano wouldn’t see her. One where he laughed in her face after she told him how she felt. But then there was one she thought smiling as she waited for Cristiano’s front gate to open. She had waited until she thought it was the right time of the morning but she couldn’t wait anymore. If he wasn’t awake then she would wake him up. She needed to fix things. She needed. They needed to fix things. To fix them.

She took a deep breath before climbing out of her car. The couple of bags full of hers and Juniors clothes were in the back and she was hoping they wouldn't be there for long. She placed her key into the lock and hoped Marcosa wouldn't bark too loudly. It wasn't really early but it wasn't late either though she knew Junior was due to awaken soon. She hoped Cristiano would let her talk after she woke him. "Hello boy" Molly smiled at the dog who was running towards her as she quietly shut the door.

"Lets go wake your owner" she said rubbing the dogs head. The dog ran ahead of her and she heard him growl. "Shut up you stupid dog" Molly heard a mans voice say. "Someone got out on the wrong side of the bed this morning" Molly said coming into Cristiano's view. He looked at her with surprise before a brief smile appeared on his face. But then the smile disappeared and was replaced by a frown.

"What do you want?" he snapped. "To talk" she replied stepping towards him. "I'm not in the mood for talking" he said taking a seat on a stool. "Good that means you can concentrate on listening to what I've got to say then" she said placing her keys on the work top beside him. "I don't want to listen either" he snapped before rubbing his head. "Have you being drinking" she asked. "None of your business" he snapped.

"It is my business when you are watching our son. Seriously Ronaldo drinking. You don't drink" she reminded him. "Can you just leave me alone? My head hurts" he groaned. "Should have thought about that before you had drink then" she said moving towards the fridge. “Should have thought before I brought you into my life” he muttered. “You don’t mean that” she said slamming the fridge door and he groaned at the noise.

“And you came after me. Not the other way around” she snapped placing eggs on the worktop. “Story of my life. Running around after you” he scoffed as she broke three eggs into a glass. “What on earth made you drink last night?” she asked as she grabbed a spoon and he scoffed. “Ronaldo” she said. “Why are you so interested in what I drank last night? Didn’t Ramos not bring you a bottle of wine to your date?” he asked.

“It wasn’t a date” she told him as she spooned some ginger into the glass. He scoffed once more and held his hands to his eyes. “Drink this and stop with all the eye rolling and scoffing at my words” she said placing a glass in front of him. “What the hell is that?” he asked the sight of what was in the glass making him on the verge of getting sick. “It will help with the hangover. Now drink it. All of it” she told him.

“Not a chance. Have you seen it? It looks rotten” he wined. “It will help with the headache” she told him. “And you know this how?” he asked. “I was making it for my parents since I could reach the cabinet where the glasses were kept. Even a six year old can figure out pretty quick that standing on a chair can help with height difficulties” she muttered. “You still have those height difficulties” he smirked and she smiled.

“Ah but now I have you and Nuno around to reach the high cabinets” she smiled. “I’m sure Ramos will be willing to do anything for you” he snapped. “Well maybe I don’t need him” she said pushing the glass towards him. “Well I don’t need that or listening to you. “Just go wake up Junior and get out” he snapped. “Drink or I will make that headache of yours even worse than it currently is right now. I know this kitchen better than you Ronaldo. I know what makes the most noise” she said crossing her arms. “Molly” he said. “Just drink it. Katia will be up soon and she will make your life miserable if she sees you’ve been drinking” Molly said.

“You sure you’re not trying to poison me?” he asked picking up the glass. “That would the brunette you last slept with not me” she said. “I’m going to be sick” he groaned. “Drink it” she repeated and watched as he gaged and struggled to drink the glass. “That was disgusting” he mumbled once the glass was empty. “It worked for my parents so hopefully it will make you feel better soon too. Have some water too” she said passing him a bottle of water. “Not surprised they used to drink with having you as a daughter” he muttered and her shoulders dropped and her eyes turned sad.

“Mols I shouldn’t have said. Really I’m sorry. That was too far. It was never you fault that they drank” he told her. “I don’t know what to say” she told him. She had expected him to say something like that. “Just go get Junior. Go tell Ana how amazing your date was. I don’t care” he said.
“It wasn’t a date ok. Look like I said in my voice mail last night we need to talk” she told him. “Well I don’t really want to talk to the woman who kisses me one minute then goes on a date with some other guy. A teammate of mine” he snapped and began turning in the stool. “No no don’t leave. We need to talk. You need to listen to me” she said running to stand in front of him.

“You have your son. That’s all you want” he told her and she sighed. “I’m sorry” she said. “What?” he asked confused. “I’m sorry for ruining things. I’m sorry for…..for pushing you away” she sniffled. “I’m not used to…I don’t know….I’m used to it thinking about myself. Putting myself first. Not relaying on anyone except myself. Cos every time I put my trust in someone it gets broken” she said.

“Molly” he said. “No please let me talk” she said holding her hand up. “I know I overreacted about you lying to me about my parents. And I know I hurt you by moving out. I’m sorry ok. I’m sorry that you have to put up with me and all my drama. I’m not used to this…Not used to feeling like this. You did this amazing sweet thing when you didn’t have to and I hurt you because of it. I just need time to think Cristiano. I needed to fix the hard stuff with my parents before fixing things with you. I’m sorry that I pushed you away” she said wiping a tear from her eyes. She walked towards the table.

“I know I’m not easy to be with. I know I….But I want to try. I want to be a person who can trust easily. Who lets people in. But you have to help me” she said. “Molly” he said. “You see you annoy me like no one else. You can hurt me more than anyone else with your words” she said holding her hand up once more when he was about to talk.

“I’m afraid ok” she said wrapping her arms around her waist. “Afraid of what?” he asked. “Of losing you” she whispered and he opened and closed his mouth and her words. “I keep thinking about all the bad stuff that could happen when really I know I should be concentrating on the good things that could happen. But I’ve spent my entire life thinking the worse Cristiano. I need time. I need you to help me” she said wiping more tears.

“I wasn’t on a date with Sergio he only wanted you to think that” she told him. “What?” he said angrily. “I really don’t want to talk about that right now cos it’s not important. What’s important is that you know that I would never could never do that. I would never……I would never kiss you like I did….Before” she paused. “That means more to me….I would never think of another guy. I don’t think of Sergio like that. I can’t. Not when…” she paused.

“When what Molly?” he said sitting up straight. “You drive me crazy. Like I should hate you after everything you and I have being through but I can’t. Cos I can’t picture you not in my life. It’s crazy I barely know you yet I’ve told you more things about myself than I have to anyone else. Because you’ve gotten into my head. Into my heart and seeing you with our son” she sniffled.

“And it’s not because of Junior urgh I’m making a mess of this” she said. “Molly” he said. “I want you ok. I want you in my life. I want more then what we have now. I don’t want anyone else. I want-

her words were stopped as Cristiano’s lips crashed onto hers. She had being too determined to get all the words out that it hadn’t hit her brain that Cristiano had jumped out of his seat.

Cristiano’s arms came around her waist and pulled her towards him as their mouths moulded together. He felt her nails dig into the back of his neck as she tugged him closer. He grudgingly lifted his lips away from hers and placed both hands either side of her face as they started breathless at each other.

“I want you too” he whispered and her lips broke out into a huge smile before he leaned his head forward to cover her lips with his once more.

“Well isn’t this a sweet sight” a voice said as Cristiano broke the kiss and rested his forehead against Molly’s as she smiled.
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