The Storm Is Over Now

Chapter Seven: Jorge and Marianne

Staring up at the house where her parents lived, Jasmine couldn’t help but feel small and she hoped that the meal wouldn’t cause any more trouble between her and her parents.

The dinner had been put off for long enough and Jasmine doubted that they were willing to wait for another moment; she knew her parents had so many questions about what was going on right now.

They had been rather upset to learn that she had gotten married and started a family that they knew nothing about; they wanted answers and it was time that they had them.

Cristiano took his wife’s hand, they were in this together and he was sure that her parents weren’t going to disown her or anything; they’d had time to calm down after their shock.

“It’s okay,” Cristiano murmured trying to reassure Jasmine, he had no idea what waited for them inside and the only thing that he was glad for right now was that it was just them and her parents.

They would have to face Jasmine’s siblings another day but Cristiano was sure that they would be able to handle everything that came their way now.

Jasmine nodded her head and they slowly moved towards the front door, she was rather nervous and she hoped that things weren’t going to end up with them all just shouting at one another.

The front door opened and Jasmine paused at the sight of her mother, it had been a long time since she had seen her face to face and she felt even more guilty about what had happened.

Jasmine had avoided coming home after she had married Cristiano, she had done what she had to, to protect her family that she had with Cristiano.

Marianne Cortez stared at her daughter, she had no idea what to say to her after what had happened and she wished that Jasmine had felt like she could have come to them.

“Mama,” Jasmine greeted softly, she clutched at Cristiano’s hand like it was the only thing holding her together; she didn’t want to cry right now when she needed to be strong.

Marianne stared at Jasmine, the large bump that carried yet another grandchild that she hadn’t known about; she had missed so much and she had no strength to start a fight right now.

“It’s nice to see you again. Mrs Cortez,” Cristiano greeted unsure how to greet his mother-in-law, he doubted that she would be pleased to see him but he was here to support Jasmine with this.

She was thirty weeks pregnant and the last thing that Cristiano wanted was any more stress for her; he was the source of most of her problems and he wanted to help make this right.

Marianna only nodded to Cristiano before allowing the couple to step into her home; they had so much to discuss and she hoped that this would put an end to all the secrets.

The three moved into the living room where Jorge was waiting, his eyes pausing at the sight of his very pregnant daughter and he held his tongue before he said something he might regret.

“How have you been?” Jasmine asked taking a seat, she had no idea how to start this and she doubted that dinner would be any less awkward if they didn’t get started now.

Marianne sat down next to her husband and tried to focus on the matter at hand, she had never thought that this was how everything was going to play out.

There was silence to Jasmine’s question and any idea that she had of this getting better went out of the window; she swallowed fearing what might come next.

“Mr and Mrs Cortez… we are very sorry that you were hurt by all of this,” Cristiano apologised knowing that this was all on him, he was the reason that they had been kept in the dark for so long.

They had been young and foolish to think that their actions wouldn’t lead to trouble further down the line but at the time what they were doing what they felt was right; it was too late to fix the damage that had been done.

“I wanted to protect Jasmine and the children… I wanted to make sure that they never suffered in anyway,” Cristiano continued trying to explain why they had done what they had, he felt like nothing that he would say would be good enough.

Jorge couldn’t contain his scoff at those words, he had been keeping an eye on the court case that Cristiano had been through; he had been best friends with the man’s father before he had died.

“You’ve done that well,” Jorge spat wondering how Jasmine must have coped unable to even reach out to her family when her husband was accused of something so horrible.

He felt angry that she had been forced to go through this alone and that only by the end of the court case did they hear that she was married to Cristiano.

“We were that terrible that you couldn’t have told us anything,” Jorge asked shaking his head, he couldn’t get over the fact that she had hidden this from them when they had always liked Cristiano.

Jasmine was their eldest daughter and it hurt that she hadn’t felt like she could come to them; they would have supported her no matter what she decided to do.

There was silence at his words and Jasmine felt even worse about what had happened; she looked down at her hands wondering what could be said to try and fix this.

“I understand that you are upset but we did what we thought was best… that is all we have ever tried to do,” Jasmine said wanting her parents to understand, she didn’t want them to fight and she just hoped that they would be able to move past this.

Cristiano wasn’t sure what he could say to help the situation, he felt responsible and he hoped that things were going to get better; things were hard enough with his own family right now.

There was silence and the four all thought about the situation that they were in; a lot had happened and right now they knew that it would take time to move past all of this.

“Did you bring any photos of my grandchildren?” Marianne asked softly, she wanted to move past this and there was little use of them focusing on the past now; she wanted to focus on something a bit happier.

Dinner wasn’t going to be ready for another twenty minutes and there was no way that Marianne could see how this would work if they sat around talking about something that couldn’t be changed.

“We did…” Jasmine said reaching into her bag and pulling out the photos that she had brought with her; the children were spending time with Cristiano’s brother while they were here.

The last thing that either of them wanted was to put Bojan or Tiana in a position that would only end up with everyone around them fighting.

Marianne smiled a little, she had been collecting magazine articles with pictures of her grandbabies in and she was relieved to have pictures that the world hadn’t seen.

Watching his wife move across the room, Jorge sighed leaning back in his seat; he would behave for her sake but he wasn’t done here, he didn’t trust Cristiano after what had happened.

The nightmare that Jasmine and those children had been caught in wasn’t over yet and Jorge feared that his daughter was only going to get hurt.

“That is Bojan and that is Tiana,” Jasmine said showing off her children to her mother, it had been a long time coming and she was sure that Marianne would adore the two of them when they met.

There was no rush right now and the tension seemed to melt away a little as the two women talked; this wasn’t fixed but they were moving forward.

Cristiano could only hope that her parents would come to trust him as they healed the rift between them.
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