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Our Crazy Little Thing Called Family

Chapter 93- Stay With Me

“Please just move out of my way. I can’t…..I can’t do this anymore” she said as he hands and lips trembled. “I don’t want to. I don’t want you to leave. Cos if you get into that car then I’m afraid. I’m afraid that you’ll never come back to me. I need you in my life. I can’t see you not be in my life. Just like you can’t see me not being in yours” he told her.

“We have a son together. I’m stuck with you for the rest of my life now. But that doesn’t mean I have to be around you” she told him. “Please Molly. We can get past this. I know I’ve hurt you” he told her. “You gave me shit for thinking I was on a date. A date. You said such cruel words to me without knowing all the facts. Then you go and hop into bed with her. Why did it have to be her? Why did you pick her?” she asked. “She was just there. I went to a bar and she just turned up. That’s it. I didn’t call her I promise. I haven’t spoken or even thought about her since I kicked her out” he told her.

“When you eventually kicked her out you mean” Molly snapped. “I kept picturing you and Ramos together and I just drank. I can’t even remembering coming home last night” he told her. “Please tell me you didn’t drive home” she asked. “I…don’t think so” he stammered. “You don’t think so. Seriously Ronaldo are you trying to get yourself arrested as well as fucking up our lives?” Molly asked. “His car isn’t here” Katia said from behind Cristiano and Molly let out a sigh of relief. “Well at least you were smart enough not to break the law” Molly snapped.

“It meant nothing” he told her. “Well I’m so happy that hurting the mother of your child was worth it” Molly told him. “I never want to hurt you Molly. You are the one person in the world that I can’t stomach to hurt” he told her. “Yet you have done it over and over again. This time….this time….do you have any idea” she cried. “Oh Molly” he said moving towards her. “Don’t” she warned. “Cristiano let her through the door” Katia said from outside.

“No. No I can’t. I can’t let her leave” he said. “Molly let’s take the kids for a walk. You aren’t in any fit state to drive” Katia told her. “I’m leaving” Molly told her. “Mols please let’s go walk down the street. I have Junior’s pram here. We’ll go for a walk. Rodrigo and Dinis can stay here” Katia. “I’m not staying with him” Rodrigo said pointing at his uncle. “Let her through the door Cris” Katia told her brother. “Please Molly. Please give me a chance” Cristiano begged. “You just blow your chances. What’s the point?” she asked. “Molly” he said. “Just move” she snapped. Cristiano moved to the side and Molly quickly exited the house. “You can’t keep running away from things Molly” he yelled after her.

“There’s only so much I can take being used Ronaldo” Molly yelled as she walked towards her car. “No Mols please you aren’t in the right frame of mind to drive. Let’s go for a walk first” Katia said stopping her from opening the car door. “I want to get away” Molly told Katia. “I know. And I understand. But just do this for me ok” Katia said. “Fine” Molly nodded. “Tell Nuno to keep a watch on Dinis. And try not to mess up anything else while we’re gone” Katia told Cristiano as he stood at the doorway and watched as his sister, nephew, son and Molly walk towards the front gate.

Cristiano wanted nothing more than to run after them but he knew how angry Molly was right now. He just needed her to calm down. When she was calmer then she would listen to him. He hoped.
He went back inside the house where he found Nuno glaring at Irina. “Get dressed and the fuck out of my house” Cristiano roared at Irina. “Now now I’m sure your mother wouldn’t like your manners towards guests” Irina smirked.

“His mama would send you through those windows if she was here” Nuno snapped. “I think she’ll be doing that to her precious son here. That’s if she ever talks to him again” Irina smirked. “Get your things and get out” Nuno yelled. “Gladly. My car is on its way” Irina smirked before she strutted out of the room. “That was too easy. I expect more of a fight” Nuno said. “Forget her. Molly is gone for a walk with Katia. Keep an ear out for Dinis. I’m going to get dressed” Cristiano said.

“Then what? Seriously Cris, you might be able to get back from this. She might not forgive you for this” Nuno told him. “I’m not going to let her go without a fight” Cristiano replied. “If it’s such a fight all the time is it really worth the misery?” Nuno asked. “Molly is worth it” Cristiano said before he rushed off towards his bedroom.

“You know she won’t ever want you after today” Irina said when Cristiano pushed the door to his bedroom in. “Get out of my house” Cristiano yelled as he went in search of a shirt. “It was actually worth having to listen to you last night moan about Molly just to see her face this morning. Oh the pure hatred towards you. I didn’t know she could show that towards you but I guess I was wrong” Irina smirked. “Get out of my house Irina. I don’t want you” he snapped pulling on a shirt. “Well I don’t want you either” she replied as she slipped on the dress she wore last night.

“And Molly doesn’t either now” she smiled as her phone buzzed. “That’s my car” she said picking up her purse. “Have a good life Cristiano. You know one filled with misery and pain” she said. “You won’t be in my life so that’s a lot of misery avoided” he replied. “Tell Molly she picked out a comfortable bed. The last one wasn’t the best to sleep in. But I had such a wonderful night’s sleep on my own in that last night” she said nodding towards the bed before she walked out of the room. Cristiano pulled out one of the drawers in search of a new pair of jeans when it dawned on him that he was wearing the same pair of jeans which he had worn last night. When he woke that morning in the movie room, he….”Wait” Cristiano called out and rushed after Irina.

“Where is she?” Cristiano asked Nuno once he reached the kitchen. “The bitch is gone” Nuno said and Cristiano ran to the front door. “Wait” Cristiano yelled coming to block Irina from leaving through the front door. “Yes” she said. “What do you mean you slept alone?” he asked. “I thought you wanted me gone” Irina replied. “Answer me. I woke up in the movie room this morning” he said. “Oh that’s where you ended up. I was hoping you would have falling into the pool” Irina said. “Irina” he yelled.

“Ah you can’t remember can you?” she asked. “I…..I remember being upstairs… some point” he stammered. “Oh well I guess there’s no harm in telling you now I guess. So I walked into my hotel bar and found you downing yet another drink. You were such a jerk to me I don’t know I even sat down” Irina said. “Why did you then?” he asked. “I want to talk to you but you seemed more interested in moaning about Molly and dates and moaning about wanting her. It was really pathetic” Irina said. “Then why are you at my house?” he asked. “Well while you were busy ordering another drink, a text popped up on your phone from little miss Molly. It said she was coming over in the morning” Irina said. “What did you do?” he asked angrily.

“Deleted the message and ordered a car to take us back here. You see I was going to leave but then I thought why not have a little bit of fun” she smirked. “You bitch” he yelled. “Next time don’t drink so much” she said pushing him out of her way. “Wait” he said grabbing her wrist. “I left the bedroom” he said remembering. “Aww is it coming back to you?” she asked. “What the fuck happened last night?” he asked. “You can’t have forgotten it all. After all you didn’t look too shocked when I came into the kitchen” Irina said. “I thought I had dreamt it all” he said. “Dream about me often Cris?” she asked. “Only when it’s about me shoving you off a cliff” he snapped. “Well after today I’m sure Molly will happily push you off one” Irina smirked.

“Tell me what happened?” he asked. “We came back here. You could barely walk straight. We went upstairs. You wouldn’t shut up about Molly. I could have pushed you down the stairs” Irina said. “We went to my bedroom and…..I took off my shirt I think” he said trying to remember. “You wouldn’t stop pining for her. You had me in your bedroom and you wouldn’t stop thinking about her. Even when we kissed. We were on the bed and you pushed me off you. You…..” she yelled stabbing her finger into his chest. “You kept thinking about her. You were practically crying that she was with Ramos and not with you. You kept saying that you just wanted her. You…” she yelled once against stabbing her finger into his chest.

“You were picking her over me. Again. Her. You chose her over me. Me. I’m better. People like you should be with someone like me. And you wanted her” she yelled. “Nothing happened” he said. “You told me to get out. That you were going to sleep somewhere else. That you were going to fight for Ramos for Molly” Irina said. “We didn’t sleep together” he said. “Cos you just wanted Molly. Cos you couldn’t hurt Molly. Ha guess you still did though” Irina smirked. “Get out” Cristiano yelled. “Oh I’m going. No one refuses me Cristiano. You don’t get to humiliate me and get away with it. Molly should be thanking me” Irina said. “Get out” he yelled as the model walked out the door towards her awaiting car and driver.

“Rodrigo don’t run too far” Katia called out to her son as he ran along the footpath in front of Molly and his mother. “I’m going back” Molly said turning around. The two adults hadn’t spoken since they had left Cristiano’s house. “Molly wait” Katia said following Molly. “Why should I wait? Why? I need to get away from your brother” Molly snapped as she pushed Junior’s pram. “Rodrigo” Katia called out. “You time to think” Katia told Molly.

“I don’t need any time. I don’t want him near me” Molly snapped as Ana came jogging towards them. “Morning you two. And here I was thinking I was the only one crazy enough to be exercising this early” Ana smiled. “You’re not crazy Ana. I am. I’m crazy for thinking I could actually have what I wanted. That Cristiano and I could be together” Molly said. “Wait you want to be with Cristiano? I mean I know you do but you actually admitting you know that is news” Ana said. “Ana” Katia said shaking her head. “I don’t want him. I never will now” Molly said wiping her tear filled eyes. “What has happened?” Ana asked. “He thought I was on a date with Sergio. Everyone apart from me and Sergio thought that. It wasn’t a date” Molly snapped.

“We just thought” Ana sighed. “Well you thought wrong and Cristiano didn’t think. He didn’t think to stop me before I confessed how I felt about him. He didn’t think to stop me before I told him that I wanted him. That I wanted to try and trust people. He didn’t think before he brought that……” Molly paused. “Witch” Rodrigo said standing beside Molly. “That witch into his bed” Molly yelled and Ana’s eyes went wide in shock. “He didn’t? Oh Mols I don’t know what to say” Ana said.

“I don’t want to hear anything. I just want to take my son and get away from this place” Molly snapped. “No Molly don’t leave” Rodrigo said. “She wasn’t in a fit state to drive. I though a walk was best” Katia explained to Ana. “Well it wasn’t. Just like me ever meeting that stupid man wasn’t the best” Molly said. “Molly” Ana said. “No. It shouldn’t be this hard. It shouldn’t be him hurting me and me hurting him and then a small piece of joy before he messes up again. I’m tired. I’m tired of all of this. He says he wants me but he took her to bed” Molly snapped.

“It’s inexcusable Molly. Everything he has done is but you deserve to be happy” Ana told her. “And you are happy with my brother” Katia said. “Do I look happy right now Katia?” Molly asked. “You look like your entire world has fallen apart” Ana told her. “That’s cos it has” Molly cried. “Don’t cry Molly” Rodrigo said hugging her leg. “It’s ok Rodrigo” she told the young boy. “And the stupid thing about all of this is that I want to kill him yet I just want him to hold me” she cried. “Molly I hate him for doing this to you but you have to believe him when he says it’s you he wants. It’s always being you” Katia said. “It shouldn’t be this hard. I know what you all think should happen but maybe it’s not the right thing” Molly said. “You know I’ve what you away from him for months” Ana said.

“Ana” Katia said but Ana held her hand up. “The way he has treated you has being ……it’s indescribable. It’s unforgivable” Ana said. “He cares about her. He more than cares about her” Katia said. “He only cares about himself” Molly snapped. “He has a strange way of showing that he cares about her” Ana said. “Molly don’t listen to her” Katia said. “But you are still here Molly. Even after everything. You are still here. Why? Why have you put yourself in this position to be hurt by him? Why do you still want him to hold you right now and make this mess go away? Why Molly?” Ana asked and Molly opened her mouth to speak before shutting it.

“Yes you are tired of this. We are all tired of this. But why? Why Molly?” Ana asked. “I can’t” Molly said shaking her head. “Mols” Katia said. “We can’t get past this. It shouldn’t be this hard” she cried. “I hate Tíó Cris” Rodrigo yelled and rush up the footpath. “I’ll get him” Molly said running after the little boy. This was her mess and it wasn’t fair that Rodrigo was getting upset.

“She’s gone then” Nuno said coming up behind Cristiano who sat on the step outside his house. “Did you any of that?” Cristiano asked. “You mean did I hear how Irina well and truly got her revenge on you. Ya I did. You sure know how to pick crazies Cris” Nuno said taking a seat on the step beside Cristiano with Dinis in his arms. “All this pain for nothing. I’m such an idiot. I don’t deserve Molly” Cristiano said. “On the bright side you turned Irina down even when you were drunk. You knew it was Molly that you wanted” Nuno said.

“Like it makes a difference now. Maybe we are better off just being co-parents. I do nothing but hurt her. I don’t know why she’s even still around me” Cristiano said. “The why is the exact point. After everything she still wanted you. That should tell you something” Nuno said as they both looked up when they heard the sound of tyres screeching followed by loud screams. “What was that?” Nuno asked but Cristiano was already up and running down the driveway.

He looked right and left and saw Rodrigo on the grass down a bit from the house with a car up on the grass at the other side of him with smoke coming from the bonnet. “Rodrigo” Cristiano yelled out in worry and ran as fast as his legs could carry him. When he reached Rodrigo who was yelling and crying his eyes out, Katia was kneeling by his side. “What happened?” Cristiano asked as his nephew cried out in pain. “Cris” Katia said looking at her brother and back at the car. “Where’s Junior?” Cristiano asked standing.

“Molly” he called out as he ran around the back of the car. “Molly” he yelled when he saw a body on the ground. “No no no. Molly” he yelled rushing to where Ana stood with a phone to her ear. “Don’t touch her Cris” Ana told him as he kneeled to the ground. “Molly” Cristiano said moving some hair off her face. “Mols wake up for me please” he begged before he heard Junior crying in his pram far away from the accident. “Molly” Cristiano said. “Don’t move her Cris” Ana yelled.

“Is she….is she …” he stammered not able to form the words. “She’s still breathing but just. The car it just… hit her so hard…she went flying” Ana cried as sirens ran in the distance. “She’s bleeding” Cristiano yelled when he saw blood on his hands. “Molly wake up. Please. Please wake up. Stay with me Molly” he yelled placing kisses on her cheek. “Don’t leave me” he pleaded stroking her forehead.

Cristiano's entire focus was on Molly. Her lifeless body laid on the ground in front of him and all he wanted was for her to wake up. “Open your eyes Molly. Please open your eyes Molly” he begged. “Stay with me” he whispered close to her ear. “I love you Molly” he said as Ana pulled him away from her.
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So ya I guess you all really do hate me after this chapter now. Irina got her final revenge and but you'll be happy to know that she won't be ever appearing again. I had planned on continuing the series but I think I'm going to take a break from writing for a while. Or I might just end the series with an extra chapter I haven't decided.

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