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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 92- Falling

Molly grinned happily as Cristiano held her in his arms. She had finally confessed something she had being afraid to admit. Now she had told him, the weight of the world was off her shoulders. She was in the arms of a man she trusted. A man she wanted to be with. A man who she couldn’t see not being in her life.

“Well isn’t this a sweet sight” a voice said as Cristiano placed his forehead against hers. Molly who was grinning from ear to ear felt a chill run down her spine. “Mols” Cristiano whispered as she lifted her head back. She looked up at him and noticed that he was avoiding looking into her eyes.

“Molly” Cristiano said grabbing Molly’s arms as she moved them off his waist. She pushed him away and took a step back as her body shook. She lifted her head and looked at Cristiano. His face was filled with sadness and pain. But she knew it was nothing compared to the pain she was currently feeling. And she hadn’t even looked in the direction of where the voice had come from. “Not going to say hello Molly?” a familiar and unpleasant voice asked.

“How does a witch like to be greeted now a days?” Molly asked finally looking in the direction of the voice before covering her mouth with her hand once she saw Irina standing there. She knew it was her but nothing prepared her. Nothing prepared Molly for the kick in the stomach feeling she got once her eyes landed on the Russian. The Russian who was currently smirking at Molly wearing only one of Cristiano’s shirts. “Well Cris certainly enjoyed greeting me last night” Irina smirked. “Shut up” Cristiano yelled at her.

“That’s not what you were saying last night babe” Irina told him. “Irina shut the fuck up” he roared. “Molly” Cristiano said taking a step forward towards her. “Don’t” Molly yelled. “Don’t come near me” she warned him. “Molly please let me explain” he begged walking towards her. “No no” Molly yelled as she stepped backwards and kept going until she was met with the kitchen table. “It was a mistake” he told her and with all her might Molly put her hands on his chest and push him. Not expecting her to push him, Cristiano lost his balance and fell onto his backside.

“You made a mistake” Molly yelled not quite believing what she had just heard him say. “Mols” he begged looking up at her from the floor. “A mistake is doing something once. A mistake isn’t repeating the same…….the same” she paused. “Aww look Miss Molly is speechless” Irina smirked.
“Her” Molly yelled pointing a finger at Irina. “Her. That thing. You……” she yelled pointing at Cristiano.

“That is not a mistake Ronaldo. That is the final nail in your coffin” she yelled and took a step forward. “No Molly” Cristiano yelled grabbing her right leg. “Please I’m sorry” he said. “Get off me” Molly yelled trying to pull her leg away from Cristiano’s grip. “Please listen to me” Cristiano begged from the floor. “There is nothing you can say that is worth me even bothering to listen to you for” she yelled. “I’m so sorry” he said lifting his hand off her leg. “And I’m sorry” Molly said and he looked at her confused. “I’m sorry I ever met a pathetic excuse of man that you are” she said sadly before turning away from him. “No no you don’t mean that” he said coming to his feet before pulling her arm so she’d turn back around.

“What else are you Ronaldo? What else should I call you? What do you call a man who brings that bitch back into our lives?” she asked pointing at Irina. “Smart would be one word” Irina said. “Shut up Irina” Cristiano yelled. “I mean look at you then look at me. You can’t compete” Irina told Molly. “I don’t want to compete. Congratulations Irina. You want him. You can have him” Molly told the model. “I don’t want her” Cristiano said placing his hands on Molly’s shoulders. “I want you” he told Molly.

“Ya I can totally see that. I mean it’s so clear to me when she’s standing in this kitchen wearing next to nothing” Molly snapped. “Oh just let her go Cris. That way we can go back to bed” Irina smiled at the footballer. “Molly I made a mistake. Please just listen to me” he begged. “Listen to you? You want me to listen to you?” Molly yelled slapping his arms away from her. “You want me to listen to how you left our son…….you left our son to go out drinking with…..with the person who endangered him. Whose interference put our son in hospital. She poisoned you for fuck sake” Molly screamed.

“Oh please” Irina scoffed. “Molly” Cristiano said. “I should probably be thanking you Irina. Thanking you for showing me what kind of man he really is. A pathetic weak man” Molly snapped. “Oh don’t play the victim” Irina said. “Get out” Cristiano yelled at Irina. “Oh she can stay cos I’m leaving. And if you think I am leaving my son with you when that bitch is anywhere near than think again” Molly yelled at him.

“What is with all the yelling?” Katia came rushing into the room before freezing on the spot when she saw Irina. “Hello again Katia” Irina waved. “You stupid fool” Katia yelled at Cristiano. “He’s not the fool. I am” Molly said brushing tears away from her eyes as she ran passed Katia and towards the stairs. “Molly” Cristiano screamed after her. “How could you have being so stupid?” Katia asked her brother. “He can do what he wants” Irina said. “Well he seems to like ruining his life so of course you would have to be part of it” Katia snapped back at Irina.

“He didn’t do anything wrong” Irina told her. “He brought you back into this house. That’s at least one wrong thing” Katia snapped. “Oh shut up” Irina said. “You shut up” Katia yelled at the model. “Both of you shut up. Irina get dressed and get out of my house” Cristiano yelled. “You wanted me out of my clothes last night” she smirked. “I was drunk. That’s the only reason why you are here. You mean nothing to me” Cristiano snapped as he brushed pass her and ran after Molly.

“Molly” Cristiano called out when he found her sitting on a step half way up the stairs. “Don’t” she cried attempting to stand. “Molly please” he begged climbing up towards her. “Don’t come near me” she cried finding her feet and continued to run up the stairs. “Please stop” he said pulling her back towards him once they were at the top of the stairs. “Stop. You want me to stop? You never thought to stop yourself last night? You never thought….That’s your trouble you never think” she yelled. “I’m sorry” he pleaded. “You let me” she cried.

“You let me stand downstairs……you let me….” She paused bringing her hand to her trembling lips. “Do you know how hard that was for me? Do you know how hard it was for me to finally give all of myself to someone? To you. To trust you. To tell you how I felt. How I thought you felt” she said. “I do feel all of that. Molly I want you. I don’t want Irina or anyone else. I want you. I was drunk and angry. I made a mistake. You have to listen to me” he begged.

“You slept with someone” she yelled. “Mols” he said. “And not just someone. Her. You slept with her Ronaldo” she cried. “Molly what’s the matter?” Nuno asked appearing out from his bedroom. “You went on a date” Cristiano snapped at her. “It wasn’t a date” Molly screamed slapping her fists against Cristiano’s chest. “Molly” Nuno said pulling her into his arms. “It wasn’t a date” Molly cried as Nuno tried to sooth her. “I was angry. I was angry at you and I just wanted to forget. It was the drink” Cristiano said.

“Don’t. Don’t give me it was the drink excuse” Molly snapped untangling herself from Nuno’s hold. “I’ve heard that excuse all my life. I refuse to hear it anymore” she told him. “I made a mistake” he said. “Why?” she asked. “Mols” he said. “Why her? Why did it have to be her? Why?” she asked. “I’m so sorry” he said. “It wasn’t a date. How could you think I would do that to you? How does me going on a date entitle you to jump into bed with someone. And not just anyone but that…..that witch. How could you bring her back into this house after everything she put us through?” Molly asked. “You didn’t” Nuno said looking at his cousin.

“You mean did he sleep with Irina while I was trying to call him. While he was ignoring my calls. My calls to him so I could…….You let me……..I know we weren’t together but……but there was something between us………or maybe that was just all me” Molly said. “No no Mols. I want you. You want me. That’s all that matters” Cristiano said. “No what matters is that you slept with Irina. You could have picked any other woman in the world and you picked her. Why? Why did it have to be her?” Molly cried. “I……” he stammered. “She tried to poison you” Molly yelled. “I’m so sorry” Cristiano said.

“Save your apologises. I’m done. I’m done with you” Molly said before pushing open the door to Junior’s room. “Molly” Cristiano called out as she locked the door before he could stop her. “Molly open the door” he banged on the door. “You’re going scare Junior” Nuno told him as Cristiano continued to bang his fists against the door. “Molly please” Cristiano begged. “Cris” Nuno said. “Shut up. I know. I know I’ve fucked up” Cristiano snapped at him. “Yes you have but” Nuno said nodding past Cristiano to where Rodrigo was standing.

“Go back to your bedroom Rodrigo” Cristiano yelled before he banged his fists against the door once more. “Stop it” Rodrigo yelled. “I told you to go back to your room” Cristiano yelled at him and the little boy started shouting for his mama and ran down the stairs. “Great now you scaring little kids” Nuno sighed.

“Shut up” Cristiano snapped as he banged on the door. “Molly just please open the door” he begged. “Cris she’s upset and hurt. You need to calm down before you make things worse” Nuno told him. “How can things possible get any worse Nuno? She wants me. She told me she wanted to be with me. And now…..Molly please” he banged on the door.

Molly listened as Cristiano banged his fists against the door. She sat on the floor against the door as the tears flowed down her face. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She couldn’t believe that he had brought that woman near their son once more. She knew he hadn’t cheated on her. They weren’t a couple. But it hurt. It hurt so much she thought as she came to her feet. She wiped the tears from her cheeks as she walked towards Junior’s crib as his father continued to bound his fists against the locked door.

“Hey little man” Molly smiled as she peeked into the crib to see Junior smiling up at her. The little boy babbled to himself and Molly moved to pick him up. “Oh I missed you” Molly said covering his face in kisses. “I missed you so much. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry I’ve made a mess of everything” she said holding Junior close to her.

“Molly please” she heard Cristiano shout. “Let’s get you dressed” she said moving to the changing table. “Papa has done a really foolish thing and mama is a little bit upset. But I promise you will get to be with your papa” she told the little boy. It just won’t be when she was around Molly thought. “She has to come out eventually mate. Like she’s going to get hungry at some point. Not to mind Junior will need his breakfast” Nuno told Cristiano as they waited outside Junior’s bedroom.

“Did you see her face?” Cristiano asked. “Ya” Nuno sighed and Cristiano closed his eyes. He had done some stupid things in his life. He knew that. But the look of pain and hurt that he had seen on Molly’s face. He had seen it only a few times. And all those times were because of him. “Cris” Nuno said as the doorknob turned. “Molly” Cristiano said pushing away from the wall. “Move” she said as she held Junior in her arms and carried a bag on her shoulder.

“Please Molly” Cristiano begged. “If you have care about your son, you will move out of my way before I make you” she told him. “Molly” he said. “Cris” Nuno said tugging his cousin to move and Molly moved pass. “You can’t just leave. He’s my son Molly” Cristiano called out as he tugged Nuno’s arms off him and followed her down the stairs. “You can’t stop me from seeing my son” he yelled as they came to the bottom of the stairs.

“I would never keep you from your son. I would never hurt you. I would never use him to hurt you” she said turning to face him. “Please just stay. You came here for a reason Molly. You can’t let something stupid ruin it” he said. “It’s not something stupid” she yelled before turning to walk towards the kitchen. “Molly” Rodrigo cried as he ran towards her. “You yell at my son like that again Ronaldo and I’ll make you regret it. “You yelled at Rodrigo?” Molly asked Cristiano surprised. “I didn’t mean to. I’m sorry Rodrigo” Cristiano told his nephew who was hiding behind Molly’s legs. “You didn’t mean to do a lot of things” Molly snapped.

“Oh just take your brat and go already” Irina said. The model had refused to leave when Katia told her to and instead opted to take a seat on the couch. “That” Molly said point to Irina. “That is the reason I am taking Junior with me. If you think I am allowing my son anywhere near that woman then think again” Molly snapped. “I told her to leave. Irina get out of my house” Cristiano yelled at the model. “But you don’t really want me to leave” Irina said standing and walking towards the footballer. “I don’t want you here. I was drunk. I don’t want you. I want to be with Molly. Molly please. Please give me a chance” he begged.

“Just let her leave” Irina said. “You leave” Rodrigo yelled at Irina before rushing from behind Molly’s legs and over to Irina before he kicked her in the shin making her scream. “My foot” Irina screamed at Irina as Katia rushed to move her son out of the Russian’s firing line. “You little brat” Irina yelled. “Come near my son and I’ll make sure you have no bone that’s not broken when you leave this house” Katia yelled at her.

“Molly please. She’s leaving. Please stay so we can talk” Cristiano begged. “There’s nothing to talk about Ronaldo. Your actions have spoken more than enough” Molly said. “Molly” Cristiano said. “Cris maybe just let her go. Give everyone time to calm down and then you two can talk” Nuno suggested.

“There’s nothing to talk about. And he doesn’t get to tell me what to do” Molly snapped. “Rodrigo go to the front door please son” Katia told her son as she ushered him out. “I’ll take Junior Mols” Katia said and Molly reluctantly handed Junior over to his aunt. “Katia” Cristiano said. “You only have yourself to blame” Katia said as she followed Rodrigo out of the room.

“Don’t follow me. Don’t call me. Don’t come anywhere near me” Molly told Cristiano before she rushed out after Katia. “No no you can’t just leave” he shouted after her as he ran to catch up with her. Just as she was at the front door he ran infront of her and blocked her exit. “You can’t just leave me. I want to be with you. I need you Molly. We need to be together” he told her. “What I need is for you to move. You can see Junior later. But I want nothing to do with you” she told him. “I was a fool Mols” he told her. “No I was the fool” she told him. “No you weren’t” he told her.

“Yes I was. I was a fool for thinking that I could have what I wanted. For thinking that I could be what you wanted. I can’t believe I was actually falling in lo….” she paused as his eyes went wide at what he thought she was about to say.
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Just when things were going in the right direction, a east wind comes to blow them of course. Is Molly overreacting? They weren't dating so he didn't cheat. Will she ever get over this? Rodrigo and kicking Irina who yelled yes when he did that? And the end..........What was Molly about to say?

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